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The Chicken Pox – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a land far back away in time but with peoples characters and motives pretty much the same as it is now, there lived a little boy named Sam.
Sams best friend was his own brother, Tom. They did everything together and cared a great deal about each other. Their parents where devout Christians and therefore raised Sam and Tom that way.

The only difference between the two brothers was that Tom loved to read and to listen to lectures while Sam had to be forced to read or listen to lectures. Hence, Tom had a true personal love for knowledge and understanding of its importance whereas Sam was unenthusiastic about knowledge but was just around the right people Success minded people.

One day a travelling team of doctors came to their village to host an open air seminar to teach people about first aid, diseases & their symptoms, how to maintain good health and a lot of other important health related stuff.

Sam and Toms parents told them to attend the seminar which was to take place from 10.00am to 2.00pm every day for an entire week.

Although both brothers obeyed their parents and attended the seminar, only Tom paid attention during the seminar. Sam heard some things and if you probably ask him a few questions about what was said at the seminar he would probably answer you correctly but since he wasnt that interested in it he missed out on a lot. Even though he was physically present at the seminar and sat down calmly beside his brother his mind wasnt there for most of the time.
Weeks after the seminar was over and the doctors had left to another village, Tom caught the Chicken Pox.

When Sam heard from his parents that it was Chicken Pox that Tom had, Sam figured Tom got it from the chickens in his village. See, Sam wasnt paying attention at the seminar so didnt know anything about what Chicken Pox really is.

Soon it became kind of like an epidemic and kids around the village where contacting the Chicken Pox one by one.
Sam got scared.

Sam started thinking of devising a plan to get rid of all the chickens in the village so he wouldnt have chicken pox.
Tom noticed Sam didnt mind coming near him even though he had the chicken pox so he told Sam not to come near him that hes got the chicken pox. Sam didnt understand, he just taught Tom was just saying he shouldnt come near him because he was sick he didnt know that Tom was actually saying dont come near me because if you do you would have the chicken pox too.

When Sam said he didnt mind coming near Tom, Tom taught that Sam knew that he was risking contacting the chicken pox but probably preferred to contact the chicken pox when he is a still very young so the marks that he had it would be completely gone when hes an adult rather than risking contacting it as an adult or a youth and the marks that he had it remain for the rest of his life.
Sam decided to get rid of all the chickens on the particular street of the village that he lived. He set out at one evening and put a sleeping portion in all the food and water trays for chickens in all the poultries on his street. Then late at night he sneaked out of his room and went about picking all the sleeping chickens with glove covered hands so he would not contact anything and putting them in a very large bag. He took the bag outside the village and threw it where no one could find it.

The next day the people of the village where enraged. Everyone on Sams street was complaining that their chickens had disappeared.

Sam acted like he was just as confused as everyone else but in his mind he was wondering why these people were sad about the fact that their chickens where gone forever. As far as Sam was concerned he had done them a favour. They are all so selfish Sam taught to himself, they probably only miss their chickens because of the money only, they dont care that their chickens have been causing chicken pox.

A clever man in the village secretly devised a plan to catch whoever was responsible for the disappearance of the chickens just in case the person would try it again.

Sam didnt know about the plan and many people actually didnt.

Sam was glad that hed gotten rid of all the chickens on his street so clearly there was no way for him to get the chicken pox. His joy soon faded away when a few more kids in his street just newly contacted the chicken pox. Sam figured that it was because of the other chickens in the other streets in the village so Sam decided that to get rid of chicken pox entirely he must get rid of every entire chicken in his village.
Sam devised an elaborate plan and he got rid of every single chicken in his village. Unfortunately for him, the plan of the clever man worked and Sam got caught. Thus, the whole village now knew it was Sam that was responsible for getting rid of every single chicken in his village.

The people were mad and Sams parents were asked to buy chickens for the entire village to replace the ones their son had gotten rid of.

Sams parents were mad and Sam got grounded for life. He also ruined any chance of ever getting an allowance from his parents for as long as he lived.
Sam later still got the Chicken pox (from his brother, Tom).

