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If Your Parents Are Racist Don’t Put Your Footprints In Theirs – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called America. An African American family taught their little daughter that the white man is the enemy. They told her that the white man is going to do all he can to keep her down like he had done to many black people. They told their daughter that she should never ever make friends with a white person; it would be like a frog making friends with a snake. The friendship would only last still the snake gets hungry and wants to have dinner.

One day the African – American parents found their daughter kneeling down by the side of her bed praying to God and using the name of Jesus. They were outraged and they grounded her. They told her that Jesus is white – Jesus is the God of the white man. Worshiping the white man’s God is falling into one of the traps of white people.

Their daughter whose name was Sasha was only 10 years old but she had been so fed with all these kind of anti – white / black – power teachings for so long that she had come to hate white people and felt on the inside that they exist for her downfall.

Whenever an inevitable dealing with a white teacher or student popped up Sasha translated whatever happened to mean that the white person wanted to take advantage of her.

One day while Sasha was playing with her all black friends in an abandoned old building where they weren’t supposed to be in; Sasha got seriously but accidentally injured by a wooden structure that wasn’t stable and used to be part of the building.

All Sasha’s friends ran away in fear. They didn’t want their parents to punish them for being where they should never have been in the first place. They knew that if they helped Sasha they would have to take her to the hospital and then not only would Sasha’s parent’s find out but their own parents would find out too. Sasha lay there on the floor crying out for help from her all black friends who she watched run away – not running to get help but running away to go and hide, tell nobody what had happened to her and act like they had nothing to do with it.
They priced forgoing a little punishment over her own life. The very taught of that fact hurt Sasha inside even more than the way her body hurt on the outside.

Sasha managed to crawl out of the building in great pain. If the worst came to the worst she would crawl to the hospital but hopefully someone would see her in time and help her.

A few people saw Sasha call out to them as they passed by a distance away but they never cared enough to suspend going to wherever they were going for a few seconds to find out why a little girl lying on the floor some distance away from them was calling them.

Of course, since Sasha was a racist who hated white people she only called out to the black passer-bys. You would think that the pain she was feeling in her body would make her suspend her racism for the time being and get some help first but it didn’t.

Sasha called out from black person to black person but not one would help her. Time was going, and time was crucial. It had turned out that crawling all the way to the hospital by her self wasn’t going to be difficult as she had taught. It was actually quite impossible.

Sasha began to fear that she might die if she doesn’t receive any medical treatment any time soon.

Suddenly, a white lady who she didn’t call out to stopped in her tracks when she saw Sasha from a distance. She walked curiously towards her, “Are you all right?”, the white lady asked.

Sasha didn’t respond. She kinda turned her face away as she lay on the ground, kinda giving out the air that she wanted the white lady to go away.

When the white lady came close enough to see that Sasha was wounded. She ran to her saying, “We’ve got to get you to a doctor.”

The white lady took off her expensive coat and tore it to substitute it for bandages and she wrapped Sasha’s seriously bleeding wounds with it.

She carried Sasha in her arms all the way to the hospital. She paid the hospital bill and stayed beside Sasha’s bedside to make sure she was Ok. She even got her some children’s books and some candy later on.

Sasha soon couldn’t help it. She looked up at the white lady from her hospital bed and asked, “Why are you so nice to me?”

“Because anyone Jesus died for must be the most special person in the world.”

The statement was deep but some how Sasha understood it. In spite of the fact that Jesus died for everybody in the world every single person is so unique and deeply loved by God that God loves everyone like if they are the only one in the world. (And they are because they are unique – nobody else is like them. There is no two or anybody in the world).
And also, the white lady had helped her because anyone Jesus died for is worth dying for – is worth dying to protect. Does that mean that she a white lady would die to protect a little black girl? Wow! The white lady’s statement was truly a powerful statement. Sasha couldn’t get over it. In spite of the fact that the white lady hadn’t physically proved she would willingly die to protect Sasha, she sure went out her way to help her. Technically, she had saved her.

Sasha talked to the white lady about herself and of all her parents had taught her.

The white lady then told Sasha the truth about the injustice to black people by white people during the past era from an unbiased perspective and then told Sasha one very important point and it was that she and her parents are making the same mistake that the whites made that caused great suffering for black people in America. They (Sasha’s family) are hating white people just because of their skin color just as white people hated black people just because of their skin color. They (Sasha’s family) didn’t even brother to know the person under the skin, the assumed that the skin color told them all they needed to know about the person just as white people did with black people.

