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Always Say Thank You – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in an orphanage somewhere in England there lived a little girl named Elizabeth. She and all the other kids in the orphanage wanted to be adopted but it was really hard to get adopted. It was only once in a blue moon that someone would walk into the orphanage to adopt a child.

The thing that separated Elizabeth from all the other children in the orphanage was that Elizabeth always carried a bible. It was an old worn bible and she liked to read it all the time.

The orphanage wasn’t a Christian orphanage. As a matter of fact, the administrators didn’t know the lord. However, they had told Elizabeth that they only thing they had that gives even the slightest link to who she really is is that bible. It had belonged to her real mother. But that was all the information they had about her real parents.

Almost everyday there was a maid that stopped by the orphanage to help out the administrators of the orphanage with something. She would also bring the kids of the orphanage she met some fruits anytime she came.

The thing was that, the kids never were in lack of fruits in the first place because they could puck some for themselves anytime they wanted to from the orphanage’s garden.

So the fruits the maid brought weren’t looked forward to or appreciated by the other children. So unsurprisingly, the never said thank you when she gave them free fruits.

Elizabeth on the other hand always said thank you, not because she was in great need for some fruits but because she had read the bible and understood the importance of being polite.

The maid particularly grew fond of Elizabeth because of how polite she was. She was the only kid in the orphanage who told her thank you after she was given a fruit.

One day, the maid ‘s madam (who was a millionaire) who couldn’t have a child herself decided to go to the orphanage to adopt one. She asked her maid to escort her and also help her in her decision of who she was going to adopt.
Guess who the maid persuaded her millionaire madame adopt? That’s right, the only girl who ever said thank you – Elizabeth.


Going Into The World – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called America there lived a Senior Pastor called Noel. He was what some people would love to call a big time preacher. More importantly, he was a man with a genuine heart for God and he truly wanted to reach out to the lost.

Times where not what they used to be. Evil was much more rampant now than ever. Even Satan had so manipulated people’s minds that they didn’t even believe that evil exists anymore but for some strange reason they believed that good existed. It is like a man who believes that light exists but darkness does not exist. If that’s the case, what happens in a room at night when you put off the light? These people are like men drowning in quick sand but stupidly saying they don’t need help because they don’t believe that quick sand is real – they don’t believe that quick sand exists.

Satan had also succeeded in manipulating the minds of the creation (human beings) to believe that there is no creator. And the creation still can’t see that their very existence invalidates what they believe.

Pastor Noel prayed and prayed for his people. He did all the traditional things the body of Christ had done in the past to positively influence the society and save it from self destruction but nothing seemed to work. Pastor Noel then decided to do new things – new things that were like the world’s things – things that the world would relate to. At least that is the direction that he believed the spirit of God was leading him to.

Pastor Noel soon convinced his congregation along with the leaders in his ministry to go out into the world’s culture and present little tidbits of our world as Christians into their world and as time goes on they should introduce more.

Thus, after years of this new movement you could see crucifix’s and monuments of Jesus in places you won’t expect them; like in night clubs and even places where people who protest against the bible hang out. Pastor Noel had used speeches and campaigns that use understanding as an excuse to not just tolerate but also accommodate people who hated Jesus, in his quest to be relevant to the society and influence the culture of the people of the day with the ‘Culture of Christianity.’

By the end of Pastor Noel’s years, the impact of his Christian culture infiltration plan was felt in every worldly activity.

There was now some Christian element to every worldly activity. Pastor Noel rejoiced about this and was extremely happy.

Unbeknownst to him somewhere in a select coven in his city, the church of Satan celebrated that there is now a worldly element to every Christian activity.
The lesson here is that; when you are busy thinking you are reaching the world by compromising (giving up some of your principles) and becoming a little more like the world in other to minster to the world in a way that relates to their canal mind, the world is smiling secretly that they are succeeding in gradually changing you to become more like them.


