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Being True To Christ In You – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time tragedy struck upon Planet Earth. The earth was invaded by blood thirsty aliens who wanted to do nothing but annihilate every human and claim planet earth as their own.
The times were dark. Humans trembled in fear. The military forces of every nation united as one to fight off the alien invasion. Humans fought bravely but it was clear that it would only be a matter of time before all of mankind is wiped out.

There was one man who seemed not to care. He was always living in his own world. He was very strange to those who knew him. If he hadnt been forced to go for a psychiatric evaluation and been diagnosed normal, people would think that he is quite mad. He always said things people found too difficult to understand. He always did things that made people go, What in the world is he doing? He always seemed to be calm when everyone else was in Chaos, and seemed to be in Chaos when everyone else was calm.

They only good thing that people liked about him was that he had a high degree of compassion for people and was always there to care for the sick and for the needy. Other than that, even though his name was Chan you would think his name was Weirdo cause thats what everyone else called him cause he was a living manifestation of weird.

When everyone was bothered about the alien invasion and worried that all of mankind would soon be destroyed. Chan put a large smile on his face and walked into his kitchen. He wasnt going to worry about anything because Gods got it all in control.

Chan walked to the alien mother-ship after he finished in the kitchen, carrying the large pie he had made. It wasnt large enough for every one of the aliens to take a tiny bite from it. Chan intended to deliver the pie to their leader, not as a peace offering but so he and the alien leader can sit down, eat and chat. Like I said, – weird. However, what people didnt know was that Chan was only following instructions from God.

Surprisingly, to everybody else except Chan. The leader of the aliens agreed to sit down, eat and also chat with Chan.
Chan used that opportunity to tell the aliens about Jesus Christ.

The aliens listened intensely. They found out that God was the creator of every planet and everyone in them, and that he loved every alien and every human.

The aliens found out that they needed Jesus too and when they accepted Jesus, all the hate and crazy desires of going from one universe to the other to conquer them was destroyed. They automatically had an appreciation of all that God had created and were sorry about all they had already destroyed.

Thus, Chan saved planet earth, successfully doing what all the military might of all the earth couldn’t do. Just because he lived his life for Christ in spite of how weird it looked to people.


The Glass Doll – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called Houston there lived two sisters. Ones name was Sarah and the other ones name was Lucy. They were both God fearing nicely behaved little Christian girls.
One day the girls mother bought Lucy a cat and bought Sarah a state of the art glass doll.

Lucy had always wanted a cat and Sarah had always wanted the state of the art glass doll, so both of them where very very happy with their gifts. They both thanked their mother wildly and off they went to play: Lucy went outside with her cat and Sarah went upstairs with her glass doll.

3 days later Sarah walked into her and her sisters room to play with her glass doll only to find it shattered on the floor. Only the cat was in the room, nobody else had entered since she left the room, it had to be the cat.

Sarah was furious. That glass doll was state of the art, she loved it dearly and there was no way her Mum would buy her a new one.

Sarah picked a big broom stick and started to go after the cat but while chasing the cat, Lucy blocked her and asked what was wrong. Sarah told her what happened with her glass doll, she was still intent on getting her hands on the cat. Lucy didnt know what Sarah was going to do to the cat when she got her hands on it but from the looks of things it didnt look like it would be pretty. Lucy had to protect her cat but all she succeeded to do was to shift her sisters rage towards herself.

Hours later a lot of cross words had been tossed to and fro among the two sisters. Now they were both tired and werent speaking to each other. Lucy still had her cat though and anytime Sarah saw Lucy play with her cat it angered Sarah much, much more.

Weeks past and Sarah was still angry even though Mum had told her to forgive and forget, and had also forced them to start to speak to each other again. Even though Sarah still spoke with Lucy she was still mad at Lucys cat and mad at Lucy for protecting the cat. Sarah still wanted revenge.

Sarah carefully laid out a plan that was to be carried out when neither her Mum nor her sister was at home – A plan with resulted in the cat running away and never coming back.

Sarah played dumb when Lucy came back and asked about her cat. Sarah suspected foul play but she had no proof; all she had was the resentment she had for her sister.

Two days later Sarah found her glass doll under her bed. It turns out that when the cat did whatever it did the glass doll rolled under her bed and something else that was about the same size of the glass doll was what had fallen and broken.

Sarah felt guilty and she confessed to Lucy that she was responsible for the cat running away.

The very next day Sarah heard a loud crash from the bedroom, she ran upstairs to see what it was. Her mouth dropped open when she saw her sister, Lucy standing above the broken pieces of her glass doll with a vengeful smirk on her face.

Revenge is a circle. When you seek revenge, the other person would want to seek revenge back. You can break the circle by truly forgiving and forgetting.


Proving To Be The Best – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a land far far away, there lived a young warrior whose name was Chan.

It was a time of unrest, for Chans countrymen where at war with a neighboring country.

