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Stepping Over The Fundamentals – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a little Christian girl named Zoe. She was good at drawing and was the best student in art in her class.

However, she hated the fundamentals. She was still in the class where a lot of emphasis and lessons on the fundamentals of drawing where still given a lot of attention. Zoe said that she was alright and didn’t need to learn the fundamentals because she already knows how to draw.

The art teacher kept trying to emphasize to Zoe that the fundamentals are important but all her art teacher ever said about the importance of the fundamentals went in through one ear and out the other. She just couldn’t see why it could be relevant to her. She already knew how to draw.

Zoe’s best friend, Lisa trys to talk Zoe into learning the fundamentals but to no avail.

Zoe succeeds in not knowing anything about the fundamentals of drawing and yet passing her exams for that class.

Zoe soon laughed at that art teacher and her friend when the fundamentals doesn’t present itself again all through the rest of kindergarten, high school and college art.

However her laugher came to an end when in the final exams to graduate from the finest art school in Paris the first three questions where on the fundamentals, and there were only 4 questions in total.


The Christmas Card I Got For My Mum – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Rita. She was an energetic little girl and she loved her Mum more than anything and everyone else in the world except God.

It was Christmas season and Rita’s Dad was pulled away by some important business matters. Unfortunately, he would miss celebrating Christmas with his family but he will be back on the 26th, the day after Christmas.

Rita was going to have to spend the better half of the season with her Mum, but she wasn’t complaining. Mum always made her feel happy: happier than she possibly taught she could feel.

One day away from Christmas, while Rita was having a conversation with her best friend; the subject of conversation somehow veered and Rita’s best friend told her what gift she’d got for her Mum. That was when Rita realized that she had’t gotten any gift for her own Mum.

Suddenly: that very second, Rita’s Mum shows up and grabs her by the hand to take her to the Amusement Park like she promised.

While at the amusement park, Rita asks her Mum for money to buy some ice cream with the intention of buying her a Christmas card.

Her Mum gives her the money.

Rita tells her Mum to wait right where she is that she would soon be back.
Rita delays and her Mum starts to get a little impatient but then she saw Rita coming back. She was not with any ice cream. Truth is, there weren’t any Christmas cards in that store. Rita told her Mum that she will prefer something else other than ice cream. She then points to a shop that looks like it would have cards. And ice creams too so her mum would not figure out what she is up to.

When they get right to the front of the store, Rita tells her Mum to wait for her outside.

Her mum is like, Why?

Rita answered that it’s because it would only take a minute.

Rita Mum said, So? This is you and me time Rita is weakened by her Mum’s answer. Then she brightens up and points behind her Mum and says,” Look at that, isn’t that cool?”

Rita’s Mum turns and looks. Rita uses the opportunity to run into the store, alone. But after Rita buys the Christmas card she sees her Mum walking into the store.

Rita quickly ducks the Christmas card into bag someone’s bag who didn’t notice.

Rita’s Mum asks Rita what is wrong.
“Nothing”, Rita answered.

Rita’s Mum begins to tell her that she is acting mighty suspicious.

Just then Rita turns around and notices that the person who she hid the card in her bag had left. Rita said excuse me to her Mum then quickly runs out of the store. Her Mum runs out after her but by the time she reaches the outside of the store she doesn’t see Rita. Her daughter is no where to be found. Rita’s Mum begins to get scared. And thus, her search and worrying for her daughter began.
Rita looks for the woman who had the Christmas card. She searches and searches and she finally spots her in a distance. Rita runs after her but by the time she reaches her she’s on the roller coster. Rita gets on the roller coster too. She was certain she would catch up to the lady when the lady gets down from the roller coaster. But immediately after the lady got down from the roller coster she walked into the hall of mirrors. Rita runs into the hall of mirrors only to get confused. Every time she taught she was close enough to touch the lady she found out it was just a mirror. She began to get frustrated until she got tired of the whole thing and decided to go outside the hall of mirrors and wait for the lady to walk out of the hall of mirrors the same way she went in.

Interestingly, Rita soon notices the error that she made when she sees the lady leaving the hall of mirrors from another passage, a passage with the word “EXIT” written above it. She had waited for the lady in front of the passage written “ENTRANCE” above it.

