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Unashamed Of Grandma – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a little boy named Jimmy. He was raised in a Christian family and was fortunate to have good Christian parents.

One day Jimmy had to go for a neighborhood picnic. It was the coolest social event in their city as far as Jimmy was concerned. They had all the fun and games, all the fabulous food and all the kids in all the schools in their area would be there. It was a place that you could not afford not to be cool as far as Jimmy was concerned.

Jimmy was excited about going until his parents told him that his Grandma who had just come a day before would have to go with him and stay with him all through the picnic.

Jimmy was most disappointed. He loved Grandma but this was a different matter. As far as he was concerned, this was ridiculous. Grandma smelt like Grandma. Grandma was old.

Grandma wouldn’t know what cool is if it walked right past her and said, Hi.
Grandma would kill all the cool points I earned for myself all through the semester; Jimmy taught.

Jimmy tried to convince his parents to change their minds, but their decision was final and absolute.

Before the time for him to go for the picnic, Jimmy went outside to talk to some of his friends who lived in the neighborhood and where sure to be at the picnic.

When Jimmy told them about what his parents said. They told him to be stubborn and refuse to let his Grandma follow him for the picnic because if he did so he would be laughed at and automatically become a nerd.

Jimmy’s friends picked out reason after reason as to why he shouldn’t let his Grandma go with him.

Eventually, the time for Jimmy to follow his Grandma came and he was still talking to his friends outside.

Jimmy’s Grandma called him by shouting really loud that he should come so that they would go.

Jimmy pretended not to hear, but Grandma just turned up her shouting; and her voice echoed so much that Jimmy had to answer. As he turned and started running towards his Grandma, Jimmy fell dow real hard. Then a peculiar thing happened. Jimmy noticed that his so – called friends laughed at him but his Grandma ran towards him with nothing but concern and worry on her face. She dusted him off and made sure he had no cuts and bruises.

However, Jimmy’s so – called friends were still laughing.

Jimmy now realized that the people he would be trying to impress by not going to the picnic with his Grandma hated him. However, his Grandma loved him.

That very moment, Jimmy decided to go to the picnic with his Grandma.

Whether Grandma was cool or not, Grandma loved him; and he was not going to turn his back on someone who loves him because of people who don’t. He was not going to be ashamed of his Grandma anymore.


The Kite Stuck In A Tree – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time, Vincent and his friends were playing with their kites one Friday. They all admired Kobe’s kite. Kobe’s kite was awesome. It was by far the coolest looking kite any of them had ever seen. They even specially named it, “ROCKET KITE.”

Unfortunately, it got stuck in a tree while Kobe was flying it. All they did to try to get it down failed. Vincent then told his friends that it is impossible to get the kite down so they should forget about it, but if they must try again, it’s best it’s on another day cause it’s getting late and it’s not wise to get into trouble with their parents for coming back home after curfew.

Vincent’s friends agreed and they all left.

Vincent returned later when no one else was there. He was going to get down Rocket kite and paint it a different colour, and when he and his friends return to that tree the next day, he would suggest that some stranger must have stolen it.

Vincent’s efforts to retrieve the kite himself resulted in a broken leg. He called his friends on their cell phones because he was not sure about what to tell his Mum and how she would take it.
However, Vincent’s friends called 911 and some responsible adults also so they could help.

Vincent felt so ashamed as an ambulance drove him off to the hospital. He had tried to deceive his friends now he has ended up with a broken leg. Talk about paying the price.

Next time he would never dream of deceiving anyone again. He would always be sincere and honest as a true disciple of Jesus should be.


It Is Your In-law From London Calling – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a country called Nigeria, there lived a little Christian boy named Johnny. He was the only son of his single Mum who was working hard night and day to put food on the table and provide school fees for Johnny.

One day, while he and his Mum where sitting in the kitchen waiting for the rice to finish boiling. His Mum got a phone call. The caller on the other end says that he is her your in-law from London.

Johnny’s Mum sighed and clicked the “End Call” button.

Since the volume was on speaker phone, Johnny was able to hear what the caller on the other end had said.

Johnny asks his Mum why she ended the call.She looked at him and said because it’s 4.1.9 {Note: 419 pronounced 4.1.9 is a Nigerian slang for fraud, a fraudster or any shady or fraudulent activity}.