Chan has always been competitive for as long as even his own mother could remember. Chan always wanted to prove he was the best whenever he did anything. He was handsome, strong, courageous and highly skilled in swordsmanship and hand to hand combat.

After 8 months of fighting, the Ruler of Chans countrymen came up with a plan that if it were to be executed properly, it would win the war for them most certainly.

Every warrior had their role to play in that plan.

Chans role was to hide in a strategic position and spy on all the enemy warriors and to report back everything they were doing, while other warriors where given more warrior like roles.
Chan didnt like the role that was assigned to him. He wanted a role that required him to be in the battle not studying and reporting it. He was a warrior and not a messenger. How was he going to prove to everyone that he is the greatest warrior in their country if the role they kept assigning him were roles meant for a messenger?

Half way into the execution of the Rulers plan, Chan became fed up. He left his post and joined in the fighting.
Chans decision cost his people the war because when it became critical for the Ruler to have a report on what the enemy was doing, there was no report because the person who they had given that task had left his assignment and had joined in the fighting in the name of taking on a more warrior like role. Because of that decision by Chan, Chans countrymen lost the battle and Chan was heavily blamed and he was executed as a traitor.

We can all learn a vital lesson from Chans story, for Chan is a lot like most of us. We measure our success by the success of someone else. We always want to prove ourselves. We always want to prove that we are better than someone else or even everyone else. Its like we interpret their demotion to mean our promotion and their promotion to mean our demotion. Their glory to be our shame and our shame to be their glory; even though we are on the same team. Thats just plain crazy.

That is not the way of wisdom.

A wise man would know that God gives every man a purpose a destiny to fulfil. We should measure our success by how much we are walking in Gods will for us how much we are fulfilling that destiny he specifically designed for us, and not how big and great our achievements are. For whatever we achieve that God didn’t tell us to achieve still doesn’t count. It is like a guy in school taking a test who writes answers to questions he was not asked, expecting it to fetch him more points and increase his score.

Focus on your calling your assignment.


Alice’s Secret – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called Alabama, there lived a little girl who could play the piano all so marvelously. She was a joy to her parents and was often the talk of the town. Her name was Alice. Her name was everywhere and whenever there was a concert that a promoter wanted to be fabulous and high in attendance, Alice had to be in it.
Alice and her best friend Mary-Rose were both raised in Christian homes.

Mary-Rose always wanted to be a star just like Alice but she didn’t know Alices secret. She needed to know Alices secret What made Alice ALICE? -What made Alice so special?

What made Alice a star at such a young age?

Mary-Rose asked Alice over and over again the question, What is the secret of your success? And each time all she would get is the simple answer, I dont know, I guess I’m just talented.

No matter how many times Mary-Rose heard her best friend Alice say it she still couldn’t bring herself to believe that was all it was to it. After all there are lots of talented people in the city. Talented people are everywhere yet they were not remarkable in whatsoever they were talented in like Alice and none have used to impact those around them like Alice.

What made Alice so special? What made her different?

Mary- Rose did all she could to find of out what Alice’s secret was.

It was around this period that stories started being whispered from ear to ear that Alice had sold her soul to the devil in exchange for talent, fame and fortune. Now that was a serious accusation. If Mary-Rose didnt know Alice personally she might have believed these stories. But then again aren’t such people good at hiding who they really are especially from those who are very very close to them.

Mary-Rose decided to stalk her friend one day so Mary-Rose followed her throughout the portion of the day that she could from a distance safe enough to prevent Alice from seeing that she was being followed. Mary-Rose wanted to know if she would catch Alice going to a secret Satanic meeting or something.

The stalking went on for days until it was beginning to turn into a week. Mary-Rose would have stopped the stalking a long time ago but false stories have a way of fiddling with ones curiosity.
Mary-Rose later gave up though and she still didnt find anything wrong.

Mary-Rose then remembered advice she had received from her Grand Mum many years ago. It was that, Whenever you need help or an answer; know that God is always there for you. No aid is too expensive or too cheap for God to give and no question is too big or too irrelevant for God to answer.

Mary-Rose then decided to pray.

God answered her prayer. He revealed to her Alices secret. He let Mary-Rose playback over and over again her memories of all that she observed when was stalking Alice. And under that unction of the Holy Spirit with the Holy Spirit going through those thoughts with her, Mary-Roses eyes opened and she saw that Alice spent a lot of her personal time practicing and practicing and practicing how to play the piano in spite of how good she already was. That was it That was Alices secret: PRATICE MAKES PERFECT.

Alice was so good at what she did because she practiced a lot. She had talent but having talent is only the beginning. You have to nurture your talent. You have to work on your talent You have to work hard on your talent(s) and pretty soon your gift(s) and talent(s) would take you places to Kings palaces and esteemed places.

If you do something consistently for hours every day; you would become an expert in that thing a pro that others who do that thing but not as much would have something to learn from.


Destiny Lost – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Marnie stood above the kitchen sink with tears in her eyes as memories from the past came to mind.