Rita ran towards the lady but before Rita gets close to the lady, the lady enters the house of horrors. Rita ran into the house of horrors but after 2 minutes she ran back out scared. She then begins to pray and she begs God to intervene. She needed to get back that Christmas card from the lady quickly.
Rita soon sees the lady coming out the house of horrors, but before she can get to her, she walks into the Tunnel of time. Rita is about to follow her but she hears a voice tell her No! that she shouldn’t run into the tunnel. Rather she should run around it and patiently wait at the other end for the lady to come out.

Rita did as she was told. As the lady came out she approached her and explained herself to her. The lady was quite nice. She collected the card and said goodbye to her.

Meanwhile, Rita’s Mum was scared out of her mind. She was panicking while looking for Rita. Half her mind was scared off its hinges while the other half was praying to God that he would help her find Rita. Rita’s Mum told herself that if anything happens to Rita she would never forgive herself.
After a long futile search, Rita’s Mum decides to look for one of the amusement park officials and report her daughter is missing.

Meanwhile, Rita however is now faced with one problem: Finding Mum. She looks around and thinks.

Suddenly, the answer hits her. Rita got on a roller coaster ride and anytime the coaster went up she would look around the amusement park for her Mum. This went on and on and on until she finally saw her Mum far away in a distance talking to one of the amusement park officials.

She now knew where her Mum was.

Rita’s Mum was scared, worried and confused at the same time as she complained to the amusement park official about her missing daughter.

Suddenly, she felt someone pulling against the hem of her shirt to get her attention. Rita’s Mum wondered who it could be that would be disturbing her at a time like this. She looks down and is surprised beyond words to see her daughter, Rita.

Rita had a big smile on her face. She holds up the Christmas card to her Mum and says, “Merry Christmas, Mummy!”


The Illegal Site – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived two 13 year old girls. They were close friends. People often mistook them for sisters. One’s name was Jane and the other one’s name was Lisa. They both were very creative and each one’s parents encouraged then to be resourceful and productive even though they were just kids.

The two girls felt motivated one day and just decided that they should start their own websites and make some money off it.

Lisa started a website that let people post and sell books or articles they had written themselves. She had asked her parents to help her pull it off and they did.

Jane on the other hand decided to start a website where she posted books she borrowed from the library and converted into e-Book format on it. She would let anyone anywhere in the world be able to download the books for free and she would make money off the site’s ad spaces which would be sold at highly exorbitant prices.

Since Jane’s business idea was illegitimate she couldn’t ask her parents to help her pull it off, so she got help from a hacker that lived in her neighborhood.

Lisa tried to warn Jane; telling her that it’s wrong and what she is doing is extremely displeasing to God because she is basically robbing authors of the much deserved fruit of their pain – staking labour.

Jane refused to listen to Lisa, there was so much money pouring in. Even though she was a kid she could afford things that many hard working grown-ups couldn’t. She wouldn’t give this up.
Even though they both engaged in other projects later on, they still remained faithful to running their website projects all the way through senior high. They were teenagers now, they weren’t kids anymore.

Lisa wasn’t making as much money as Jane was now, but she told Jane over and over again that a good legitimate business that is able to provide for the needs of its owner is a hundred times better than an illegitimate business that makes a hundred times more money.

The earning gap between their Internet projects continued to increase. Then, 10 years later, Jane is in jail with no money because of a million copyright issues and Lisa is the boss of a legitimate million dollar company.
It always pays more in every way to do what is right in business and in life.


What An Imp Did To Me – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in the country called Cameroon there lived a little boy named Roland. He was raised in a Christian family and was schooled in church and at home on God’s word.

Roland wanted a new wrist watch more than anything. He wanted to buy a new gold watch that he saw advertised on TV. Now Roland was only 12 years old. A 12 year old boy had no business with a gold wrist watch. But Roland knew that if he had a gold wrist watch it would get him respect among all the boys in his class and when he speaks everybody would listen.

One morning, while Roland’s mother drove him to school she talked to him about the principle of seeds. She told him then in whatever we do in life we are planting seeds and our seeds grow and bear fruit. If a student reads he or she is sowing a seed and that seed must grow and bear the fruit of the student gaining knowledge or passing an exam.
Seeds come in different qualities so if for instance a student reads half – hazardly, that student’s reading would bear the fruit of a having half – hazard knowledge on the topic they read about or having a half – hazard performance after taking an exam.

