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The Neighbour Who Played His Music Too Loud – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time not far back in time at all, there lived a man named Todd.
Todd loved to play his music too loud, he never stopped to consider how inconvenient it must be for his neighbours; he only cared about himself and what he wanted.

He viewed the complaints his neighbours made about him as personal acts of hatred against him.

He hated his neighbours for complaining that he played his music too loud so he started playing it mega loud, not only because he liked to play his music that way but because he also wanted to get back at his neighbours for always complaining about him. He ignored those who warned him that it was an unChrist – like thing to do.

Soon enough the neighbours got tired of complaining about Todd but their hearts still burnt in anger anytime they heard him playing his music too loud.

One night, a gang of brutal merciless thieves came to rob their neighbourhood. Todds house stood out to them because not only where all the lights in his house on at that late hour of the night but the music was so loud the thieves felt it was calling out to them.

There was no sound in the other houses on the street and all their lights were off. The people had learnt to ignore Todds loud music and still go to bed but the thieves figured that those other houses must be empty, that there is no way anyone would put up with all the loud noise at this hour of the night; they must have all gone out and whoever owned the house with the loud music must have utilized the opportunity to throw a late night party or just stupidly play his music too loud. The good news is, he must be a silly fellow, so he would be quite easy to rob the thieves taught.

Therefore the thieves decided to rob only Todds place then move on to another neighbourhood there was no need checking the other houses in Todds neighbourhood.

The thieves didn’t believe in robbing houses that had no people in them because that means searching for the most valuable items themselves, which means they would waste too much time and they could break into a house with gold bars and come out with only a TV set just because they didnt know the gold bars where there or where they were. Not to mention there wasnt much money for the thieves in selling used TV sets and DVD players.

So the thieves preferred to rob only horses with the owners in them so they can interrogate and not have to bother breaking down the house and searching for valuable items themselves which would give the cops all the time in the world they need to catch them.

Sadly, when they tried to interrogate Todd, maybe because of one too many action movies, Todd decided to try to be a hero and save himself and his valuables. Todd ended up getting killed. The thieves didn’t like when their operations turned out that way but what happens, happens.

Todds death was met with the kind of mourning you would expect for a dude that terrorised his neighbourhood with playing his music too loud.

Oh! He would have still been alive today if like the bible teaches he considered and cared about others. Because if he did he wouldnt play his music too loud.


Whosoever Said The Sun Doesn’t Shine Forever Must Have Flunked Geography – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Little Tommy just couldnt believe it. He had just won the ticket which entitles him to spend a whole day with his favourite Hollywood celebrity.

Later that afternoon while hanging out with the celebrity, the celebritys agent called and from the conversation Little Tommy got that the celebrity was pushing himself to do whatever his agent says and get the most money now because he believed the sun doesn’t shine forever.
Little Tommy politely told him after he finished the call that he knows its none of his business but he doesn’t have to be afraid that his career would end so suddenly. He doesn’t have to live in fear that one day he would be replaced by someone younger stronger and maybe more talented actor.

Little Tommy spoke to him about Jesus and having faith in Jesus. And that God takes care of those that are his therefore a Christian actor would have nothing to worry about.

Little Tommy ended up leading the celebrity to Christ and the celebrity received super boldness, as faith burned in his heart.

The celebrity never had to worry about his career anymore.


Don’t Eat Food That Just Fell On The Ground – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called Lagos in the country called Nigeria there lived a little girl named Chioma. She belonged to a nice Christian family.
Chioma had two younger brothers.

Her mother was a well respected Doctor in Lagos, and her Father worked at an oil rig for the biggest oil company in Africa so even though he was in one of the highest income brackets in Nigeria, he was never at home. However, anytime the oil company gave him a break he always tried to make up for lost time by buying his family anything they asked for and taking them anywhere they wanted to go.

One day while Chioma sat with her Mum and two brothers at the dinning table. Chioma was too excited because her Mum had just given them the news that their Dad would be returning from the rig in two days time. Even though she and her brothers shouted and jumped out of their seats and their Mum had spent the last 5 minutes trying to calm them down, Chioma was still jumpy and it was in this excitement that when she tried to obey her mother’s instruction and finish her breakfast, the fork in her hand fell to the ground along with the roasted chicken drum stick which was unbelievably delicious.