A Ride With A Stranger – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called Cameroun, there lived a pretty little girl named Doris. She was raised by a single Mum who always told her not to talk to strangers or accept car rides from them.

Doris had a weakness for cute little puppies but her Mum refused to buy her one.

One day, while Doris was walking home alone, a stranger’s car pulled up and the stranger started talking her. Doris ignored the stranger but soon noticed that there was another little girl in the back sit along with two cute little puppies.

When the stranger saw that Doris liked puppies from the way she looked at the puppies in his back seat, he promised to give her one if she would agree to take a ride with him and let him drive her home. After he noticed the small Gideon’s bible sticking out of Doris’ breast coat pocket, he told her that he was a Christian Missionary and this was one of his Good – Samaritan deeds for the day.

Doris could hear the Holy Spirit telling her to walk away, she could feel a strong feeling in her gut that it was best to walk away. She could even hear the voice of her Mum in her head telling her not to accept car rides from strangers. Doris wanted to walk away. But she was going to get a free puppy, beside this man wasn’t a bad man he was a missionary. There was nothing to worry about. This was an exceptional case, if Mum were here she would have seen that the man is a nice man too.

Doris got into the car, gave the man directions to her home and started playing with puppies and the other little girl in the car.

The other little girl offered Doris some of her soft drink. Doris drank it and immediately fell asleep. When she woke up six hours later she was still in the car and the other little girl was sitting comfortably in the front seat beside the stranger. Both sides of the road were covered with trees and bushes. There was no building in sight. It was clear that she was very far away from home – very far away from the city.

Doris tried to get the man to stop the car. She tried to get an explanation. She didn’t want to believe that what she thought was happening was what was happening. She screamed with tears in her eyes. She hoped it was all a bad dream. But all she did was make the stranger pull over, get into the back seat and then start beating her up; leaving her with cuts and bruises after which she had no choice but to keep quiet – crying silently to herself as she sat beside the puppies she now loathed.

7 days later, Doris was in a little room with five other girls that were also abducted. They were in a totally different country which spoke a different language. She and the other girls were being groomed to become prostitutes. The unthinkable had happened to her just because she failed to obey the advice of her Mum and listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

Doris felt dirty, empty, hopeless and useless. She blamed herself for the condition or the turn her life would just have to take. She would never see her Mum or her friends from school or have a normal life anymore. She would become a sex – slave of Hip Hop loving irresponsible pimps for the rest of her life. There was no way out.

Just at that moment, Doris remembered a sermon a preacher had once preached in church. The preacher said that with God there is always a way out. He spoke about how God sent an angel to get Peter out of prison. And about how the chains broke and prison doors opened when Paul and Silas sang and praised God while in prison.

Doris immediately, started singing, clapping and giving praises to God in that little room they were locked up in. The other girls thought that Doris had lost it, how can she be giving praise to God and be happy considering the situation they were all in?

The pimps soon rushed into the room to beat up Doris to get her to keep quiet but they soon got tired. No matter what they did, she just won’t stop praising God. The pimps decided to leave her alone what difference did it make, she was in there camp; nobody would hear her. With time they would break her like they broke all the others.

That night with Doris still singing – her throat dry and her voice cracked, the police raided the camp and rescued them. She knew it was the hand of God at work. It was no coincidence that the police finally tracked down the gang of pimps they had been looking for, for years. It was actually her loud singing voice echoing through the camp that was in a secret location that helped the cops know where the camp was. None of the pimps knew there were any cops anywhere near their secret camp looking for them.

The police had Doris safely returned to her own country and reunited with her mother who had been having sleepless nights since the day her only daughter was abducted.

Doris walked away with two valuable lessons from that experience.

First, don’t disobey Mama.

Second, with God there is a way out of every crisis cause nothing is too difficult for God.


10 Pages A Day – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in an inner city of America there lived a 13 year old African American girl who everyone except her parents called Dum-Dum the Tomboy. As you might have guessed, she was at the bottom of the class and all the other kids made fun of her for it.

