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Don’t Be Afraid To Learn How To Use New Technology – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Grandma Stacie was excited. She had just won a special gift at her Church’s Christmas Season celebration picnic.
Her 12 year old Grand-son, Jimmy was also excited and wondered what it could be within the beautiful package that the assistant Pastor had just given her.

When they got home Grandma Stacie unwrapped the gift and there staring back at her was the latest version of the most advanced commercial mobile phone in the world. Grandma Stacie had seen the advertisement of the phone before so she knew what it was. However, she also knew that the last thing she wanted to do was to start learning how to use that kind of phone. Ever since the ancient turn and dial table phone; she hadn’t been able to learn how to use any other phone after that generation of phones.

Jimmy was happy and excited about the gift Grandma had received but he soon notices that she was sad.

With a surprised look on his face Jimmy asked Grandma Stacie why she wasn’t happy.Grandma Stacie told him that she would never be able to learn how to use the new phone.

Jimmy told her No, that it’s easy. He told her that he would teach her how to use it. It is so easy to use and so user friendly that the device’s manual is just a two page pamphlet, she would certainly know all there is to know about it in no time.

Grandma Stacie doubted that it could ever be that easy. She offered Jimmy her reasons why she taught she would never be able to learn how to use the new technology. She taught that what she gave were really solid reasons until Jimmy countered them eloquently one by one.Grandma still did want to agree with Jimmy by she had nothing to say to support disagreeing with him so she decided to let him teach her.

Jimmy showed her how to use the phone for days. Grandma Stacie would just watch what Jimmy was doing as he would explain the features and sometimes he would tell her to do some things he just did with the phone herself as she learnt.

As far as Grandma Stacie was concerned, all the learning wasn’t going anywhere so she told Jimmy to stop all the lessons, that she’s had enough. She said there is no point in having the phone because she would never know how to use it so she told Jimmy that he can have it.

It is now his.Jimmy was very happy. He thanked his Grandma over and over again and then he ran to his room and started downloading games to play on his new phone.

That night, as Jimmy got on his knees to pray before he went to bed like he did every night. He heard the voice of God telling him to give the phone back to his Grandma.

Jimmy was disappointed to hear this. He tried to talk God into changing his mind but it didn’t work.

Jimmy couldn’t sleep that night.

The next day, Jimmy deleted all the games that he had downloaded and gave the phone back to his Grandma.

His Grandma didn’t understand why he returned the phone but Jimmy said that he just didn’t feel right about it. Grandma Stacie tried to convince him to keep the phone but he told her that the phone was a gift to her – it was meant for her. It won’t be right for him to have it. He told her that it’s better that it just remains on a table with no one using it than for him to use it. He has made up his mind. Nothing was going to make him take the phone.

Grandma Stacie knew she had no choice but to oblige.

As time went on, Grandma would often need to use one of the apps that Jimmy said the phone came with. She had seen Jimmy use apps on the phone that she knew she could really use in her daily life. Like the “Daily Tasks Organizer” app. If only she knew how to use it, she would have had her day more organized and she would be more productive everyday.

Grandma Stacie would only look at the phone as it sat on a table and think about the things she is missing by not being able to use it.

This went on for a long time until one day Grandma Stacie was reading a very exciting Novel and she came across a word that she did not know its meaning.
Grandma Stacie looked for a dictionary everywhere but she couldn’t find one. She remembered that one of the apps that Jimmy had shown her in the phone was a dictionary app.

Grandma Stacie looked at the phone as it sat on a table in the distance.

She looked away. What was the point? She can’t use that phone. But then Grandma Stacie taught about the Novel she was reading. Would she not be able to get past this point in the story and find out what happens to the characters in the story all because she won’t at least try using a cell phone?

Grandma Stacie took a deep breath in. Then she walked to the phone, picked it up and put it on. She was a bit nervous that she would spoil something. But she soon sees the app labeled dictionary and uses it. She did it. Victory.