Now this was sad. No Nigerian likes to eat food without goat meat or cow meat or fish or chicken or turkey. It won’t be like eating food to a Nigerian if none of these things is present in the plate.

Chicken is an all time Nigerian favorite constituent of a meal, so you can understand why this was a sad thing for Chioma. She also knew that there was no way her Mum would get up and go to the kitchen to prepare a brand new chicken drum stick for her. In Nigeria, you pay for the consequences of whatever happens whether it’s your fault or not. Besides even if by chance of a miracle her Mum wanted to help her out and prepare a new chicken drum stick for her, it would make her late for work. And when you are a doctor in Nigeria, being late for work means creating an opportunity for patients to die.

Chioma’s condition was truly a sad one.
There was a kind of silence in the dinning room. It was something in-between giving Chioma time to mourn the passing of her drum stick and also waiting to see what Chioma would do.

A few seconds later, Chioma reached out to pick up the drum stick and her cutlery from the floor. She was just about to put the drum stick back into her plate of food just when her Mum screamed like her daughter was about to commit the worst sin in the world.
Her Mum told her that she should never eat food that has fallen on the ground. She also told her that it isn’t only bad etiquette to pick up cutlery that falls to the floor while you eat but she should realize that there are now a lot of germs that she can’t see that could now have soiled the cutlery.

Chioma’s Mum gave Chioma enough important info for her not to do that again.

This of cause, resulted in Chioma having to eat breakfast without Chicken.

Chioma’s Mum told Chioma that she has to get to work and that she is leaving her in charge. Normally, their maid was in charge but the maid had been given leave to travel back to her village and visit her family for a couple of days.

Chioma’s Mum told Chioma that she trusts her and therefore knows that she would do a good job. Even though Chioma’s Mum didn’t say it, it was kind of a test for Chioma, but she was confident that her little girl would pass it.

Chioma and her immediate younger brother were on mid-term break and the youngest brother in the family wasn’t even old enough to go to school so the three of them played and played and watched TV until lunch time.

Chioma knew how to work the micro wave oven. Her Mum had showed her a few days ago and anytime her Mum wanted something warmed in the micro wave she called Chioma to do it so Chioma would get accustomed to it. She even told Chioma to hang around the kitchen and watch what she was doing anytime she cooked even though she never let Chioma help her in cooking anything. As far as Chioma’s Mum was concerned she was still too young. For now she should just stick to using the micro wave and the toaster.
Chioma went to the micro wave and warmed the food her and her brothers would have for lunch just fine. They knew their Mum would be coming back later in the evening and she had left that food for Chioma to warm so they would eat it in the afternoon.

Chioma dished out the food for herself and her brothers. Since nobody was there to stop or correct her, she didn’t eat her food in the dinning room like she would have done if her Mum was in the house. She took her food to the living room to eat in front of the TV while her brothers remained in the dinning room.
While eating and watching TV, a scary thing happened in the movie that made Chioma jump in fright. Sadly, when she jumped, the large juicy goat meat in her plate fell to the floor along with a little bit of the rice in the plate.

Oh No! not again. Chioma was angry. Not twice in one day. She just stared at the meat on the floor. She remembered all that her mother said about germs. Then in anger she shoved all her mother’s words in her head to the side and she picked up the meat and put it back in the plate.

Chioma had a jolly good time enjoying the movie and enjoying her meal. She was glad that she didn’t throw away the meat.

10 minutes later, Chioma started having some stomach pain. It kept on getting worse and worse and worse. Chioma didn’t need anyone to tell her that it was because of the meat that fell on the ground that she ate.

Later, Chioma owned up to her brothers and told them that her goat meat fell to the ground and she picked it up from the floor and ate it.

It was when for some reason she pointed out the spot on the floor the meat fell that her immediate younger brother told her that he had killed a cockroach on that very spot. He didn’t even clean it up well so apparently she scoped up some part of the insides of the cockroach along with the goat meat and put it all in her plate.

At the hospital, some minutes later, Chioma’s Mum was glad that her daughter is all grown up and must be doing real well with her younger brothers at home. She couldn’t wait to get back home and congratulate her daughter and tell her how proud she was of her. She would probably pick up a new story book on her way home to give it to Chioma as a gift. But 1st things 1st, she had one more patient, her shift was almost up. She asked a nurse to bring in the next patient and guess what? Guess who she saw. It was her daughter – Chioma, holding her stomach and moaning in pain.


