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I Gotta Be Hip & Cool – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time, in a part of America dominated by Hip Hop lovers, their lived a dude everyone called Swifty. He was raised by Christian parents and was shown right from wrong.

However, he craved to be like everybody else who didn’t have a Christian background. He craved to be cool, so he reinvented himself or should I say, Hip-Hoppified himself so he can blend in with everybody else who loved and lived secular Hip Hop.

Sadly, that way of life incites building habits that flatten one’s pockets. It pressures one to spend more than they earn.

Swifty had already finished his pay cheque on extremely expensive clothes and platinum crested sneakers. He was glad how people looked at his leg anytime he passed by. His iced – out sneakers was sure pulling a lot of attention.

However, like all things in Hip Hop it was getting that look that a fads gets before it passes away. He needed something new. Something so cool that it would catch everyone’s attention and make them say “Whoa!”

Swifty slept on it, considering the fact that he had no more money. He later got the idea the following morning that what he needs is a super fly car. A customized car. A car crested with ice on the outside and flushed on the inside with all the latest gadgets. That is what he needed. But the money? – He had no money – He needed money.

Swifty slept on that one too and the next day he got the idea that he should kidnap some rich kid and ask for ransom. Besides if any of his Hip Hop friends found out, they would only say, “Whoa! That’s so Gangsta Hommie. You are so COOL!” Thus, more coolness points for him.

Swifty ended up kidnapping a kid from a prep school extremely rich people sent their kids to. It was more difficult that he taught it would be but he did it. He succeeded.

All the while he was hearing what he was sure was the voice of God telling him not to do it, but big deal he had heard that voice so many times before anytime he wanted to do something wrong. It was just God being God, that’s all.

However, it wasn’t all.

Unfortunately, for Swifty, he had kidnapped the President’s son.

The CIA, the FBI and the police, plus a few top secret agencies we don’t know about each had a tracking device attached to every item of clothing the President’s son wore.

They were tracked and Swifty was arrested. He had a lot of Jail time to think about how unwise it is to be obsessed with looking cool.

An Unpardonable Sin – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place much like where you live today, there lived two friends. One was named Jessica, the other Alba.

Alba had committed an unpardonable sin. She didn’t know that Jessica still held a grudge. She didn’t know that the only reason that Jessica said things were cool was so that Alba won’t see it coming when she would have her revenge.

Jessica’s Mum knew all about it and she did all she could to persuade her daughter not to take revenge. She told her that the same way Jesus forgives us of our sins is the same way we should forgive others of the wrongs that they do us. But Jessica told her Mum that what Alba did to her was unpardonable and couldn’t go unpunished.

Jessica’s Mum tried to explain to her that it is not our place to punish people for the bad things they do or have done to us but Jessica would hear nothing of it. Nothing her Mum would do or would say would dissuade her from taking revenge. She would pretend to be Alba’s true friend so Alba’s guard won’t be up when she’s going to strike. If there was any hope that Jessica would forgive Alba, she would have to get even first.

Then again, when you get even with someone who wronged you, it means you didn’t forgive that person. Your getting even was your seal of unforgiveness and an end to further attempts to get revenge because you have satisfied your thirst to get revenge. So I guess there was no hope that Jessica would forgive Alba.

Jessica’s moment came when she, Alba and some other friends attended a high society dinner party. Jessica slipped a substance into Alba’s plate of food that was to make her immediately defecate where she was.

The point was to embarrass Alba in the worst possible way.

The plan worked out well, Alba felt seriously embarrassed but the host of the party saw when Jessica slipped the drug into Alba’s food but it was too late to stop Alba from taking it.

Even though Alba was embarrassed, everyone was kind to her, they showed her pity and compassion, but as for Jessica; after the host explained to all his guests that it was Jessica that did it, Jessica was treated with resentment, she was looked upon as an evil and heartless person. People said that if she can do this to her best friend who knows what she’s capable of doing to someone else.
Jessica lost every last one of her friends that day all because she had refused to forgive. She believed the wrong done against her was unpardonable. Like it could be any worse than all the sins she has committed that Jesus Christ still died for.