As she wanted to switch off the phone, another app would catch her interest and she would open it and use it. This went on and on and on. Anytime she would want to off the phone she would see another app and open it. 30 mins later she was still using the phone. She had forgotten all about the story in the Novel. She couldn’t put the phone down. She was enjoying herself. Uh – Oh! that’s when it hit her. There wasn’t anything at all on the phone that she couldn’t do.


Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time, in a place much like where you live right now, there lived a nice Christian family. They were raised in the way of the Lord and they looked out for one another in their family.

The big girl in the family was Cynthia. Today was a special day for her because she had an important job interview that bagging would mean she would finally become what she had spent a live time of schooling preparing for.

Cynthia was still getting ready to go for the interview though. Even though she woke up early, she was the kind of girl that took a lot of time to get ready. As she rushed past the kitchen to get her break fast her Mum left for her on the dinner table she sees her little sister accidentally spill the only milk she had left. Her little sister now had nothing to use for her cereal.

Cynthia’s little sister started crying. Cynthia told her not to cry over spilled milk and rushed past her to keep getting ready.

Cynthia’s Mum didn’t know where Cynthia was so she shouts loud enough for her to hurry; so no matter what part of the house she is in she would hear.

Cynthia shouts back “I’m hurrying Mum”, in an equally informative but not angry tone as she runs up the stairs.

When she finally finishes getting ready, she prays to God that everything would go well. She picks up her car keys and heads out of the house as she screamed, “Wish me the best Mum.”

Cynthia drove quickly and responsibly but because of parking lot issues at the company, by the time she’s through parking her car she’s late. The security man kept giving her issues on where she could park and where she couldn’t park. After she’d parked where he had said she should park, he would come back saying that she didn’t park properly, so she had to get back into the car. By the time she was through with him she was extremely agitated and one little nudge would have been enough to make her blow her top. She was already late, even if it was only by a few minutes it, late still meant late and she knew how badly that could reflect on her.

As she ran into the elevator, she accidentally ran into a guy holding a cup of hot coffee and it spilled all over his expensive new suit; ruining it – causing him great pain as the hot coffee splashed against his skin and also causing him great pain at the loss of his new suit. He didn’t know if the cleaners would be able to get if off but even if they could, he had no spare clothes at work. Would he go through the rest of the day with coffee stain marks on his clothes?

Cynthia apologized but her apology didn’t really look convincing. All that was truly on her mind was not being late for the interview. As soon as the elevator door was open and Cynthia had reached her floor, she threw some tissue paper at him so that he could clean himself up, said that she was sorry one more time and then zipped straight out the door.

A few seconds later, a secretary showed Cynthia into the office where she would be interviewed then left.

Cynthia sat down and waited, she wondered where her interviewer might be.

Suddenly, the office door she just came in through flung open and in walks a familiar face. It was the guy she had just spilled coffee on. He was still trying to brush off some of the coffee on him using the tissue she threw at him. As he saw her sitting there and realized that she was once of the people he was going to be interviewing, his frown got even deeper. At this point his frown could scare away a bull dog.
Cynthia gulped.

When the interview started, the man just kept glaring at Cynthia with eyes burning with anger, maybe even hatred.
Before the interview was half way through he interrupted her while she was still speaking and said, “You know what? We’ll call you. Show yourself out.”

Obviously, the man had wanted to say that ever since the moment he saw her sitting there.

Cynthia understood perfectly what was going on in his mind. The room had been cold since the last five minutes.

Cynthia slowly stood up and packed her resume back into her bag trying not to cry. As she got to the office door, she turned back and said, “I’m really sorry about the coffee.”

“Whatever” he said not even looking at her. Then over the intercom he instructed his secretary to bring in the next interviewee.

Cynthia sucked back the tears until she got home. She had been complaining to God in her mind all the while she was driving. She now sat on her bed with a box of tissue paper, crying. All those dreams out the window just because of one little mistake.

Cynthia’s little sister finds Cynthia crying in her room and asks her what’s wrong.Cynthia blew her nose into a tissue and managed to hold her tears back enough to say, “I spilled coffee over my boss.”