She remembered how as a little girl a preacher had singled her out at a crusade and had said she would grow up into a mighty woman of God, the likes of which had never been seen before.

She remembered her teenage years in high school. How she was on fire for God. All the lives that she touched all the people that she changed. All the miracles that she performed.

She remembered when a classmate was sick and for some unknown reason the nurse that manned the schools sick bay wasnt around. Her classmates condition worsened at a dangerously increasing rate and when the teachers where just about to get her into the principals car to rush her to a hospital, Marnie stopped them and prayed for her sick classmate. Instantaneously, her sick classmate was healed. The principal said they should still take her to the hospital just in case. The principal ended up paying a hospital bill for nothing because the doctor said she was perfectly fine, after checking her up.
A string of miraculous events followed in Marnies life in high school. It seemed as though anytime anyone got sick he or she headed to Marnies classroom to ask her for prayers.

Marnie not only preached in school back in those days, she preached wherever she had the opportunity to do so.

Back then, everyone believed she would grow up to become some really famous and powerful preacher, but look at her today. How far from their expectations could she possibility get?

Now she was doing dishes for a man who was legally her husband and had forbidden her to go to church.

She remembered when it all changed in University. When she was isolated by everybody because of her Too Goodie Two Shoe-y-ness; as they called it. So she decided it was best to cut corners and compromise a little – Try to fit in with the crowd just a little Try to ease up a little on her Christ centered beliefs so that everyone would stop avoiding her and treating her like a freak of nature.

She started going to night clubs but she made up her mind not to drink or sleep with anyone there and so she didn’t.

She started hanging out with girls from the coolest sororities but she made up her mind not to officially join them so she didnt.

She started cutting down on the hours she spent studying in the library to avoid being classified as a nerd but she ensured she didnt totally stop going to the library.

She knew the most important thing to change if she wanted to get out of her Jesus Freak Persona, was to seriously alter her participation with the school chapel. She still attended church meetings but was no more a member of the school chapel board.

She enjoyed the fact that the students in the University didnt treat her like a Jesus Freak anymore so she went ahead and did something shes never done before She got a boyfriend.

Today, years after graduating from University, that boyfriend was now her husband. He was verbally and physically abusive. He also cheated on her a lot or actually more than a lot.

Today, she was carrying his burden and doing the dishes, wondering what kind of life she would have had. Wondering about the destiny of hers she let flyout the window.

Marine had had enough and she made up her mind to leave her lying, cheating and manipulative husband.

After months of court battles and pop up out of nowhere beat downs, Marnie was living on her own with her son. She was free of the monster she married.
Marnie tried to get back on the close relationship she had with God. She started going to church again. Reading more, Praying more. She gave no way for even an atom of compromise but things were just not the same. It wasnt like how it was in her high school days.
Marnie was downcast, shed ignored God had compromised now she had lost her gifts. She must have lost her calling. She must have missed out on fulfilling her destiny as a great woman of God She had lost it forever.

Marnie settled for an average single Mom life. When she passed on and went to heaven, she was told that there was a lot she could have done for the course of Christ.

Marnie was sorry and said truthfully that she had been sad about that all her life and when she tried to get back on track after leaving her husband it was too late. She had lost her destiny and her gifts forever.

Marnie was then told that there is no such thing as losing a God given destiny or gift. That the gifts of God are without repentance. When God blesses you with something, he never takes it back from you.

Marnie was told that that time she tried to get back on track that no matter what happened she should have kept at it. That she would have still saved millions of lives. She would still be allowed into heaven but she could have entered into heaven with millions of saved souls to her name.

She didn’t miss out on her destiny because she compromised even though compromise is very wrong and it affected her greatly. She missed out on her destiny because she thought God withdrew her destiny and her gifts as punishment for her compromise.


Sam & The Toy Solider – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place much like where you live right now there lived a 13 year old boy who was always found of causing trouble for all the neighborhood kids around his age. His name was Sam. No one could control him and he proved to be a menace.

Sam never listened in Sunday school. He never cared for moral instruction he believed in living life each day as it comes.

All the kids tried all they could to get Sam to quit being a menace to them but to no avail so they deceived to teach Sam a lesson.

After much research, they found out that Sam had a remote control toy solider which he loved dearly.

Since one of the kids was an amateur ventriloquist, they decided to get him to cast his voice on the remote control toy solider so it would look like if it is the remote control toy solider that is talking. They also replaced the remote control with an identical remote control that doesnt work.

When Sam later took his toy to play that day, the amateur ventriloquist cast his voice on the toy. Sam was shocked that his toy was speaking to him.

The toy told Sam that if he wanted it (the toy) to play with him (Sam), then he should do 20 push-ups. Sam disagreed but the toy was insistent and made it very clear that if he wanted to play he had to do the push-ups first.

After many minutes of sweating had passed and Sam had done all 20 push-ups he came back to play with the toy but the toy said that now he should do 10 back flips. Sam was shocked and annoyed. He told the toy that there was no way he was going to do the 10 back flips that he had already done the 20 push-ups and that they had a deal. A deal is a deal and they agreed that after he finished the 20 push-ups it would agree to play with him.

