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Filling Daddy’s Shoes – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called the wild – west, a man – a young man named Bill stood above his father’s grave stone with tears in his eyes. It had only been two weeks since Bill’s dad passed away yet every part of the wild – west cried out as evidence of how upside down the wild – west had gotten since it lost its number one sheriff to a sniper’s bullet on a cold snowy night.

Bill’s father was a true hero and with him gone came a new question: ‘Who would fill his shoes?’

The random side talk all through the wild – west put more pressure on Bill. People where wondering if he was able to fill his father’s shoes. Days ago he heard a baker saying that Bill’s son would chicken out of the responsibility.

Standing over that grave, Bill made a promise to his father that he would not let him down, he’ill prove himself worthy to be his son – he would walk in his father’s shoes.

The first few weeks of Bill being the sheriff of the wild – west wasn’t easy. He met a lot of opposition but after some years folks were convinced he was more than capable of being the sheriff of the wild – west. He hadn’t beaten his Dad’s record yet but he was impressive none the less.

Word on the street was that even Big Daddy – the head of the largest criminal syndicate in the wild – west had started to fear Bill just as he had feared his father. Bill had already busted a lot of Big Daddy’s operations and put some of his finest men in prison where they belong.

Unbeknown to the hear-sayers and gossipers, he was closer to bringing down the great Big Daddy than they taught. He would achieve what his Dad spent the latter part of his life trying to achieve but couldn’t. He had been tipped off that Big Daddy would be handling some illegal business personally at a secluded warehouse.

Bill stormed the warehouse only to have Big Daddy the veteran criminal give him the slip.

That night while Bill sat at the dining table to have dinner, a sniper’s bullet came flying through the window and went straight into his chest.

Hey! What do you know Bill filled his Dad’s shoes after all. The shoes fit so well that he would be joining his Dad soon. Bill was killed by the same person that killed his Dad – using the same gun that killed his Dad. It turned out that when people got too close to stopping Big Daddy, Big Daddy ends them. If only Bill had known that just because your parents are successful at something doesn’t mean you should too; his biography wouldn’t have been a sad story. Everyone has his/her own destiny. Trying to walk in someone else’s shoes means trading your destiny for a destiny you weren’t made for. Even though you come from a long line of outstanding brain surgeons it doesn’t mean you have to be a brain surgeon too like your ancestors, and if you are a parent, don’t get carried away by the outstanding professions of your ancestors and don’t get mad if it ends because your kid wants to be something else. Still love him/her and encourage him/her to be all God created him/her to be.


The Youngest Of Five Brothers – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called Canada there lived five brothers. They were all beneath the age of 13 and all attended the same school.

One day an outside visitor came to their school and the teachers gathered all the students into the assembly hall irrespective of their classes. They ended up receiving a special lecture on first aid.

The five brothers have always been very playful, they didn’t listen and they joked amongst themselves with the exception of Thomas. Thomas was the youngest and unlike his brothers he loved to listen to educational things. He didn’t agree with his brothers who taught that learning all the time and being into educational things wasn’t cool. On the contrary, Thomas taught that is was not being into educational things that was uncool, that was what his Sunday school teacher always said and unlike his brothers he believed it. This kept him at a distance from the four brothers he loved so much. Even though they let him roll with them they didn’t treat him like one of them. They treated him like a cross they must bear.

After school that day, the four brothers decided to go skate boarding in a secluded place which looked like something out of a skate boarding video game. The fifth brother – Thomas begged them to let him come along too. They told him that he couldn’t he’s too young he won’t be able to skate the terrain without injuring himself.

“Ok! I promise I won’t skate I will just watch”, Thomas their little brother said.

“Thomas”, the eldest brother spoke up, “the thing is we won’t have as much fun if you are there.” With that, the four brothers left the fifth brother behind.

Thomas stalked them. He wanted to be around his brothers whether they like it or not.

Minutes later while skating at the secluded place, the eldest brother fell and injured himself when trying to do a skateboarding move he saw in video game.

There was nobody in the secluded place – no one to help, and the eldest brother was in agony.

They were scared. Two brothers ran get help.

Thomas who was hiding and watching them skate came out of his hiding place. He checked out his brother’s leg and told him that the first aid guy from school that day had told and shown them what to do when something like this happened. Apparently, out of the five brothers only Thomas paid attention.

Thomas did what the first aid guy said to do and later at the hospital the doctor explained that if Thomas hadn’t done what he did that quickly his brother‘s condition would have been much worse.

His four brothers ended up accepting him into their fold but 1st of all they made a change. They now believed all things educational are cool and started loving to engage in educational activities like their youngest brother – Thomas. Thanks be to Jesus.


Someone Brought A Gun To School? – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

The news that someone brought a gun to “EVERYDAY CHILDREN HIGH SCHOOL” flooded its atmosphere. The tension and certainty of it was on the lips of both teachers and students but it was all hush – hush and nobody knew who the one with the gun was.

The principal soon got tired of all the quiet speculation and decided to act… just in case.

