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They ‘R Us – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in the city of Port Harcourt, trouble was brewing. Blood was gonna be shed and lives where likely to be lost in a ruthless battle.

The beef between the Raiders and the Black hearts was quite legendary. No one knew any more how the beef even started but one thing was sure, both gangs hated each other and they would always hate each other.

The members of the Raiders attended a high school in the upper-east side of Port Harcourt, while the members of the Black Hearts attended a high school in the lower – west side of Port Harcourt.
Every once in a while a member of one of the gangs would do something new and stupid to a member of the other gang; fueling years of bad blood which makes for an inevitable rumble.

For those who don’t know, a Rumble is basically two or more gangs coming together and fighting it out with their bare hands and any possible weapon without any rules. The cops always came late to break it up, if they even show up at all, so a lot of lives usually get lost in a rumble.

This time a member of the Raiders had seriously offended a member of the Black hearts and the Black hearts would be storming the high school the raiders went to, today, Immediately after school hours according to word on the street.

The sad thing is that, not every member of either school was a gang member. As a matter of fact, in both schools, the non-gang members outnumbered the gang members. However, that didn’t stop the entire school from suffering because of gang activity.

And today, everyone in the high school the Raiders attended would suffer when the Black Hearts show up.

Everyone in the High School in the Upper-east side of Port Harcourt which was the school the Raiders attended; were scared.

Everyone except the school staff (who were always in the dark concerning these matters).

The non-gang member students of the high school in the Upper – east side where deeply troubled and confused. What are they going to do to save themselves from all this nonsense?

Emma, the student school chaplain suggested they all go to the chapel to pray immediately after school. If the tried to go home, they would surely come across the Black hearts on the way.
But Jerry, the student school prefect suggested they all leave school long before the closing bell rings, if they passed through the secret bush path; they would be able to make it home safety.

Many followed Jerry’s plan and they ended up being the first victims of the rumble. A few were killed many were injured.

Emma and the students who obeyed him remained in the chapel praying.
The school staff who clearly never knew what was going on with the students until it was too late called the police who unsurprisingly never show up on time for a rather obvious reason.

The school staff locked themselves safely in the Teacher’s lounge.

The Raiders went out to meet the Black Hearts, they also formed a human barricade to prevent the Black hearts from entering their school.

The rumble was bloody – very bloody.
While Emma prayed the Spirit of God dropped an idea into his heart and he told it to everyone in the chapel. His words contained hope.

Emma took out his cell phone and called the school chaplain of the high school in the lower – west side of Port Harcourt. He told him to come with as many students from his school as he could. They should arrive as soon as they can.

As soon as they arrived, Emma went outside the school gate with those who were in the chapel, to fill in the non – gang members of the high school of the lower – west side on the plan.

Emma instructed everyone to pick up a weapon. He told everyone to join the rumble.

He told the non – gang members of high school of the lower – west side to take sides with the gang members of the high school of the Upper – east side and the non – gang members of the high school of the Upper – east side should take sides with the gang members of the high school of the lower – west side.

When this was done, the fighting stopped because now, each side had friends and family on the other side.

They couldn’t fight friends and family because by doing so they might as well be fighting themselves and they couldn’t strike blows against themselves.

All the Gang members dropped their weapons.

Emma took advantage of the opportunity and preached the gospel to everyone there. He spoke to them about God’s love for them. About God sending his only son to die on the cross for them. About how there is no sin too great that God is unable or unwilling to forgive. He spoke to them about unity and how there is no reason for them to hate one another for they are one another, that if they look closely into the faces of the members of the other school, they would see themselves. They would see they are us. They are people like us. We are not better than them and they are not better than us. We are one another, so it’s pointless for us to fight.

Emma ended up leading all the gang members to Christ that day, along with some non-gang members who weren’t Christians.

The Nigerian police came late, they came when everything was over and all the students had left so there was no way for them to know what happened which was Ok! with the police. They didn’t want to know what happened anyway and they could pretend that that day never happened anyway, seeing that the last thing that the Nigerian police want to do is to RISK THEIR LIVES and arrive early during a rumble or a riot and do their jobs. They would rather pretend that the day never happened at all.

The teachers and other members of the academic staff who locked themselves up safety in the Teacher’s lounge, found out what happened the next day. They were all shocked and amazed at what God can do in the lives of those who seek his counsel in times of crisis.


The Devil’s Helping Hand – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called China, there lived a little Christian boy named Wong Ming.

Wong lived alone with his grandmother. She was the only family that he had but according to the doctors she would soon die. They gave her a couple of weeks tops.