But the toy insisted. Sam had no choice, he just had to do it. After a lot more of sweating from doing 10 back flips Sam went back to the toy to play with it but it said know that Sam must jog round the compound 12 times before it would play with him. Sam was very angry and shouted at his toy for trying to rip him off. After Sams raving and ranting the toy till insisted and Sam had to jug round the compound 12 times. When Sam finished just like you expected the toy still had another task for him. Sam went on and on like this with the toy over and over again until he was very very tired and it was clear that he had suffered enough.

The toy then started talking to him about his attitude towards other kids and got him to promise hes going to change that. The toy also took the liberty to tell him about Jesus and about the reason for and the advantage of the moral instructions that were given in Sunday school that Sam didn’t listen to.

At the end of the day Sam turned over a new leaf.

When Sam left, the amateur ventriloquist and the other kids came out of where they were hiding in the room and started laughing. They had taught Sam a lesson a lesson he wont soon. Sam wont be bothering anyone anymore.


A Message From A Dying Man – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time a little boy named Cody received an e-mail from nowhere. He didn’t know how the person got his e-mail address but there was the message staring right back at him in his inbox. The e-mail was from a dying man.

The dying man had written that the doctor has given him only a few days to live. He said that he was old and didn’t mind dying but the problem was that he was a billionaire and he had no heir. He said that he was looking for somebody to give the 25 billion dollars he had in his bank account to.

At this point, Cody’s heart started jumping for joy as he forced himself the best he could to sit still and read on.

The e-mail went on to read that the dying man needed to test the investment savvy of the person he would need to choose as his heir. So he said that at a test he would like the person to choose and do one of the following two options:

The First Option was that the person should invest all he had in one of the companies that the dying man had that was sure to make a 100% return on investment.

The Second Option was that the person should invest all he had in another company that the dying man had but was sure to make only a 50% return on investment.

Cody was like that was simple. Tricky but simple. The answer was the First Option.

Cody looked at the credit and debit card details at the bottom of the e-mail and he was extremely happy. He was going to be a billionaire and he was only 11 years old.

Cody told his elder brother the good news but his elder brother tells him that it was a fraud and that he should forget about it.

Cody pretended to agree but in his heart he believed that his elder brother was only jealous of him and wished that it was him that got the e-mail.

Cody decided to steal his elder brother’s debit card. He could hear God’s voice telling him not to. He could hear every sermon that he heard in Sunday School that stealing is wrong echoing in his ears. He could even hear his own heart-beat beat louder. But Cody shoved all the warning bells to the said and said to himself that he knew what he was doing. He couldn’t let this opportunity of a life time pass him by, besides he would pay his brother back more than double the money. He would even buy him a house when he becomes a billionaire.

Cody sent the dying man all the money on his brother’s debit card which he stole.

Cody was happy. Any time now he would be counting his billions.

Cody started making a list for all the things he would spend his money on and all the people he would show off to.

Cody felt like the most blessed boy on the face of the earth and he thanked the same God that told him not to steal his elder brother’s debit card.

Many hours passed and Cody decided to send another e-mail to the dying man to find out why he hasn’t replied yet.
He got a reply from the dying man’s e-mail address that read:


Cody couldn’t believe what he just read. He started crying and felt like his head was spinning in a dream world. It could have been better if it was all a dream. He wished it was all a dream.Cody begged the God he didn’t listen to earlier for help.

With tears in his eyes he sent another e-mail to the e-mail address of the dying man saying that he doesn’t want the billions again. That can he please be sent back the exact amount of money that he gave. That he is not interested in becoming a billionaire again.

The e-mail got sent back to him with a delivery failure notice that the e-mail address he sent the e-mail to no longer exists.

Cody cried and felt like dying. What is he going to tell his elder brother? What would his elder brother do to him? He had wiped out all his elder brother’s pocket money that Mum and Dad gave him for feeding and buying books during his next semester in college.

Cody googled to see if he could track down the dying man but all he found where true stories of people who had been con-ed with the same dying man trick. Clearly, it had all been pulled off by the same person or the same group of people.

What disturbed Cody the most was that no one had ever tracked down the dying man or gotten their money back when they told their card company or the police. The dying man was one of the best at what he did and he was listed in the police directory in various police agencies around the world as “Unknown” and “Most Wanted.”

There was no chance that Cody would ever get his elder brother’s money back.The price he paid for stealing was having what he stole, getting stolen from him. Which in turn has created another price he would have to pay when his elder brother finds out what he has done.


The Video Game Console Bargain – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called Nigeria there lived a little boy named Francis. He was a member of a Christian household. He had said the salvation prayer to receive Jesus into his heart a long time ago but his relationship with God wasn’t something you would call serious or unserious. To him, being a Christian was just one of those things. Francis took a causal approach to the things of God. His Mum and Dad were nice people and good citizens of their country. They made a fair income and never lacked any true necessity but they couldn’t afford to spend too much on luxuries.