Playing ill – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived two little girls who where sisters. One’s name was Sarah and the other one’s name was Jade. They lived in a nice home and they where privileged to have nice Christian parents.

One afternoon the two sisters where bored. Their parents weren’t around and there was nothing interesting on TV so they didn’t know what to do but just endure the boredom as time crawled slowly by.

After hours of lazing around, Sarah proposed they play a game. Jade grimaced at the sound of that. She had already played every board game they had in the house that day and so the thought of playing a game only stacked more boredom upon her boredom.

Sarah knew what Jade was thinking so she told her that this was a new game. She invented it herself.

That got Jade’s attention. Now she was curious to hear what Sarah had to say and the hope that her boredom trip was about to come to an end lit a smile upon her face.Sarah told her that the game is called: PLAYING ILL.

It is all about seeing how can pretend to be sicker that the other person.

Sarah and Jade started playing the game. They started roaming around their large house acting sick. They played it to perfection each trying to out do the other until the maid worried that they were sick and she got confused and totally afraid. She loved the kids dearly and feared for them like they were her own. She didn’t know how to drive so she wanted run to her cellphone and call an ambulance but then Sarah and Jade told her that they were only playing.

The maid’s heart beat slowly returned back to normal. She then tells Sarah and Jade that she doesn’t like the game that they are playing, that apart from the fact that they almost scared her half to death; that they should know that pretending that something bad would happen has a way of attracting the bad thing and making it happen.

The girls laughed at her and said that she’s only being superstitious. They tell her that it’s only a game. After all, what about dogs who play dead all time and still live long in dog years.

Besides, words cannot be that powerful they said. We are only saying we are sick and acting like we are sick, we are not doing anything that can actually make us sick like drinking germs or anything.The maid didn’t know how to respond to them. They had always been more educated than her even though they were just little kids, they were more eloquent than her.
However, the maid still gave one last warning and walked away.

The two sisters continued playing their game. They were having fun.

Many minutes passed and their parents still hadn’t returned home.

The time for them to eat came but they told the maid that they would not eat until Mummy comes back.

They told her that she should call Mummy on the phone and tell her to hurry back home since they didn’t have cellphones themselves. This was because, they like many other people these days don’t have a land line phone in their home.

The two sisters ignored their hunger and went to lye down in bed. Soon they fell asleep.

When they woke up they saw their Mum. She apologized for being late and told them that they can come and eat their food now.

However, the two sisters felt woozy and they soon discovered that had lost their appetite.

“I don’t feel so well”, Jade said.

“Me too”, said Sarah.

Their Mum touched both their fore heads and Oh my gosh! they were burning up.

The reason why Sarah and Jade shouldn’t have done what they did isn’t because of any superstitious reason, but it was because they were talking and acting in faith that they would get sick. There is a difference between playing a part in a play, a drama or a movie and just begin plain silly.


Not All Open Doors Where Opened By God – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called America there lived boy named Bernard. He was a strong Christian boy and he came from a long generation of strong Christian leaders who were sometimes preachers or world changing business men and women.

Bernard was just about through with his High School education. He applies for ORU and expects an acceptance letter but that week he not only received an acceptance letter from ORU, he also received a letter from Harvard.

Bernard thinks things through and he later begins to strongly consider going to Harvard. A close female friend of his tells him to pray about it and make sure that it’s God’s will before he makes his decision, but Bernard’s other friends tell him to choose Harvard that it’s not even something he has to think about.
Bernard goes to Harvard and with time he begins to wane in his spiritual growth. Soon he joins a fraternity and the culture and mindset of the world gradually seep through his skull and bones.

Bernard soon stops going to the campus fellowship and he stops reading as much as he used to and falls into the trap of partying, partying and partying. At the end of the semester Bernard had failed in his school work so bad that he was kicked out of Harvard.