After the principal had a brief emergency meeting with the teachers, students were interviewed and all leads and fingers pointed to one person: the school bully.

Even before the school bully stepped into the principal’s office, everyone had already made up their minds that he was the guilty fellow. He was questioned and questioned and questioned and yet questioned some more. You would think he was interrogated by the FBI for trying to blow up a room full of world leaders.

The bully’s school bag was searched and among his books was a piece of paper written, “I HAD TO THROW THE GUN AWAY. PEOPLE WERE GETTING SUSPICIOUS.”

Aaaha! There was the proof.

The teachers were just about to condemn him but just then the principal stopped them. He told them there was something wrong with the picture. If the bully was indeed guilty and he had the good sense to get rid of the gun before he was searched, he certainly wouldn’t replace it with a note saying that he had done so. That would be just like replacing the gun with a smaller gun. That wouldn’t help matters.

If the bully was truly guilty they would have found either the gun in his bag or nothing incriminating at all. The only explanation was that either someone who wasn’t too bright or someone who was really desperate was trying to set up the bully.

The principal began a thorough unbiased investigation and was surprised to find that it was his own son – the bully’s classmate that had tried to set the bully up.

After the principal talked to his son he found out there was never a gun at all. His son was only trying to get back at the bully for picking on him a long time ago and since he knew that the rotten egg is always the first place to blame when anything goes wrong, he simply decided to start a rumour that something was wrong and naturally the bully was blamed.

The principal punished his son in the manner he saw best and explained to him that you cannot respond to the bad things people do to you by doing something equally bad to them.

In the bible it is written that we should not bear false witness against our neighbour.

We should also have the courage and love to turn the other cheek and not repay evil with evil. That way we would be being obedient followers of Jesus.

The experience taught everyone three important lessons.

Firstly, if you build yourself a reputation for doing bad things, whenever something bad happens even if you are innocent you would be the number one suspect.

Secondly, don’t be quick to judge people based on their past, clothing, or their style. Let your judgements of others be based on facts that are free from any sort of bias.

Thirdly, assumptions are just assumptions not facts, so don’t treat them as facts.


The More You Inhale The Better You Feel – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called South Africa there lived a little 12 yr old boy named Kabelo. His mother was a disciple of Jesus but his father was not.

Kabelo loved to play around with everything. Many people said he had an adventurous spirit but his mum just says he needs to stop running around the place all the time.

Kabelo’s father I’m sure didn’t notice Kabelo’s rambunctious spirit. He wasn’t at home long enough to notice. Like poor and middle class South African men; Kabelo’s Dad loved to hang out at a pub with his friends to chat, smoke and drink palm wine whenever he was not at work.

The few hours in a week Kabelo’s Dad was at home, it was only to eat, bathe, sleep or sit in front of the TV while smoking something.

Kabelo’s Dad was always smoking something and Kabelo’s Mum was always complaining that he was being a bad influence on Kabelo.

“Woman! You worry too much,” Kabelo‘s Dad would say and then return to his smoking.

Kabelo’s Mum was a disciple of Jesus, she took her son to church with her every Sunday but her husband just wouldn’t go. He despised the idea of going to church on Sunday morning when he could be at home sleeping. When Kabelo’s Mum married him she taught he was a disciple of Jesus but he had only been going to church during their courtship period to please her and one week into their marriage she saw his true colours when he told her that all preachers are out to make money and anyone who believes them is a dummy who is too easily deceived. This broke the heart of Kabelo’s Mum, she had ended up like her own Mum; marrying a man who had no relationship with God. Kabelo’s Mum knew by witnessing the experiences of those around her that men who don’t have a relationship with God attract lots of problems which their nature multiples even more.

Kabelo’s Mum also prayed about her husband’s smoking habits, as well as all his other dirty habits. She prayed that he would become a disciple of Jesus but he wanted nothing to do with all of the Jesus this and Jesus that which was all nonsense to him.

Kabelo however admired his Dad. To him he was the perfect picture of what a man was supposed to be. A man was supposed to be overweight and never home. A man was supposed to sit in front of the TV and smoke something on the rare occasion that he was at home. A man was supposed to never take his eyes of the TV when his son asked him a question. That was what a man was. That is what Kabelo learnt a man should be based on the example his father set for him.

As Kabelo turned 13 he figured, ‘Why not growing into a man’s shoes now?’ Why not start doing a few manly things a little bit now? That way when his friends are becoming men at the age of 30 he would become a man at the age of 16. That would be time saving and put him ahead of his mates, he taught.

He decided his 1st step to becoming a man would be to smoke something. Kabelo’s school principal smoked something, as a matter of fact almost every man that Kabelo knew smoked something. The few that he knew didn’t smoke were either recluse or weird in every sense of the word.

Kabelo’s desire to smoke grew. He could use his week-long savings to buy a cigarette from any store in his neighbour but Kabelo knew that in South Africa, people don’t just know how to keep quiet, so most assuredly the news that he bought a packet of cigarettes would reach his Mum that same day. Besides he just gave an earth shaking solo in church last Sunday that left most folks in tears. If he dare buy a cigarette, the word on everybody’s lips would be, “Did you hear what that choir boy from last Sunday did?” That would make the word of his cigarette buying reach not only his mum but also his church pastor, and nobody in his situation would want that.