One day, Francis saw an ad for a hand-held video game console. The thing is, the console was been sold at a remarkably low discount. It was a bargain that Francis didn’t know when or if it would ever happen again – he just couldn’t miss it.

Francis walked up to his Mum and asked her for money to get the hand-held video game console but she quickly said no. Francis tried to point out to her that the low price made it a good reason to buy but Mum still said no. Then, he begged her that he’s always wanted ahand-held video gameconsole. Mum still said no.

Francis went to meet his father and ask him for money for the console. But his father told him to go and sweep the backyard and the front of the house for coming to ask him for something Mum already said no to.

After Francis finished his punishment, he decided to go back to his Mum and beg for the console. He told his Mumhow much he would be the best good boy he could be and help around the house if she buys the console for him. But his Mum said that he was already supposed to be trying to be the best good boy he could be regardless of whether video game consoles existed or not in the first place. And as for being helpful around the house goes; that is something that tradition demands from every African child so she doesn’t see why he should think he should be bribed into it. Kids trying to manipulate their parents like that is wrong, she told him.

Francis saw that his current system wasn’t working so he decided to try scheming. Maybe he could manipulate Mum into getting it if she thinks that her friends are getting video game consoles for their kids.

So after a few phone calls and listening to gossip from kids here and there, Francis finally got a name of someone he knew was Mum’s friend that had bought her son a video game. It was Mrs. Juliet. All he had to do now was to look for a way to get Mum’s friend (Mrs. Juliet) to tell Mum that she bought her son a video game console. That’s not something parents usually talk about – matter of fact that’s not even something a parent who likes to brag would even brag about – no parent brags about buying video games for their kids to their friends.

Wow! This was going to be difficult, how was he going to get the parent to brag about something parents don’t usually brag about to his Mum? Hmmm!

After a lot of brainstorming, Francis finally got an idea that just might work. Francis called the house of the kid whose Mum got him a console in the guise of he was going to talk to the kid but who he really wanted to talk to was his Mum (Mrs. Juliet). When the kid’s Mum answered the phone Francis told her that he’s wanted to talk to her son, Johnny. Just as she (Mrs. Juliet) was about to call her son (Johnny) to the telephone Francis said that he thinks that his Mum had been wantingall week to just sit and chat with her. He asked her if his Mum had called her to tell her that she would like to come over some time. Mrs. Juliet was like No, that Francis’ Mum hadn’t. Mrs. Juliet then called her son (Johnny) to the phone to talk to Francis. Francis quickly made up something to talk to him about.

Later that day, Mrs. Juliet called Francis’ Mum and told her that she would like to have her over for tea on Saturday so they could just chat. Francis’ Mum was shocked because to her this just came out of no-where. She was friends with Mrs. Juliet but they weren’t that close yet.

Francis’ Mum tried to give an excuse, “But I’ve got to take care of Francis-”

“Bring him along. I’m sure he’ill love to play with Johnny”, Mrs. Juliet cut in.

Francis’ Mum didn’t know what to say. Then after a few seconds of absorbing the shock she said, “Ok!”

On Saturday when Francis’ Mum had brought Francis seemingly against his will to Mrs. Juliet’s house. Francis went to play Johnny’s video game with him. After about 20 minutes of playing, he went to the balcony where Mrs. Juliet and his Mum chatted while having tea and causally made a subtle and cunning remark about the video game hoping to change the topic the grown-ups where talking about – hoping to get Mrs. Juliet to talk about the video game she had bought her son for at least a few minutes but hopefully more.

Mrs. Juliet only made a few sentences about the video game. Francis tried to press Mrs. Juliet to talk about it more, that was when Francis’ Mum began to figure out that something fishy was going on. Let’s just say that by the end of that Saturday, Francis’ Mum had had a great time but to Francis’ painful disadvantage, his Mum was only more resolute on not getting him the discount video game.

Francis never gave up though. He just had to have thathand-held video game console. He would scheme till he gets it.

Francis ran into his Mum’s study one afternoon and told her with fake tears (that were as realistic as he could make them). He told his Mum that he went to the store to look at the game and he picked it up just to admire it and later keep it back on the shelf it accidentally fell and broke to pieces and now the store manager is telling him to pay for it.

Francis’ Mum laughed because first of she knew Francis’ tears where fake. Secondly, she knew that if he really broke it, the store keeper would hold Francis and not let him out of his sight. Then he would call whatever number Francis gives as his guardian’s or parent’s number then tell them what happened and to also bring a certain amount of money to pay for the broken item when they are coming. Therefore, the mare fact that Francis was standing right in front of her was prove that Francis was lying.

After having a good laugh, Francis’ Mum told Francis to mob the entire house as punishment for lying. It was a heavy task for Francis, and it took up the rest of his day.

Day after day, Francis spent time trying to think up a scheme to get his Mum to give him the money. He tried a different scheme everyday but each day each plan only got himeither a big fat “No” or in trouble which meant more punishment which he really loathed.