Oh! If only Sam had listened attentively at that seminar his life wouldnt have turned out this way.


God, What Of My Own Testimony? – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place much like where you live right now there lived a young man named Ted. He had been a Christian since birth and pretty much helped around in church for almost every day of his life.

Ted owned a grocery store and in spite of his faithfulness in church his business just wasnt growing.

Ted decided to multiply his faithful deeds. He helped out twice as much in church affairs. He multiplied what he gave to the poor. He scheduled out time inside his weekly routine to have time to volunteer for a charity work every week.

Ted did a lot more faithful, honourable and good things. All he wanted from God was to move to the next level in his business all he wanted was for God to bless his business like he blesses the businesses of those who are his.
Years past and Teds business wasnt growing.

The straw that broke the Carmels back was when Ted saw someone he classified as a really – really – really big time sinner who just gave his life to Christ only yesterday come out to testify of the miraculous growth hed seen in his business since he became a Christian.
Ted immediately left the church and was very mad at God.

Since Ted was a very committed Christian and was always helping out in church, every other person who helped out felt his absence and soon the Pastor of the church went to pay Ted a visit to find out why he no longer attends church meetings.

The Pastor tried and tried but Ted refused to be persuaded to come back to church. Why should he? he taught to himself, Why should he when God has decided to bless everyone except him in spite of the very very obvious fact that he has been more faithful than everybody else.

No matter how many times the Pastor came to visit and talk to Ted, Ted just wouldn’t budge.

Months past and Ted hadnt been to church at all. Church members started to talk and the story as to why Ted no longer attends church meetings kept changing and no one seemed to know where these never ending ever changing stories came from.

The Pastor soon got fed up and after church one Sunday he asked all the leaders, deacons, choir members, ushers (anybody that held any post or responsibility in the church) to wait behind. When every other church member had left, the Pastor told them that they all would pray and fast for Ted. He declared that it would be a one week fast and none of them where to eat from 6am in the morning to 12 in the afternoon (for one week). They were going to intercede strongly for Ted, and right now in the church they (the church leaders and workers) would pray together for Ted for they would not let the devil have his soul.

The prayer lasted 30mins and after that the Pastor dismissed them and they went home. Some who have never visited Ted before when he was a committed Christian headed straight from Teds home.

Ted spent most of that day debating with his ex-fellow church members. He didnt want to tell them the reason why he was not coming to church was because God was blessing them and not him. It was only the Pastor he told when the Pastor visited him after the first day he was absent from church.

Ted was embarrassed and somewhat ashamed to tell his ex-fellow church members the true reason why he wasnt going to church so he beat around the bush all day and none of them left with a clear picture of the reason why he left. The Pastor hadnt told them the reason at the meeting with the church leaders and workers. They couldnt even be sure that the Pastor knew the reason.

More months past and it was like if the flood of ex-fellow church members streaming into Teds home to get him to come to church never ceased and would never cease.

Ted couldnt stand it anymore. Ted decided to run away to another city because clearly the church people wont stop coming to his house, he cant tell them to go away and he cant go back to church since God had decided to give everyone a testimony except him.
Days later Ted was climbing aboard a train. He had sold his grocery store, sold his house that was passed down to him from his Dad and packed everything that was of value to him into the bags he now carried with him. He was going to another city to start afresh. He was going to live a new life a life free of church members, and a life free of a God that doesnt reward those that are faithful to him.

As Ted sat in the train and the train finally started moving Ted soon found himself in a conversation with the elderly man sitting next to him. The topic of their discussion got to so why are you leaving your home town.

Ted didnt know why but he just felt he should tell the old man the truth so he did.

The old man laughed at him and told him that every day was a testimony.

Every single second he took a breath was a testimony. Every time he put food in his mouth was a testimony because some people in some parts of the world even in the same country you live in dont have food to eat or may have eaten but dont know where their next meal would come from.

Some folks cant even eat even though they have food all because of one medical complication or the other and now they have to receive their food in liquid form through drips. Yet Ted can eat and has food and he dare complains that he doesnt have a testimony.