He looked back on his life and wondered where he had gone wrong and then he realized that it is not about how bright an opportunity seems, it is about being where God wants you to be. NOT ALL OPEN DOORS WHERE OPENED BY GOD. God knew that Bernard could not survive in a secular environment like Harvard and still keep his focus and maintain his spiritual walk. That was why God wanted him to go to a Christian School. He should have asked God what he wanted for his life, waited to get an answer, and obey whatever God gives him. For that is the only one true road to success. A road we should walk everyday.


Practice, Practice, Practice – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a little Christian boy named Jamie. He sat beside his Mum in the waiting area of the station with his chin resting in his hands. He had a problem. He had been performing poorly in the junior league basketball team. He knew his father would be displeased to find out but what could he do he thought to himself, he had tried everything that he could do but he still wasn’t no good at baseball. At least he was getting good grades so his Dad can’t be that mad at him.

Jamie’s Dad finally came through the terminal. On seeing Jamie’s Mum he dropped his bags and ran towards her with out stretched arms. Her heart melted even more and for a second there Jamie thought that his Mum would start crying.

Jamie’s Mum eyes buffed up, she held her hand over her mouth and then started running towards Jamie’s Dad with out stretched arms too. As the two of them collided you could feel the clean, pure love circulating in the air around them like an invisible but perceivable heavenly dust cloud.

Jamie’s Dad lifted his wife off her feet and he spurn her around and around as she giggled. She would always be his Queen and best buddy. Even while he was on the military base he had been texting her more than her regular friends.

After Jamie’s Dad put her down, he looked at Jamie and rushed to him saying, “Common On, big man give your Pops a hug.”

After they hugged, Jamie knew that it was only a matter of time before they went home and his Dad asked about his academic performance and then after that he would ask about how he’s doing in baseball. At least the good thing is that he would ask about academic performance first.

Unfailingly, just as Jamie taught it would happen, when they got home after his father asked him about his test scores, his father asked him how his little league baseball was going.

Uh – Oh!, here it comes.

“I think I’m going to quit.”
“WHAT?”, the sound echoed all through the house.

Jamie’s head sunk as his eyes fell to the ground and stayed there. He held his two hands behind him. He looked like an innocent picture of humility.

Jamie’s Dad looked as his son and breathed in deeply. How could he stay mad at the flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone – his own son? A son he would die for.

Jamie expected his Dad to shout at him, but didn’t. He had disappointment in his eyes but he also had love in his eyes.
Jamie’s father told him that if he wants to be good at something, he should keep at it until he finally is.

Jamie tells his Dad that he’s not just talented enough like the other kids. He tells him that the star of the baseball team right now doesn’t even try. He doesn’t even come for practice and says that he doesn’t need practice because he’s already got talent. “He gets the best scores in the team, Daddy. Perhaps if I was half as talented as he is I would be good enough for the team, but I just not that talented Daddy”, Jamie told his father.

Jamie’s Dad looked at him and shook his head. He told him that nobody ever becomes good at anything without practice. No one ever becomes good at anything without shedding some sweat. It is not about talent, it is about skill. Talent is something you are born with to know which career choice is the direction God wants you to go in, but skill is developed. Skill is working on your talent to produce something extraordinary.

Jamie’s Dad told him that the kid is lying to him. He must be practicing somewhere even though he doesn’t show up at the team’s official practice sessions.
Jamie’s Dad told him that if he looked into it he would see that it was true.
Jamie believed his Dad. He had always believed his Dad.

Jamie changed his mind about quitting the team. He worked even much harder and he soon became a very valuable player to the team.

Later, Jamie found out something interesting about the boy who said he didn’t practice. He was the coach’s son. The only reason he didn’t come to practice was because his Mum made him go for piano lessons during the same time period that coincided with the time period of the official baseball team practice time.

However, every other time him and his Dad the coach where in the house at the same time, his Dad took him to the backyard and made him Practice, Practice, Practice.