So in whatsoever we do, we should bear in mind that we are sowing seeds into our lives and later on we must surely reap the rewards or punishment for the kind of seeds that we sow.

Roland said, Ok!

Roland’s Mum drove into the school premises and dropped him off.

Later on in school that day, Roland sees money in someone’s school bag as the person opened a special compartment on the inside of the bag to bring out something else. Now, the person did it discreetly but Roland’s eyes still caught it. It was apparently difficult for money to get past Roland without him seeing it.

Roland had a little debate with his conscience. Was he doing to try to pinch it if he had the chance or was he going leave it if he had the chance to pinch it?

Roland remembered everything that his Mum said to him earlier that day. If he stole it, he would be sowing a seed but what kind of thing would he reap? One voice told Roland that he would reap punishment if he sowed the seed of stealing but another voice told him that he would reap to reward of getting one step closer to owning a gold wrist watch.

Roland simply picked the voice that he liked what it said. He picked the voice that said he would reap a reward.
Roland waited for the right opportunity and he stole the money. What he didn’t know was that somebody was watching him. The most mischievous student in the class was silently watching him steal the money. The student’s name was Elvis, all the teachers called him “The Incredible Imp” behind his back.
Later on the boy whose money was stolen realized his money was stolen and he almost lost his mind. He was angry and crying at the same time. Roland felt guilty but he remembered the gold wrist watch he wanted to get and it gave him the guts to buckle down his humanity.
The boy whose money was stolen reported the matter to a teacher and quickly Roland wrapped the money inside a centered sheet of paper from one of his note books so that every side part of it was folded and wrapped. Then Roland put it inside his food flask which was still full of food. Then Roland used the spoon to stir it so that the food would totally cover the paper that the money was wrapped in.

All the while, Roland didn’t know that Elvis was watching him.

The teacher wanted to start searching all the students but another teacher who heard about it and had had some sort of vendetta with the student whose money was stolen brought up the topic of why did he come to school with that much money in the first place.

The course of the investigation of the missing money changed and they teacher soon found out that the student whose money was stolen had actually stolen it himself for his parents. He had intended to by a handheld video game with it after school while he is on his way home.

The teacher that had a personal vendetta with the student didn’t let that angle of the matter go and everybody forgot about trying to figure out where the money was now.

Roland took it as a good sign. God must really want him to have the money, he thought.

However, even though no one cared anymore about where the money was now, Elvis still cared.

Elvis who was a little bit of a criminal himself wanted to teach Roland a lesson. He waited for the right time towards the school’s closing hours and he took out all of Roland’s textbooks, exercise books and stationary from Roland’s school bag. Then he replaced it with smooth large stones that where about the same weight with all that was in the school bag before.

Somehow Roland didn’t notice it. When he got home, as he wanted to remove his books from his school bag that was when he noticed it. It came as a shock to him. Who would have done this? Could somebody have known what he did and done this in retaliation?

One thing was most important now. It was the fact that his Mum would kill him if all those books were not replaced.

Roland had to use the money he had just stolen to re-buy the same books he had before he stole the money in the first place.


The S.M.A.R.T New Year’s Resolution – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time on the 1st of January, as is the custom in most Christian churches there was a service held on the first day of year.

Today, in the children’s church on this special day; the Children’s church teacher asked them to write their new year’s resolution on a piece of paper, hold it up in their hands and promise themselves that they would be faithful to fulfilling their new year resolutions all through the new year, then they should put the piece of paper in their pockets.

Surprisingly, little Jimmy doesn’t do as instructed while all the other kids in Sunday school do it.

The Sunday school teacher asked him why he didn’t do it, and little Jimmy said that the reason he is not doing what she said he should do is that he has tried to keep new year’s resolutions before and he had always failed no matter how hard he tried and so he had made up his mind not to make any more new year’s resolution at the beginning of every year just like the rest of the kids in Sunday school.

Then the Sunday school teacher asked little Jimmy a bit confused, “But everyone else here is pledging to keep their new year’s resolution?”

“That’s not true”, little Jimmy answered. “They are only writing things down to impress you. I’m just the only one being real. Nobody here is into new year resolutions.”

The Sunday school teacher asks all the kids if it’s true and she ends up finding out that it is true, except for one little girl who indicates that it is not true in her case.