Johnny said that he doesn’t think it’s 4.1.9, that has she forgotten that they actually have an in-law in London?

She just ignored him and said, “the rice has finished boiling.”

Johnny tried talking to his Mum about it but she clearly didn’t want to talk about it judging by the “Hush it” she told him.

When his Mum was out of site, Johnny steals his mums phone from her bag and copies the number that called her and keeps the phone back in the bag.

Later, Johnny calls the man who called his Mum and tells him that he apologizes on behalf of his mother; his mother thinks it’s 4.1.9, but he remembers him. However, just to be sure Johnny asked the man some trick questions about their family and the man answered them successfully. Now, Johnny was sure beyond the shadow of a doubt that he was talking to a relative.

Johnny stated telling him about all that has been going on in Nigeria, and before the credit in the phone he was using finished he slyly asked for money. After all, money is the only reason why Nigerians are interested in overseas relations.

Johnny’s relative laughs as Johnny asked for money and he said that Johnny shouldn’t worry, that he understands, that he was once in Nigeria too and he knows how financial situations can be. Johnny’s relative tells him to give him his Mum’s pin number that he wants to surprise his Mum so that the next time she goes to the bank she would find 2 million Euros in her bank account.
Johnny was very happy. His Mum was about to become a millionaire. Certainly, when his Mum sees her bank account she would know what kind of opportunity she almost missed. She would know he was right about it not being 4.1.9. He couldn’t do a better thing for his mum than helping her become a millionaire in Euros not even in Naira.

Johnny knew that his Mum didn’t throw away the slip with her pin number on it. She never was good at memorizing numbers and passwords. She never trusted herself to not forget them too so she always wrote them down and put them in a file she hid in her bedroom in a place she thought her son didn’t know about.
After Johnny got the pin, he texted the pin to his relative’s phone. His job was done. He had done something so remarkably good for his Mum that no good boy’s good deed anywhere in the world could even come close to his.

Later the next day, Johnny’s Mum was complaining of her not having enough funds for his schooling and for their feeding. She got so nervous and worried that it looked like she was about to cry.

Johnny laughed and said, “The Irony.”

Johnny’s Mum couldn’t understand why her son was laughing. She wasn’t finding it funny at all.Johnny then tells her that he called her in-law back and he gave him her pin number and he has put 2 million Euros in her bank account. If she thinks he is lying she should go to her bank and ask how much is there now.
Johnny’s Mum fell down on the ground and started crying. Johnny couldn’t understand why his Mum was crying. Why wasn’t she happy?

Johnny’s Mum asked Johnny, “Do dead men make phone calls?”

“No” Johnny answered wondering where this was going.

Then his Mum said, “Your only relative that is in London died a long time ago so that person you gave my pin number cannot be my in-law.”

And as it happened, when his Mum went to check out her bank account it had been wiped clean. Now Johnny would have to stop schooling for sure because they had no money not even a kobo at all.

Johnny’s intentions might have been good but he had to do a lot of wrong things along the way like stealing his Mum’s phone and stealing his Mum’s pin number. Jesus wouldn’t want anyone to do that. The end doesn’t justify the means. You can’t do the wrong things to arrive at the right destination. Jesus won’t have it that way.


My Best Friend Says Her Step Father Comes Into Her Room At Night And Touches Her – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Tiffany. She was a good Christian girl and she loved the Lord with all her heart. She obeyed her parents like the word of God tells us to, and she also had a close and fun relationship with her parents.

Tiffany’s best friend’s name was Amanda. They had been friends for about 3 months. They both cared about each other, they loved to play together and they even had the same fashion sense.
They looked like sisters when they were together, and secretly they both wished that they were actually sisters.
Things had been going on well between Tiffany and Amanda.

They always told each other everything and they taught they knew each other’s every secret, until Tiffany started noticing that on somedays Amanda would wrap herself herself with her blanket and fold herself in a corner of her bed and her eyes would be fixed on the door all the while she was in Amanda’s room talking to her.

Tiffany would ask Amanda why her eyes are fixed on the door and Amanda would say, “Nothing” or she would change the topic.