Report All Suspicious Activity – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called America there lived two little boys.
One’s name was Jo-Jo and the other’s name was Pete. They were next door neighbors and sometimes they played together but they weren’t best friends. Jo-Jo came from a truly Christian home but Pete came from a religious Christian home; his family only went to church at Christmas, Easter or whenever they were in some serious trouble that money, lawyers or doctors couldn’t bring them out of.
Pete had a deep desire to be cool and be tagged the coolest kid in the neighborhood, in school, … anywhere. He just had an incredibly strong desire to look cool to people and to impress everybody. He was obsessed with being noticed : being noticed as the coolest one around.
Jo-Jo on the other hand loved to read books and seek after the things of God. It wasn’t something he was forced to do but it was something that his parents trained him to do and he had found out it’s lots of fun and intelligent to do.
Jo-Jo and Pete were in the same class in school and one day their school teacher invited a cop to talk to the kids about safety and very important things they should know that would help keep them safe and understand certain things about the law that they come across everyday.
Jo-Jo paid attention and was just assimilating the information with his usual enthusiasm for learning.
However, Pete wasn’t paying attention through out most of the cop’s presentation. He was too busy thinking about if his sitting position and physical gestures would look cool to the other kids in the classroom. The only thing he heard from the presentation was that; they shouldn’t talk to strangers, and also, they should report any shady and suspicious activity to a responsible adult and by doing so they could be saving the society from a menace.
After school later that day, while Jo-Jo and Pete played together on the merry – go – round in Jo-Jo’s backyard, Jo-Jo brought up the topic of what they’d learnt in school but Pete quickly knocks the idea of reporting any suspicious activity you see to a responsible adult as being a taddle tale, and being a taddle tale isn’t cool.
Jo-Jo tried to point out the necessity of reporting any shady and suspicious activity we see to a responsible adult, but Pete just wouldn’t hear of it. He marked the idea as an uncool idea. It was just plain uncool; there was no debate about it.
Jo-Jo got tired of trying to convince Pete to see his point so he just let it rest.
After playing, Pete went to his house to watch cartoons on TV, while Jo-Jo walked to a mini-mall that was close to their house to buy some confectionaries.
While at the mini-mall Jo-Jo noticed someone acting very suspicious so he alerted the mall security. The mall security guys investigated the matter and truly something was wrong – seriously wrong.
They found a weapon on the guy who was acting suspiciously and they discovered that he was about to rob the mini-mall.
The manger was greatly pleased that a very very ugly situation had been averted. He rewarded Jo-Jo with a 500 dollars coupon.
When Jo-Jo was returning from the mini-mall Pete sees him and he has no idea what had just happened.
In an un-asked for continuation of what they had discussed earlier, Pete makes a joke about Jo-Jo actually thinking that being a taddle tale is Ok.
Jo-Jo smiles and says, “Whatever” as he walks away from Pete. Jo-Jo was secretly fiddling with the 500 dollars coupon in his right hand which was casually tucked in the right-hand pocket of his trousers so Pete couldn’t see it.
Oh! If Pete only knew who should be laughing at who right now.


Stay In Children’s Church, Don’t Sneak Off To Adult Church – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a lovely Christian home, Peggy’s Mother said goodbye to her kids and to her husband as she got ready to get on a plane to travel abroad for a 3 week business course. She bent down and told her youngest child, Peggy; not to do what she knew she would want to do. Mum told Peggy to go to children’s church and not adult church.

Mum was the only one in the family that always made absolutely sure that whenever they go to church Peggy goes to children’s church and doesn’t sneak off to adult church. Mum knew that Peggy preferred to be at adult church because it made her feel more grown up even though she was only 8 years old.

Peggy promised her Mum that she would not go to adult church. And then her Mum kissed her, said goodbye to everyone else one more time, and then she turned around to walk to the plane.

When Sunday came, Peggy disobeyed her Mum. After her Dad dropped her off at children’s church, Peggy waited a little while after which she sneaked off to adult church. When she got to adult church, she hears the Pastor say that if you are not born again you would not see the kingdom of God.