To Kabelo it was like he had to please two worlds: the church world and the real world.

In the church word; real men don’t smoke, real men love Jesus.

But in the real world; real men smoke. And all those ads that say the federal ministry of health warns that tobacco smokers are liable to die young, don’t know what they are talking about because to him all real men know that tobacco only cuts short the lives of weak men. After all everybody knows an old man or two who has been smoking since his youth yet is still alive. How then can the federal ministry of health be right about smokers dying young?
Kabelo’s plan to smoke but maintain his respect in the real world and in the church world was to smoke as often as possible in a way that no one linked to his church in anyway would ever know.

His plan was simple. He knew that the only thing that could draw his Dad away from the TV is his Mum screaming, “Food is ready!!!” It was a cry that brought everyone to the dinner table.

Kabelo observed that whenever his Mum screamed it, his Dad put the cigarette he was smoking into the ash tray even though it was only half finished and when his Dad came back after eating, he took a fresh cigarette from the cigarette pack, he never bothered to finish smoking the cigarette he put in the ash tray before he left.

Kabelo started stealing that partially smoked cigarette stick and it turned out whenever his Dad returned to the TV after eating, he never realised it was gone.

At first smoking didn’t feel good and he wondered why people make a fuzz about it any way but after weeks of daily smoking something Kabelo began to see what people enjoyed in smoking.

The ecstasy that filled his inside and soothed his brain anytime he inhaled a cigarette earned the nickname “Paradise” from him. That breathe you take in when you smoke. That was certainly paradise – a place out of this world – a place in the clouds somewhere. A ‘high’ place.

Kabelo had no idea how they knew but folks in school knew he smoked. Somehow total strangers (his fellow students) had figured out he does something that not even his Mum knows he does. They didn’t bug him about it or seem to want to use that knowledge to make any trouble for him.

They say birds of the same feather flock together but they don’t always tell you that birds tend to attract birds with feathers just like their own. And this was the case with Kabelo. He soon found himself close friends with school mates that smoked something. They told him where and from whom he can buy cigarettes without anybody knowing. They also let him on a secret place they can smoke at whenever they skip school.

Prior to meeting these guys, Kabelo had never skipped school. He really didn’t want to but the appeal of a place where he could smoke whole sticks of cigarettes without worrying about being caught was just too much to pass off.
Kabelo followed them to the secret place one Monday Morning. After smoking two sticks of cigarettes his friend told him he had something else that he should try. He told him that if he thinks cigarettes are really something he should wait until he tries what he is about to give him.

His friend handed Kabelo something wrapped in a paper shaped in form of a cigarette. Kabelo looked at it suspiciously. His friend teased him saying he didn’t ask him to examine it like a detective that he should smoke it.

Kabelo put it to his mouth and drew in. Wow! His friend wasn’t kiddin’, this is the most awesome thing ever.

Kabelo’s friend was pleased to see the joy on Kabelo’s face. Then to help his friend with a tip that would help him experience greater levels of highness, he said, “The more you inhale the better you feel.”

Kabelo wanted to feel that better high so he took in a long slow and delicious breath. The more he drew in, the more he could feel himself rising and rising – Rising as though he was ascending into the heavens.

Suddenly, black.

Something had popped in his brain.
Kabelo was now insane. The drug had gotten to his brain in a way that had damaged something extremely delicate.
Kabelo’s friend and everybody else that was in the secret place ran. No one ever knew they had anything to do with it. Kabelo was found roaming the streets of South Africa scaring little kids, eating from dust bins, talking to himself and doing other things that mad people do.

His parents had no choice but to put him in an asylum where he would be for, the rest of his life.

Various theories where formed around the neighbourhood and among all those who knew Kabelo as to what happened. Some said it was the doings of some South Africa witch doctor, some said it must be drugs, some said it must be from an illness Kabelo had that the family tried to keep secret, some even said insanity must run in the Kabelo family but because his Mum and Dad never showed signs of it no one knew it was there.

However, Kabelo’s Mum and the Doctor that examined Kabelo knew it was because he smoked something. He smoked something that has now stolen his future.

If Kabelo’s Mum could turn back the hands of time, she would 1st of all have been more careful in choosing a husband and would have chosen one who she is a 100% sure is a true believer in Jesus. Not a man who pretends to be something he’s not during the courtship period.

Secondly, she would have taken her husband’s being a bad influence on her son more seriously. Knowing that the threat of danger is just as bad as danger itself. She should have done more than just always telling her husband he’s been a bad influence and praying that he’ill change.

Lastly, she should have maintained a closer relationship with her son. Her sex may not qualify her to teach Kabelo how to be a man, but it’s very clear that it would have been better for Kabelo if he sought to be more like his Mum than like his Dad.