The Sunday school teacher smiled, tapped the little girl on her shoulder and said, “You go girl.”

Little Jimmy just blurted out that she was lying. But the little girl boldly speaks up and says that she’s not lying, that it is just that she knows that she should always keep trying and never give up. She said that her Dad told her that giving up is not part of the lifestyle of a winner and the life that God has called her to live is the life of a winner.

The Sunday school teacher smiled and said, “Good point.” She then looked at little Jimmy as if asking him if he was satisfied with the answer that she gave. And little Jimmy nodded his head in agreement and then said, “Cool.”

The Sunday school teacher then says that she would like to tell everyone in the class a little secret and that after that they might just change their minds about new year resolutions.


One of the kids raised up his hand and asked, “What is a S.M.A.R.T resolution?”

“I’m coming to that”, the Sunday school teacher replied.Then she began to break down S.M.A.R.T and what every letter in the acrostic in this case stood for.

The “S” stands for SIMPLE.

Our new year’s resolution should be simple. We shouldn’t write down something that is too hard for us to do.

The “M” stands for MEASURABLE.

Our new year’s resolution should be something which we can measure. We should be able to tell if we are increasing or decreasing, moving forward or moving backwards, succeeding or failing in fulfilling our new year’s resolutions.

For example, if your new year’s resolution is to save a lot of money in your piggy bank. That is an un-measurable resolution because “a lot” is rather vague and could mean many different amounts of money. However, if you choose a specific amount and say that this year your new year’s resolution is to save 60 dollars in your piggy bank you have make your new year’s resolution measurable. Now you have a definite target and you know that when you are closer to 60 you are closer to completely succeeding in fulfilling your new year’s resolution unlike before when it was vague and even if you were closer to 60 or past 60 you still wouldn’t know if you should say that you are closer or further away from making a lot or not.
The “A” stands for ACHIEVABLE.

Our new year’s resolution should be Achievable.

In other words, we shouldn’t make new year resolutions like, “I would read every single book in the biggest public library in my city this year” or something like, “Even though I am only 12 years old I would become the President of my country this year.”

We should have achievable resolutions like, “I would improve my grades and become an A student this year” or “I would read a minimum of 12 pages of a book every single day this year.”So our new year resolutions should be Achievable with the available resources we have or the resources we are able to attain.

The “R” stands for REALISTIC.

Our new year’s resolution should be realistic.

We shouldn’t make new year resolutions like,”I will have Super Hero powers this year, and I would fly around the city doing the job of the police that nobody asked me to do.”

The “T” stands for TIME – BOUND.

Our new year’s resolution should be Time – Bound. Which means that they should be something that we set a time frame within which we should achieve them so that we won’t spend too long or forever trying to achieve them if the resolution is not something we want to start to do and continue to do for the rest of our lives if it is reasonable to do so.

Then the Sunday school teacher asked the kids, “Do you feel like you can now take on your new year resolutions?”

“YESSSSS!!!” all the kids shouted. They then pulled out their pieces of a paper from the pockets and made corrections to their new year’s resolutions so that their new year resolutions would be S.M.A.R.T new year resolutions. That way they can be sure to fulfill it.

“And remember kids”, the Sunday school teacher continued, “use these same principles to make new year resolutions even when you are older. And just so you should know early, even those who don’t make new year resolutions should have new year’s goals. Whether you call them new year resolutions or new year goals, your new year goals should be S.M.A.R.T.
And S.M.A.R.T would always stand for the same thing.”


When I Grow Up I Want To Be The Richest Man In The World – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time not far back in time at all, there lived a little boy named Eric who hated to read books or engage in any educational activity. He lived in a large Christian orphanage and like every other kid in the orphanage he barely had enough to eat each day. He hated being hungry. He hated being poor. He hated not having the toys that he wanted. He wished and dreamt of having money more than anything else in the world.

One day, one of the teachers asked the kids what they wanted to be when they grow up. Some said they would like to be doctors, some said lawyers, some said astronauts but when it go to Eric’s turn, Eric stood up and screamed out what he wanted more anything else in the world: “WHEN I GROW UP I WANT TO BE THE RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD.”

The class fell silent. Everyone knew that Eric hated anything educational or class related so his enthusiasm and the emotions behind the sad reality of where they were, their dreams and what he said really changed the atmosphere.