Her little sister gently touches her on her arm to console her and said, “Don’t cry over spilled coffee”

Cynthia got irritated, that was the last thing she needed to hear. Anger was about to well up inside Cynthia, but just then she hears the Holy Spirit talk to her from within her. He says, “Don’t cry over spilled milk, get a rag and clean up the milk.”

Cynthia wondered what it could possibly mean. Then suddenly, a light goes on in her head. Rather than sit there crying when something goes wrong, and giving up all hope. We get up and fix it.

Cynthia quickly wipes her tears, grabs her keys and rushes out the door.

When she gets to the office she finds the man she poured coffee on with his own boss. By then all the interviewees had gone and the interviews where finished.

They had probably already given someone the job.

However, Cynthia wasn’t going to let that stop her. She greeted both men and started apologizing to the man she poured coffee on; who was clearly surprised to see that she returned. In any case, he still wouldn’t accept her apology. He refused to even give her an answer. His boss however, who was standing there now; asked for the full story and when he heard it he laughed and told the man to lighten up. He asked for her resume and she gave it to him. After glancing through it he ordered the man she spilled coffee on to give her the job. He tells him not to ever let his personal emotions get in the way of his business decisions, also mentioning that Cynthia has the perfect resume for the job and she also obviously got the determination to go with it. Why, not hiring a perfect candidate because they spilled a little coffee on you is like CRYING OVER SPILLED MILK.


Don’t Buy A Stolen Phone – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in the city of Port Harcourt, there lived a little 12 year old boy named Justin. He and his younger ones were being raised as Christians by his single Mum; but as far as Justin’s approach to Christianity was concerned, it was just a positive thing and not a relationship he was in.

Justin was the coolest kid in school. He took pride in his title. He had some of the coolest things of all the other kids in school even though his Mum was earning middle-class money from the company she worked for.

Justin even had the coolest phone in school but he wanted the new cell phone that just came out and was being advertised viciously on TV, Radio and on almost half of the billboard ads in the city.

Justin wanted that cell phone badly. He wanted it for all the cool things it could do. He wanted it for its cool apps and its beauty. The boosting up of his rep it do for him if he gets it was just an extremely tempting added bonus.
Justin didn’t even bother asking his Mum for the money to buy the phone because he knew that she didn’t even make up to that kind of money let alone spend it.
In Port Harcourt, there is only one way to get something at a ridiculously low price and that is if you buy it from someone who stole it. There were places to go in Port Harcourt where you could buy stolen items. Not only were these places dangerous, especially for a kid. It was also quite unpredictable.
Justin talks to his best friend about buying the phone from one of such places.

Justin’s friend who was also raised under Christian principles but obviously took it more seriously than Justin convinces Justin to change his mind because not only was it insanely dangerous for him to go there it was also flat out wrong; morally.

The next day, a new guy in school brings along a new phone that is not a higher brand than the one Justin had intended to buy; but had now become the coolest phone in school. The new kid got all the attention in school that day just because of it.

This tragic event in Justin’s eyes rekindled his desire to get the phone.
After raiding his piggy bank and much crossing of fingers; hoping things go well, Justin goes to buy it. As he is going he hears God telling him not to do it. Like many people, he had always taught of that voice as the voice of his conscience but truth be told, even if he knew it was the voice of God it won’t have made any difference. He was determined to get the phone. He needed to upgrade his rep.

10 minutes later, he was glad that he was walking away with the phone in his pocket and nothing bad had happened to him.

The next day, Justin takes it to school and shows off with it. He suddenly became the coolest kid in school again, and the way things were going, it looked like he didn’t have to worry about anyone taking his title from him in a long long while.

The day after that, as Justin hides his phone in his school bag he leaves it on the table to quickly use the bathroom. He didn’t know that his Mum intended to pack his lunch herself. As his Mum opens his school bag she sees it.

Justin’s Mum ended up shouting at him and seizing the phone from him because she knew how he got it. There was only one way he could have gotten it. It had to be from someone who stole it.Justin’s Mum sent him off to school so he won’t be late and she told him that she would punish him properly when he gets back.
When Justin came back from school he didn’t see his Mum. He looks around for his mum but he still doesn’t see her. He called out her name over and over again as he searched all around the house, but there was no answer.