Fake Pastor Exposed – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called America there lived a little girl named Roselyn. She was smart, charismatic and the most influential student in her school. She might have been only 13 but she was far more mentally advanced than age.

Roselyn had an honorable aspiration for her future. Her role model was Pastor XYZ. She wanted to be just like Pastor XYZ when she grew up. She wanted a own her own church. Reach out to people around the world through a TV ministry and help poor people across America and in every other part of the world.

Roselyn was already listening to sermons everyday and reading every Christian children’s book she could get her hands on.

Kids in her school would come to her anytime they needed advise. Everybody loved her and everybody seemed to think she was cool probably because she loved everyone and didn’t look down on anyone.

One day, Roselyn heard of something that a preacher she used to listen to his sermons said. Roselyn couldn’t believe that he would say something like that so she did her research online and found out which sermon DVD he said that in. Then Roselyn begged her Mum to buy her that DVD, she didn’t tell her Mum why she wanted it, she just told her Mum that she needed to listen to it.

After Roselyn watched the DVD and saw for herself that the preacher really said that. She was angry and threw away all her other DVD’s of that preacher that she had. She also deleted all the free podcasts that she had downloaded from his ministry on her iPod.

It disturbed Roselyn deeply. She knew that it was wrong to speak against a man of God. She knew that the right thing to do was to pray for the man of God, but she was just too mad to pray for him.

Roselyn just could’t get the matter out of her head. She soon started bringing it up and complaining about it almost anytime she hung out with her Christian friends.

She wanted to make a video about it and post it on a popular video sharing site but she knew that somehow that wouldn’t be the right thing to do. It just looked like something that Jesus wouldn’t smile upon. At the same time, Roselyn felt like she had to do something big to expose the preacher for what he said otherwise he would lead a lot of people astray and then Jesus would not be pleased with her because she didn’t do something about it in time to save those people.

Thus, Roselyn was torn between two paths. What choice should she make? What choice was the right choice to make? It soon started eating at Roselyn’s heart and one night she had trouble sleeping. She just couldn’t help thinking that the Pastor must seriously have something wrong with him.

The next day Roselyn made a video talking about what the Pastor said on the DVD and she posted it on the popular video sharing site under the title; “FAKE PASTOR EXPOSED.”

Within two days alone, the video got like 10 thousand views. It started going viral and many people started linking to it and talking about it on their blogs. Maybe it was because of Roselyn’s Charisma, maybe it was because of the authority with which she spake, maybe it was because of the facts that she gave, or maybe it was because of the fact that the she was so young and yet so intelligent and had drawn their minds to something they had not observed before. Whatever it was, the video views kept increasing at record breaking pace.

People that new Roselyn saw the video. Her close friends from church saw the video. They didn’t know that she was planning to do that type of video but still they weren’t too surprised. Since she had been complaining about the matter every time they hung out.

Roselyn’s Mum saw the video. She made it clear to Roselyn that she didn’t approve of what she did and she told her that it wasn’t her place for her to do what she did.

The viewership of the video had grown beyond Roselyn’s wildest expectations, but it later started slowly down and almost became stagnant when it passed a certain number of views. The video never got to have a hundred million views but at a certain point, before the rate of viewership started slowly declining she taught that it would.

The Pastor and his ministry did not respond to the video but somehow it was obvious that it would be silly for anyone to think that that video did not affect his ministry when you consider the views, comments, video responses and blog recognition that it got.

As time went on Roselyn was able to get her mind away from the all the drama of the ‘FAKE PASTOR EXPOSED’ video. She was now able to return to her normal life of preaching the gospel to folks in her school and studying her bible regularly.

One day, while Roselyn studied her bible, she came across a passage of scripture that validated what the Pastor had said. Oh – My – Gosh! the Pastor was not preaching heresy. What he was preaching was from the word of God, he just didn’t give any bible reference in the DVD but it was totally in-line with the word of God.

Roselyn prayed to God for forgiveness. She was wrong. She was sorry. She had put him on blast. She had blasted him on the internet over something that he was right about and she was wrong about. She had done something wrong because she did not know a scripture therefore couldn’t understand the revelation that the Pastor was giving on the DVD. Because what he was talking about was one of those hard to understand teachings of the bible that requires really really deep bible study and the presence of the Spirit of God in your life to understand.