Lurking Behind The Shadows – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called India. There lived a 9 year old girl who had a 12 and a half year of older brother who loved to bug her.

The little girl was scared of the dark and her big brother felt obligated to exploit his sister’s fears. They both shared a single bedroom. It had his bed on one corner of the room which had his stuff: posters and all, while the other corner of the room had her bed and her stuff: cute pink cuddly teddy bears and all.

Every night after their Mum had left their bedroom after reading them a bedtime story, her big brother would tell her made up stories about all that hid in the dark. The little girl believed all that her big brother said and with each passing night she got even more scared of the dark.

Their 13 year old cousin who came to stay with them for the holidays found out what had been happening and warned his 12 and a half year old cousin that he should stop disturbing his little sister. The 13 year old cousin explained that the more the 12 and half year old did it, the more he made the ability of his little sister to fear things grow. She would not only fear the dark but would also fear other things that threaten her and some day she would be afraid of every single thing that can threaten her. She would certainly grow up to be one big coward if he keeps filling her heart with fear now that she is young. The cousin kept admonishing him to stop that he was ruining his little sister’s future if he continues. Besides a follower of Jesus shouldn’t find someone being afraid even a little bit amusing much less make a hobby out of making his little sister scared.

But the little girl’s 12 and a half year old big brother wouldn’t listen to his cousin. He told his cousin that he should relax it was no big deal he was only having fun. Their cousin went back home after the holiday feeling sorry for his little cousin.

One Tuesday evening their parents were invited to a banquet with the Mayor of the city. It was last minute and they couldn’t find any babysitters for the kids but it was an invitation they couldn’t turn down. This type of invitation would be a dream come true to many.

It was too great an honour to pass up. Normally, nothing would have made them leave their kids alone but this was too big.

After a much longer than usual over protective parent speech of what to do and what not to do, both parents left for the banquet. Mom was a lot more worried than Dad about leaving the kids alone.

Not long after they left, the 12 and a half year old big brother decided he would start taunting his little sister much earlier today. So he started poetically and dramatically elaborating on the monsters that lay behind the shadows: how they thought, what they looked like and what they did to little girls.

A few hours later it started raining. The rain soon turned into a heavy storm. The little girl got scared while her big brother pretended not to be afraid. He suggested they go around the house and make sure all the doors and windows were shut, a task they performed very quickly.

At the banquet, Mom and Dad started to worry about the kids. Mom worried more but Dad said it would be OK, the kids are inside the house not outside it, nothing would go wrong.

The storm grew worse and ended up knocking down a few electric poles including the one that supplied electricity to the home where the kids lived. The kids were thrust into darkness. The little girl started screaming uncontrollably. She was experiencing her worst nightmare – the whole house was in darkness. Her big brother who was now undoubtedly shivering hurried for a packet of candles. He lit every last one, placing them strategically around the room to make the room as bright as possible. He rushed over to his sister and threw his arms around her, “It’s Ok! Little sister, there is light now, the monsters have gone away.” Now he was no longer taunting his little sister. This was serious. He was scared too. No matter what it looked like, he loved his little sister and all those times he said all those things to his little sister, he only said it because in his twisted mind it was his way of playing with his little sister. For some reason, he didn’t see it as being mean; he just saw it as just plain fun.

His sister stopped crying. He handed her, her teddy bear – her favourite teddy bear. She held it closely wishing the electric lights would come back on and Mom and Dad would come back now.

At the Mayor’s banquet Dad held Mum’s hand as he begged her not to worry. The storm was bad there too but it was not herself Mom was worried about, it was the kids at home she was worried about.

Back at home, the storm grew even worse. Suddenly, the kids heard a loud thud that seemed to shake the very foundation of the building.

The 12 and a half year old boy suggested to his little sister that she stay behind while he goes to check out what made the sound. His little sister cried and begged him not to leave her alone. He persisted that he has to go and check it cut that it could be something very serious. It certainly sounded like part of the building they were in had collapsed and if that was the case, they were no longer safe, they would need to move out into the stormy night and look for a safe place to stay because nothing would be stopping the roof from caving in on them as they stool frightened in their bedroom.

Although it wasn’t easy, the 12 and a half year old brother succeeded in convincing his little sister that the noise should be investigated but she said she would come with him. She didn’t want to be left alone in their bedroom even though it was illuminated by one whole pocket of candle sticks spread around the room.

The 12 and a half year old brother took two candles from the bedroom. He gave one to his little sister but her hands where still trembling in fear so he decided to leave it in the bedroom, then they headed out the bedroom door; he took the lead, holding out the candle in front of him and his little sister followed closely behind him like she was hiding behind him from the darkness that dwelt beyond the reach of the candle light.

The sound they heard had come from the garage and they would have to pass through the living room which had a side door which led to the garage.

They had never known until now how dark and spooky the living room could be at night when the electric bulbs are all turned off since their parents never let them stay up late.