Justin decides to drop his younger ones off at the neighbors so that he can concentrate on finding Mum and move as far about the city as his legs can take him, but as he’s at the neighbors the neighbor’s kid told him that his Mum was taken away by the police and was suspected of murder because the cell phone she had was the only major lead they had in tracking down the killer of one of the most influential politicians in the country.

The phone had a tracking system installed on it. It took the Nigerian police a while before they could cooperate with the phone company so they could track down the location of the phone.

That was when it all became clear to him. His mother had not implicated him in other to protect him.

Justin knew that the punishment for murdering such an important person in Nigeria is death. His mother had given herself up to die because of him. She had kept quiet so that she won’t see her son go to jail or worse.

His mum was gone for ever. It was just him and his younger siblings. They were now ALONE.

Justin threw his hands in the air in despair and thought, ‘Oh – No! All because I had to have that silly phone.’


Eating Like A White Man – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called Nigeria in the continent of Africa, there lived a nice little Christian boy named Chinonso. His father died of a heart attack when staring at a mountain of bills and Chinonso had lived ever since with his mother who successfully disassociated herself from her late husband and also told all his debtors that they and her don’t have any business, and if they want their money back they should follow her late husband to the other side and ask him to pay them back their money.

Chinonso was close to his Aunty on his mother’s side. She always talked to him about Jesus and also loved to tell Chinonso beautiful tales of all the wonderful things that happen in the country of the white man.

Rumors and facts supported the claim that his Aunty had spent a few years in America before she was deported for over staying her visa. But interestingly, rumors and facts also seemed to support that idea that she had never been to America in her life but like most Africans she had spent too many hours under the hot sun dreaming of what it would be like to be in the land of beauty & opportunity.

Amongst the many ‘white – people – things’ that Chinonso’s Aunty taught him, she taught him about proper table manners – the American version of table manners which is very different from the African version.

Chinonso stuck to his Aunty’s teachings and he embraced it because his mind wasn’t racially clouded and he could see the logic and common sense in proper American etiquette which originated from the British.

Chinonso was at a friend’s children’s party he was invited to one day and for some reasons, maybe it was because they had stayed and played for a long time, instead of serving jollof rice and chicken, they served fufu and soup with chicken.

After they had prayed and everyone was about to descend on their food, Chinonso asked for a fork and a knife. Everybody was shocked. Did he just ask for cutlery?

Chinonso asked for a fork and a knife again, and everybody bust out in laughter.

You see, in Nigeria, everyone eats fufu and soup with their bare hands (the same goes for garri and soup). They wash or rinse their hands out first and then they pinch a part of the fufu, roll the part they pinched into a ball, then they dip it inside the soup to really get the soup around the ball in their hand, and then they swallow. This process is continued until there is nothing left to pinch.

Today however, Chinonso was going to go outside the status quo for the first time in public.

They gave him the cutlery he asked for but they also spent the whole day making fun of and saying that his has forgotten who he is so he is trying to eat like a white man. They laughed and laughed and laughed but they soon stopped laughing when they began to feel their stomachs ache. They went from laughing in jest to crying in pain.

They had all played very roughly in all sort of places before they washed their hands in water without using soup and had begun eating with their bare hands. Thus, there were still germs on their hands.

Only Chinonso who washed his hands with them but thankfully also used cutlery didn’t fall sick.

We must not let any bias no matter how strong or weak it is prevent us from getting to know the person underneath the skin or sharing our knowledge with them or accepting theirs if it is beneficial.


Don’t Run Away From Maths – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called Nigeria, there lived a nice little Christian boy named Daniel. He had a deep walk with God and his personal relationship with God meant everything to him.

Daniel had a big brother named Leo. He was a Christian too but he was merely more than just another church goer. He didn’t take his relationship with God half as seriously as his younger brother did. Then again he didn’t care about that. His life just pretty much revolved around sports, his friends and video games. He was an average student in school unlike Daniel who was a stellar student.

Daniel had just graduated from kindergarten with an unsurprisingly stellar performance.