He (Ted) walked to the train while there are a lot of people in wheel chairs, on clutches or are bedridden; yet Ted dare complains that he doesnt have a testimony.

What makes you think you have the right to not thank God you are not one of the people in the world in one of these terrible situations? the old man asked Ted.

Tears streamed down Teds cheeks as he thought about it. His eyes opened and he could clearly see that he was wrong. God had given him a testimony all along. Matter of fact God had given him more than one testimony every second he just couldnt see it because he was too focused on himself and his immediate wants. He was also too focused on God blessing others that he couldnt see that God was blessing him too. He was just too focused on thinking that God should reward people on the basis of their faithfulness alone and in proportion to it; that couldnt see just how much God had already blessed him and was still blessing him.

Ted buried his face in his palms and just started sobbing out loudly. He wept and wept and wept.

Ted then felt a hand on his shoulder; he looked up with tears in his eyes and saw a train attendant. Teds crying had attracted the attention of almost everyone in that section of the train.
The train attendant asked Ted if everything was Ok!

Ted was still crying but he was now trying to control himself. It was then he looked at his side and noticed the old man was not there anymore.

Where did he go? Ted asked about the old man but everyone around Ted who had seen Ted since he first sat down told him that there was never any old man next to him that the sit had always been empty. Ted told them that they were wrong that he just had a conversation with an old man that was sitting beside him. Everyone still insisted that there was no old man and that the sit next to him had always been empty.

Ted stood up and looked around that section of the train as fast as he could but he couldnt find the old man he had talked to. Where did the old man go? He couldnt have jumped out the window of the moving train. He couldnt have passed through the walls of the train and walked to another section of the train. He couldnt have climbed on top of the train and jumped from one section and compartment to the other like its some action movie. Where was he? It was then it dawned on Ted. Uh Oh! He might be an …an …an ANGEL.

Ted quickly got off at the next stop and hopped on the first train he could find to get back home.

When Ted returned he went back to his old Pastor and apologized to him. The Pastor rejoiced and threw a Welcome Back Party for Ted in his home. He sent out messages to his members through the Christian social online network he belonged to for them to come over for the party.

It was a wonderful Christian party and everyone welcomed Ted back with open arms.

Ted rented a home and used the remaining money to buy shares in a privately owned firm that needed a new shareholder.
The firms worth increased a lot and based on the dividends alone Ted never needs to work for another day in his life.

Ted now spends his time helping out at the church anytime they need a volunteer. He now knows beyond the shadow of a doubt that God is forever faithful, and we always have a reason to give him thanks.


Why Can’t I Curse Like All My Friends Do? – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called St. Louis, there lived a little boy named Bernard who lived alone with his Mum.
Bernard loved to curse. His Mum did all she could to get him to stop cursing but she knew that no matter what she did or said, he would keep cursing when she is not around. To him cursing made him fit in and look cool.

One day, Bernards Mum prayed like shes never prayed before for God to intervene.

That night an angel appeared to Bernard in his dream and showed him how differently certain events in his life would have turned out if he wasnt someone that uses curse words. The angel showed him proof that cursing affects how people view, respond and relate to him. People (especially those who you think dont care about such things) find it difficult to respect people who curse. But most importantly God doesnt want us cursing, God is a holy God and his children should be holy too.

Bernard woke up the next day knowing that was no ordinary dream. It was a dream from God.

Bernard told his Mum about his dream, and made up his mind to change. People may think that cursing is cool, but cursing is dishonourable, vile and displeasing to God. And anything that is displeasing to God is totally destructive.


Last Minute Prayer – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time, a little girl named Eve sat on a bench outside a courtroom. Her mum was been tried inside as a murder suspect.

Eve wasnt kept up to speed with every little detail of the case because of her age but she knew she might never see her mother again.

As Eve sat there she remembered her Sunday School teacher saying prayer can change anything, so Eve got on her knees and started praying.