Roselyn quickly pulled off her FAKE PASTOR EXPOSED from the online video sharing site. It had been months since it had been online. She then made an apology video as quickly as possible and posted it on a popular online video sharing site.

The Apology video didn’t get so many views. For as long as it stayed up it only gathered 276 views.

Roselyn then found out that trying to pull down someone’s reputation sells more than trying to build up someone’s reputation.

Roselyn was sincerely sorry and she told as many of her friends that she could that she was wrong. She also had to explain to them using that particular scripture how he was right.

Roselyn also told her Mum what was going on and she told her about the apology video.

Roselyn’s Mum told her that she was proud of her and that she did the right thing by making and posting the apology video.

Roselyn resumed listening to the Pastor and she re-downloaded all his ministry’s podcasts into her iPod once more.

As time passed, the Pastor’s sermons become a huge blessing to her and she kept on excelling in her spiritual growth and in her academics all through her schooling years.

After college, Roselyn kept on growing famous and in time she abbreviated her first and middle name because it had a certain ring to it.

She’d grown up into a very successful preacher. She won souls and saved a lot of lives. She was finally getting closer to her childhood aspiration of positively affecting the world like Pastor XYZ did when she was a kid. The only thing was that she didn’t have a church of her own yet. She had no money to pay for a building to use as a church but she had written many books and had her schedule filled with invitations from other ministers to preach in their churches.

One day, as a guest on another ministry’s TV show she voiced her aspiration to start her own church but that she had no money.

Weeks later, Roselyn was nominated amongst a few other young ministers to be given the money to start a church by a joint fellowship of Christian churches in America.

The joint fellowship was another organization founded by the same Pastor that she had attacked on the video sharing site as a child.

When the time for the award came, all the nominees came forward. Roselyn was announced the winner. She would be the one given the money to start her own church.

As they were about to hand her the award the person presenting her the award had to say her name in full. Just then, someone made the connection when he heard her full name and he asked “Aren’t you that girl that made that Fake Pastor Exposed video that went viral online?”

Needless to say, Roselyn felt immersed in shame. They committee changed their decision and the gave the money to someone else to start their own church.

Roselyn cried that day when she got home. Now she had felt the sting of the scripture that says, “Who are you to judge another man’s servant?” (Romans 14: 4).


Everybody Has The Right To Believe Whatever They Want To Believe – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time Jimmy and Nancy’s Dad paused outside the senate house to take in a long breathe of fresh air before he was going to take his next step forward.
He taught about his two wonderful kids and his lovely wife who had an awesome heart. He was doing this for them. He wasn’t just doing it for them alone but he was doing it for the country and maybe even the whole world.

He was blessed to have a family that loved him, and he was blessed to be able to provide for them and be grateful that they live in a free country where people have basic human rights. And he was determined to keep it that way.

Jimmy and Nancy’s Dad was a very important senator and what happens next after he walks into the senate house would determine if the nation would remain free or not.

The fight was on a very controversial issue that had resorted in mass riot and chaos recurring over and over again amongst different belief groups, religious groups and schools of thoughts became an almost daily thing. There was sure to be at least three major riots happening every week. And now, Jimmy and Nancy’s Dad had the power to change that. He believed if he succeeded in convincing the senate to pass the law which promoted his idea which was the solution then all the trouble would go away and he can be sure of a secure future for his kids and for his nation.
The problem was that there were others believed in ideas conflicting to his to be the solution.

There were those who didn’t want everybody to have the right to believe what they want to believe but don’t have a reason.

There were those who believed that they should select the religions that they want to exist and abolish every other one.

And there were those who believed that all religions should be merged into one.
Each one believed that their idea was the ultimate solution.

Jimmy and Nancy’s Dad’s idea however was different.

He believed that everybody should have the right believe whatsoever they wanted to believe.

He remember when he told his kids his idea when they asked him what he taught the solution to the problem in their country was.

When he told them he could still remember his daughter saying that he was wrong, that the solution to the problem of her country is LOVE.

He remembered laughing and looking at his cute little daughter and telling her that life is more complicated than she is capable of understanding right now.
That the answer to such great and complex a problem could not be that simplistic.

Jimmy and Nancy’s Dad snapped back into the present. He had to handle the matter at hand. He had to win this debate. He had to sell the senate on his idea.