She didn’t like her life. She didn’t like the daily routine of being laughed at even by the teacher who tried but not hard enough to conceal her amusement whenever Dum-Dum the Tomboy got the answer of question ridiculously wrong.

Dum-Dum the Tomboy’s only escape and consolation from her life of emotional pain came from two things.

One was reading the bible. The bible was the only thing that had anything good to say about her. It told her that Jesus loved her and he cared about so deeply that he died for her so that she might be called a daughter of God.

The second was basketball. The basketball court was her get away. Basketball was the only thing she was good at. She was the best in it and everybody knew it. Since she wasn’t any good in her academics, she believed that basketball was her only way out. She prayed everyday that she would be a professional basketball star someday.

One day in the assembly hall with everyone in the school gathered. The principal was ranting about a very silly thing some students had done and while speaking he said, “… I expected more from you. This kind of stupidity is what I expect from that retard Dum-Dum the Tomboy.” It was too late. It had slipped out. The whole school burst out laughing.

A principal shouldn’t call students by their nicknames. Especially nicknames that are abusive but the principal was very angry and anytime he was very angry he said things that he wished he could take back.

His eyes caught the eyes of the little girl he had just insulted in the crowd of laughing students. He could see the tears forming in her eyes. “I’m Sorry” fell out faintly from his mouth. Although someone next to him couldn’t hear what he said, he knew she knew what he said.

She turned and ran out of the assembly hall with tears in her eyes and the derisive laughs of all the students echoing through her head; following her as she ran, like it was a dark cloud around her head.

The principal felt bad and sorry for what he had said. He got the teachers to help him stop the students from laughing. He shouted at the top of his lungs that he was sorry but the tomboy had already ran out of the assembly hall. She had already being hurt too much to hear.

She kept running and running. She ran out of the school premises. She was going to go back home. She sat on a public bench when she got to the bus stop. She was still crying profusely.

“I can’t do it – I can’t do it” she said in-between tears. She was going to quit school and if her parents weren’t going to support her decision then she would run away from home.

Just then someone handed her a handkerchief. She looked up at who it was and noticed it was an elderly African American man. He was sitting beside her with a bible in his lap.

“What seems to be the problem little girl”, the elderly man asked.

She saw genuine care and concern in the elderly man’s eyes. Something she had craved to see in the eyes of everyone else. For some reason she couldn’t explain she let it all out and explained everything.

The elderly man was outraged that everyone had treated her so unfairly but said he was glad she was a believer in Jesus and already had an existing relationship with Jesus.

He then explained more about the person of Jesus to her. He explained what life in Christ meant in a much deeper way than she had ever heard at Sunday school.

The more he spoke, the more she felt better. The more he spoke, the more she felt faith grow in her. The more he spoke, the more she felt she had a reason to smile again.

He then told her the story of an African American brain surgeon who she reminded him of. He told her that the brain surgeon too spent his childhood in an inner city of America. That the odds were against him and like her, people made fun of him and called him dummy too. He didn’t like it but one day his Mum after praying to God about his grades came up with a plan and told him to read 10 pages of any book of his choice everyday and then write a two page report on what he read. He protested against the idea at first but after seeing his Mum won’t budge he decided to go along with the plan. At first he didn’t notice any changes but weeks later he had become the one teacher says everyone should be more like; he was every teacher’s favourite student, he was that student who if he didn’t know the answer to a question then there was no way that any other student could know it. He also became the favourite of the local librarian. He later grew up to be the 1st surgeon in history to successfully separate cranopagus twins (Siamese twins that are joined together at the head). The boy who everyone called a dummy grew up into the man who pioneered one of the many great breakthroughs of medical science.

The tomboy loved the story and she told the elderly man how much the story had inspired her.

The elderly man told her that the brain surgeon also wrote a book about it and that he knows she would love it.

