Pastor Alfred has decided to start hosting our audio files on our own servers so we won’t wake up one morning and find out that we’ve been deplatformed or taken down from external sites where we host our audio content because we have so called “violated their terms of service” or “offended somebody” with our message.
  Many companies are notorious for censoring views they don’t like, and deplatforming people they don’t like.
  We cannot be at the mercy of such platforms so we are going to build our growth strategy on our own platform (Pastor and not on other people’s platforms (External Websites).

  It is very important that you understand that you are donating money for covering the webhosting cost of this website and to cover whatever expenses might be incurred by running a website like Pastor

   Your donations are also powering future projects.

   If this website was owned by someone else you would probably be paying at least $9.99 a month to access the information you are getting here for Free.
  We have the same bills they have if not more, and we put in more work into this platform than they put into their platforms.
  You should be happy we’re only asking for a Donation and not asking for a monthly subscription.

To donate use PayPal Me:

  If you are in a country that doesn’t use PayPal, follow this link for a list for ways to send Pastor Alfred money. Make sure you let us know it’s a donation. You can always email us at pastoralfredandfriends(at)gmail(dot)com

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