He finished taking his long breathe of fresh air to summon up the courage and strength. Then he took the next step forward.

Many tense hours later, Jimmy and Nancy’s Dad came out of the senate house a victor. He had succeeded in convincing the senate that his idea is the way to go to solve their nations problems. He had convinced them to sign it into law that everybody now had the right to believe whatsoever it is that they wanted to believe. Now there would be peace and all religious groups would get along under the new law of the land.
Jimmy and Nancy’s Dad and his supporters had a huge celebration party that day.
Jimmy and Nancy’s Dad woke up the next morning and turned on the News. There finally would be peace at last.

He almost choked on his coffee as he saw what he saw on TV.

There was a new riot and thanks to the new law the police couldn’t do anything about it because the new law actually protected the riot.

Since everybody had the right to believe whatsoever they wanted to believe someone started a new religion that believed its followers should riot and resort to violence to protest two other religions they did not like whenever they saw them gather together to worship. As Jimmy and Nancy’s Dad sat there looking at the TV in shock, his 7 year old son, Jimmy asks him; “I taught that you said that there would be no more fighting and the world would be a better place if you won the senate over?”

9 year old Nancy came to Dad holding her cute little children’s bible and with, “I TOLD YOU SO” written all over her face. And then she said, “I told you that there is only one simple answer to every human problem and that answer is LOVE. Yet you were arguing with me that the answer of somethings in life aren’t that simple. If you had proposed Love as the answer to the senate and you and your friends made LOVE the law of the land and anything ‘anti – Love’ illegal; would they still be fighting today?”


Finders Keepers?, … I Mean Really? – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time but not far back in time at all there lived a little girl named Sandra. She had just given her life to Christ in children’s church and had just began to learn fun and exciting values from the stories in the bible the children’s church teacher shared with them.

Things were going great for her Christian parents at home and things were going great for her too. Oh! these were merry times.

One day, while she was walking to church for a Holiday season children’s seminar she found some money lying at the side of the road.

Now, in the place where Sandra lived, when you find money or any lost item you turned it in to one of the city’s many Lost and Found kiosks that was in almost every neighborhood in the city.

Sandra picked up the money and thought of dropping it off at the nearest Lost and Found kiosks on her way to the church, but as she touched that money she immediately remembered a limited edition remote control doll that had seen when passing a store window. Funny, she had never been struck with the urge to want to have the doll until now. Holding enough money to buy something she would have been cool with having but never had the desire to have in the first place had created a desire to have it that was growing within her the more she looked at the money in her hands.
Sandra was confused. She didn’t know what to do. Should she take the money to one of the Lost and Found Kiosks or should she go to the store and buy the doll.

Sandra decided to keep walking to church so she won’t be late.

When she passed a Lost and Found Kiosk on her way there she would decide whether to turn in the money or not, she taught to herself.

Interestingly, when she got to the only Lost and Found kiosk in-between the spot where she had found the money and the church she was heading to, a thought dropped in her mind that she should hold unto the money a little longer after all the kiosk isn’t going to run away, it would still be there when she needed to turn the money in after the children’s church meeting for that day.

All through the meeting that day, Sandra debated in her mind whether she should turn in the money or get the doll that she all of a sudden now wanted.

The sermon that day was on “Doing the right thing even when we don’t feel like it” and it sure spoke to Sandra like if the sermon was tailor made for her. Sometimes sermons in church just speak to you directly like if you are the only one in church and the preacher is only preaching to you.

After the sermon that day, Sandra walked out of church intending to turn the money in at a Lost and Found Kiosk but as soon as she saw one she started having second thoughts. The images of the limited edition remote control doll started flashing in her head, kinda like it was saying, ‘If you turn in the money you would never get me.’

Sandra pushed herself to be persistent, she was going to do the right thing. She kept walking towards the Lost and Found kiosk within her sights. When she was half way there the taunting within her head increased and she just couldn’t take it anymore, she just turned back and ran all the way to the store.

When she walked into the store she heard a voice within her that told her to sing a song of praise to the lord.

Sandra began to sing and she discovered that the more she sang praises to God the more she felt like she could do anything for God – the more she felt like she could turn her back on not buying the doll because of God.

Sandra walked out of the store without buying the doll and with each step she took walking away from the store the better she felt.

Sandra turned the money in at the closest Lost and Found kiosk. Although she didn’t get any reward for doing so she walked away feeling like there could be no greater reward than the way she felt now. She had chosen to do the right thing.