He told her to wait for her then he walked as swiftly as he could; he was practically running – to the closed bookstore and bought a book titled “THINK BIG.” The picture of the surgeon he had talked about was on the front cover.

When he returned, he gave it to her.

“For me?”, she shrieked. “No one has ever done anything this nice for me before.”

The man simply smiled warmly and told her to promise him that she would read 10 pages of any good book of her choice every day.

She promised him, then he bade her farewell and left.

She turned and walked back to her school. She was determined not to listen to what people say and to keep her promise. She just knew it was what Jesus would want her to do.

Weeks later she had started to pick up on her academics but no one really noticed. She was tempted to give up but she quickly shoved the temptation aside saying she was doing it for her and not because she wanted to change what people think of her.

Before six months passed by she had won many awards even on a state level for academic excellent and talent on the basketball court. She was the 1st one in her school’s history to be captain to the debate team and captain of the basketball team. Her nickname changed from Dum-Dum the Tomboy to Book-Girl the Tomboy.

Although some people made fun of her for being a half tomboy – half geek, she didn’t care she just kept reading. As time passed by her ability and desire to read more pages a day crew. Now she was reading way more than 10 pages a day.

She grew up to become a strong independent intelligent woman. She played for 3 years in the WNBA. After winning an MVP award. She decided to retire early and she made her mark in the business world and soon became the third wealthiest woman in the world and the fifth wealthiest person in the world both men and women counted.

Then in her 30’s she decided to move to the middle-east to fight for women’s rights. She became one of the greatest women’s rights activists to ever grace the middle-east. Because of her; middle-eastern women learnt what it means to live – they learnt what it meant to be free, all because God used someone to tell a 13 years old tomboy to read 10 pages of a book a day. Thanks be to Jesus.


Don’t Let Your Dreams Bite You – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in the city of New York there lived a 13 year old African American boy named Edmond Brown. He loved Rap Music dearly and succeeded in making everyone except his Mum refer to him as Emcee Spit – Fire.

Emcee Spit-Fire loved Rap Music more than anything or anyone including God despite the fact that he was raised in the church. He loved the type of Rap Music songs where African Americans were always ranting about shooting other African Americans : that you don’t wanna mess with me kind of music – that kind of music where it’s forbidden to refer to a female using the word ‘Lady’, you must refer to her by using the ‘B’ word. He loved that kind of music MTV calls mainstream hip hop that has parental advisory on its CD covers.

Emcee Spit – Fire knew that as a boy who was in Church every Sunday morning; he shouldn’t be listening to this kind of music but he loved Rap Music more than he loved Jesus and he knew it. He even loved his favourite rappers more that he loved Jesus and unlike other people in his shoes, he didn’t try to deny it. He picked obeying the words of rappers in music CDs over obeying the words of Jesus in the Holy Bible. It was clear who his heart loved more.

Emcee Spit – Fire wanted to be a famous rap star today not someday; more than anything. Everyone in school said he could rap. Everyone except his Mum who heard him rap said that he got real talent. Many said that it would be best he got a record deal now that he is 13 years old so people will get a accustomed to seeing his music videos now and that by the time he’s 20 he would be swimming in cheese and probably be the biggest rap star ever plus he would be a veteran rapper at 20.

Emcee Spit – Fire taught about it lots of times and each time it looked beautiful and much better to become a celebrity rapper at 13 not 30.

Even though Emcee Spit – Fire was only 13, he started hanging out with other aspiring rappers that were in their 20’s and often 30’s.

They treated him like a little kid and sometimes got their kicks from belittling him.