Leo told Daniel that juinor high school maths is a lot harder than kindergarten Maths so he should no longer expect to have A’s and 100% scores in Maths.

Daniel didn’t know if that was quite true but if it was easy to shake off the feeling that that thought had planted inside him, he would have. He hated the feeling of fear.

Daniel asked questions to people to find out if what Leo told him was true.

Unfortunately, he asked the right questions to the wrong people and he ended up getting answers that worsened his fears.

Daniel decided to ask his Mum, she would know best.

Daniel’s Mum tells him not to worry about anything, that he would do just fine.

Leo overheard the conversation and later told Daniel that that’s just the typical thing for a Mum to say.

Daniel started rethinking his goals of becoming an architect in the future and because of his fears he starts to think of any other career that he might like that doesn’t have Maths as one of its core subjects.

Finally, Daniel’s first day of junior high school arrived. When the Maths teacher was about to begin he runs out of the class room in fear screaming No! No! No!

Daniel had never failed a subject before, and unlike other students who don’t take their education seriously; seeing anything short of an A or a stellar score on his test sheet was like an unserious kid losing a little league baseball match and crying about it.

A lady who was in the room when he ran out went after him. She asked him what was wrong. He told her about what his brother had said and that he had never failed a subject before and he doesn’t want to start failing now.

She told him that he shouldn’t mind what his elder brother said. She told him that Maths wasn’t hard it’s actually really easy and it’s one of the easiest subjects to get high scores in, but if you approach Maths from the perspective that it’s hard and really difficult. You would surely find it difficult even though it’s not difficult.

“Are you sure?”, Daniel asked the lady.

“I’m 100% certain”, the lady answered.

They both walked back towards the class together. She stopped at the door and told him that he should check up on her after school; in the principal’s office.That was when he realized that she was the principal. On the first day of school he had become best buddies with the principal. Whoa! that certainly was a good sign.

After school when he checked up on the principal. The principal asked him how was the Maths class. Daniel smiled a big wide smile and then showed her his first ever set of Junior high school Maths problems that he had solved in his exercise book and at the top right hand corner was the Maths teacher’s handwriting of the score: 100%.


Falling Down Doesn’t Mean You Have To Walk Away – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a country called Nigeria there lived a little boy named Marcus. He was an ideal role model. He had a strong Christian background. He came from a long line of ministers and his Mum was a nationally respected Television evangelist.

Marcus was straight up good. If you wanted to know what the example of a good boy was all you had to do was look at him. He was the kid that parents told there kids that they wished they were more like. Of course this made many kids have an unspoken resentment for him. However, others kids just respected, admired and loved him for his sincerity and for the grace of God that was so evidently upon his life. These group of kids let Marcus inspire them rather than use him as an icon they put a “holier than thou” tag on, and they were better off for it. Some students would even come to him for counseling for the things they didn’t feel comfortable going to a teacher for counseling on.
Marcus was the student – elected Chapel Prefect of the primary school he attended, which means that he was elected the student that represents all the other students in the school concerning spiritual matters. He was the mediator between the students and the school authorities concerning all matters Christian. He was also the one in charge of organizing the morning and closing assembly. He was also mandated to preach during the morning assemblies or he could appoint someone else who the school authorities had approved to preach in his place for only a day, but he would have to inform the school authorities three days ahead.

Marcus had admirers and haters. Among his haters was a boy named Elvis. He was Marcus’ most obvious haters. Only from the way he looked at Marcus anytime he passed him anywhere on the school premises, you would know that if Elvis saw an opportunity to hurt Marcus he would take it even if it cost him 3 whole days of eating food.

Elvis slowly started making his already obvious hatred for Marcus even more obvious. He would make side comments about him when he was around him. He would bump his shoulder into Marcus’ shoulder anytime he passed by him. He would go around telling people that Marcus is a hypocrite, that he is claiming to be holy so the teachers would like and honor him. Elvis would always try to convince the other students that Marcus felt that he was better than them.

Marcus knew about all that Elvis was doing but he recognized that it was just persecution. It came with the territory. Persecution comes with doing the right thing. There would always be people who would be uncomfortable with someone else living for Christ and would feel it is their responsibility to make the life of that person miserable.