One day, Francis finally got an opportunity that presented an in-built opportunity of a scheme that had a greater potential than anything he had tried before.

Francis actually really needed new clothes because all the ones he had where now old. Francis’ Mum was the one who complained that he needed new clothes but she said that she didn’t have the time to take him shopping herself, so she was going to give him some money to give their long time security man/ handy man to escort and supervise him on the shopping trip.
Francis could see two mistakes his Mum made in the plan. Firstly, she was going to give him (Francis) the money and not the security man. Maybe, because she trusted her own son more than some long serving security man, but giving him (Francis) the money was a big mistake however. A mistake she could correct if she also told the security man the amount of money she gave her son – but she didn’t. That was her second mistake.
Francis simply took out enough money to buy the hand-held video game console from the money he was given to buy the clothes. He quickly rushed to the store to buy the hand-held video game then after hiding it, he went to meet the security man for them to go shopping for clothes. Of course with the money cut short, Francis didn’t have enough money to buy much clothes so he told the security man that he Mum wanted them to go to the really really cheap clothing store. The security man thought that was weird, he wondered why his Mum would even want him wearing clothes from the really really cheap clothing store, but it wasn’t his place to ask – so he didn’t.

A few weeks later, the new clothes that Francis bought now looked old and every other reason why they were really really cheap was really really clear now.

As for the hand-held video game; it spoilt. Yelp! There was a reason why it was kept at a seriously discount price for so long. It had problems and even though it worked well in the store, the store keeper knew that after a few weeks it would stop working properly and because of his no refund policy he won’t give the buyer back his money therefore he gains and the buyer losses. The store keeper was a crooked (dishonest) business man.

Francis regretted everything. He’d disobeyed his Mum, lied to almost everyone, and dishonestly schemed only for him to end up with new clothes that are now old and a hand-held video that doesn’t work.

Francis’ Mum and Dad found out about everything. After punishing him, they talked to him and told him that none of these things would have ever happened if he had taken his relationship with Christ seriously. If he was totally devoted to his relationship with God there is no way that he would have disobeyed them or spent his God given time cooking up such devious schemes.


Sleeping With The Bible Under My Pillow – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time not far back in time at all, there lived a little girl named Suzie. She was 9 years old and she had nice Christian parents.

Suzie had been having nightmares but for some reason she didn’t talk to her parents about it. She talked to her friend about it and her friend told her the solution would be for her to sleep with the bible under her pillow. Suzie asked other friends of hers about it and they all agreed that that would be the solution. A couple of them told Suzie that they used to have bad dreams too but ever since they began sleeping with the bible under their pillow the bad dreams went away.

Suzie decided to sleep with the bible under her pillow that night. She ended up still having nightmares. Maybe she did something wrong, she thought. Maybe next time she would face the bible in the opposite direction then put her pillow on top of it and when she sleeps she wouldn’t have nightmares.

That night she did as she had planned but she still had nightmares.
We wondered what was wrong.

She decided that the following night she would try getting all the bibles in the house and stacking them under her pillow before she goes to sleep. But after she stacked all the bibles in the house under her pillow her Mum who loves to read the bible regularly caught her. She asked Suzie what in the world she taught she was doing.

Suzie told her Mum everything.

Her Mum told her that she should have come to her first and not gone to her friends first. Parents are there for you – to guide you – to help you – to give you lots of love and lots of great advice. Those are some of the things that parents are for. Those are things you should never doubt that good parent delight in.

Suzie’s Mum said that sleeping with a bible under your pillow won’t keep you from having nightmares but praying before you sleep would do that. You would also have to read the word of God often because the word of God produces faith. As it written, faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.(Romans 10: 17)

When you fill your heart with the word of God, you fill your heart with faith and you create an environment within your heart & soul that is in-conducive for fear or bad dreams.

Suzie heeded her mother’s advice so she prayed that night before going to bed and she had no bible underneath her pillow. She still had nightmares that night, but over time as she read the bible more during the day and remembered to pray before she went to bed the nightmares totally went away.

Now Suzie is one happy nightmare free Christian girl. Hurray!!!


A Christmas Letter To A Father’s Jail Cell – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Dear Dad,

In case you don’t remember, it’s me your son; Jimmy. I was 9 years old when the cops took you away and I would be 13 years old by January next year. Somehow I taught you would be here to show me how to be a man but then again it’s your definition of being a man that has stolen you away from me.

I made it this far living in that same old rough neighborhood. That’s a miracle in itself. In case you don’t believe in miracles that’s a miracle right there.Even though I didn’t understand why the cops took you away and Mum didn’t want to tell me why, she said that maybe when I’m older she would tell me.

I was curious to find out. Curious to know why all the kids looked at me differently from then on in school. Until one day I got in a fight with a bully and I beat him good. He then said that I was going to grow up to be a drug dealer and go to jail just like my father. That was when I knew the private detail about my life that everyone else knew except me.