Before the judge was about to declare Eves Mum guilty, a strange and wild looking lady ran into the court room and confessed that it was her that had committed the crime. She said her conscience just got too heavy for her to bear.

Eves Mum walked away clean and free all because of the power of a little girls last minute prayer.


Chosen To Slay A Demon – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time, in a land far – far away there lived a man named Froth. He was a super martial arts type warrior. He was the chosen one who carried the chosen sword.

Legend had it that the chosen one was to rid the world of the mighty evil demon, Karr.

Froth believed that legend, and he had trained all his life to fulfil it.

There was another side to the legend. It was that after Froth defeated Karr, that he would get married and live happily ever after with the beautiful Princess Jasmine.

However, in reality, Princess Jasmine loathed Froth.

Froth assumed that maybe after he fulfilled the 1st part of the popular belief and defeated Karr, the 2nd part would automatically fall into place. Maybe perhaps hopefully, the Princess would automatically begin to like him, he would court her, then marry her, then he would live happily ever after with her like the most perfect fairy tale.
Froth also didnt like Princess Jasmine always talking about Jesus and how he is God and about how powerful he is. Froth figured he would fix that when he married her and she wouldnt care about Jesus like the other women in the land far far away in which they lived.

Anyway, the faithful day in which he was destined according to legend to face Karr came.

Froth did all his fancy martial arts sword play. It was pretty impressive and he might have actually emerged the victor if what he was fighting was human.

Karr kicked Froths butt big time. He gave him a whooping he would never forget.

Just as Karr was about to strike the final blow, Princess Jasmine jumped in front of Froth, blocking Karr.

Froth was dumbfounded.

Jasmine looked at Froth and smiled. She asked him if his strength and trust in his own ability had helped him.

Princess Jasmine then told him to watch and learn how to defeat a demon.

As the demon leaped to tear Princess Jasmine to shreds, Princess Jasmine shouted, I REBUKE YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS. Immediately, the demon screamed as it melted into vapour.

SEE, Princess Jasmine said, turning to Froth. You defeat demons by using the name of Jesus not using swords, weapons or Kung Fu. You defeat demons by using the name that is above all names, a name which you loathe. You could have died today if someone namely me who believes in that name didnt step in to save your arrogant life. And walking away, Princess Jasmine added And you are not my type. Go look for another Princess. It is unwise for me to be yoked with an unbeliever.

No one knew what happened next to Froth because he left the land forever.

The Princess later met and married a true Prince Charming who wasn’t arrogant and loved God with all their heart. And so the Princess and her Prince Charming lived happily ever after.


Returning The Punches – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time, in a place much like where you live right now there lived a 12 year old boy named Paul. He was very strong but obviously not as strong as the school bully who always bullied him.
Somehow Paul never got home with any marks or bruises to prove anything for his parents to even care.

Paul had a friend named Selena. She was a Christian. She told Paul to pray about it and to also report the matter to the school principal.

Paul taught that that option was out of the question. It was bad enough that the school bully was pushing him around like a weakling but being the guy who reported the matter to the principal would really make him look like a Softie and Paul didnt want that Paul couldnt have that.

Paul liked to listen to Selenas advice on a lot of matters. He admired her faith in God and her steadfastness in holding on to her beliefs but he couldnt commit himself to following her totally surrendered to Christ lifestyle because he wanted to be one of the cool kids one of the hip hop heads he sees on TV one of the rough and rugged kids who were the epitome of COOL in his eyes. COOL was everything to Paul.

Even though Paul wanted deep down to become a committed Christian like Selena, he knew being a true Christian not in word only but in lifestyle too would mean walking away from ever looking tough and gangsta hip hop. The appeal of that world was stronger than his desire to walk seriously with God.
Believe it or not, trouble makers like the school bully in Pauls school never seem to ever be found at war with a Christian. Its the same way that gang members always have beef with gang members. You rarely ever hear of a gang member ever having beef with someone who isnt in a gang. It funny, one wont think that its the other way round but the truth is signing up to join a gang is signing up yourself to be a beef magnet plus the beef of anybody in the gang you join becomes your beef too.