Wong did all he could to help his grandmother. He prayed and even travelled far to visit pastors and churches to ask for help. Since medical science couldn’t help his Grandma, maybe something spiritual could.

Wong search far and near but he couldn’t find anyone to help. Wong gave up and decided to return home. It’s best his Grandma’s last days are spent with him by her side.

While Wong was on his way home, he came across an old woman. Even though Wong never told her anything about what he was going through, the old woman told him what was going on in his life. She also said that she can heal his Grandma but it would have to be by black magic.
BLACK MAGIC?, Wong was very uncomfortable with the thought of black magic. As a Christian he had been taught that Black Magic is nothing but evil and those who dabble with it are pure evil too.

Wong was like, “No! thank you,” and started to walk away but the old lady held him back and said that if he truly loved his Grandma he would be willing to do whatever is necessary to save his Grandma.

The old woman was very persuasive. She knew all the right words to say. By the time 5 minutes were up Wong had totally agreed with what the old woman was saying.

The old woman gave Wong a magic portion to use on his Grandma.

When Wong got home and used it on his Grandma. His Grandma instantaneously got well. He didn’t want to tell his Grandma that he used Black Magic on her. That would make her Freak Out. So he told her that he prayed. That she has God to thank for her healing.

Just as he finished speaking he started having the symptoms that his mother had. It took him a while for him to figure it out but the black magic charm had exchanged his Grandma’s life for his.

Wong ended up dying. If only he refused to compromise he would have still been alive, and if only he studied the bible more and prayed for his Grandma for real, she would have been alive too.

It just goes to show that we should do things God’s way and never give the devil a chance to get a foot in the door.


My Bicycle Helmet Story – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Jamie. He belonged to a nice Christian home with a very loving and caring single mother.

One day, as Jamie was going out the door, his mother shouted lovingly from the kitchen that he should wear his helmet before he gets on his bicycle.
Jamie just cried back, “Yes! Mum.”
Mothers! they worry too much, Jamie thought to himself.

His mother couldn’t see him since she was in the kitchen so he left his helmet behind even though he head a voice in his head telling him not to leave the helmet behind.

It’s not like if he’s new at riding bicycles. He’s ridden his bicycle hundreds of times before without a helmet. Nothing bad ever happens to pros. How could anything bad ever happen to him?

Besides, wearing helmets aren’t cool. Wearing a helmet means that you are an amateur. Helmets are for squares and wimps. He was way too cool to wear a helmet. Mum just doesn’t know what’s cool, Jamie thought as he walked out the door.

Jamie was in a hurry to get to the comic book store and pick up the most recent copy of his favorite comic book, which according to the website just hit stores that day.

Jamie would have to follow the route that has a dangerous ferocious dog that was always loose to get to his favorite comic book store. Jamie loved the thrill of getting past that dog with his bicycle and having the dog get frustrated about trying to get him because Jamie believed that he was just too fast and too clever with a bicycle. Getting past that dog made him feel brave, super and acrobatic; like his favorite comic book hero.

Jamie got to the street where the dog lived. He took in a good breath. Then he started pedaling down the street as fast as he could.

As soon as the dog saw him, the dog started barking and running towards him. The dog seemed to be running faster than usual today.

Jamie got scared. He felt his heart skip a beat but he knew that if he let his fears take control of him, he would surely fail. So Jamie pulled together courage within himself and he kept his focus straight ahead of him.
The dog had come too close to the bicycle now that it was almost close enough to touch the bicycle.
Jamie peddled even harder.

Steady … Steady… Steady. Yes! He made it. Jamie made it to the other end of the street. Even though the dog wasn’t chained it never crossed past the end of the street.

That was fun, Jamie taught to himself. There was more adrenaline pumping in his veins than usual. The dog almost got him.

Feeling like his favorite comic book super hero, Jamie pedaled away to the comic book store.

After buying the comic from the comic book store and reading the comic over some ice cream in a kiddies eatery next to it, Jamie got on his bicycle and headed for the open air space where he and his friends discussed, played and rode their bicycles.

While playing with his friends, Jamie told them that he wanted to do a rather dangerous trick with his bicycle on a ramp. It was such a tricky trick that no one they knew had ever quite succeeded doing even an easier version of what he was describing he was going to do.

Jamie loved to impress his friends. He loved doing things that made them admire him more. He loved it when they looked at him as the Cool Kid On The Block.

Unbeknownst to Jamie, as he got ready to do the trick some of his friends started making bets on whether he would break his bones or he would make it.

Just as Jamie was about to go head with the trick, his youngest friend ran out to him and got in his way. He begged Jamie not to do the trick but Jamie refused, he said he knew what he was doing and he told his young friend to get out the way.