After a few minutes, when the lady who could was teaching the class could speak again, she quickly changed the topic of discussion.

Hours later when the classes where over and the other kids had left the classroom, Eric met the teacher and asked her if there was anything wrong with what he wanted to be when he grew up.

The teacher looked at him with a strange but soft face and said, “No.”

She asked him if he was sure that that was what he really wanted.

“More than anything else in the world”, he replied.
“Ok! I’ill help you” she said. She said a little prayer with Eric then told him he can go.Eric ran off to play as usual.
As early as 3am the next day, something unusual happened. The teacher woke up Eric from sleep that early and told him to go to the orphanage library and start reading.

Eric was like, what? What are doing? What does this mean? It’s too early I should still be asleep right now.
But the teacher said No! that he said he wants to be the richest man in the world when he grows up and if he is going to be that he has to start now to read books on money. Great readers don’t only read all day, they read most of the night too. If you want to be better than others in something you would have to prepare and train yourself for it better than others do. For example when others are sleeping you are training (reading in this case). You have to separate yourself from others and sometimes totally cut off certain friendships just to ensure you don’t have a friend that would prevent or distract you from doing the things necessary for you to achieve your dreams. In Eric’s case, it would mean playing with his friends moves to ‘bottom of the ocean priority.’

“Now, Eric do you still want to be the richest man in the world when you grow up?” the teacher asked Eric as she stood by his bed side.

Eric was dumb founded. He wasn’t sure of what he wanted anymore.

Now, I (Alfred Benjamin King) ask you who are reading this story, “ARE YOU WINNING TO DO WHAT IT TAKES TO ACHIEVE WHAT YOU SAY YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE?”


Just Do Exactly As God Says – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time, in a land much like the one you live in right now. There lived a farmer named Jerry.
Jerry was a nice man who believed in Jesus. He had a beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters.

For Jerry, life was good. Or rather it was perfect, and you cannot improve on perfect. That is why it is perfect.
One day, while Jerry was praying, God spoke to him and told him that there would be a famine coming upon the land soon.

God told him that he should store food in preparation for the famine and he should go about warning people of the coming famine.

Jerry had heard the voice of God before. He had obeyed the voice of God enough over the years to know that God never lied. Jerry believed what God said about the famine. He didn’t mind the part about storing up food in preparation for the famine, but it was the part about the going around warning people about a coming famine that he could not physically prove that bothered him.

People would think he’s crazy. They would call him all sorts of names. He would become the psycho of the land.

Jerry begged God that if there is another way that wouldn’t be humiliating that it would be preferable.

God told Jerry that there was no other way. That would he rather that his people all die of starvation because of how uncool he thinks going around knocking on doors and warning people is?
Eventually, Jerry agreed in spite of how so out of his comfort zone it was.

When Jerry spoke to people, he got laughed at, mocked, spat on, and had doors slammed in his face to name a few.
Jerry eventually finished carrying out all that God told him to do. He had warned the people and had stored up some food that would sustain him and his family during the famine.

The famine started and people were shocked. The prophecy of Jerry had come true. The entire land was barren. No amount of fertilizer or modern day practices could change that.

People started dying of starvation and Jerry felt pity for them. He knew he only had enough food for his family but he couldn’t help it. He couldn’t help how he felt when he saw little boys and girls dying of hunger.

Things soon became so bad that there was no food in all the land. The topic of HUNGER was now the only topic on radio, TV and Internet weekly shows.

The Senate of the land was unable to do anything about it. Everybody was hungry. No one expect Jerry had food, and even though some people had known that Jerry had warned them about this, not everyone knew that Jerry was the only one in all the land that had food.

Jerry, out of pity began to feed a few people in his neighbourhood even though he knew it would decrease the ration for his own family, as the food was only enough for his own family.

Soon, many more people who Jerry didn’t invite started coming to knock on his door and beg for food.

In a little while, everyone in all the land knew that Jerry had food. The story that Jerry had warned all those he could about the coming of the famine had become common knowledge in every nook and cranny too.

One night thousands of people with weapons and hungry stomachs raided Jerry’s home to take all the food he had stored. In the process Jerry and his family had to flee for their lives with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Jerry and his family disguised themselves and went to live in a place no one would find him.

Jerry prayed with tears in his eyes and asked God why.