Emcee Spit – Fire didn’t mind. As far as he was concerned he was concerned he was paying his dues. He was suffering now, and someday soon he would reap the fruit of his suffering when he goes on tour with them and appears on TV with them. He would roll with them and get famous with them. Then he will leave them and go solo in style. After all that’s what a lot of famous musicians today did. Then he would no more have to put up with them. Although sometimes he couldn’t tell if he was a member of their rap group or not, they allowed him to do some gigs with them sometimes. At 1st he refused to perform at really worldly parties. He didn’t truly like that world but at the bottom of his heart it kinda appealed to him. He was still a Sunday Morning Church-Goer and he found himself rededicating and rededicating his life to Christ and returning to his normal life as soon as he left the church building every Sunday. He wasn’t telling Jesus he would leave secular Rap Music behind – he just loved it too much. But every time he was in church and felt the presence of God he felt he was not right with God and felt like rededicating his life to him. He knew that what God really wanted from him was for him to let go of secular Rap Music but he just loved secular hip hop too much – Jesus was asking of too much from him.

With time Emcee Spit – Fire started getting more comfortable with compromising. He started going to do gigs with the group, at college parties that even the host considered too adult for collect students.

Emcee Spit – Fire’s Mum spent all her time on her knees praying for her son. He was only 13 but he was more rebellious than most 18 year olds. He was already too wild for her to control but to him he was a cool, kind and gentle dude whose mother did not understand and was trying to pull back.

As time went on Emcee Spit – Fire became more and more respected with the group. His rhymes had improved a lot. The jokes he cracked when he hung out with them no longer sounded childish. His clothing choices were now more mature and stylish. His opinions even began to matter with the group.

By now all of his friends were in their 20’s and 30’s (he no longer kept any friends his own age cause he felt they were too childish for him). Soon Emcee Spit – Fire’s 20 to 30 year old friends treated him like he was their age mate even though they knew he was only 13. Sadly, they kept nothing from him. They censored nothing when he was around them and they encouraged him to let go to his inhibitions which translates as don’t be afraid to do the bad things that you want to do. Just do it.

Even though Emcee Spit – Fire was barely beginning Junior High; all the kids in Junior High and Senior High feared him and respected him because of the kind of people he hung with. Nobody dared mess with him and he was too cool to even look at any them. When he was walking through the school hallway it was like Emperor Napoleon walking back from a victorious campaign.

Emcee Spit – Fire’s Mum kept praying for her son – praying and praying that the stranger who lives with her – the stranger who came out of her womb, would become her son once more.

Emcee Spit – Fire soon discovered that the aspiring rapper group he rolled with was also a street gang. They told him yea! That they were a gang but gang to them is not what it means to others. That gang just means brothers – they are a brotherhood and they want him to be officially part of the brotherhood. They told him that being in a gang is nothing like what people say it is. That he has been rolling with them for months now, he’s seen how they do, everything is cool. It’s just that they want him now to be one of them.

Emcee Spit – Fire agreed and did the initiation. Soon he was holding up liquor stores, doing drive-bys and selling drugs on the street.

It’s funny, one day he was just a kid who wanted to be a super star, now he was a kid doing everything a fully grown criminal in the ghetto does.

It wasn’t long before Emcee Spit – Fire’s Mum received a call that her 13 year old son was in a comma, he had been the target of a drive-by shooting by a rival gang and the Doctor didn’t think that her son would make it. She should hurry and get to the hospital.

Emcee Spit – Fire’s Mum was in tears, heartbroken and totally down cast. Her son was all the family she had. She loved him dearly. He had defiled her every word. Now she was going to lose him forever.

Emcee Spit – Fire’s Mum just couldn’t take it, but if she was going to go down she would go down kicking and screaming. She won’t let the devil win. She won’t let the devil take her son away.

She practically stormed into her Pastor’s home and dragged him with her to the hospital.

As the Pastor saw Emcee Spit – Fire lying in a comma on the hospital bed, his heart was overwhelmed with compassion and he politely asked everyone to leave the room especially the medical staff. He was going to say a prayer of faith – A prayer for Emcee Spit- Fire’s life.

26 minutes into the prayer, Emcee Spit – Fire’s eyes popped open. He was still tired and attached to all the medical gismos but apart from that he was perfectly alright.