The white lady told Sasha that one of her favorite quotes in the world and a quote that helped white people to embrace black people is a sentence from the ”I have a dream” speech of the great civil rights leader, Martin Luther King. It was, “I have a dream, my four little children would one day live in a nation where they would be not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

After a long talk, the white lady led Sasha in a salvation prayer to receive Jesus into her heart. Sasha also received the Holy Ghost when the white lady laid hands on her.

Later the white lady gave Sasha a small pocket bible and a cute teddy bear then she said her good byes.

An hour later, Sasha’s parents finally arrived at the hospital. As the racist couple rushed to their daughter on her hospital bed. Sasha looked up at them with the brightest smile ever and said, “MOMMY. DADDY. I LOVE WHITE PEOPLE.”


If You Don’t Have Discipline You Would Never Be Rich – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Brenda. She belonged to a very wealthy family. Even though Brenda’s parents made sure she went to church every Sunday, her parents didn’t. They were the kind of people who just ticked Christianity when they filled forms that asked about their beliefs, although the last time they went in church was on their wedding day.

Both parents had Christian backgrounds, it was not like they didn’t believe in Go anymore it was just that they kinda got too busy for God.

However, they made sure that their little girl went to church every Sunday.

Brenda like most girls loved shopping but unfortunately for her she had the money to buy whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. Her Mum always said that among all the women in her family no one loved shopping and material things more than Brenda.

Brenda’s parents weren’t worried that Brenda would drive them into the poor house with her uncontrollable shopping habits. What got to them was the fact that her habit was bad and dangerous. Her habit of always spending was rich people’s “Thou had better not”
Only poor people think that rich people buy whatever they want but rich people themselves know that they can only buy what is wise to buy and is within their spending budget. Simply put, the more money they spend on buying stuff, the smaller the money they have to invest which is what makes them rich in the first place.

Rich people know that rich people who don’t understand this and discipline themselves in the area of their finances won’t be rich for long. That is why Brenda’s parents where so worried.
Brenda’s Dad like most rich people was deeply involved in philanthropy (donating money to the poor), but of course that sort of stuff is never publicized.

It is only when a rich person does something bad that rich people are strongly publicized.

Anyway, Brenda’s Dad and two executives from one of his companies where heading to an orphanage in a dangerous neighborhood to donate a lot of money.

A dangerous gang in the neighborhood had heard he was coming so they ambushed him and his executives before he reached the orphanage. They got robbed of their cars and some of the money they had on them. They had planned to give the orphanage a cheque of 2 million dollars. Since it wasn’t in cash with them the thieves couldn’t steal it. They shot Brenda’s Dad and injured one of his executives. It was only Brenda’s Dad’s condition that was critical. 20 minutes later he lay in a coma on a hospital bed.

The news hit Brenda real hard. She loved her Dad dearly and now she had to deal with the fear of probably losing him forever.

Like if the devil wasn’t satisfied, her mum got diagnosed of malignant cancer and was given a few months to live.

Her Mum was greatly downcast by the news but like most rich people she knew that when you are pushed into a tight and uncomfortable spot you should put your head above the water and smile. So Brenda’s Mum was strong. She never let Brenda see her cry and she never allowed herself think much about her situation so she won’t create a breathing ground for depression, fear and worry which are like fertilizers which enhance problems and sickness. So another advantage of her staying strong is that it didn’t make her sickness worse.

Brenda’s Mum knew that there was something important she had to do – Something important she had to do for Brenda’s sake, so she beings to teach her daughter the principles of success.

Brenda was still too young to understand all the complex principles of investing so her mum started teaching her about the importance of saving money and the about your assets out-weighing your liabilities.

A simple way to understand it is; your assets are things that put money in your pocket or bank account and a liability are things that take money out of your pocket or bank account.

So lets say you invest a certain about of money in a private company, that investment is an asset because you would be paid dividends regularly even though you do not have to do any work for it all that matters is that initial investment. Or lets say you buy a house and rent it out, all you paid for initially is the price of the house but every month the person would have to pay you rent without you going to work everyday for it; that is an asset.

A liability would be when you spend money on clothes, food, rent, etc. Even though these things are important they are liabilities because it’s you putting putting money in somebody else’s pocket not the other way round.