They both walked slowly the little girl grabbed her big brothers free palm and held it tightly. Suddenly, there was a gush of wind and the light from the candle in her big brother’s other hand went out. They were left in complete and absolute heart stopping darkness. It took some seconds before his little sister was able to breathe again and as quickly as she could she turned and ran back to their bedroom, it was the only place in the whole house that had any light now – candle light.

Her big brother reached out to grab her in the darkness as he called out to her but it was too late not even a super hero cartoon character with super speed could have caught her. Fear can do that to your legs and it’s not a good feeling.

Her big brother quickly brought out a match box from his pocket, lit a match stick and then lit up the candle. He taught about going back for his sister but going back would only mean more work trying to convince her to come out again. He decided it was best he continue alone, he had come this far already, he had to find out what made that sound.

Holding the candle in his right hand, he held his left hand a little distance away from the flame as if to protect it just in case there was another sudden gush of wind.

He tactfully leaned his right elbow on the living room’s side door handle and bending further downwards while leaning forward, he got the door opened.

Words could not describe how he felt as he stood there. A large tree had fallen and broken-in part of the roof of the garage. The heavy rain beat mercilessly into the now dilapidated part of the garage and the whole garage floor was covered with rain water.

His left hand had moved away from where it hung protectively over the candle flame and suddenly a gush of wind much stronger than the previous one; blew it out. He stood there a little scared, everywhere was dark even though the moonlight shone through the broken down garage door.

Suddenly he noticed two small bright lights shimmering in a corner. They were moving. Moving slowly in a monotonous ‘S’ – like pattern. He moved closer to it to see what it was. When he got too close he realized they were the eyes of a snake.

Now in India many people keep snakes as pets – dangerous poisonous snakes. It looks like some believed the more poisonous the better. Indian snake charmers made their living from it. Seeing a snake in India was just as newsworthy as seeing a dog in America – they were all used to it but that didn’t mean they should play with any snake they see domesticated or not.

He quickly looked round about him in the darkness hoping to find a stick or something – something that he could use to smack the snake and send it into the afterlife – something that would make him feel safer. Unfortunately he couldn’t see anything but even more unfortunate for him was that when his eyes went back to where the snake was he couldn’t see it. He knew the snake was still in the garage. It couldn’t have gone back out into the heavy rain. It was probably because of the storm the snake came into the garage in the 1st place. Oh! this was not good, not good at all. He had to get out of the garage. He headed for the door and there was a mighty gush of wind and it blew the door he came in from shut. Things had just gone from very bad to very-very-very bad.

Firstly, the candle light going out meant even if the snake was right in front of him he still won’t see it because the moonlight that came through the broken down portion of the garage wasn’t enough.

Secondly, and much more serious was that the door has closed. Now, that door had a problem with it. It only opened from the outside and not the inside. His Dad had always said he would get someone to fix it since the problem began a week ago but he never did. Now the 12 and a half year old boy was locked in a dark garage with a poisonous snake that he couldn’t see.

Back at the major’s banquet, Mom was so worried her Motherly instincts were going haywire and she picked up a phone to call her kids at home even though it was past their bedtime. She just couldn’t explain why.

At home, the phone started ringing in the living room. The 12 and a half year old boy was screaming from the garage for his little sister to hurry and come and open the garage door from the outside. His little sister lay on the bed in their bedroom sobbing silently with her hands over her ears. She was scared to death. She heard her big brother continuously screaming all the way from the garage; that he was locked in the garage and she would need to come and open it from the outside or else he would be killed by a snake. She could hear the fear in his screams of desperation. Plus she could hear the phone ringing in the living room. But she was too scared to get up. All the stories her big brother had told her about monsters lurking in the dark had seeped into her skin. She was scared she just stayed still. She didn’t want to leave the bedroom with all the candles in it. It was the only place in the house with any light at all. She had deduced from her big brothers screams that he had lit up the candle after she had run back to her room but the candle light was out again because of the wind, so she figured if she took one of the candles in the bedroom to go save her big brother the wind would blow it out too and she would be in the dark. She was too scared of the dark and so she couldn’t risk that. The living room where the phone rang was in between the bedroom and the garage her brother was locked in. She was too scared to come out of the bedroom and answer the phone in the dark living room and as far as she was concerned the snake her brother screamed he was locked in the garage with was one of the monsters he was always talking about. To her a monster had gotten her big brother or was about to.

Hours later their parents returned. Nothing in the world could prepare them for what they saw. Their own son had died from a snake bite, his body lay splayed on the garage floor while their only daughter lay dead on her bed. The Coroner said she died of a heart attack.

What could give their little girl a heart attack the parents wondered? They hadn’t known of how scared of the dark their daughter was, thanks to her big brother, just as there was no way of knowing that during those tragic hours their son was locked in the garage, their little girl stayed in the bedroom with all the candles lit and with all the candles lit at the same time they could only last as long as only one candle lasts, and with all the lights out and everywhere dark, the hallucinations of monsters plus the reality of her brother’s last minutes of agony seemed all so real to her that it had caused her to have a heart attack.

Their Mum mourned them from the very depths of her soul and two weeks later she took pills to end her time on earth. She blamed herself for her children’s death. She blamed herself for living her children alone at home. She couldn’t take it anymore. She believed she deserved to die.