So joining a gang is just joining trouble. Its funny that people enter a gang to find a family in the gang and also importantly get protection but ironically, the safest place to be is out of a gang. Sure gang members sometimes have run-ins with folks that arent it gangs but if you observe you would notice it never evolves into beef or turns into a thing that goes on for weeks.

Paul however was determined to solve his bully problem. He wasnt going to do it the Christian way, he was going to do it the tough guy way.

While watching Music TV; Paul watched a new song by his favorite gangster rapper that featured another critically acclaimed gangster rapper. The song was about a kid in a similar situation who later went back and beat up the folks that were bulling him.

Paul went online and illegally downloaded the music video from the internet for free. He listened to it over and over again until the message unconsciously merged with his thoughts.
Paul worked out for a week and after that he confronted the bully with a punch to his face but sadly the Bully bounced back and the bully won that fight.

Selena understood what Paul was trying to do and so she talked to Paul but Paul waved off everything she said because he just couldnt see himself as being looked upon by people as a Quiet Peacefully Christian which a part of him clearly mistook as weakness and sissy-hood. He wanted to be gangster hip hop and super cool brotha. No matter what happens hell be just what he wants to be.

Paul joined a gang and he got his revenge on the school bully because 17 members of the gang ambushed the bully and gave him a major beat down of legendary proportions.

As time went on Paul was fully involved in the activities of the gang.

One Friday as Paul was chilling by the basketball court with the gang, a yellow Cadillac pulled up. Next thing; a hand holding a gun came out and started spraying bullets at Paul and the gang. Everyone tried to run everyone tried to get out of the way and some succeeded by sadly a few didnt, one of which was Paul.

The Cadillac quickly drove away and disappeared into the distance.

Paul was dead as well as a few of his gang member friends.

Oh! The story could have ended differently if only Paul had listened to Selena and became a Christian.

Maybe you or those around you view Christians as soft but the thing is being a Christian isn’t soft because the joy of the Lord is the Christians strength and since nobody can be stronger than God nobody can be stronger and tougher than Christians are because Gods strength resides in the Christian. We just have to believe it and walk in it cause its already ours it has already been given to us.


The Business God Gave Birth To – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called America there lived a young man named James. He came from a rich family. His Dad whom he loved dearly had just passed away from lung cancer and James being an only child inherited everything his father owned.

Losing his father took a large toll on him and he was going through the most difficult time of his life right now. James had just graduated from school with honors in the art of film making so in this critical time in his life when he was transitioning he had no Dad to direct him. His Dad who had always been there for him especially in difficult times was there no more.

James lived life on the edge and started doing crazy things because of the pain of loosing his father. He’d always dealt with pain that way. However, this time it got him on a hospital bed.

He had narrowly escaped death. It was in this state that a minister who normally visits hospitals and prays for patients met him. The preacher broke down the gospel of Jesus Christ for James. He spoke with love and he spoke with the anointing.

James gave his life to Christ that day and started living for God from that day.

As James grows in the faith and in his relationship with the Lord, he realizes that it’s his mission in life is to reach out to people with the gospel through his movies.

James tries to make a Christian movie using the usual procedures used to make movies in Hollywood but it was always one excuse or another, no movie studio wanted to get behind him.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months but no studio had shown even the slightest interest in backing up James’ movie.

James’ uncle who’s rather big in the movie industry tells James to forget about making Christian movies and to just concentrate on making regular movies and if he does that every movie studio in Hollywood would be begging him to work with them because he knows James is extraordinarily talented.

James says ‘No’ to his uncle’s suggestion.

Things start getting sore in James’ life and he begins to become a laughing stock for sticking to wanting to make Christian movies when he would surely have it made in the movie business if he makes regular movies that have nothing Godly in them.

James in desperation goes to church when no one else is there and he pours out his heart to God for hours. He didn’t know when he fell asleep. In his dream God appeared to him and told him that he should start his own film company and forget about going about to the existing movie studios in Hollywood hoping to get a job.