Brenda understood the theory of what she’s being taught but it is putting it into practice that is the problem.

Brenda’s Mum tried and tried to teach her daughter to practice her teachings but Brenda remained a compulsive shopper. It wasn’t like Brenda wanted to disobey her Mum and not learn what she was teaching her about finances but Brenda just couldn’t discipline herself to watch how she spends money.

Brenda’s Mum ends up losing faith in her daughter and doubts that she would ever be able to have enough discipline to stop spending money lavishly.

Brenda becomes deeply sad and in tears she runs to the only place she had ever felt secure – the church. While there, a lady who Brenda knows teaches Sunday school but have never really talked to before notices her and talks to her. The Sunday school teacher finds out what is wrong from Brenda then she counsels Brenda and makes her develop a good self-worth about herself based on how much God values her. She asked Brenda that can you walk into a store and buy a bubble gum with the same amount of money that a limo costs? Brenda answered, No.

The Sunday school teacher then told her that God paid for her sins with his own son. He wasn’t overpaying for your life but the thing is that you are that valuable. You are as valuable to God as Jesus is. God loves you that much.

The Sunday school teacher had attacked the problem from the root. Now Brenda didn’t feel like she needed clothes or lots of belongings to feel like she was worth something.

Brenda is glad and when she gets home she tells her mum about everything that happened. After some days, Brenda’s Mum could see that her daughter now had self control – she was now disciplined, she no longer was a compulsive shopper. She now had the chance to remain rich forever.

Brenda’s Mum is so pleased she decides to thank the Sunday school teacher. She goes to church the next Sunday and after the service she locates the Sunday school teacher and thanks her. The Sunday school teacher invites her to her house for coffee on Tuesday. Brenda’s mum thinks about it for about 3 seconds then she agrees to come.

On that Tuesday while they sat down having coffee, the heroine’s mum opens up to the Sunday school teacher they talk for hours. Soon, they feel like they’ve known each other for years and the heroine’s mum begins to tell the Sunday school teacher about her insecurities and her fears about her malignant cancer.

The Sunday school teacher listens patiently and with deep compassion. Then, with the anointing of God strong on her she started to preach to Brenda’s mum about the healing power of God. She spoke about the power of the name of Jesus and she gave her lots of examples of real life people she had known or seen in church that are living proof that God still performs healing miracles today just as he did in bible days.

By the time the Sunday school teacher finished speaking Brenda’s Mum was fully convinced.

She told the Sunday school teacher that she used to be a good Christian but she later stopped caring about the things of God, however now, she wanted to come back to God. The Sunday school teacher led Brenda’s mum in a prayer for the repentant back slider and she also prayed a prayer of faith over Brenda’s Mum that she would be healed. Brenda’s Mum felt something leave her body and she actually fell down on the ground under the anointing but she didn’t quite understand what had happened.

Days later, when she went to the hospital for her usual check up the doctor was surprised after checking her and he started running the same series of tests over and over again. Brenda’s Mum was shocked and asks the doctor if anything is wrong. He tells her that he cannot understand it that the malignant cancer is gone and there is not even a tiny little trace of it anymore.

Brenda’s Mum rejoices. Before long, everyone in the hospital celebrates.
Brenda and her Mum are so glad that they rush to the Sunday school teacher’s house and give her the good news.

That Sunday in church, Brenda’s Mum testifies to the glory of God and even Brenda’s Mum’s doctor who was a world renowned atheist came to church that day, he had become a Christian because of Brenda’s Mum’s miracle.

Brenda’s Mum made mention of her husband while she testified and right after she finished testifying, the Pastor went to the mic and told everyone in the church to say a prayer for her husband right then and there.

Brenda’s Mum didn’t know if she should expect the phone to ring any second and then her husband’s doctor would inform her that her husband just woke up from the coma, but she knew one thing; she knew that nothing would stop her from believing God for a miracle.

Nothing happened that day but Brenda’s Mum stayed awake all day singing praises to God.

About a week later she got a phone call from the hospital that her husband had just woken up from the coma. He was going to be alright. He was on the road to recovery. Hallelujah!!!