Peggy got scared. She wanted to see the kingdom of God but she knew that she had not entered into her Mum’s tummy and come out a second time.

Peggy got really really really scared. She was going to hell for not entering her Mum’s tummy a second time.

The more Peggy taught about it when she got home, the more it made her cry.

Peggy wiped her tears and after her eyes where clear she went to her elder sisters and elder brothers to ask them questions about births that are unusual.

Her elder brothers and sister where shocked as to why an 8 year old girl would be asking them such questions. So they asked her why is she asking them the questions.

Peggy knew that she had overheard them being called born again Christians before. Therefore, she believed that they had entered into Mum’s womb and come out a second time. In fact the whole house was full of people who were born again. Peggy felt too ashamed to tell them that she wasn’t born again. She taught that they believed that she had already entered into Mum’s tummy and come out a second time too.

So Peggy said, “Nothing.” She was couldn’t tell them the real reason why she asked them the questions. And she couldn’t press them any further to get any answers now. Peggy began to look around the house to see if she can find any book about someone who entered into their mother’s tummy a second time and then came out. She searched all day but she couldn’t find any such book.

That night, Peggy had nightmares of her burning in hell all through the night, but she is afraid to wake up her Dad or her brothers and sisters to tell them that she hadn’t entered into Mum’s tummy a second time. She was scared that they would all be disappointed that all along she hadn’t entered into Mum’s tummy and come out again a second time.

Peggy endured all the pain and fears from the nightmares. She held her teddy bear close to her as she cried in bed all night. She cried softly, trying really hard to make sure that no one in the house could hear her.

The next day, during morning prayers. When Peggy gathered with her family to pray, Peggy felt like such a hypocrite so much so that when it was her turn to pray she just broke. She just started crying & begging God that she is sorry that she has not yet entered into her Mum’s tummy and come out a second time.

The whole thing shocked her Dad, her brothers and sisters. That was when they knew that something was seriously wrong.
One of Peggy’s brothers rushed to her to hold her and calm her down as she cried violently while praying.

When they finally got Peggy to calm down, her Dad asked her why she would feel that she has to enter into Mum’s womb a second time and come out a second time.

Peggy was shocked that her Dad would ask a thing like that. Didn’t he already know about being born again? Hadn’t he entered into his own mother’s tummy and come out a second time?

Peggy told them that they must not have been listening at adult church. She told them that she’s sorry that she sneaked into adult church but she heard the Pastor in the adult church say that you must be born again or else you won’t see the kingdom of God.

Peggy drew back the snort in her nose as she paused to wipe her eyes. Then she said, “I’m not born again. I haven’t entered into Mum’s tummy a second time. I guess she kept it from you guys so you won’t be disappointed in me.”

Dad breathed in the deep breathe that his worrying had been holding.

Her Dad began to explain to her that being born again doesn’t mean that you enter into Mum’s womb a second time and come out a second time.

He told her that the first birth is when you are born of your mother which Jesus refers to as being born of the flesh.
And the second birth doesn’t mean being born by your mother again after entering back into her womb. The second birth means being born of God’s Spirit. It is when you receive Jesus into your life and also receive the Holy Spirit into your life. Jesus called that being born of the Spirit. You are already born again, Peggy’s Dad told her. But you also need to be baptized by immersion now that you are old enough to know what baptism means. You would be taught what baptism means in Baptism Class after that you would be Baptized. I would make sure I sign you up for Baptism Class in children’s church this coming Sunday.

Peggy’s Dad led Peggy to say a prayer of thanks to thank God that she is born again in other to cancel whatever had been established by her opening her mouth to say that she wasn’t born again.
After she finished the prayer, her Dad said; “You know, all of this would never have happened if you had been a good girl and stayed in children’s church like you promised your Mum you would.”


Say It The Moment You Wake Up Every Morning – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Judy. She loved the Lord and she was fortunate to be a part of a good Christian home.