His young friend begged him a little more but he just wouldn’t listen.
When his young friend saw that begging was no good, he gave him his helmet to please at least wear it.

Jamie was like, No way.

But his young friend said that since he had already said no to his pleading with him that he should not even do the trick in the first place, he should at least do him the favor of wearing his helmet.
Jamie looked at the helmet. Well it was a cute looking helmet. It was very macho. It looked expensive too.

Although his young friend was younger than him and therefore had a smaller head size than him, the helmet was one of the cool models that could be easily re-adjusted to fit almost any head size and shape.

Jamie heard the voice again, telling him to take the helmet.

Jamie look the helmet from him, adjusted it to his size and then wore it. Well, what do you know? In-spite of the fact that he would never admit it, it actually felt good.
Jamie told his young friend to back off, which he did. Now Jamie was going to do the trick.

And then, came the count down.

1 … , 2… , 3 …. GO!!! Jamie rode off to pull the trick. There was suspense in the air. Some folks were just worried about the money that they could lose and not about Jamie’s life.


Jamie does the trick. He pulls it off.
All his friends or so – called friends except for the one who gave him the helmet went wild and crazy about the success of the trick. They had never seen anything so cool. There was a ruckus. There was rejoicing or something that looked like rejoicing. Everybody was caught up in the moment and Jamie just smiled as he soaked in all the praise and admiration.

In all the excitement, Jamie forgot to return the helmet.

While riding home on his own. A car being chased by another car comes out of nowhere and hits him. Knocking him straight off his bike.

Jamie lands on his head first.

People around, who saw what happened rush to help him.

Jamie gets up. He is alright. He takes off the helmet and he takes in deeper breaths to breathe properly.

As he looks at the helmet, he notices that it cracked.



They Are Talking Gibberish – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Sarah. She was a good Christian girl and she had good Christian friends. She was faithful to the church that she belonged to just like her mother was and she could always be counted on by the children’s Pastor of the children’s church. There was one little flaw however; it was that Sarah didn’t believe in speaking in tongues. She saw no sense in people speaking a language that they didn’t understand and hoping that it made sense.

This mindset of hers was from her late father who attended a different church before he died. At that time they all attended the church he attended. He always knocked speaking in tongues and churches that were into it.

However, when he passed on, Sarah’s Mum needed all the support that she could receive but no one in the church they attended did anything. It was two of Sarah’s Mum’s friends that attended a different church a church that believes in speaking in tongues that showed up almost daily and always helped Sarah’s Mum. It was that (the genuine Christian love she saw) more than anything else that made her change church to their church (which is the church that believes in speaking in tongues. The church that Sarah has now been so faithful in and is counted upon in).

Sarah was very influential amongst the other kids in church and whenever they played together and she saw another kid speaking in tongues she would say that the kids where speaking gibberish. This discouraged most of the kids who could speak in tongues from speaking in tongues.

Another kid confronted Sarah one day and talked to her deeply about the subject of speaking in tongues and about receiving the Holy Spirit. The kid found out that not only does Sarah believe in the Holy Spirit but she also has received the Holy Spirit after she received Jesus into her heart.

The kid then told Sarah that by not speaking in tongues she is refusing to totally yield to the ministry of the Holy Spirit in her life.

Sarah brushed it off and told the kid that the Holy Spirit is not in the ministry of talking gibberish.

Many years later, now, Sarah was a teenager. Her Mum sent her on an errand to help deliver free groceries to an orphanage they’d always helped. It was something Sarah delighted in doing. Sadly, today as she crossed to road leading to the orphanage she got knocked down by a speeding vehicle. She was hit real hard and the driver sped away convinced that he had just killed someone.

Sarah’s life flashed quickly before her eyes. Within her she knew that she didn’t have much time left. She tried praying in English but she had hit her head really hard and she couldn’t form articulate words that made sense. It even hurt to think. The impact of her head falling on the solid road had affected her ability to reason properly.

It was at this moment that Sarah remembered her discussion from many years ago. She had tried everything she might as well try speaking in tongues. Since she already had received the Holy Spirit it would be possible for her to speak in tongues even though she’s never tried to before. Sarah tried and immediately she started blasting in tongues.

Wow! It felt good. She felt a spiritual edification that’s higher than anything shes ever felt before. She kept on speaking in tongues and in no time she could think properly again. She didn’t stop speaking in tongues now. She just kept speaking in tongues and she kept feeling better she knew now that she was not going to die. There was just something about speaking in tongues that made her feel she had her destiny in her hands there was something about it that made her feel in charge; like she was controlling things.