I Had The Worst Christmas Ever – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called America, there lived a little boy named Marcus. He belonged to a large, loving Christian family. He had 3 brothers and 2 sisters. There was always something going on amongst them and sometimes it looked like the activities on Time Square couldn’t touch the activities that were going on in their house. But at the end of the day they all loved each other.
On Christmas morning Marcus woke up first. He had set his little alarm clock to wake him up as soon as the sun woke up.

Marcus was the most rambunctious of all the kids. He was so excited that it was Christmas that he decided to play a prank on the whole family.

He wrote two notes on two separate pieces of paper. He kept one in an easy to find place and the other in a not too easy to find place. In other words, he kept one on his bed then he kept the other under his pillow. After that, Marcus quietly brushed his teeth then sneaked out of the house.

When the rest of the house woke up, they were all glad that it was Christmas morning and there was a lot of Merry Christmas being said all around the house with everyone hurrying to get ready for their Christmas day celebration. They had all planed to go to TBN’s Holy Land Experience theme park. They were all very excited about it and couldn’t wait to get there.

After everyone had managed to finish getting ready and had gathered in the dinning room for their General morning prayers and for breakfast, Mum asked, “Where is Marcus?”

After everyone looked around and no one could even remember seeing Marcus that day, everyone started to panic.

They looked around the house for Marcus and they found the note he left on his bed.15 minutes later, Marcus watched his family drive off to go look for him from where he hid across the street.

Marcus wondered what went wrong. He only wanted to pull a simple prank on his family and not scared them out of the house to go looking for him.

If they went looking for him they would be late for the TBN Holy Land Experience theme park visit. Or even worse, they would end up not go at all.

Marcus tried to run out of his hiding place and wave the family car down but sadly it was too late. They had already driven far away.

Marcus had no choice but to go into his house take his bath and go out into the city and start looking for them. He didn’t know where to look but he figured he had to start somewhere.As Marcus was about to leave the house. He remembered that both Mum and Dad had cell phones. That was good news. He hadn’t memorized the numbers yet but he had it written down and tucked away in a drawer just in case of emergencies.

Marcus called Mum’s number first. It would be easier to beg her not to give him a spanking than if he called Dad. And if he could calm Mum down, then she can calm Dad down.

As Marcus dialed Mum’s number, he heard a ringing sound from somewhere inside the house. He followed the sound and found himself staring face to face with Mum’s phone that was lying on her bed.

Ok! that was bad news. Mum had left in such a hurry that she had forgotten her phone.

Marcus decided to call Dad’s number but he stopped dialing when he noticed Dad’s phone was lying beside a few of his medical books on his reading table.

Wow! talk about bad getting worse.

Marcus had no choice but to go out into the city and look for them. And he had to find them as quickly as possible so they could be able to make it to the TBN Holy Land Experience theme park.

He didn’t know where to start searching for them but he had to start somewhere. His parents had never let him go anywhere alone. He was still too young and maybe even younger than he actually was in his parent’s eyes. Now be had to go from the kid who had never been let to go anywhere alone to the kid who was faced with the challenge of sweeping through every part of the city imaginable in search of his parents.

Marcus decided to check the mall. Maybe his family is looking for him in there.As Marcus walked in and looked around. Just then a bunch of guys wearing Santa hats with their faces covered with plastic masks of old presidents ran into the mall with guns and said, “ALRIGHT! EVERYBODY GET DOWN ON THE FLOOR.”

Marcus couldn’t believe what was happening. He couldn’t pray in tongues but he could pray in English. He got down on the fall as instructed but he began to pray to God silently under his voice. About an hour later, when the thieves were through and trying their best to get away from the police cars that where behind their car, Marcus ran out of the mall scared to tips of every strand of hair on his head.

He thanked God that he was alive. He took a deep breath of fresh air and never in his life had he appreciated breathing more than he did right now.

He then decided to check the train station. Maybe they taught he got on a train to go somewhere in search of adventure or something.

As Marcus got to a train station. He got knocked down by the stream of people pouring out of the train and they almost marched over him to death but thankfully one kind soul saw him and pick him up and carried him away from harms way.

Apparently, the kind soul had other things to do himself because he didn’t ask Marcus any questions, he just quickly took off and got into the train.

Marcus couched and wished his rescuer stuck around long enough for him to at least say, Thank You. Marcus looked a little bit more around the train station and he didn’t see any trace of his family.

Marcus decided that he better check other places. He left the train station and just started working around the city, carefully observing everything also so that he would be able to find his way home.