She lived with her Mum and her twin sister, Diana. Their Dad had died fighting for his country sometime after the twins were born. He was on the battle front when the babies where delivered. He didn’t even get to see his girls.

Anyway, that was a long time ago. Right now, Judy had a problem. She wasn’t doing well with her school work but her twin sister, Diana was doing quite well.
Diana always used her stellar academic performance to make fun of Judy. It was also the edge she used to gain favor from adults even their Mum.

Judy knew that if she didn’t step up in her academics she wouldn’t make it. She knew that if she didn’t improve in her academics she would spend the rest of her life poor. Her Mum had always told them that she was struggling to pay the bills. They may be living like the middle class now but after she grows old and the company she works for retires her, the pension money wouldn’t be able to support 3 people. If they can’t get good jobs themselves they would be poor and live in a project somewhere.

Their Mum told them that would have to become high or at least average income earners themselves if they were ever going to escape poverty when she is retired, and they would never make it if they don’t get great grades.

Both twins knew the importance of good grades.

However, Judy had a problem. She liked watching TV and playing causal games on the family computer too much. She knew that those habits where eating up her time which she should have spent reading, but she just couldn’t pull herself away from watching TV.

Judy wondered if she would ever be free. She didn’t want to call it an addiction but she knew that it might as well be.
Her love for watching TV was hindering her from reading books.

Watching TV had no long term value if anything else, when she grows up and looks back she would regret having spent all that time watching TV, even though it may be fun and difficult to draw away from now. Whereas, reading had an undoubtable long time value and everybody knew that especially Judy.
Judy would get jealous when she sees Diana reading. She would wish that she could just tuck herself in a corner and read books like her. Judy hated the fact that anytime she forced herself to sit down quietly to read; her mind would fly off to wondering what is happening on TV at that moment. In addition to her unsuccessfully trying to keep her mind on the book she is reading, she also found reading boring. She just couldn’t help it. She knew how important it was but at the same time she just couldn’t help how boring it was to her.

Judy wished that she could do something to change the disastrous destination that she knew her life was heading in.
She also didn’t like the fact that she was coming dangerously close to being very very envious of her twin sister. She feared that she might be walking down the path that Cain walked.

One day, after church, while chatting with one of her close friends in church, the friend tells her about how the female children’s Pastor of the church helped her.

Judy decides to ask the the female children’s Pastor for help. She finally mustered up the courage to approach her two Sunday’s later and ask her if she would have time for them to speak in private.

After the female children’s Pastor listens to what Judy had to say in a corner of the children’s church where everybody can see them and not an enclosed room. The female children’s Pastor prays for Judy and tells her that the problem is; she doesn’t understand the importance of wisdom even though she knows the importance of reading. They are two different things. The Pastor told Judy that the solution is for her to understand the importance of wisdom so she can fall in love with wisdom.
She told Judy that she should read Proverbs chapter 4, along with Proverbs chapter 8 everyday.

She also told Judy that she should say, “I am in Love with wisdom. I go after wisdom”, every single day as the first thing that comes out of her mouth when she wakes up every morning. That way she would be reprogramming her mind differently.

Judy taught it was a strange thing to do every morning but she decided that she might as well just do it. What other choice did she have?

Judy did what she was told to do for weeks but she soon feels like giving up. It was not working. She however had gotten used to it and it’s not like it took anything out of her so she kept on doing it.

One day, a friend of Judy came over and as her Mum opened the door, the friend asked if Judy was around.

And Judy from her room overheard her Mum say, “She’s probably reading like her room like she always does.”

Those words struck Judy with shock.

Then she looked at the book wide open beneath her that she had been reading. She had not realized it but she had been reading the bible a lot everyday. She had been reading the book of Proverbs a lot. She was now a reader who loved reading and even her Mum had noticed it, but she herself hadn’t realized it until now.

Judy was so happy. She now started practicing what the Pastor told her more than ever and the more she read, the more she loved to read. The more she read, the more her interest in watching TV decreased.