God told Jerry that it was his fault that he was in the situation that he was in. That he had chosen to follow his heart instead of the instructions he had been given.

God had told him to save up food for him and his family alone. It was not meant for everyone in the land. Everyone in the land had their chance to escape the hunger the famine brought by storing up food for themselves and for their families when Jerry warned them but rather they choose to mock him thereby mocking the one who sent him and by doing so they put themselves in the situation they are currently in. It was no longer Jerry’s responsibility to help them. God didn’t tell him to help them during the famine and anytime we do our own thing and not what God said we should do, we always end up getting into trouble.

Now Jerry was in trouble, he was homeless, hungry and hiding because he followed his heart and did his own thing.

However, God is a loving and merciful God who always takes care of those that are his, so when Jerry learnt his lesson and asked for forgiveness, God told him that he should sow in the land even though there was famine.

Jerry would have argued with God concerning how impractical it would be to sow in the land but considering all the things he had been though, he knew now that it was always best to obey God and to obey all the way regardless of what your heart or mind considers wise or unwise.

Jerry obeyed God and sowed in the land. He received a hundred fold in that year and he waxed great and went forward until he became very great. He kept his wealth a secret throughout the remaining period of the famine. This was easy to do because who would believe that when everyone else planted crops; the crops died but when Jerry planted crops in the same land; the crops blossomed.

God is truly a God of miracles and those who are his who stick closely to him are like the trees planted by the river. Even when there is trouble and everyone else around them is going through hell, they are immune to the perils and the storms of life brings.


All Roads Are Blocked – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

John and Lucy where a white missionary couple who had been posted to Nigeria to start a church. They hadn’t been having much success. Nigerians werent responding to them and the ministry the missionaries worked for had already sent them a letter that they would have to be posted to another country.

Lucy hadn’t been accompanying her husband in carrying out the steps he took to start the church because the ministry they worked for did not believe in women being called into the ministry. They believed a womans place was at home managing the menial affairs of the home.
Lucys husband had gone out to win souls one last time in Nigeria. He had thought that it was God’s plan for him to be a missionary in Nigeria. He was disappointed that he would have to leave.

As usual Lucy was left to stay at home.
Lucy was praying in the Holy Ghost while doing some shores in the kitchen when she heard the voice of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost instructed her to take a stroll round the neighbourhood.

Lucy taught it was a weird request but she was an obedient disciple of Jesus so she stood up and left the house.

Lucy spoke in tongues in light whispers as she walked and took in the sights. After a while she noticed the cars beside her were moving rather slowly. A hold up on that road? That was unusual. She’d passed that road lots and lots of times but had never experienced a hold up. Considering the structure of the roads and the number of people who had cars in that area; there was never supposed to be any go slow there. What was wrong today? She walked a little further and from what she could vaguely understand from men speaking their native dialect; she got that something serious was going on way out in front that had blocked not just that road but all the roads that led to an important intersection.

Sudden fear slipped into Lucy’s heart as the picture of her husband lying dead on the road flashed in her mind. She immediately rebuked the image from her mind and forged forward to see what it was, but every bit confident it wasnt her husbands corpse.

When she got there she saw a group of women sitting on the floor in the middle of the road.

A man acting on behalf of the women told Lucy to step behind a line that the women had drawn with libation but Lucy refused.

Someone in the crowd behind the line in a brief explanation shouted out to Lucy that the women were protesting, and even though they were holding bibles, they were using black magic to place a curse on anyone who stepped beyond the line. The women were going to hold up traffic and not leave there until they had been heard.

Black Magic? Lucy thought. Then thats all the more reason why she shouldnt obey them and step beyond the line.
Lucy made it very clear that nothing would make her stand behind the line.
Feeling insulted, the leader of the women protesting walked up to Lucy and slapped her with her black magic instrument and said quite audibly for the crowd to hear, Behold, she is deaf.
Lucy calmly said, I can still hear you.
The leader of the women got mad, then she slapped her twice with her black magic instrument and said, Behold she is insane.

Actually, I’m still very much sane, Lucy said with a smile on her face.

The whole crowd was shocked. Black Magic didnt work on this strange white woman.
Now its my turn, Lucy shouted but without losing her natural sophistication.

Lucy started speaking in tongues out loud. The whole atmosphere became tense.

