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Why I’m Deleting All My Podcasts From Anchor.fm : Alfred’s Diary – 14th November 2019 – Entry #1

Dear Diary,
I will no longer be hosting any of my broadcasts or podcasts with Anchor.fm
This has been a long time coming. Anchor.fm has been censoring me for a long time now.
I originally began to post my broadcasts using Anchor.fm as a podcast hosting service. I created various podcasts and I observed later on that I couldn’t create any more podcasts with Anchor.fm no matter what email address I used.
As long as they found out eventually that it was my voice in the podcast they either blocked me from logging in (which is the same strategy that Instagram used) and they took away the effectiveness of clicking on the ‘forgot my password’ link. I just couldn’t log back into my account. I however couldn’t create any new accounts or podcasts with certain emails because they knew it was mine.
I kept using Anchor.fm however because I didn’t want to stop the flow of new episodes that funneled content to my podcast listening platforms like Apple’s podcasts, Spotify, Google podcasts, etc.
However, only recently Anchor.fm took anyway my ability to post any new episodes to the podcast ‘Money Grows On Trees’ podcast that I hosted with them.
That was the last straw. So now I have decided to leave podcasting via Anchor.fm alone.
I have deleted all my podcasts that are on Anchor.fm so I would have to use my own site as a podcast hosting provider and have the new podcast feeds resubmitted to places like Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, …etc.
This way, I will have freedom.
I will create my own broadcasting platform for everyone in the world that is going to be better than Anchor.fm and kick people podcasting via Anchor.fm out the door.
I contacted Anchor.fm and they acted like they didn’t know what had been happening.
The Anchor.fm representative told me to describe what has been happening but also included a link for me to delete my podcasts myself so I simply used the link and deleted all my podcasts with them.
Satan and his people will never give Christians a platform for them to share the gospel so why bother.
They have made their Stand and their beliefs known so I have to stand where the platform is not only owned by me but is clearly for the gospel of Jesus.

Yours faithfully in Christ,

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