Her husband found her dead body lying on their bed when he got back from work. He was totally broken. He felt he had no reason to live. Why should he live? He had nothing to live for – No one left to live for.

He went to where he hid his revolver and the sound that accompanied the bullet that took his life rang all through the neighbourhood.

After the funeral of both Mum and Dad, the cousin who had warned their son not to make a hobby of making his little sister scared of the dark went straight home. The cousin wrote a detailed account of everything that went wrong from the years long habit of a boy delighting in making his little sister scared to their tragic deaths.

Their cousin posted the detailed account on the Internet and could only hope that people would see it and it would inspire someone out there to stop finding pleasure in scaring little kids whether a relative or a non-relative.

The cousin wrote it for you who is reading this bedtime story right now, hoping that if you are that way you would change before you ruin a live or some lives.


An Act Of Kindness – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a land far far away there lived a King who had 20 children. The prophet of God who had given him life-saving advice in difficult times told him that none of his children where fit to rule, they were all rejected by God. Only one with a pure heart – a heart of kindness would be fit to be his successor.

The prophet told the King that if he insists on the crown remaining in his bloodline and chooses the next King from any of his 20 children, that that child would be unkind to the people and the people would rebel against him which would result in a war that would wipe out the entire Kingdom.

The King didn’t need faith to believe what the prophet had said, he knew all his children were wicked at heart and he knew from history that all wicked Kings end up destroying themselves and their Kingdoms eventually.

So the King put a plan in motion to find who was worthy to be the next King among his people. He threw a party and commanded every young person in his Kingdom including his 20 children to be there but they were all to follow a route called ‘The Servant’s Path’ to get there.

The King’s 20 children refused to follow the servant’s path they said it was too degrading and they went through their usual route.

The King disguised himself as a poor old man and stood at the side of the servant’s path with two heavy bags of luggage, he begged all the guests passing by on their way to the royal party to help him carry his bags to his house which he claimed was many miles away. The interesting thing was that if anyone helped him that person would make it back to the party when it’s over because of how far away he described his house to be, so as you could guess people kept refusing to help him.

Hours later Karen a disciple of Jesus whose mother had always taught that Kindness is a precious and royal virtue, was passing by when the old man begged her to help him like he had begged the others. Karen apologized and told the old man that she was heading for the King’s party. That this was the first time the King had invited everybody: the high class, the middle class, and the low classcitizen of the Kingdom to an event and that the King might never do it again so this could be her last opportunity to see the King. She told the old man that ever since she was a little girl her Mom hadtold her stories about how brave and wise the King is and so she had always wanted to at least see the King – see what he looked like – to stand in his presence or at least in the same arena that he stood. She just wanted to stand in the presence of someone so worthy to be the King.

Karen told the old man that she was sincerely sorry she couldn’t help and she continued on her way.

The King though impressed by Karen’s character still noted that she lacked kindness. Even though she wanted to see the King so badly it should be a reason not to help someone in need. He had thought he saw kindness in her eyes he had wished she was the one. That would be the 1st though because it would mean choosing a female are his successor. A female ruler? Well anyone who didn’t like it wouldhave had to get used to it. But too bad she was not ‘THE ONE’, she hadn’t helped him, hopefully someone passing by might.

With each step that Karen took away from the old man the more her heart ached. She felt bad that she was leaving the old man standing there all alone. She knew the odds that anyone would help him was next to none, if she didn’t help him, he would stand there for ages. Karen remembered the words of her mother, “Kindness is a precious and royal virtue.” Karen knew what Jesus would want her to do. So she exhaled as she said to herself, “Helping someone in need is way more important than standing in the presence of the King.” She turned around and started heading in the direction of the old man.

When the old man saw her, he was shocked that she returned.

Karen asked the old man to forgive her that she was being very selfish by not agreeing to help him. Karen was sincerely sorry and kept apologizing, then she gave the old man her water bottle to drink some water saying that he must be thirsty from standing under the sun for so long. She then picked up the man’s bags and said, “OK! Lets go.”

Surprisingly instead of the old man to head in the direction he said his home was miles away in, he headed for the royal palace through the royal entrance. Karen asked him where he was going but the old man simply replied, “Just keep quiet and follow me.”

Karen was confused but she just followed the old man. As the old man reached the principal royal gates of the palace he took off his clothes and beneath it was a much younger and stronger looking man wearing royal clothes. The servants rushed out to assist him. Then the once old man looked at Karen and said, “I AM THE KING.”

Karen fainted on the spot. When she woke up the King ordered for her to be shown the bathroom and clothed in royal robes so that she can be brought before the prophet of God.

When the prophet of God saw Karen, immediately the power of God came upon him and made him anoint Karen to be the King’s successor. All who saw how it happened knew without a doubt that it was God’s will for Karen to be the next ruler.

The King then asked Karen to send for her family.

Karen told him that the only family she had was her Mum.