James asked God where he would get the money from. God told him he should sell all he has and use the money to register a new company and also make one movie.

Later, James woke up from the dream. He knew that it was more that just a dream. He knew it was God revealing his will to him.

James didn’t want to sell everything he owned. It was just too huge a sacrifice. But one day, while watching a Christian movie that was about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, he was moved when he saw the scene where Jesus was flogged and also nailed upon a cross. James realized and acknowledged the fact that nothing he could do could ever be too much of a sacrifice for Jesus because Jesus gave everything. Jesus died for us in-spite of the fact that he is God.

James goes ahead and sells everything he had to come up with enough money to register the company and to also make one movie. If the movie flopped he would be flat broke and have nothing. All his houses, cars and stuff he inherited from his father would be gone. He would have to start afresh.

After he finished working on the film, only based on the trailer alone a lot of people in the movie industry started giving it bad previews.

All sort of things about how terrible the movie would be was said on movie preview TV shows, local newspapers, tabloids, and even popular web blogs. It even got proven to be the most widely criticized movie in the world for been horrible even before its release.

James gets downcast and in his apartment, he buried his face into his hands and started to weep. He is not the kind of man that would cry, in fact he can’t remember the last time he cried but what he was going through now was just so overwhelming; words can’t even begin to explain it.

As James sits crying, he hears the voice of the Lord. God told him to stop crying. God told him not to worry that his new company is his idea and since the idea is from (him) God; the business is from God and anything that comes from God cannot fail. Anything that’s born of God overcometh the world.

James cheered up and he took heart.
Guess what?, when the movie came out it was an instant hit. It grossed higher than any other movie that year and it also did something that no other movie could do, it inspired 800, 000 people to give there lives to Christ and become active members of real Christian churches around America. Hallelujah.


The Fantasy Of Job Security – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a city much like where you live right now, there lived a single Dad and his only son named Matt.
Matt was 12 years old. He lost his Mum when he was 9 and he still remembered and cherished all the precious moments they had together. Thankfully, Matt’s Dad didn’t break down and resort to drinking to escape the pain as so many men who love their wives and lose them all of a sudden normally do. Matt’s Dad’s faith in Jesus Christ plus the abundant love and support from friends in their family church had held him up and helped him deal with the pain.

A few years had past and the sorrow caused by a drunk teenage driver had been washed away. Now Matt and his Dad had moved on and only held on to the precious memories of a loving mother and wife who would always be cherished forever.

One Saturday afternoon Matt ran screaming to his Dad, “DADDY, DADDY, DADDY!!!”

“Yes, what is it?”, Matt’s Dad asked abandoning all that he was previously doing and giving his full attention to his son.

Matt was just coming from the library. He told his Dad that he had come across some awesome info. He had just discovered while reading in the library that his Dad would never be rich if he doesn’t quit his job. Matt told his Dad that he should quit his job and start his own business.

Matt’s Dad taught about what Matt just said then he shook his head and brushed it off. He hated to crush his son’s excitement especially since it was reading related but lets face it he wasn’t making any sense. He had a nice job – a nice high paying job that he really enjoyed. Why in the world would he want to quit?

Matt’s Dad talked carefully as if walking on egg shells knowing that a love for going to the library to read was good – it was a good habit his son had and he certainly didn’t want to discourage that habit by telling him he believed that what he had just read in the library was wrong and dangerous to actually believe.

Matt’s Dad subtly suggested that Matt forget about what he read and that he should try reading other books in the library. But Matt refused to change the subject – he went on and on about the new information he’d read.

Matt told his Dad that having a job is risky and it could only end in getting fired in the name of getting retired when he gets to a certain age; or getting fired in the name of we’re laying off some people because of a business restructuring or because of an economic recession; or getting fired in the name of getting fired.

Therefore, THE DESTINY OF EVERY EMPLOYEE IS TO GET FIRED. The blessed ones make it to being fired by retirement and hope for the pension that they worked for to be paid to them but what they don’t know is that their being paid a pension is dependent on the stock market and the economy; and as you may have noticed things aren’t always good with the stock market and the economy.