Soon people showed up and rushed her to the hospital. She was speaking in tongues all the while and so some of them taught that the accident had made her delusional. She didn’t bother about what they might think she knew what she was doing was bringing healing to her body. By the time they reached the hospital Sarah had only a few cuts and bruises no broken bones or other complications. She overheard the doctor say that it wasn’t normal for someone who such a serious accident to have no complications or internal injuries. Sarah laughed in her mind, she knew it was the power of speaking in tongues.
The next day, Sarah was discharged from the hospital. And today she preaches the word including how powerful and wonderful the power of speaking in tongues is.


The Day I Felt Like The Biggest Loser In The World – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

In a beautiful house in Chicago, Jack was sat worried as he had just had a flash back from the past. His wife noticed his countenance and asked him to tell her what was wrong.

Oh! Dont worry about it, Jack said as he quickly changed his sad face.

Jack’s wife persisted to know what was wrong and while she was still persisting, their kids came into the sitting room and met Mum begging Dad to tell her what was bothering him, so the kids joined Mum therefore Dad just had to tell them what he was thinking about.

Jack made sure his wife and kids were comfortable before he began to tell them the story.

He began telling them of when he was a kid in Guatemala, he gave his life to Christ at a tent meeting crusade of a travelling evangelist. Hundreds of people gave their life to Christ that night, and that night at that altar saying the salvation prayer was the single most wonderful experience he had ever had. He was so happy and full of joy, and to top it off he also received the Holy Spirit on that same day.

From that day on he studied the word of God voraciously and he grew in the faith each day. His heart started to burn with a passion to win souls so much so that he started telling everyone around him who would listen to him about Jesus.

One day, while praying, Jack heard the lord telling him to hold a crusade.
What? he was just a little 14 year old kid; how could he host a crusade?

Jack prayed about it and fasted about it but it only got clearer that thats what the lord wanted him to do.

Jack then started to prepare to host the crusade. His friends and everyone else laughed at him and said that hes a nobody hes just a 14 year old that nobody would come and hear him preach.

Jack parents tried to convince him to forget about hosting the crusade but he wouldnt budge, he had received and instruction from God and he was going to obey.

Jack prayed and fasted for a high turnout and he prepared an extremely powerful sermon.

On the day of the crusade, Jack goes to the venue (which was just a very large field nobody was using at the time) with high hopes only to meet with the disappointment that only one person showed up.

Depression started welling up in Jack because of the extremely poor turnout but the Holy Spirit encouraged Jack and prompted him to preach as though the crusade ground was filled with thousands of people. So therefore; Jack preached his hottest sermon yet.

At the end of the crusade, the only person that came answered the altar call.

Jack told his wife and kids as he narrated the story that he still remembers the converts name to this day. His name was: Philip Andrew King.

Jack’s wife and kids consoled him after he finished the story. Anyway it was a very long time ago so it didn’t really hurt anymore. But as he told his wife and kids; on that day he felt like the biggest loser in the world.

Months later, Jack boarded a plane with his wife and kids to go to Guatemala for the holidays. When they landed in Guatemala and they walked through the airport, Jack looked at the news stand and saw the headline: MIRACLE HEALING EVANGELIST PHILIP ANDREW KING WINS OVER 50 THOUSAND PEOPLE TO CHRIST YET AGAIN.


Mission 36: Infiltrate Mafia – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time, there lived a 12yr old boy named Tommy.

Tommy’s father had just mysteriously disappeared and his mother had died a long time ago. Social security, some FBI and other Government folk showed up one day and drove him to a funeral service. They said it was his father’s funeral service. That they found him dead. However, the coffin remained closed and Tommy wasn’t allowed to see the body. Tommy also wondered why so many Government folk and FBI type guys were at his father’s funeral. For all he knew, his father was just a simple Christian business man who travelled a lot but always did his best to spend maybe too much time with him whenever he was around.

Tommy was later taken to live in the large beautiful house of a man he had never met but claimed to be his Dad’s best friend.

Everything creeped out Tommy.

Sure the house he would now be living in was cool much much cooler than the one he had been living in but why all the care and attention from Government guys. His father didn’t work for the Government, why are they now around?

Late one night, Tommy ran away from his new home and broke into the Government facility where they kept the stuff that belonged to his Dad. Tommy was caught and returned to the home of his Dad’s so called best friend. But not before Tommy found all he needed to know. He found out that his Dad was a Government spy and the last case his Dad worked on was a Mafian infiltration case.

One month later, Tommy ran away again and he pulled a James Bond that got him face to face with the head of the Mafian organization.

Tommy had a Gun pointed at the Godfather’s head but just as he was about to pull the trigger he heard his father’s voice he heard all the things about love and Jesus that his father taught him. He heard his father’s wise advise about how dangerous revenge is and how it incinerates the heart that harbors it.

