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What Books Do To Me – verse 1 – Teaser – by Pastor Alfred

Booooks!!!! I love to read books/

I love to swim thru leaves, on nooks, in my room/

Tickling Brain Waves with great ways that zoom/

Past Sonic Booms ‘n’ Magic Brooms ‘n’ typhooonsssss/

I’m cruising in the blues/

Tossing verbs above Ur hair with ideas I cook/

Goodie – good – good, I’m just a Goodie – Two – Shoes/

Which explains the Zero pains that sits in my boootsss/…


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  • “People Are Always Condemning Pastors For Taking Donations, So I Started My Own Group Of Companies. I Don’t Take Donations, I Give. I Am Pastor Alfred. I Create Kings & Queens.” – Pastor Alfred.