Tiffany also noticed that on days when she did this she would also take an excuse, leave Tiffany in her room, and then go and take a shower.

Sometimes Amanda would have even had 3 to 4 showers before Tiffany came but still when Tiffany came she would take excuses and go to take a shower almost every 10 to 20 minutes.

Tiffany taught it was weird and she would try to get Amanda to tell her what’s really going on but Amanda would always say “Nothing is wrong” or that she can’t talk about it.

Tiffany just couldn’t let it go. She had no idea what the reason might be but she was bent on finding out why.

Tiffany finally had her opportunity when Amanda came over to her house and she wanted to borrow a new Christian story book that belonged to Tiffany.

Tiffany refused to give it to her and she watched Amanda beg and beg and beg for an opportunity to read the book. Tiffany could see how desperately she wanted it so she told Amanda she would not only let her borrow the book but would also dash her the book if she tells her what is going on.

Amanda stopped begging immediately. She got really uncomfortable.

Tiffany started using the book to tempt her and told her that she should imagine what it would be like if she actually owned the book.

Amanda felt uncomfortable and didn’t know what to do but Tiffany bugged her so much that she decided to just tell her and get the book.

Amanda told Tiffany that she must never ever tell anyone what she is about to tell her. That she must cross her heart and hope to die if she ever tells anyone.

Tiffany thought about it and then she crossed her heart and hoped to die that no matter what she won’t tell anybody what Amanda was about to tell her.
Then, Amanda closed the door. She lowered her voice into a whisper and said, “My step father comes into my room at night and touches me … all over my body. I’m Scared.”

Tiffany was shocked beyond words. That night, she herself couldn’t sleep. All that she could think of was what was her best friend could be going through right now: right at this moment?

Tiffany cried for her friend and prayed for her friend. She couldn’t tell anyone about it. Amanda would never forgive her if she did. She made a promise. She crossed her heart and hoped to die. But to make matters worse Tiffany felt so bad and awkward about it that even if she hadn’t made a promise she didn’t know if she would be able to tell anyone about it.

The next day, while Tiffany was watching her favorite TV channel: the smile of a child network; one of the puppets on her favorite show talked about a similar topic. The puppet said that whenever we know something that if we tell people it would save somebody’s life we should tell no matter what.

Tiffany spent the next few hours confused. She felt God prompting her to talk but at the same time she felt half of her was too afraid to talk.

Tiffany went to visit her friend the next day. She saw her with her whole body covered with a blanket. She was folded like a tortoise hiding in a shell in the far end corner of her bed with a look of fear and horror on her face.

Tiffany didn’t need to ask what happened the previous night. She knew what had happened.

Immediately, Tiffany runs home and tells her Mum. Her Mum tells her Dad, and her Dad tells the cops.

Today, Amanda’s step – father is in jail and Amanda is now free from abuse. She was also adopted by Tiffany’s parents. Therefore, Amanda and Tiffany are now officially sisters.

What’s more, Amanda kept thanking Tiffany over and over again for telling her parents what was happening. She didn’t want Tiffany to tell anyone before, but she sure was glad now that Tiffany did.



Mummy, We Don’t Hate Gays, Why Do They Hate Us So? – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a country called America, there lived a little boy called Tommy. He was a nice Christian boy. He was raised by a loving and hardworking Christian Mum. She loved the Lord with all her heart and she taught her son, Tommy to do the same.

In school, Tommy was known as the Christian kid. In-spite of all pressure he would always stand for his Christian values and refuse to talk ill of teachers, play expensive pranks at the expense of other people or talk dirty about the girls in his class behind their back with the boys in his class.

Everybody knew Tommy as a Christian kid. What Tommy wasn’t aware of was the growing hatred towards him. Even though he was friendly with everybody, every time they saw him make a right choice or do something admirable or righteous, it only made them feel guilty. It only made them feel like he was better than them. It made them feel he had done something they couldn’t do.

Instead of asking Tommy to tell them the secret of why he is so firm at doing what is right even when it is against popularity; they choose to hate him in secret but smile back in public whenever he smiles at them.

Some of the boys who just couldn’t stand how good Tommy was came up with a plan that in his goody – good nature as they called it he was sure to fall for. They got their class teacher in on the plan and he polished the plan properly and promised the students that it must work.