The King sent for her and when she arrived he told her that she and her daughter would now live in the palace and be treated as relatives of the King- they would be treated as royalty.

The King then made his appearance at the party with Karen at his right hand side and in the presence of his 20 children and every young person in his Kingdom he announced Karen to be his successor. He said she would have absolute power when he is gone. Even when she gets married the power over all the affairs of the Kingdom would remain with her. So during her reign, the Queen would be more powerful than the King. The King would come second to her and her will would super cede his will. The Queen – Queen Karen would be the true ruler. This was a 1st but lets face facts this would have made many ignorant men to try to marry her (God forbid one of his son’s perhaps) with the idea that that would make him King and ruler of the whole Kingdom – a position they are not qualified for as they had all proved. Karen however had proved herself worthy of that position by showing an act of kindness. She was the only one who proved to have a loving heart – the heart of a true royal – the heart of a true ruler. So Karen would have ultimate power and every chauvinist in the Kingdom would just have to get used to it.


But He Called Me A … – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

There was commotion in ABC’s kindergarten’s school hallway. A rough circle of kids surrounded two kids who were throwing punches at each other.

One kid was White while the other was Black.

The Principal rushed out of his office and broke up the fighting. He asked what was wrong. The black kid told the principal that the white kid called him a N…

The Principal thought of taking them to his office so they can talk but he taught it best that he spoke to them there. If there was any lesson he could teach them in private, he could also teach them in public for the benefit of the whole crowd of students. That way they entire crowd of students could learn something too.

The Principal told them that Racism is wrong and bad. That it is just plain evil to be racist. He told the white kid that he should love everybody and not judge people based on how they look, that Jesus loved us (the whole world) and died for us in spite of the fact that we looked so dirty because we were covered in sin. However, Jesus didn’t let how we looked stop him from loving is. He still loved us and died for us.

The Principal told the white kid to apologize to the black kid, but when the white kid sincerely apologized, the black kid refused to accept the apology.

The Principal then told the black kid that he has to accept the apology. He has to forgive the white kid, that we must forgive others just like Jesus always forgives us when we do something wrong and ask him for forgiveness.

The black kid saw truth in what the principal said. He accepted the white kid’s apology and apologized for not accepting his apology earlier. They shook hands. Then they hugged.

All the students walked away learning that it’s always best and happier for everybody if we act more like Jesus.


The Persecution Of Benny Bones – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived an evangelist named Benny Bones. He loved the Lord and was known as the world’s biggest Miracle – Healing evangelist. Then again there weren’t so many healing ministers in the world at that time.

Benny soon started getting attacked on a very very large scale after 20 years of ministry. He had been attacked for his faith before but now … things were different. Christians around the world had become so canal that they questioned the miraculous. They doubted anyone who called himself a healing minister or expected an instantaneous miracle when they laid their hands on the sick. Now if this was the attitude of Christians towards divine healing, you don’t even want to imagine the attitude of people of the world towards it.

Benny was under so much pressure. Other ministers of other ministries who hadn’t long ago disassociated from him now did. Even some ministers in his own ministry left him, only a few stayed and even though every one of them had seen beyond a shadow of a doubt that God had used Benny to perform incredible miracles of healing on folks through the years, they struggled with the pressure to conform to the ways and mindset of the world – that anti- divine healing mentality.

Those ministers who stayed with Benny soon started telling him that he should preach about anything except divine healing and that he should stop praying for the sick at his crusades.

Benny told them that he cannot do that; that he cannot not do what God has called him to do. He has to obey the call of God he has on his life no matter how unpopular it is or how much hatred it attracts to him.

The persecution against healing ministers continued and intensified. Years later Benny was left alone and now the last string he had; the TV station that aired his program on was threating to take him off the air. Benny was at the end of the road or so it seemed.

Benny got on his knees and prayed all night. He could hear God telling him to hold on but Benny was like for how long was he to hold on? The pressure was too much. His friends had left him. The people that were supposed to have his back had abandoned him. All the people that he had healed miraculously in his ministry had not stood up to stand by him – where were they? They were all enjoying their lives somewhere and though they must have seen the criticism he was going through in the media they didn’t move an inch – they did nothing to help him; not even get on the internet or do an interview or something and stand by him; I mean people of the world are attacking the very thing (divine healing) that has restored to them a normal life and they (those Benny healed) are doing nothing to stop it.

Benny got sick of holding on and so he conformed. He stopped preaching on divine healing and would rather have medical doctors come on his TV show to tell viewers what to eat and what not to eat.

As time went on, Benny was no longer known as a healing minister even though he still had the healing anointing which he clearly did not use. And the animosity from the world towards Benny decreased.

As God had long pre-programmed, the appointed time came and God touch a wealthy old man’s heart to sow a free TV station into the ministry of a healing minister, but now Benny who was once the most popular healing minister in the world was no more a healing minister so the wealthy old man gave it to one of the few people who had remained a healing minster in spite of the strong animosity towards healing ministers. The recipient of the TV channel used it to change the mindset and mentality of the people around the world towards divine healing. God used him to do what Benny was destined to do.