Marcus prayed about Elvis and just endured and ignored everything that he did.

One day, Marcus was counseling a female student just like the other students that come to him for counseling, and Elvis approached him and told him that he was trying to steal his girl.

Marcus started to explain that he was only talking about Jesus, but Elvis started laughing at him and said that does he expect him to believe that.
Marcus said Ok! that he doesn’t want trouble so he is walking away. He can think whatever he wants to think.
As Marcus turned to go, Elvis stopped laughing, he pulled him back and then delivered a powerful blow to his jaw.
Marcus couldn’t remember what quite happened next, but Two seconds later he was on top of Elvis; raining blows upon him like the heavy tropical rains beats the leaves of the trees of the jungles of Africa.

Marcus couldn’t control himself. He couldn’t stop. It was just one blow after another and another and another.

A cry of shock from what sounded like the school principal’s voice brought Marcus back to his senses. Marcus looked up to see all the students and teachers that had gathered around him. They were too astonished to speak or move or maybe even breathe. He could see the look in their faces. He could see the first thing on their minds as he looked into their eyes. He could see the disappointment in their eyes. He could see the shock that bordered on disbelief in their eyes.

Marcus felt like his soul was falling backwards out of his body into the deep unknown. He bowed his head down and his heart filled up with shame.

Marcus returned home from school that day with his 2 weeks suspension letter. His buttocks was still sore from all the flogging he had received in school.

Marcus told his Mum everything that had happened. He was so ashamed. Tears flowed down his eyes.

His Mum held him close in her arms. She told him to stop crying.

Marcus told her that not only is he disappointed in himself for doing what he did but he is never ever going to preach the gospel in school again. How can he? He will just be looked upon as a hypocrite. Besides, if nothing else he has proved to himself that he is not worthy to preach the gospel.


After the two weeks was up, everyone in Marcus’ school knew that Marcus was coming back that day. Some wondered if Marus was going to preach and lead the assembly that day. Was he going to preach that day after what had happened?
When the morning assembly started, everyone especial Elvis was shocked when they saw Marcus taking the stage. He was going to preach.

Marcus was not going to let anything stop him from being the minister he was created to be. He knew that FALLING DOWN DOESN’T MEAN YOU HAVE TO WALK AWAY. IF YOU FALL DOWN GET BACK UP AND CONTINUE THE RACE.

Don’t be one of those who give up on Christianity because they committed one sin and think that God’s forgiveness cannot restore them. And don’t be one of those who give up on Christianity because they have struggled with certain sin(s) for years and therefore give up; saying that they would never be able to keep themselves from committing the sin so there is no point they had better walk away.

Don’t be one of those who give up on Christianity because of their struggles. God wants you to come to him just as you are. Come to him with all the garbage. Just submit to him and he would take care of you. He would take care of the garbage. Your part is just for you to submit completely.

Jesus may have died to wash away your sins and your garbage but he rose and lived again so amongst other things you can live in him without garbage whether new or old.


Just Another Headache – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time, somewhere in a Nigerian village there lived a boy named Obi. He was a good boy who was kind to everyone. He was the kind of kid school teachers and Sunday school teachers tell other kids to be more like.

One day Obi had a very very slight headache. Obi decided to ignore it because he was very tired because of all the work he did in the family farm in the afternoon. He was going to sleep. Certainly the very very slight headache he had would be gone by the time he wakes up.

Hours later when Obi woke up, the very very slight headache had become a slight headache. It wasnt very very slight anymore . Obi wondered why it didnt go and why it got a little bit stronger instead. Obi waved it off, after all it was just an insignificant headache – It was bound to go away later. Obi then went about his usual shores and went about his day as he always does.
The next morning Obi woke up to find that the headache had worsened a little bit more. Obi now began to be bothered about it and decided to take it a little bit more serious. Medical supplies were an expensive commodity to his family and in his village it was quite rare. Obi wanted to tell his Mum and Dad about the headache but he decided to wait a little bit just to see if it would slowly go away. Hours later the headache had only become worse and now there was a heaving pounding in his brain.