Focus On The Solution Not The Problem – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called Brooklyn, New York; there lived a young Christian African – American man everyone called Politics. And No, he wasn’t into politics. He was a rapper but anytime he rapped he didn’t talk profanity or any of the nonsense or irrelevant material that come out of the mouths of typical rappers. He always rapped about important issues and as a result folks started calling him Politics.

Politics had major problems through. He was buried under a mountain of bills. He didn’t have a record deal in-spite of all he did (that wasn’t outside God’s word) to get one. And quite frankly, it didn’t took like Politics would be getting any record deal anytime soon even though there was nothing wrong with his rap skills.

From rent, to folks in the neighborhood, to the increase of crime in the neighborhood; things were really going from bad to worse.

One day after a show that Politics put together, a street preacher walked up to him and told him that he likes the fact that there is no profanity in his rap songs and that he had seen Politics serval times before in a local church. He told Politics that his major problem is that he focuses too much on the problem, and magnifies it instead of focusing on the solution and working out something from the solution hence he would always be a slave to the problem.

If you are only conscious of your problems and keep talking about it and about how great they are, you make a bigger giant out of the giant already in front of you and therefore it becomes more difficult to defeat. As a matter of fact it is impossible to defeat it if you only think and talk about the problem and never the solution.

Politics went home that day and thought about what the street preacher said. He had tried everything else and it hadn’t worked, he might as well try the street preachers instruction.

Politics changed the type of words he used in his daily life and in his songs. Instead of speaking defeat he spoke victory. Instead of analyzing and rapping about the problems in the society in songs he rapped about the solution. He rapped about what could be done to change things instead of blaming the government or somebody else for not doing their job right.

People could see the change in Politics. There was something different about him. He was more positive – more positive minded. Those who attended his shows left feeling uplifted and not like those who has been convinced the whole world is against them and they would never make it. Politics himself felt good about himself. He spoke about God more in his songs and received deep heartfelt feedback from those who attended his shows.

Things were really looking up.

And then, all of a sudden, as though Politics were cursed or something. Politics experienced the worst week of his life. Two close relatives died. Politics was falsely arrested for a crime he knew nothing about. There were threats in his mail box. There was a shoot-out in one of his shows, and a bunch of other terrible things happened that week. But the worst thing that Politics feared the most happened to crown up the end of that week, it was that he got kicked out of his apartment and was forced to leave on the streets cause he didn’t have enough money to pay for an apartment in the city.

At this point things looked like they could only get worse for Politics, he certainly felt that way.

Politics began to feel like what’s the point, he might as well give up. What’s the point of being positive? He’d focused on the solution and situations had still gotten him to were he was right now – homeless.

Politics had just about thrown in the towel when he saw a sign in a large graffiti painting on the side wall of a local church. It read: FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH.

It was then that it hit Politics that it was Satan that made him feel discouraged. It was Satan that wanted him to give up.

Politics right there and right then made up his mind to be always positive and always focus on the solution instead of the problem no matter the situation he found himself in.

Politics decided to plan and host a show in-spite of the fact that he was homeless. He would never stop no matter want. He would change the world. He would never stop believing in what God can do through him.

He would never acknowledge the strength & magnitude of the problems facing him, rather he would take his eyes off the problem and focus on the solution.
Politics continued with unshakeable fervor and a year later he was given a record deal by the biggest gospel music record label ever. His music videos where on fire on TV and his songs were popular requests on radio stations around the English speaking/Rap music listening world.

50 years later, by the end of his life his music had been one of the key instruments that helped to set the stage for solving 80% of all the problems in the society that everyone else complained about.


Girls Like Excitement – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a young African American Junior High School boy named Christopher. He was raised in a nice Christian home and had memorized every bible passage that he was taught in Sunday School. He was what you would call a good kid. A nice guy. But as far as being aquatinted with the Spirit of the word of God went, he wasn’t quite good in that area. Not that he wasn’t sincere in his ways. It was just that he was still growing in spiritual things just like every other Christian; even though he was not yet reached where many others had passed in their spiritual growth.

Ever since Christopher bumped into a girl from another class in the school hallway and she helped him pick up his books which fell down, he seemed to develop an unshakable interest in becoming her friend. Her name was Lisa. He had wanted to approach her many times since then but had backed down at the last minute.