He came across a crowd of people and decided to check it out. He soon found himself standing beside the Mayor at a ribbon cutting ceremony. All those people had gathered because of the ribbon cutting ceremony.

The Mayor taught that Marcus was the kid that was appointed to present him with flowers but the Mayor wondered why Marcus didn’t have any flowers and so did the Mayor’s bodyguards. The Mayor thought that Oh Well they had been doing things the same was for years maybe the wanted to try something different. The Mayor thought that perhaps they wanted him to pat the little boy on the head so he patted Marcus on his head making his scattered hair look even more scattered. Just then the real flower barer showed up and as the Mayor’s bodyguards saw this they immediately pulled out their guns and pointed it at Marcus.

Marcus spent his next few hours being checked and examined to make sure that he was not a terrorist, or an assassin or a spy. Later he was let go when they were sure he didn’t come to kill the Mayor. They apparently didn’t care enough or care at all to even ask him if anything was wrong or to even listen to him when he said that he was looking for his parents.

Marcus had to continue his search by himself. By now it was getting late and he was getting scared, tired and discouraged.

As Marcus walked along the side of the road. Someone behind him snatched a purse from a lady and as he was running away he knocked Marcus into the road. Marcus was still recovering from the blow and trying to get up when he saw headlights heading towards him. He didn’t know if he had the strength to move. Just then a man ran out of nowhere and swooped Marcus off the road. It was a close call. He shouted at Marcus to be more careful and asked him where his parents where.

“I am looking for them”, Marcus answered sounding frustrated.

“Well, look for them.

You are not safe without them”, the man responded then turned to walk away.

Marcus didn’t know what to do. He sat on a large stone and started crying. It was already starting to get dark.

As Marcus was crying he remembered something that his mother always told him. She told him that anytime he found himself in a tough spot and didn’t know what to do that he should talk to God and he would always answer and tell him what to do.

Marcus prayed with tears in his eyes to God and asked him what he should do.God told Marcus to wipe the tears from his eyes, and that he should go back home.Marcus obeyed. He started walking back home. It was a great distance for his tiny little legs but after about 3 hours of asking for directions and trying to trace back his steps he found himself at the door of his home.

When Marcus entered he found one of his elder sisters waiting for him. Everyone else was still out looking for Marcus. Mum and Dad had come back home before just to see if Marcus had come back but when they didn’t see him there they decided to go back out and continue the search but leave one family member at home so that the family member would call them in case Marcus returned. Mum and Dad had found out that they were not with their cell phones so they took their cell phones with them this time.

Marcus’ little prank of writing “I’M OFF TO HAVE AN ADVENTURE” on one piece of paper and leaving it on his bed. And writing “IT WAS A JOKE. I GOT YOU” on another piece of paper and leaving it under his pillow had turned into a disaster of catastrophic proportions.
Marcus’ elder sister called Mum and Dad and told them that they can return home that Marcus had come back.

Marcus’ elder sister scolded Marcus. Then she hugged him and said that she was glad he was Ok! as tears dripped down her eyes. She took him to the kitchen and got out some snacks from the refrigerator for him to eat.

Marcus ate like a hungry lion and his sister happily gave him more to eat.
When he was through eating. She told him that he was in big trouble that not only did he cost the entire family their Christmas but he also had them all worried to the extreme.

She told him that she didn’t know what Mum and Dad would do to him as they come back but she doubts that they would be so lenient.

10 minutes later, the family car pulled up in front of the house faster than they had ever heard it pulled up before.
Mum and Dad rushed through the door like a gush of wind.

Marcus’ heart almost stopped beating. He taught that he was going to get it. He closed his eyes and just stood there.

Instead of getting a scolding, he felt a warm and strong hug from his Mum and Dad around him.

He opened one eye still a little bit scared then he opened his other eye to see what he felt was happening. His parents where crying and hugging him.

The rest of the family stood behind Mum and Dad with their arms folded and their eyes fixed on Marcus. Marcus knew that his brothers and sisters where both pleased to see that he was alright but also mad that he had ruined their Christmas at the same time.

Marcus got on his knees and apologized to his whole family. He cried as he explained what he had tried to do and how everything literally blew up in his face. He narrated all the events that he had been through through out that day and told his brothers and sisters that if it is any consolation for ruining this Christmas for them that this Christmas had been his worst Christmas ever.