Obi told his parents about the headache and they could clearly see from the way he grimaced every few seconds that it wasnt a joke.

Obis parents spent a good amount of their earnings for the week on buying the headache curing medicine for Obi. The pain in his head subsided but after a while it returned but this time it was stronger than it has ever been. Obi decided to sleep it off. He was mad that he got his parents to spend all that money on medicine and yet it still didnt work while some good long sleep would be most likely to take it away.

Obi had a lot of trouble trying to get to sleep. He tried counting sheep but it wasnt helping. Obi continued counting sheep; certainly sooner or later hes bound to fall asleep.

Hours later as Obi lay on his bed he found out that he couldnt move much. He was almost paralyzed. He was still 100% conscious but there was a heavy drumming in his brain, he felt very very sick and felt pain all around his body.

Obi called for help but it was then he realized that his voice was like that of a really sick person too. His voice was too low for anyone in the house to hear him call for help. Obi tried and tried to call for help but nobody could hear him.

Obi began to cry. It was then he remembered God.

Obi begged God to heal him.

God then told Obi that he should have remembered him first. That right from the time he had the very very slight headache, that he should have attacked it but commanding it to go using the name of Jesus but rather he tolerated it and let it grow into something more and it kept growing and growing and now this. God told Obi that when you give Satan a chance to put his foot in the door, he wouldnt only put his foot in the door but he would also let himself in. Obi let Satan hurt him with a very very slight headache and instead of calling on God right away he took matters into his own hands. When we are in trouble we should think of God first before we go to anything or anyone else for help. Its better that when we have something wrong with our bodies we bring the matter to God first before thinking of medicine and medical doctors, rather than going to medicine and medical doctors first and if we find out they cant help us; coming to God last. A wise man puts God first in everything.

Obi listened and got the lesson from what God told him.

God then healed Obi from his condition and also told him that he (Obi) shouldn’t beg Him (God) to heal him (Obi) that the correct thing for Obi to do is to command the sickness to get out of his body in the name of Jesus. Because the name of Jesus is higher than any other name and all Christians have been given the authority to use that name.

So from then on any time Obi felt the slightest sign of sickness in his body he commanded it to go in the name of Jesus. Thus, Obi lived a very healthy and happy life from then on. Glory be to Jesus.


You Become The Music – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called New York there lived a rambunctious little boy named Jimmy.

Jimmy loved secular Rap Music with his life. He just found out about Rap Music a few weeks ago but yet he spoke like hes been into Rap Music for like 50 years already even though he was barely 12 years old.

Jimmys classmate Ronnie, who was also in the same Sunday School class he was in, told Jimmy to chill, that hes taking the secular Rap Music thing too far. She told him to listen to gospel Rap Music instead and even at that the world does not revolve around Rap Music. If he keeps devoting all his time to Rap Music, he would miss out on everything else the world has to offer and he would not be able to function adequately in the world, seeing that he would be only knowledgeable about one field and one perspective of life.

Jimmy pushed her words aside saying that she is the one who is ignorant, and that hip hop is a lot more than the music – shes greatly underestimating what hip hop is. Hip hop is everything. Hip Hop is all he needs, and thats something she just cant understand.

Ronnie went to the extent of buying Jimmy gospel Rap Music CDs but little Jimmy refused them and called it wack. He said that rapping about love and Jesus wasnt Gangsta so it wasnt hip hop and it was actually an insult to what hip hop truly is.

Jimmy soon started cursing a lot like a lot of hip hop superstars do. He soon started getting into trouble with the teachers and the principal in his kindergarten.

He actually started loving getting into trouble and he loved it because it made him look like a tough bad boy, and being a tough bad boy was totally hip hop.
Jimmy soon got suspended for cursing out a teacher in what appeared to be 5 minutes of an unending follow of the most abusive and totally inappropriate words known to man.