The Spirit of God touched Tommy’s heart so Tommy put his Gun down. However, the Godfather just saw it as two things: firstly, as a sign of weakness. Secondly, as an opportunity to take advantage of.

So the Godfather commanded his men to apprehend Tommy.

As we all know, the mafia likes to be creative when they want to kill someone. So after torturing Tommy and finding out why he wanted to kill the Godfather which was because he wanted to avenge his father’s death. The Godfather decided they would kill him the same way they killed his Dad. But fortunately for Tommy, before he was about to experience the same fate. The FBI busted in and caught the Godfather and his Mafian organization just about to commit the crime.

I turned out that after the first time Tommy ran away, the wrist watch Tommy’s Dads so called best friend gave him as a gift had a tracking device in it just in case Tommy ran away again.

The Government had been trying to catch the Godfather in the act of committing a crime.

They couldnt prove that he had committed all the previous crimes that he had committed. That was why they sent Tommy’s Dad who was a top Government spy to infiltrate the Mafian organization and perhaps from the inside he can get concrete prove that would hold in court of how evil the Godfather is but he was caught before he had the chance. Now, that prove was available because the Godfather was caught red handed trying to kill Tommy.

Tommy was safe, thanks be to God. And the Godfather and his Mafians were put in jail where they belonged.

Things had turned out nicely but Tommy shouldn’t have taking matters into his own hands. He shouldn’t have gone after the Godfather in the first place. He might have not been alive today for doing so.

Tommy later grew up to become a secret agent like his Dad, and like his Dad he kept to his Christian principles all the way.

Glory be to Jesus.


Just A Few Minutes More – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place much like where you live right now, there lived a little boy named Tom. He was a nice Christian kid with good values and strong Christian morals. His parents had done a good job in not only being good examples themselves but had also made sure they put Tom in an Bible Study program for kids that had teachers that were extremely skilled with kids that even when the most vile kid who hated all things to do with God encountered any of these teachers for only a day they would be begging to come back the next day and on a path to change.

Today however, something very serious was up in Tom’s life; he would be having a test tomorrow and the teacher only told them about it today. Normally, Tom’s teacher would give Tom a heads up but for some lesson best known to teachers she chose to give them barely a days notice.

Tom decided that as soon as he gets home he’s going to breeze through his shores as quickly as he could but make sure that he does them as properly as he could then after eating and a quick shower he would hit the books.

When Tom got home he did all that he had proposed to do but when it came time for him to read he eyes brushed past the television and he noticed they were showing his favourite cartoon and an episode he had not watched before. Tom turned his eyes away from temptation, he had a test tomorrow he had to read. Tom started walking away but soon found himself walking back. Just a few minutes in front of TV wont hurt. I would just watch for 10 minutes tops, Tom told himself.

10 minutes later the cartoon had gotten so interesting that Tom couldn’t pull himself away. Tom promised himself 5 minutes more, but 5 minutes later Tom couldn’t possibly leave at the most beautiful part of the cartoon. Tom promised himself that Ok! he would go and read immediately after the cartoon.

After the cartoon finished Tom got up to go but just then the announcer announced that they would be showing the sequel to the cartoon they just showed after the break.

Oh! Men, Tom thought. Now the plot of the cartoon was struck in his head and he was tormented with curiosity to find out how things would turn out for the characters. He just had to know what would happen to them in the sequel.
Tom decided that he would just only watch a part of the sequel. He would just watch enough of the beginning part that would help him be able to predict the ending, then he would go and read.

However, 20 minutes later, Tom could not still predict how the story could end so he just said perhaps a few more minutes would help. But a few more minutes never helped him see where the plot was going so he kept on watching and watching until he finished watching the whole cartoon.

Ok! that was that, the cartoon was over. A lot of time had gone already but there was still time to read. Tom got up to go but then the unbelievable happened; the TV announcer announced that they were going to show a cartoon that Tom had wanted to watch for ages. Tom couldn’t believe they were going to show what they were going to show but the thing was that Tom had wanted to watch it since forever. Tom knew that he really shouldnt but Tom decided to watch it. He might never get another opportunity to watch it again.

Tom sat back down in front of the TV and watched the cartoon from beginning to end.

Tom made up his mind that now no matter what he was going to go and read. So he covered his ear with his hands just to in case the announcer may say something had he likes and then he ran to his bedroom to read.

Tom finally settled down to read. Sadly, it was already late and 3 minutes into his reading; Tom fell asleep on his reading desk with his face using the book as a pillow. Tom’s Mum came and found him in that position. She didn’t know about the test she wasn’t told. She then carried Tom into his bed as he slept.