Marcus’ Mum said it was Ok! and then she asked the rest of the family including Dad if they had forgiven Marcus for ruining their Christmas. They all said, Yes! and they all meant it. There were no hard feelings.

Mum then said that she knew a way to turn this Christmas from the worst Christmas ever to the best Christmas ever. She told all of them to get into the car no questions asked and she would do the driving. Then she drove to an eatery and bought everyone packs and packs of all variety of foods as take outs.

They all loved food but they were kinda shocked that Mum idea of turning the worst Christmas ever to the best Christmas ever was by buying take out. How could take out food which they could have anytime they wanted in-spite of how great it tasted compare to a fun family day out at the TBN Holy Land Experience theme park which they certainly couldn’t take time out to experience everyday.

However, as they all got into the car and wanted to start eating their food she told them not to touch their food. They shouldn’t even dare to open up any of the covers.

They taught that was weird but they were like, Ok!

Mum then put on the car and started driving.

Soon everyone but Mum was confused and Dad was saying, “Honey, I think you are driving in the wrong direction.”

“Don’t worry Honey I know what and doing”, Mum responded as she kept her eyes on the road and a smile on her face.

A few minutes later, they found themselves in one of the poorest neighborhoods they had ever seen.
Mum stopped in front of an alley filled with a lot of poor and homeless people just sitting there doing nothing.

Mum then ordered everybody out of the car. Then she said, “Give all the food you are with to them. That is how to turn the worst Christmas ever into the best Christmas ever.”


I Think I Ate Too Much Cake On Christmas Day – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a city much like where you live right now, there lived a little girl named Lilly. She was a nice Christian girl who had the most wonderful and loving Christian parents.

Lilly had a little problem however. It was the day after Christmas and Lilly had eaten way too much cake on Christmas day. Now her tummy ached and she’d had to use the toilet repeatedly. However, the pain in her tummy won’t go away.

Lilly told her parents about her tummy ache and when they saw how serious it was they decided to rush her to her pediatrician.

They got to the pediatrician’s hospital only to meet with a crowd of other kids who where there with their parents because they ate too much cake on Christmas day too.

Lilly had to sit and wait her turn as she tried to endure the pain.

She waits and waits and waits until she begs God to heal her. Immediately after she prayed, the pain went away. She was Ok! She was now back to her normal happy, healthy and vibrant self.

Lilly told her parents that she was Ok! now. They where shocked and they asked her how come.

Lilly told them that she prayed and now the pain had disappeared.
Lilly’s Mum then says, “You know, maybe you should have prayed right from the beginning.”

Lilly thought about it and she hit an epiphany, “You know what?”

Lilly said, “I probably should have.”
Lilly and her family then stood up to leave the hospital.

A nurse ran up to them and told them that please they should be patient that it would only take a little while now before their turn reaches.

Lilly’s Mum looks at the nurse with a smile and says, “Don’t worry we don’t need a doctor anymore.”


I Just Can’t Stop Sinning – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a little boy named Dexter. He lived in San Francisco with his Christian single parent Mum. Dexter was always taken to church ever since he was born, however he just got to finally realize and admit the fact that he’s addicted to certain sins. He’d tried all he could to stop but he just couldn’t quit it.

Dexter’s Mum had realized the problems too and kept trying all she could to help Dexter. She took him to physiologists, professional family therapists and all what not almost four times a week but yet Dexter still struggled with what he was struggling with.

Dexter talked to a few of his very very close friends about it but they ended up giving him advise that didn’t help matters even though they meant well.

Dexter kept having this raging battle – this raging struggling deep within him that kept eating away at him. He wondered of he would ever be able to break free from his sinful addictions.

One Saturday afternoon, a friend from church visits Dexter and he is directed to Dexter’s room by Dexter’s Mum as she had a visitor of her own in the living room.

This was the first time the friend from church ever entered Dexter’s room and as soon as he entered even though Dexter had never told him what he was struggling with, the friend took one look around the room and told him he was sure he was struggling with so and so. He named all the sins Dexter was struggling with.
Dexter was shocked and asked his friend from church how he knew.