His suspension made him the first kid to ever be suspended in the history of the kindergarten he attended. Normally, punishment ended with detention but suspension never got to be bestowed on anybody. Until now Until Jimmy.
Ronnie visited Jimmy at home to have a long talk with him. She asked him if he cant see that his life is heading downhill because of his love for secular hip hop. That listening to the kind of music that glorifies violence, rebellion, hooliganism and a bunch of other atrocities too numerous to mention is the reason his life is now the way it is.

Jimmy told Ronnie that she doesnt know what shes talking about and he thinks its best that they put an end to their friendship. He would stop talking to her and she shouldnt talk to him either. He said that as far as he was concerned she was a geek and he doesnt want to be even seen talking to her: a simple church girl.

So that day the friendship between Jimmy and Ronnie ended – Jimmys friendship with the last responsible person that cared about him ended.

Jimmy continued getting bad and more gangster hip hop as time went on.

By the time he was in high school he was already a notorious gang member.

Years later Jimmy was in jail serving a 5 year sentence because of something he did.

He was listening to a gangsta rap song over a wardens radio and it was then he discovered it was like listening to his own biography. His true life story was very similar to the character the rapper in the song spoke about. He had become the music he always listened too. He ended up in jail like the character in the song, and has done most of the things that character did too. Although as a kid he knew that hip hop influenced him. He only saw hip hop as something that influenced him to be cool. To him bad was cool, and good was uncool. He couldn’t see bad for what it really was: BAD! But now with him locked up in jail he began to see that bad was bad, bad was wrong. Secular hip hop hadn’t been making him cool, it had only been making him bad. Now he was locked up in a place bad people get locked up.

Jimmy put his head down and begged God for forgiveness – he renewed the relationship with God he lost when he was a child. He was not going to listen to hip hop anymore.


Beautiful Is Skinny? – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a land we can all relate to, there lived a woman named Ella. She was big quite big actually and she had reached the age where all her relatives were disturbing her to get married.

No suitors were coming for Ella so the pressure from relatives and the looks she was getting from those who understood what she was going through anytime she took a walk was quite awkward to say the least.

Ella was raised a Christian and even though the bible doesnt encourage overfeeding, it does encourage us to feel good about our image and that we are beautiful because we are created in the image and likeness of God.

Ella loved her image. She believed she was beautiful. However, people often did or said things that tended to suggest that shes anything but beautiful. Ella tried to let it not get to her but after months of piles and piles of pressure it finally got to her.

Ella went to the most beautiful neighbour she knew, who also happened to have said one or two things to the side about Ellas appearance. Ella begged her for advice.

The beautiful neighbour told Ella that the first thing she needed to do was to get rid of all her excess weight. She advised Ella to follow the quickest way to do it which was surgery. The sooner Ella gets skinner the sooner Ella quits being ugly.

Ella went in for surgery but guess what, she never came out. Yes! Ella died during surgery. She was told the risk of going into surgery: the odds of dying in that particular surgery were like a million to one.

Too bad she ended up being that one.
Oh! If only she knew that BEAUTIFUL DOESNT MEAN SKINNY. If only she didn’t let her faith waver and believed the truth which is that she is beautiful even though she was fat, things would have worked out differently for her. She probably would be happily married with her kids running around her right now, but instead shes dead.


If God Loves Me Why Did He Let Mum Die? – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Cindy, a beautiful 13 year old girl stood in front of her Mums grave. She had come there often since she lost her Mum to cancer 3 months ago.

Today, with tears in her eyes said, If God loves me why did he let Mum die?
Cindy didnt notice an elderly man walk up behind her. Not until he asked her what was wrong.

Cindy told him that her Mum had died months ago to cancer and how could God let that happen if he loves her?

The old man told her that our loved ones dying doesnt prove that God doesnt love us. He told her that God is love so God cannot NOT love because Love is who he is. He cares for us and always will.

However, he cannot violate his own laws and natural principles that he inaugurated to produce order just because we want him to express his love for us by doing so.

Cindy immediately got what he meant. She wiped the tears from her eyes and was about to say thank you but the old man was gone. She looked quickly round about her but he was nowhere to be found. In that little time it had taken her to clean her eyes he had varnished.

It dawned on her that he must have been an angel. She then looked up towards the sky and said, THANK YOU.


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