Then she tucked him in. She kissed him good night, put off the light and left the room.

BBrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!, Tom’s alarm clock went in the morning.

Tom woke up. Oh! No it’s morning. How did he get into bed? The Test he hasn’t read. Oh Boy! I’m in soup, Tom thought. He didnt want to fail the test. It was too late for him to read right now. Ah! But too bad for Tom. He was going to reap what he sowed. He was going to face the consequences of his irresponsibility. Next time wont spend his time watching TV when he should be reading.

Tom was so worried – he was almost crying. Tom knelt down to pray that someway somehow God would make his school teacher forget to give the test.

Tom got up to get ready for school. When he looked out the window on his way to the bathroom he noticed it was snowing. The whole street was knee deep in snow it had been snowing all night he was snowed in and would everybody else. There would be no school today because of the snow in and they would soon announce it over the radio.

Tom rushed to the radio and after a few commercials they announced it. Hurray!!! Tom screamed, he couldnt contain his joy.

Tom’s Dad asked him if hes happy because hes gotten an opportunity to watch TV all day. But Tom replied, No way Dad, I learnt my lesson the last time. I’m going to read.

Even though Tom’s Dad didn’t understand what that was all about, we sure are mighty glad that Tom learnt his lesson.


The Throne Belongs To Whom It Belongs – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a land far far away there lived a beautiful princess named Sofia. Her beauty shone like the perfect rose but sadly her father, the King treated her as if she was just a fragile.

You see, in those days, women werent viewed as the equals of men. Everyone believed they were beneath men. They were even forbidden to speak in the presence of men unless granted permission to do so which rarely ever happened.

The King loved his daughter but at the end of the day she was still a woman. Her destiny was fixed. It was the destiny of every Princess in those days. She would be married to some rich Prince from another kingdom to ensure peace between the two kingdoms.

Fortunately for Sofia, no Prince had shown up yet. Princess Sofia wanted more out of life than being the over pampered Princess. She had nothing against the pampering but it was the part about her having nothing significant to add to the world that bothered her.

The King was glad that he also had a son. A son named Lex. He was much older than Sofia.

If the King only had a daughter and no son, he might as well kiss his royal lineage goodbye because no one in the kingdom would want a female leader. The only problem the king had was that Prince Lex was immature of character. He acted like a spoilt little Prince although he had long passed the age of becoming a man.

The King knew his son lacked everything it takes to be a good leader. He wasnt brave. He wasnt wise. He wasnt loving. He never took anything seriously, especially the lessons of his royal tutors. In fact the king feared that the day he hands over power to his son, the kingdom would come crumbling down within the next three hours tops.

The King also knew that his daughter was the complete opposite of her brother. She took things seriously, even more so the lessons of the royal tutors. She even used the royal library more than anyone else in the castle. She loved to read ahead of her tutors lessons. She was wise, and an incident in her childhood were she killed a snake in the royal garden proved she had bravery beyond her years. She even had strong Christian views like her late Mum.
Sofia always watched the royal knights train while she sat by a window overlooking the training ground, but no one knew that she was studying their training drills so that she could do those same drills herself in secret.

In those days it was socially unacceptable for a woman to be involved in any form of serious physical training and truthfully the women themselves never even had the slightest urge to desire to be physically strong. They loved the concept of a man being there to protect them A knight in shining armour being there to rescue them in time of danger.

However, the Princess begged to differ. She didnt want to be the helpless damsel who would need a brave knight to save her in times of trouble. She wanted to have whatever that brave knight has that would make him prevail over danger.
And if doing the same training drills that the brave knights do would give it to her, so be it.

Every once in a while the King would ponder of the fact that his daughter was more qualified to sit on the throne after him than his son was. But he dared not keep thinking in that direction. It went against everything he and everyone else at that time believed about women. It wasnt a matter he could debate in his mind. The throne would have to go to his son no matter how unfit he is.

One day, a dragon attacked the kingdom.
It flew about breathing fire on peoples houses; sending people fleeing from their homes in fear and spreading great chaos all through the kingdom.

The brave knights were sent for by the king to defeat the dragon. Under such circumstances it was customary for the Prince to go with them but the King knowing his son knew that if he let him go with them, there was an 80% chance he would never see his son again, so he did all he could to stop his son from leading the brave knights to slay the dragon. But the Prince was stubborn; he knew his Dad didnt believe in him so he wanted to prove himself not just to his Dad but also to his people.

The Prince led the Knights and they were all killed by the dragon.

The King was troubled, all hope was lost. He was wise enough to know that there was no point in going to kill the dragon by himself because he would just end up dead.