Like if a spell or a magic wand had been waved on me, from that day onwards I decided to live however I wanted to live. I said whatever I wanted when I wanted. I insulted whoever I wanted when I wanted. I dressed however I wanted when I wanted. I fought whoever I wanted when I wanted. I pretty much said away with the rules and made my own golden rule which was to follow no rule whatsoever.

Mum and I started fighting very often. I remember I would hear her crying every night but I would sandwich my ears between pillows and fall asleep on my bed. I couldn’t care less if an old woman decided to stay awake all night crying about me when I felt that nothing was wrong with me.

I even remember when I was eleven and Mum tried to stop me from going out to hang with some my friends just because they were in a gang. I jumped and hit her over the head with a flower vase, sending her falling to the floor with a loud thud.

When she was at the hospital, in other to protect me she lied and told the doctor that she had accidentally hit her head on a cabinet after trying to pick up a piece of paper that fell in a hard to reach place and as her head hit the cabinet a heavy flower vase on the cabinet lost balance and fell on her head.

I don’t know what would have happened to me if she told the truth.

You would think that after that I would have changed but interestingly I only got worse. I joined a gang, and by this time Mum was afraid of me. I was happy to notice that my own mother was afraid of me. I commanded her to give me money whenever I wanted. I would take money from her purse anytime I wanted, and anytime she saw that money was missing from her purse in the house she dared not complain. I would command her to cook whatever I wanted whenever I wanted like she was my slave. I would often wave the Gun that the gang gave me in her face so that she would know who is in charge in case she was thinking of forgetting.

Mum was afraid of tell anyone what was going on at home and I really don’t know why. Back then I thought it was because I was just good at being bad so she feared the repercussions I would impose on her if she told anybody. But now, I don’t quite know if she didn’t tell anyone because she feared what they would do to me if she did and so she rather hoped that I would change. Or if she didn’t tell anybody because she felt she didn’t deserve better.Mum started taking drugs and she got hooked on it. I didn’t care. I only saw an opportunity to make a lot of money. From watching her I saw that if I sold drugs I would make a lot of money.I told the gang what I was going to do and I started selling drugs on the street corner. I was the first one in the gang to really get into the drug selling business. Formerly, the gang just did gang banging and liquor store robbing even though the didn’t allow me to go liquor store robbing with them. They always kept me in the loop but said I was too young to go with them for now but when I turn 13 they would consider me going with them.

My street corner drug selling business flourished and the money started rolling in. I soon had other sub-ordinates under me who sold drugs for me. At this point I started thinking of quitting school and by the time I had my first 500 dollars in my pocket I threw away all my school books. I told myself that school books are just the white man’s way to keep us down, they don’t want us to know the truth. They don’t want us to know that we don’t have to spend over 20 years of our lives going to school so that we can come out and get a job from them and make money working for them, when we can easily dish school right from when we are young and make a lot more money selling drugs.

Mum didn’t say anything when she found out I quit school. She was too scared of me by now besides she had her own drug problems to grapple with. The gang I was in soon became the most feared gang in all the neighboring neighborhoods. I was proud to be a member and I wore my tattoo with pride. I soon became notorious and even the mention of my name struck fear in other kids. I was so young yet I had achieved so much: I had found out the truth about schooling, I had become as feared as all the 20 and 30 something year olds that where in the same gang that I was in, and I was pushing major papers. I always had a lot of cash in my pocket and I wasn’t even old enough to have my own credit card yet. I knew that by the time I turn thirteen I would own my own car. My mind was set on a Cadillac because it is the car that gangsters use in MTV music videos.

One day, I followed my gang members to beat up a guy who had spray painted his gang sign over our gang sign on a wall in our neighborhood. We beat him up half to death and left him there covered in his own blood. We couldn’t care less.

The next day, while I was working home alone at night I got ambushed. It was the boy we had beaten on the previous day.

He had come with his gang members. They pointed a gun at me, and for the first time in my life I felt like if my heart had just fallen out of my chest. I felt my whole heart fill up with fear and it was just as if all the blood in my body had stopped flowing and my whole body went pale and numb.

I looked into the eyes of the person holding the gun and I could see that he was going to pull the trigger. I had seen that look in my best friend’s eyes before, right before he killed someone. The boy pointing the gun at me pulled the trigger. I taught it was over for me but nothing happened. He pulled the trigger again but still nothing happened. The other members of his gang around him were confused and someone else pulled out his gun, pointed at me and pulled the trigger. My heart felt a sharp pain as it skipped a beat but still nothing happened, the gun didn’t go off. He tried again and nothing happened.

They looked at each other. They were confused, but then they decided to beat me. They beat me up mercilessly. They kept on beating me even after the point I couldn’t even feel the blows to my body anymore. It was like the ability for my brain to translate the blows to my body as pain had been damaged as well. It was like if my nervous system wasn’t functioning properly any more.I think the reason why they finally left me was because I actually stopped breathing. When I woke up I was in the hospital. My Mum had managed to pull herself temporarily away from her drug habit to sit at my bedside.