Today was the day however, that he had made up his mind to do it. It was going to be now or never.

Christopher approached her and asked her out, but she looked at him from head to toe as if analyzing him then she hesitantly says, No. It was as if she wanted to say Yes but there were more reasons for her to say No than for her to say Yes.

Christopher felt crushed. He then did something that he really wasn’t supposed to do. He told a friend of his who was a girl to make friends with Lisa and slyly find out the reason why she refused to go out with him.

The female friend Christopher told to help him was Margaret. Even though they were friends since pre-school, Christopher had to give her his lunch money before she agreed to do it.

After a day of false friendship, Margaret got the information she wanted.
She told Christopher that the reason why Lisa turned him down is because she thinks he’s too nice. She likes the bad boy type and she sees Christopher as someone who if she starts going out with she would find quite boring.

Later, Christopher talks to a friend named Tony about it and Tony tells him that he is not surprised. That he is always following the rules and has never broken the rules. He can’t even remember him ever doing anything against the rules since he knew him. Playing it safe is not fun. It is not risky. It is not exciting, and it is excitement that girls want Tony told Christopher.

Tony tried to talk Christopher into doing something risky. If he was not going to ease up on his lifestyle and change to the guy who doesn’t play it safe all the time, then he should at least do something risky at least once. But Christopher is like he doesn’t quite know. He’s still skeptical about following Tony’s advice but when Tony dared him, Christopher stood up and said he would do it – he would come up with something to do to break the rules. He is not a chicken.

After thinking of what to do Christopher came up with the idea that he would be leaving school early before the first bell to go to a bar which he would get into with a fake ID and then in the bar he would drink his first beer.

Tony was happy for Christopher. He was proud of him. He congratulated him and told him that it was a good idea.

After Christopher secured the fake ID he told a friend that was in Lisa’s class to pass a note {that said that he would be leaving school after the first bell to go to a bar}, to Lisa to pass it to another friend of his while the school teacher is teaching. So Lisa would think she’s helping one student pass a note from one student to another student while the teacher is teaching, while in actual fact the note is only meant for Lisa to see, because Christopher knows that there is no way she won’t look at the note first before passing it on. How many people would avoid reading an open letter that is for someone else when it is in their hands?

Sadly, the school teacher catches Lisa with the note in her hand before she can pass it on.

The school teacher reads the note and gives the note to the principal who calls Christopher’s Mum and tells his Mum.

When Christopher got to the bar, guess who had been hiding and waiting for him at the entrance of the bar? It was his Mum, the school teacher and the school principal. Oh Boy! Was he in trouble or what.


God Has Been Leading Me To Start An Orphanage For Years Now – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a good Christian man named Dean Bennett. He was married to a beautiful, wonderful, gentle, and generous woman named Margaret. They had the most lovely and obedient little girl named Rose. Everyone called her Rosie. She too was kind hearted and she could always be found with her nose in a book.

The community in which they lived wasn’t a wealthy community. In many ways it looked like the aftermath of a lost civil war.

Thankfully, Dean had a roof over his head and he was able to consistently provide for his family. However, there were a lot of people around him who were suffering and hungry. There were a lot of homeless children around him and the sight of children having to pick food from garbage dumps really got to him. He had a big burden in his heart for them. He felt that God was leading him to start an orphanage. The weight he felt on his heart was too great, he might just die if he did nothing.

Dean decided that he would set out to start an orphanage. He had to answer God’s call. But how would he start an orphanage? Where would he get the money from?

Thus began Dean’s quest to raise funds to start an orphanage.

Dean went to different wealthy people one after another but no one would help him. They would either give him an excuse or give him an outright, No!
Dean traveled to other countries. He visited really large charity organizations and asked them for help but they said they were sorry that they had other pressing matters at hand they had to attend to.

Dean tried schools, museums, and other places that he shouldn’t even be asking for help. He was a desperate man getting even more desperate with each passing day. The months had turned into years.

The years where passing by and he hadn’t even begun to fulfill his call. Nobody would give him money to start an orphanage. Dean started to feel like a failure.

Soon 7 years had passed by and Dean still hadn’t started the orphanage that he felt that God was leading him to start.

Dean got on his knees and prayed and prayed and prayed. He wept as he prayed. He had carried this burden on his heart for 7 years. He had carried the pain of not being able to help the poor for 7 years.