The King called together the royal elders to ask for suggestions for the entire kingdom was being set on fire as they spoke. They ended up deciding that as an incentive to make somebody rise up, that anyone who killed the dragon would be next in line for the throne as the Prince was dead and since the king had no male child there was no current heir to the throne.

The beautiful Princess Sofia got the news of her brothers death and wept for him. After crying, she went before the king and the people dressed as a knight, a sword in her hand and an official knights helmet covering her face. She offered to be sent to kill the dragon.
The king didnt recognize her. Nobody knew it was the Princess. They all taught it was just some guy who wants to be a knight but is related to one of the real knights that had just died, that would explain where he got the uniform from.

Thus, the Princess who was cleverly disguised as a man was sent to fight the dragon.

The Princess approached the dragon bravely riding on a stallion. When she got the dragon, she got down from the stallion and fought the dragon with great skill. She fought wisely like one with years of experience. The battle was tough but she was tough too. The people of the kingdom watched knowing that there is just a chance that his brave warrior would slay the dragon.

Just then the Princess struck a deadly blow with her sword at the dragon, but the dragon quickly and slyly dodged her move and breathed a large burning ball of fire on her. Burning her. Sending her falling to the ground half dead.
The dragon went to her to sniff for signs of life but it found none. All hope was lost for the people. Now they had no one to save them. They would all be destroyed by the dragon.

The dragon flew away from the Princess body and continued breathing fire on the people and on buildings as it flew around the kingdom.

Suddenly, the Princess fingers started to move. She wasnt dead. She was only almost dead but still very much alive.
The Princess sat up and a few people rushed to give her water to drink. She refused to take off her helmet and asked for a straw which she used to drink the water through one of the specially designed holes in the mouth region of her helmet, so no one would see her face and know that she is the Princess.
The Princess then asked to be left alone. She then prayed to God for instruction.

God reminded her of the story of David and Goliath.

David won Goliath because he went against Goliath in the name of the lord. David knew that God was with him but God wasnt with Goliath. David won that battle because of his faith in God being with him nothing else!

So Princess Sofia relied upon her faith in God and went against the dragon a second time. Goliath may be nothing compared to a fire breathing dragon but God is bigger than them both. In fact nothing is big enough to stand against God and defeat God so Sofia knew now that since God is with her, the dragon cannot defeat her. And truly, Princess Sofia was right. She slew the dragon.
Everybody started rejoicing.

The King and the royal elders had to keep their end of the bargain. They invited Princess Sofia who was still wearing her helmet to stand on the royal balcony before all the people so she could be presented with the royal crown for the crowned prince alone to wear.

After Sofia had been given the royal crown, she took off her helmet and wore the royal crown. Everybody was dumbfounded that it was the Princess. Nobody could believe it. But whats done is done. Princess Sofia even though she was a woman was next in line for her fathers throne.

Not only had the kingdom been saved but a huge victory had been won for womankind that day. Thanks be to Jesus.


Don’t Let Anyone Ride Your Bicycle – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in the city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria (Africa); there lived a little boy named Obinna. Both of his parents where Christians so he was fortunate to be exposed to the life giving teachings of the bible from birth.Obinna was a typically nice kid who loved to play a lot. Playing was certainly one of Obinnas principal highlights for any given day.
Obinna loved bicycles.

Sadly, Obinna did not have a bicycle.
He disturbed his parents night and day for them to get him a bicycle but they didnt. Although they avoided telling Obinna directly, the truth was that Obinnas parents could not afford to get him a bicycle. They had a lot of bills to pay and other responsibilities which took top most priority thereby making it difficult for them to squeeze out enough money to buy Obinna a bicycle.

One Thursday morning, Obinnas Dad heard about a free finance seminar that was going to be held in the afternoon at the Citys Convention Center.

Obinnas Dad told his Mum about it and she agreed to follow him there. At the seminar they learnt a lot of things that would really help them with their finances. But they also learnt something that could help them make Obinnas dream of having a bicycle come true. They learnt that the extra money they have for snacks and other little things when saved over a period of time would be enough to get them whatever low priority item they want but never have enough money to buy; which in this case was a brand new bicycle for their son, Obinna.
So after a few months of saving Obinna got his brand new bicycle.

Obinnas parents gave him only one instruction, DONT LET ANYONE RIDE YOUR BICYCLE.

Obinna promised his Mum and Dad that he wouldnt let anyone ride his bicycle. He rode his bicycle any time he had even a little opportunity to do so. You could hear him pedalling down the street with a large grin on his face almost every single day.

All the other kids soon noticed that Obinna had a bicycle and since they themselves didnt have bicycles it didnt take long before someone walked up to Obinna and begged him to let him ride his bicycle.