It just goes to show that you must always learn to hold on no matter how tough it gets and always remember God had created everyone for a special purpose and if you fail to fulfill your purpose then God would make that purpose be fulfilled through somebody else. Never walk away from your God given purpose, not even for a second.


Sarah’s Impossible Goal – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a land far away but actually very much like where you live right now, there lived a young girl named Sarah.

Sarah’s dream was to be the youngest writer ever. Being a writer was all she ever wanted to grow up to be and it’s all she ever wanted to spend all her time doing right now.

However Sarah had one big problem: she suffered from short term memory loss. This affected her life greatly but what was really sad was that when writing a novel or short story, by the time she’s on page 3 or page 4, she would have already forgotten what she’d written on page 1. So you could only imagine what her completed works were like.

Sarah’s Pastor’s motto was: NEVER GIVE UP.

Sunday after Sunday of listening to her pastor chip that line into ever sermon no matter the topic had made the very essence of that sentence engrave itself on Sarah’s heart and mind.

Sarah refused to stop believing she would be a world renowned writer anytime soon despite what logic and reason said.

Sarah had tried submitting manuscripts to publishers but you don’t have to be a prophet to know how that turned out.

Since not even a very – very – very small shimmer of hope existed for Sarah to get published through traditional means, Sarah decided to creative common some of the short stories she had written and post them on the web.

Sarah soon got a reputation online that is so cruel that no one would even want to give it to somebody they hate on the grounds of going too far.

Sarah’s web post viewership grew but it wasn’t gathering fans, it was gathering mockers. In fact, if animals could talk and type, a few skunks, pigs and parrots would drop by her site to drop a word or two.

Still Sarah refused to give up. Giving up just wasn’t in her nature thanks to her Pastor.

One day she decided to post a short article about her memory loss problem and how she would still press forward to become a bestselling Christian writer in spite of it. After that day, the criticism begun to die down. More people begun to take notice and her name soon became a synonym for perseverance.

A very wealthy Pastor in another country came across her website and he was touched. He also had a strong healing anointing.

The wealthy Pastor travelled to Sarah’s country and prayed for her, immediately she was healed.

After she wrote her 1st short story after being cured by the power of God along with making a short video which went spiral about how she got healed, Sarah had publishers on every corner tumbling over themselves trying to sign her.

Three weeks later, Sarah’s once impossible goal was a reality. She was the youngest best-selling author ever, thanks to her remarkable perseverance.


Evil Can Be Good If It Wants To – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time, in a land far far away a little boy named Tony sat in his favourite chair in Sunday School. They were being taught not to trust witches that there was no such thing as a good witch, even though most movies and fictional writings entertained and upheld the concept of a good witch. The Sunday School teacher said that believing there could be good witches was like believing that Evil can be Good is it wants to; and that is just plain silly.

Tony and his best friend Matt were walking home after church when an old lady – a stranger called them. They both knew that they shouldn’t talk to strangers but they both answered. They soon found out that she was a witch and were about to run but she told them that she was a good witch. Matt said that it was impossible, that there was no such thing as a good witch and so he ran away but Tony stayed. The witch told Tony that people condemn her for being a witch just as people condemned black people for the colour of their skin and not the content of their character. She complained that people do not even bother to take time to really look at her character and see that she’s good; all they care about is that she’s a witch and that becomes grounds for condemnation.

The witch offered to buy Tony some candy and comic books. On hearing this offer, Tony threw all suspicion out the window of his mind and followed her. While they were on their way to buy the candy and comic books, someone almost got hit by a van but the witch saved the person with her Telekinesis without revealing to anyone watching that she was the one that did it. Tony was in awe. She was just like a superhero; she saved a life and avoided taking credit for it. Wow! Anybody who does that is way cool – Anybody who does that cannot be evil.

By the time Tony walked out of the comic book store, he was sure that his Sunday School teacher was wrong about witches because the witch standing beside him just couldn’t be evil.

She had just saved a life, honourably took no credit for it and had also bought him some candy and comic books.

The witch invited Tony to her home. Tony was like he would love to but he has to go home. He told her that he was even supposed to go home immediately after church.

The witch looked disappointed, shrugged and said, “I understand.” She then turned and walked away.

As Tony watched her walk away, he felt sorry for her. All her life she probably has been denied acceptance and company all because she’s different – all because she’s a witch and people can’t believe that witches can be good.

Tony felt so sorry for her that he could even feel the pain. He ran up to her and told her that he would be honoured to pay her a visit.

She smiled. Then they headed for her home together.

When they got to her house she told him that she was going to make a special magic spell and she had spent a lot of time trying to get the final ingredient.

“What’s that?”, Tony asked curiously.

“The heart of a stupid little boy like you”, the witch answered.

Immediately, the witch pounced on Tony and stabbed him to death. She ripped out his heart and used it for her magic portion.

If only Tony had listened to his Sunday School teacher, it wouldn’t have cost him his life to learn that EVIL CANNOT BE GOOD EVEN IF IT WANTS TO.


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