Judy soon joined a local library and reading became fun to her. Anytime she read she found that she was having more fun than when she did any other thing.
Judy begin to read a great assortment of relevant books for her age and soon begins to have higher scores in her school work than her twin sister after a few months.

Days later, Diana her twin sister came to her and asked her, “What is your secret?”


The Gift For The Cool Crowd – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Julius. He and his brother, Jimmy who was one year younger than him where both raised in a cute Christian home. The boys were particularly happy these days because it was Christmas season.
Apart from the joys, the feel and the pleasure of the atmosphere of the season; the boys were excited that they would both get the XY 3000 which was the hottest thing on the market that season.
As far as all “cool” boys in the continent and beyond where concerned, the XY 3000 was the ultimate Christmas gift that those who didn’t have it wished to receive.
The XY 3000 was the freshest and most advanced portable hand held gaming device to date. Julius and his friends dreamt of how they would play with it when they got it.
Julius and his younger brother, Jimmy even went as far as telling their parents what they wanted for Christmas. That way, they would be both be sure to get an XY 3000.
When the day for receiving Christmas gifts arrived, the boys couldn’t hold in their joy they were glad that they were finally going to receive a XY 3000, but to their surprise and dismay, they both get a totally different product that had most of the features of the XY 3000 but it was made by another manufacturer who made cheaper and affordable versions of most of the latest technology.
Although neither one of the boys complained to their parents out loud, in their heart Julius was very angry while Jimmy though disappointed decided to be content because he understood that his parents must have made their decision based on financial reasons. He had learnt to be content and grateful because he knew that that is what Jesus would want. And it really isn’t difficult to be content when you consider the fact that there are tons of kids around the world who have never gotten a Christmas gift in their lives, and there are some who the last thing on their mind is a Christmas gift not because they have something against Christmas gifts but because the doctor has told their parents that they won’t make it to the coming year.
However, Julius didn’t even think that far. He complained to Jimmy but Jimmy who saw things differently talks to him and tells him that he should be glad that he got a gift in the first place. That there is no law that suggests that their parents must give them gifts otherwise they are bad parents.
Later that day, when Julius goes out to play with his friends, all his friends are playing with their XY 3000s. They asked him if he didn’t get an XY 3000 as his Christmas gift when they don’t see him coming with one. Julius lies and says that he forgot his at home. He says that he has been playing with his all night long and now he wants to do something different for the mean time. He would get back to playing the game later.
Through out that day Julius carried the anger inside him that this parents didn’t get him what he told them to get him. Julius laments about it to his brother again but this time he tells him that he plans to rob a store that night in other to get an XY 3000. That way he can show it to his friends tomorrow and his friends wouldn’t know he had lied and he would still look cool to his friends.
Jimmy gives Julius a sermon which brillantly outlined a truck load of reasons why he shouldn’t do what he was planning to do. It was a truly touching sermon and at the end of it Julius said that he agrees not to do it. But the truth was that the sermon did not touch him at all. He had only lied to Jimmy so Jimmy would not tell their parents what he had said he would do, just to be on the safe side.
Julius was a stubborn boy. He had made up his mind that he would get an XY 3000 and whether anybody liked it or not he would get it. That night Jimmy went out and robbed the store. His nefarious midnight mission was successful. He then thinks to himself that all those people who say that crime doesn’t pay don’t know what they are talking about. If you are slick enough you can get away with anything. Just after Julius had made his escape and had already jumped out the window. He met two of the store owners dogs; they were bulldogs. The dogs got to work quickly. They knew their job well.
Needless to say, Julius spent the rest of his Christmas wrapped up in bandages on a hospital bed and his so-called friends he wanted to look cool for laughed and laughed and laughed when they heard what happened to him.


The Legendary Pic Blog – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Audio Books For Kids - Written & Read By Alfred


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Once upon a time in a place called Nigeria there lived a little boy named Marcus. He belonged to a Christian home and he was a very playful child. His father might as well be called a ghost because he was never around and no one noticed it. The funny thing was that when he was around no one noticed it too.
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