Obinna said. No!

However, it wasnt 2 weeks long before almost every single kid in his neighborhood had asked Obinna for an opportunity to ride his bicycle and he had had to say a big fat NO to.

The kids in the neighborhood now began to feel animosity towards Obinna. They were all very mad at him. None of the kids would even play, talk to or even took at Obinna. It was as if any kid who dared talk to Obinna had committed an unforgiveable crime. This made Obinna very lonely indeed. It was like they stamped Obinna as the most wicked and evil kid in the world. And all because he refused to let anyone ride his bicycle.

One day, Obinna got fed up of the all the animosity. When his parents were not around, he rode his bicycle to a bunch of kids in his neighborhood who used to be his friends before he got that bicycle and told them that he would like them to ride it.

Soon it became a trend that whenever Obinnas parents were not around anyone could come around and ride Obinnas bicycle. Obinna went from having no friends at all to having more friends than he could count.

People would take turns riding Obinnas bicycle down the street and back while Obinna would be chilling – feeling like a super celebrity.

One day, everything was going smoothly as usual until the kid who was riding the bicycle didnt turn to start coming back when he reached the end of the street. Rather he just rode into another street and he and the bicycle went out of sight.

Everyone waited a second longer. Maybe, the boy decided to turn around in the next street. Then a minute past by but the boy didnt come back. Then 3 minutes passed. At this point everyone started considering the possibility that the boy was stealing the bicycle.

Normally, Obinna wasnt allowed to leave his street without his parents but now Obinna had to run and save his bicycle. Obinna and his friends ran down the street and looked round the corner into the street the boy rode into but neither the boy nor the bicycle could be found. Obinna and his friends looked everywhere they could in-between streets and what have you but they still couldnt find the boy or the bicycle.

It turned out that news that there was a boy who let anyone ride his bicycle whenever his parents were not around had spread through a lot of different neighborhoods even ones that were very far away from Obinnas neighborhood.
The boy who had stolen the bicycle had seen this as an opportunity to steal a bicycle. He was from another neighborhood and no one knew which so it was a waste of time trying to find him.
Now Obinna had no bicycle. His celebrity status soon vanished as he now had nothing the other kids wanted.

Obinna was going to have to tell his parents the truth and he alone was going to face the music.

Obinna shouldnt have disobeyed his parents. Since he was having animosity problems with other kids in his neighborhood because he choose to follow his parents instructions, he should have talked the matter out with his parents and listened to what solution they would have proposed. But rather than do that( which was right), he took matters into his own hands and choose to solve the problem his own way even if it meant disobeying his parents.

Poor, poor Obinna. Now who knows what kind of punishment his parents would now dish out for him.


Operation Get Mum & Dad Back Together – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Both parents of the Christian twin girls; Tina and Sasha were given an Ultimatum. The twins wont eat until their soon to be divorced parents met three of their demands.

Firstly, they were to see a marriage counsellor.

Secondly, they were to go for a family picnic together, all four of them.

Third, both their parents where to spend a week alone in the hotel abroad they spent their honeymoon in.

The twins parents had no choice so they reluctantly agreed.

The visit to the marriage counsellor made the parents leave with more reasons why they should have never been together in the first place. So that wasnt any help.

The family picnic did nothing but give new meaning to the term awkward silence.

The last demand left was spending a week abroad in the hotel they spent their honeymoon in. What good would it do if the other demands didnt even trigger a two second spark?

The week was already coming to an end and still nothing was happening.

The twins practically gave up, there was no use. They should just learn to accept the fact that their parents would be separated and they would each have to live with a different parent.

Two nights before the week was over, they watched a TV preacher look into the camera and prophesy that there are two little twin girls watching his program right now and they are worried that their parents are going to have a divorce. He said that he brings them good news; that they should rejoice because their parents would not have a divorce in Jesus name.

The twins looked at each other. Could he be talking about them? They wanted to shrug it off but they decided to get down on their knees and pray instead. They prayed until faith shone within them and they knew they were in for a miracle.

Overseas where the parents spent their honeymoon there was a major problem and the hotel the twins parents were in caught fire but neither of them were in it. However, each one taught the other was in it and both rushed in minutes apart to save the other. They both ended up being saved by firemen who it look almost an hour to find the twins parents inside the burning building.

When both parents where in the hospital and realised how they had both risked their lives to save the other, new flames ignited. They realised beneath it all, they still loved each other. They had both almost sacrificed their lives for each other.

With a fresh commitment, a desire to work out their issues and a foundation built on Jesus Christ, the family was brought back together again.

The End.

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