All the women stood up and rushed to her to beat her, but Lucy immediately stretched out her right hand in their direction and in boldness shouted, Breathe on them precious Holy Spirit.

Immediately all the women fell to the ground and strange things started happening. Some started vomiting snakes, some scorpions, and some others really gooey & disgusting substances.

The whole thing turned into a crusade when Lucy started preaching the gospel.
She also taught them how to protest peacefully and reasonably.

By the time Lucy was through, they had become her congregation.

When news of this reached her husband and later spread throughout the world wide ministry that they worked for. The General Overseer of the ministry they worked for was hit by it, it went against everything he was raised to believe about how God works, but now it was just too obvious that God works through women too and in God’s sight women are just as important as men and just as men can be called by God to be ministers; women can be called too.

So not only did Lucy and John get to stay in Nigeria and pastor a church after all. They also got to change a doctrine of discrimination that had been disguised as truth that had been practised and preached for many many years in the global ministry that they worked for.

God sure works in mysterious ways.


The Dance Floor Is On Fire – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

The entire atmosphere all around the school premises was full of excitement concerning the upcoming school dance.
Colin finally found the courage to ask Precious to the dance and talk about Oh! Happy day, – she said Yes! Colin couldnt think of anything else in the following days other than him and Precious. All day, he day-dreamed and all night he dreamed too; of how it would be on that faithful day the day of the dance, when the beautiful Precious would swirl in his arms.

On the day of the dance, Colin found a message on his answering machine from Precious. It said that something came up so she wont be able to go to the dance with him.

Colin was angry, he was even more angry when he found out the reason she changed her mind was because Paul, the most popular boy in school asked her out to the dance at the last minute.

Colins younger sister told him to calm down and forget about it but Colin was too angry to listen. No matter how many bible verses his little sister quoted, nothing was going to get to him. The girl of his dreams had hurt his feelings. If he was not going to enjoy the school dance, thanks to her. Then she would not enjoy the school dance either.

Colin went to the school dance and waited for the right moment to trigger the fire alarm. There was more pandemonium than Colin expected. Not only did he succeed in ruining the dance for everybody, getting the firemen to come in vain and getting some students hurt in the stampede to rush out the building; he also almost killed the principal who had a bad heart and had a massive heart attack during the commotion.

Although no one ever found out who caused the false fire mayhem. The weight on Colin’s chest that he had almost killed the principal all because of a silly thing he should have let go was a weight that tormented him daily. Men! If he had known he would have listened to his younger sister and let go because revenge is never the right way to go.


I’ll Be Having A Little Brother Soon – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

10 years old Barney knew something was up but he just didnt know what it was. His parents had been acting a bit strange lately.

Since they were not going to tell him, he decided to eavesdrop when his parents where alone in the kitchen.

In spite of how many times he had been told that eavesdropping is wrong and a good Christian shouldnt dream of eavesdropping no matter what, Barney still choose to eavesdrop when his Mum and Dad where both doing the dishes. Barney didnt hear much of the conversation but he heard his Mum asking his Dad; How do you think Barney would take having a little brother?

I think he would just have to take it rather nicely, his Dad answered.

That’s it, Barney thought. Thats why theyve been acting so strange. He was going to have a little brother.

Barney was so excited that he was going to have a little brother to play with. He was not going to be an only child anymore. He decided to prepare. He was going to be a big brother. He started working out; just in case he needed to protect his little brother. He started reading more; so that his little brother can have a really smart big brother to be proud of. He started cleaning his room; so his little brother can have a neat big brother to emulate.

Barney’s parents noticed all the changes in Barney and wondered what had come over him. They tried all they could to find out but they came up with nothing.
Barney used all his piggy bank money to buy some cool new baby stuff that he taught were too cool for his parents to know about and therefore cant buy for the baby themselves.

Barney’s Mum later found the baby stuff that Barney had bought carefully hidden in his bedroom, when she went to get his laundry.

Barney’s parents asked for an explanation and he told them that he knew he was going to have a little brother that he had heard them talk about it in the kitchen.

His parents laughed and told him they were talking about a sitcom they had watched that has a character named Barney.

Barney’s parents told him it served him right that all his piggy bank money had been wasted. That’s what he gets for eavesdropping instead of being the modest Christian kid they have been teaching him to be. And as for his becoming neat and now reading more, and working out more; that’s a good thing.


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