He especially congratulated the Gay students for their zeal and role in the plan.

While in school the next day, in the middle of the class a student nudges Tommy and asks him, “Does you Christian beliefs tell you that homosexuality is wrong?”

Tommy turned to look at him and then said, “Yes!”

Immediately, the teacher who was supposed to be teaching and unable to hear the conversation between the two boys at the back of his class, cried out in outrage.

He called Tommy a bully and an evil person. He sent Tommy to the principal’s office and Tommy was given an indefinite suspension.

When Tommy got home and told his Mum, his Mum burst into tears and said, “Are we in America or are we somewhere else? What happened to the country that stood for freedom of beliefs?”

Tommy’s Mum prayed and cried day after day. She wasn’t only crying for her son but she was also crying for America. She was crying for how her (America’s) enemies invaded her (America), became her (America) and therefore the enemies principles became her (America’s) principles.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and Tommy had not yet been called back. It begun to dawn on her that indefinite in Tommy’s case could mean forever. The thought of it brought great pain to Tommy’s Mum’s heart. Should her son suffer because he is a Christian? Oh! What has happened to America? Where is the America for which the founding fathers fought for? Where did it go?

Soon newspaper articles started coming out, and online blog posts where spreading around that said that Tommy was a bully of Gay people and that the school had done a good job by getting rid of him.

Tommy approached his Mother and asked, “Mummy, We don’t hate Gays, why do they hate us so?”

That was a good question. Tommy’s Mum only wished she knew the answer.

One evening as she prayed feeling almost depressed, she heard the Spirit of God tell her that she would never have the victory if she doesn’t stand up strong in faith. He referred her to a passage of the scriptures in the book of Acts. After she read it, she discovered that in the story where God sent an angel to break Peter out of prison, it was because the believers rallied together and prayed without ceasing for Peter. Peter could have died if they hadn’t prayed, because the same way they took Peter is the same way they took James before him. James was equally very close to Jesus. He was at the Mount of the transfiguration with Jesus. Yet when he was taken; the church didn’t pray at all. Only God knows what the saints were expecting by not praying for James when he was arrested for preaching the gospel. If they had prayed for James like the prayed for Peter, James wouldn’t have been killed.

Tommy’s Mum now understood that when Christians are being persecuted and they do not pray a lot and take non – violent legal action they would be massacred because that is the devil’s bottom line wish for all Christians.

Tommy’s Mum brought her problem out to her church and also sent letters to other churches in the area that they should stand up and fight against this injustice. We don’t hate gays. We are not fighting against gays. We are just want justice. We want our right to believe what we believe back. We want our America back.

Weeks later, Tommy’s Mum had organized a march – a peaceful protest. She established the fact that Christians were not against gays and soon even gays who believed that everyone has the right to believe what they believe in America where on Tommy’s Mum’s side. Only gays that didn’t believe in people having the freedom to pick their beliefs where against Tommy’s Mum.

After the media got in on it, the government tried to intimidate Tommy’s Mum and tell her to shut up, they also called her son a bully and a cruel person who has no compassion in his heart for others.

Tommy’s Mum was angry. They don’t even know her son yet they have the nerve to come up with such an outlandish claim.

Some of Tommy’s age mates that he had been nice to and now started to like him started making and posting videos online and telling the world about what a nice person Tommy is.

Christian voices got louder and soon the whole world had to look at the issue.
Tommy’s Mum sued the government for intimidating the very people that it is supposed to protect.

With the whole world watching the government couldn’t play any funny games and so they had to be fair about it, and when things are done fairly; good people win. Thus, Tommy’s Mum won. Not only was Tommy allowed back in school but some gay people finally realized that Christians are not against them, they are just a group of people who have beliefs that are different from theirs.

However, some other gay people still hated Christians and blamed Christians for anything wrong that happened to them. Whenever someone did something mean and unfair towards gay people, they would call the people who wronged them Christians. But no matter what, we would never hate them. Christ took the ability to hate away from our hearts. We may not agree with the choices of gay people but we would love them any way. We would stand by love, we would stand by what we believe and we would stand by freedom.


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