Matt told his Dad that based on what he had read that if his Dad did not want to start his own business that he should at least invest and own a part of other people’s businesses. They would be his safety net because job security is not a part of reality, it is a fantasy.

“Look? son, investing is risky”, Matt’s Dad said looking a little uncomfortable.

“No it’s not Dad”, Matt replied, “it is NOT investing that is risky.”

Matt ended up pointing out to his Dad that he should either quit his job and start is own business or keep his job and become an investor also. Both courses of action would require new learning new skills.

Matt’s Dad soon decided to just keep quiet and listen. It was to only way to get his son to actually finish talking about this topic. He wasn’t buying any of whatever teaching his son was selling.

Matt finally finished and left his Dad alone.

Months later the economy hit a recession and Matt’s Dad was laid off. He remembered what his son had told him months earlier. Oh! if only he listened.
Sometimes God speaks to us to inform us directly or through other people on the course of action that is best for us but do we listen or ignore God’s voice. Sometimes God speaks to us to direct us to the right path only once and there isn’t a second chance to recover from what God spoke to us to save us from if we didn’t listen to him when he spoke.
Thankfully, in the case of Matt’s Dad, he had a second chance and started his own business immediately after he was laid off. The journey was tough but 10 years later he became a millionaire. Something that would have never happened if he had a job and also wasn’t an investor. Only a few jobs pay select employees in millions but how much do you think the owner of such a business is paying himself? The answer is : a whole lot more.


The Accident On A Rainy Night – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a young teenage girl named Nancy. She was currently experiencing the worst moment of her life. She had just been told that her parents had just died on the way to the hospital after they had a terrible car accident that very night on their way back from their wedding anniversary dinner.

Nancy’s world had completely turned upside down. So many different things where running through her mind but amongst many things she was mad – She was mad at God. I mean, how can God be so mean? How can God take her parents away from her?

Nancy got into a car and just started driving. As she drove she yelled at God from behind the steering wheel. She yelled at God to take her too.

Nancy’s closest friend, Daphne, who didn’t like the way Nancy just rushed into her car and started driving after she heard the news was driving behind Nancy – Chasing her – Trying to get her to stop. Daphne was praying seriously as she drove after Nancy. She could only imagine what her friend was going through but she prayed that she won’t do anything stupid. She prayed that things won’t take a turn for the worst.

Meanwhile, Nancy drove as fast as she could that night under the pouring rain, throwing a thousand questions at God. Then, all of a sudden a car came out of no where and totally made Nancy swerve into the way of an on coming truck that hit her car and made it somersaults 5 times with her still in it and without her seat belts on.

Nancy’s friend, Daphne saw the whole thing happen from her car. She stopped her car and came out shedding bucket loads of tears. She had lost her best friend forever – Nancy was gone forever. Daphne stayed there staring at the ruins of her friend’s car through tear filled eyes. Then all of a sudden something appeared to be moving inside the car. Then the door of Nancy’s car which was upside down opened. Nancy crawled out.
Daphne was shocked. She couldn’t believe her eyes. How could anyone survive that accident?Daphne ran to her friend’s aid to help her but then they both observed Nancy didn’t have a scratch on her. Nancy had survived an accident more horrific than the one that had killed her parents that same night. She had survived it. Wow! How?

It was then that Nancy realized that God is still very much alive and he loves her. She realized that just because at every funeral the preacher says, “God giveth and God taketh away” doesn’t mean that God took away. Because God is not in the business of killing people. It’s the preacher that don’t understand that. God loves people too much to go around killing, however bad things still happen; it was part of nature. Sometimes it happens because it was triggered by something else a long time ago so all we are seeing is cause and effect. Some other times it happens because of something we don’t know or can’t explain, yet it don’t mean that God caused it to happen or God loves us any less.

Nancy had just experienced a miracle and she knew it. She felt the presence of God and his love so strongly wrapped around her. It was then that it hit her that even when she received the bad news that her parents were dead, she felt it then too. This love never leaves us even when we feel we don’t feel it.


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