The Pastor called everyone back into the room. The Doctors and Nurses where surprised. Emcee Spit – Fire’s Mum felt like she was flying without wings – Her joy could not be contained.

Emcee Spit – Fire apologized over and over again to his Mum. In tears he told her how much he loved her and how right she had been all along. He had practically almost died for disobeying his Mum.

His dream of being a secular Rap Music super star at the age of 13 had gotten him into this predicament. He dreamt the wrong dream and went about achieving it the wrong way.

Emcee Spit – Fire told his Mum that he was going to leave Rap Music alone; break all his CDs and never listen to another Rap Music track in his life but his Mum told him that what he needs to leave is secular Rap Music that he can still listen to gospel Hip Hop, in fact she wanted him to listen to gospel Rap Music. She said she goggled some and after watching their videos she bought him some gospel rap albums. She said she liked it that it was very positive and she would like him to listen to it.

Emcee Spit – Fire agreed with what his mother said. He also stopped people from calling him Emcee Spit – Fire and went back to his original name: Edmond Brown.

Edmond stopped hanging out with the gang and anyone from his former crowd. He became more active in the teenagers group in church and only made friends with true followers of Jesus. His grades starting improving and his life started getting brighter.

Edmond had learnt a very important lesson, be careful about what you dream of becoming because dreams could grow teeth and then they could bite you.


Love Forgives – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Everyone stood speechless. They couldn’t believe what the 23 year old John had just done at his own father’s funeral. John could see it in their eyes, what he had just done ranked number one on the list of taboos they could ever imagine to happen at a funeral. The looks in their eyes got too uncomfortable for John. A part of him told him he deserved it based on what he had just done a few seconds ago. Another part of him told him that he had no right to feel guilty. These people don’t understand. If they had lived in his shoes they would have probably done worse.

John couldn’t stand it any longer. He turned around and ran away from the funeral service. His finance, Mary ran after him. Even though she didn’t understand what it was all about; whenever he hurt, she hurt.

John rushed into his car. His finance got in after him.

John was confused. He wanted to be alone. He shouted to his finance to get out the car but she refused. After a while, it became obvious that no matter what he said to her, she would not leave his side. She would never walk away from him especially now when she believed he needed her most even though he didn’t know it.

John gave up trying to get her out of the car. He started the car and started driving fast like he was trying to out run his problems.

John’s finance tried to get him to stop the car. She tried to get him to talk to her. She tried to reach deep down into his soul, but he just kept resisting. He kept on driving madly down the road.

She put her hand on his right hand which was on the steering wheel and immediately he just burst into tears. She had touched something deeper than just his hand. She had touched his heart with the love she had for him.

John started to explain why he hates his Dad so much, as he drove the car. He told her a truly touching story of abuse, pain and neglect. He told her his story. He told her all that his Dad put him and his Mum through. He held nothing back.

All he said was so intense that it became understandable that a few minutes ago he had not only spat on his father’s coffin but had also ran his foot through it as though he wanted to squash him as the roach he was – it was as though John felt his Dad had used death to escape reaping what he sowed – as though he wanted him to feel some pain.

John’s finance looked intensely at John and told him that she is not going to pretend that she knows what he’s going through but she knows that based on what he had said, the devil has been strongly trying to destroy him since he was a child.

She told him that the thing is if he continues like this with so much hatred and unforgiveness in his heart – the devil wins. She told him that we should forgive people no matter the gravity of their offense just as Jesus forgave us not weighing the gravity of our offenses.

She told him that he just can’t let the devil win. She wouldn’t let him (John) let him (Satan). She just wouldn’t. She said that Jesus believes in him (John) and so does she.

After a few minutes, the words of John’s finance finished working on his heart. He could no more see any sense in hating his Dad. He forgave his Dad right there and then. He could feel it in every fibre of his being.

He stopped the car. Turned to his finance. Looked into her eyes, and then he said, “Thank You.”


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