I was hospitalized for days and interestingly none of my fellow gang members ever dropped by to see me.

One day while I was in the hospital, it was visiting hours and Mum hadn’t come by to visit me yet. An old man showed up. He looked rather strange. He had a large beard and also had some tattoos. Even though he wore his clothes to cover the tattoos I could still see parts of it sticking out beneath his sleeves.
He asked me if he could have a seat.
I asked him who he was.

He said that I should relax that he is here in peace, and then he sat down without waiting for my permission to sit.

He then told me that he was your friend, Daddy. He pulled out pictures of you and him that he had carefully put in an envelop and gave them to me. He told me that I can keep them. As I looked at the pictures I saw pictures of you, Daddy. I saw pictures that Mum didn’t even have. Pictures that went back to when you where around my age.

Apparently, the elderly gentleman that had come was your childhood friend. He said that you always called him “Malice.” I’m sure that the name must ring a bell. He said that you called him that because you said that nobody can hold a grudge like him and whenever anyone hurt him, he always never let it go until he hurt them back.

Malice, told me a lot about you. He told me things about you that made me start crying. He told me things that made me realize that I was turning into you. I was doing the same things that you did and was heading down the path that you where heading.

Malice told me about the decisions that he had made. It was a miracle that he wasn’t in jail like you. He told me about someone who God brought into his life to tell him about Jesus.

Malice said that he was now actively involved in the local church. He told me things about Jesus that I never knew before, and he answered all my questions which finally made LIFE make sense to me.

Malice told me that Jesus loved me.

Before the end of the hospital’s visiting hours I had said the salvation prayer and also the prayer to receive the Holy Ghost. I was even speaking in tongues with my new friend; your old friend.

He dropped the address of the church that he attends with me and told me that he would be coming every now and then to chat with me. He also told me of a program that is designed to protect those who leave gangs. He knew the punishment that gangs give to members who wanted out, and so he knew I would need the protection: the legal kind that works in union with a Christian church.
By the time Mum showed up he was already leaving. Although Mum could recognize the face she couldn’t place where she’d met him or how she knew him. He simply greeted her and went on his way.

As Mum asked me about him I told her all that had happened.

I apologized to Mum over and over again and for the first time in my life I realized what a monster I had been to her. I cried and begged her for forgiveness.

Mum said that from the time she stepped into that hospital room that day she had sensed that something had changed about me. She said that if God can change me then God can change her too.

She asked me to lead her in the salvation prayer and that very day she enrolled in a program in church that helps drug addicts recover.

Now Mum and I are closer than ever, Daddy. We now know first hand the awesomeness of God’s love and the infinite extent of his power.

I now love to read books and I’m back in school. The teachers say that I am pretty mentally advanced for my age. My literature teacher encourages me to become a writer. I totally agree with her. I enjoy writing Christian songs and stories. I believe I have a story to tell.

I also no longer hate the white man. As a matter of fact, some of my best friends now are white. I now know that white people are not the enemy. Many of them care about us and many of them have sacrificed so much to help people of color.

Also the resentment I held in my heart for you Daddy is gone. I no longer hate you. I have nothing but love for you now. Jesus has taken the hate away.
Mum now loves you too. Even though she hasn’t said it to me with words, I know it.

She has hung back up your wedding picture in the living room for everyone to see.

Dad, a lot have gone on since you where sent to jail. I have a lot to tell you. Did you know that they now have cell phones that can tell you exactly where you are when you are lost? You can even watch TV on your cell phone now. There has also been a lot of changes in the community that I doubt you would even recognize if it’s the same world you where living in before you went to jail. I miss you, Daddy. I wish I could show you everything and get to hang out with you again.

Anyway, how is everything with you? I know that life in jail must be tough but I also know that life in Christ no matter where you are whether you are in jail or not is a happy life. When you live your life in Christ he makes everything easy. Jesus looks after those that are his and he protects them whether they are in the deepest valley or on the highest mountain.

When you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, because you are in Christ nothing can by any means hurt you. A thousand shall fall by your side and ten thousand at your right hand but it shall not come near you.
Daddy, I don’t know what’s going on in your heart right now as you are reading this letter. I don’t even know you because of how the repercussions of your actions has separated you from me. I only know of you and if it wasn’t for what your old friend told me about you I wouldn’t even know enough about you to be able to convince someone that I’m related to you if it wasn’t for my D.N.A. So I can’t claim to know how you feel but I know that if you cast all your cares and worries upon Jesus he would care for you.

I attached a salvation prayer and a prayer to receive the Holy Ghost at the bottom of the letter. I hope you say them. I hope you receive Christ into your heart. I love you Daddy, and Mummy loves you too. Mummy and I have been praying for you every single night a few days after we got saved and we would never stop praying for you.

I love you. I would be waiting for you. No matter how long it takes.

Merry Christmas.

I will always be Your Son.

I haven’t lost faith in you.


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