One day, Dean heard that a really famous philanthropist would be visiting his country.

Dean had to grab this opportunity, he had tried everything else.

He had tried everybody else and nobody had helped him. Dean felt confident about this particular case because based on the tales of the philanthropist he was about to met, he was just the kind of guy who would do anything to help people in situations like his.

Dean got to where the philanthropist was to arrive but he wasn’t even allowed past the front gate. Dean did all he could to be granted an audience with the philanthropist but they wouldn’t let him met him. Dean knew that this was his last shot to start the orphanage he felt God was leading him to start so he gave it his all. He had to fight to the end. He had to meet the philanthropist and ask for the money.

Dean stirred up so much Drama trying to see the philanthropist that he was thrown in jail. But by the time Dean’s wife could bail him out of prison, the philanthropist had gone back to where he came from. Dean had lost his opportunity.

Dean got home and cried. He wept because he had failed God.

As Dean was crying, his daughter; Rosie who was now a teenager walked up to him and asked him, “Why don’t you just start the orphanage here in our home? We can turn our house into an orphanage, can’t we?”

Dean stopped crying. The idea began registering in his head. Wow! It was a great idea.

Dean sat down with his wife and talked it over with her. She was very happy about it. The plan was set in motion.
The very next day they accepted their first little orphan into their home.

By the end of the month they had accepted 20 orphans into their home. Their home started getting too small for the number of orphans that were coming in and it was just about getting difficult to get the food to feed the ever increasing number of mouths.

They were about to stop admitting new orphans into their home just when their first stranger came offering them a huge sum of money saying that they have been watching them and like the work they were doing.

Since then, it has been miracle after miracle for Dean’s family. They never had to ask for money. Someone always showed up with either money or food baskets.

Dean would even be dashed a free and much much bigger house anytime the number of kids he took in out-grew the size of the house. This happened serval times.

Dean and his wife adopted all the children and they all bore Dean’s last name.

His house soon became known as the place for orphans to go to and find a home and loving family that would love them like their own.


Brotherly Grudge – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place much like where you live right now, there lived two brothers. They were often the best of friends but today something had gone wrong that had changed everything, Or to be more accurate; Jamie had wronged Timmy and Timmy couldn’t believe that Jamie had done what he did to him.
No matter how many times Jamie had said sorry, Timmy just wasn’t going to let it go.

As Timmy, Jamie and their Mum got into the car to drive home from school, Mum begged Timmy to forgive Jamie but Timmy said, “No!”

As they sat in the car and Mum started driving home, Mum told them that if we want God to forgive our trespasses we must forgive those who trespass against us. If we hold grudges against people because of the wrong that they have done to us, then we want God to hold a grudge against us for all the wrongs that we’ve done against him.

“Do you want to forgive your brother now and start talking to him again?”, Mum asked.

“NO!” Timmy answered loudly as he folded his arms and made an angry and determined face in the passengers seat.
Mum sighed and prays to God in her mind that God should please intervene so that Timmy would let go of the grudge.

Jamie who was sitting in the back sit tried talking to Timmy but Timmy just closed his eyes as he began to hear another one of Jamie’s apologies.

Timmy’s eyes remained closed. A few minutes later he heard his Mum scream and he quickly opened his eyes. He opened his eyes just in time to see the truck that was coming at full speed crashing into them.

Timmy died.

As Timmy opened his eyes he found himself standing in front of heaven’s gates. The beauty of the gate alone was enough to make you forget about missing planet earth. As Timmy was about to enter heaven God appears in his way and tells him that he can’t possibly be thinking of entering heaven when he has un-forgiveness in his heart.

God then tells a creature standing at a corner to escort Timmy down into a close by pit that leads to hell.

Timmy begins to cry. He begs and begs and begs but the day of judgment is not the day of repentance.

Everyday that is not judgment day or the day you die is another day for you to repent if you have something to repent from.

The creature carried Timmy, walked over to the pit and throws Timmy into the pit with all his might.

Timmy starts screaming and that’s when he wakes up in the passenger seat of the car. He had fallen asleep when he closed his eyes after his brother started apologizing to him again.

Timmy turned around and looked at his brother who was in the back seat and said, “I forgive you.”

Their Mum who was driving and still in a mood of prayer said to God, “Wow! God that was fast. Thank You.”


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