The friend simply answered, “You have a lot of secular rock and roll CD’s some by renowned witches in the music industry, you also have a lot of violent and seriously pointless movies including the ones that bad guys win at the end which subconsciously convinces you that crime pays if you are really good enough to escape the consequences, and most of all you have posters of women indecently dressed around your room which means that the first thing you see when you wake up each morning is the picture of an indecently dressed woman. All these things are helping to shape mindset towards sin and head you towards self destruction. If you get rid of all this stuff and replace them with Christian or wholesome stuff; all your struggles with the certain sins you are struggling with would go away.”

Dexter did what his church friend said and what do you know, all his wrong desires & struggles went away.


I Am Shy, I Can’t Look At A Lady Straight In The Eye – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in an elementary school, a few of Jacob’s friends stood laughing at him because they just found out that he was shy around girls.

A nice Christian girl named Sally who felt sorry for Jacob approached him to help him out but Jacob ran away because she is a girl.

Sally later over-heard a plot by the mean boys who laughed at Jacob who where supposed to be his friends. They were planning to set Jacob up the next day in the playground by getting a girl to talk to him when everyone is looking so that all the kids in school would know that he is shy and around girls. They wanted to laugh at Jacob some more and embarrass him for their own amusement.

Sally tried talking to Jacob and telling him about the plan, but Jacob was just too nervous around her and anytime she would come near him to tell him, he couldn’t stand still with running away in the next 30 seconds.

Sally decided to get another boy who was a Christian and who also liked Jacob, to intervene and help him out before the mean boys pulled off their plan.

Sally told Leon, the Christian boy; what to tell Jacob, and so Leon visited Jacob in his home. Leon acted like he was just trying to make a new friend. He asked Jacob if he could play with him.

Jacob agreed. So Jacob and Leon played together.

While they were playing, out of no where Leon brought up the real reason why he came and he tells Jacob what his so – called friends in school are planning to do to him in the school playground the next day.

Jacob suddenly starts to panic, but Leon tells him that he can help him, but only if he wants to be helped.

Jacob desperately told Leon that he wants to be helped.

Leon told Jacob about Jesus, then he told him about the Holy Spirit and how the Holy Spirit brings boldness into people’s lives. Like how he brought boldness into the life of Peter who was afraid of standing up for Jesus when persecution filled the air that he denied Jesus three times, but after the day of Pentecost when the Holy Ghost came upon him he received boldness and preached to people who he would have normally been afraid to stand up for Christ to and thousands of people got saved. It was never written that after the Holy Ghost came upon Peter or any other disciple that they ever denied Christ or lacked the boldness to stand up for Christ ever again.

Leon told Jacob that if he received Christ not only would he be saved and be sure of a place in heaven, but he would also receive supernatural boldness from the Holy Ghost if he receives the Holy Ghost too.

Leon had to make sure that it didn’t look like he was manipulating Jacob into receiving Jesus. So Leon told Jacob everything that he himself was told that made him receive Jesus into his own heart years ago. He told Jacob the whole story such that when Jacob agreed to receive Christ, Leon was sure that he wasn’t just doing it to get the boldness to talk to girls.

Within minutes, Jacob had not only received Christ but he was also speaking in other tongues which was definite proof to Leon that Jacob had received the Holy Ghost.

Leon also gave Jacob some advise concerning his being shy around girls problem which was already gone because Jacob had received the Holy Ghost.
Leon told Jacob to make more female friends, stay away from boyfriend – girlfriend TV programs staring people his own age, as well as Comics Books that had the same theme or had females drawn degradingly in them.

Leon told Jacob that he would like him to come with him and play in the park outside for a while.

Leon agreed.

While they where there Sally showed up with a mask. Jacob didn’t know that it was Sally because she had carefully tucked away her long hair, she wore her sports clothes, and she talked with a fake voice.

Jacob taught that it was another boy.
When Jacob asked the new comer about the mask, the response he got was; “I’m wearing it for fun.” And that was that.
The three of them played in the playground very happily. Five minutes later, Sally took off her mask and Jacob almost freaked out. He wanted to get up and run away but Sally told him to wait that doesn’t he see that he is not afraid of girls anymore. He is not afraid to talk to her.

Jacob paused. He realizes it’s true. He wasn’t afraid anymore. He wasn’t afraid to talk to her. He was bold.

Jacob’s two new friends rejoiced with Jacob because an obstacle in his social life had been removed. Jacob was now free.

The three of them played some more together. Then later on, Sally’s friends who saw her playing in the park joined them.

Jacob checked himself to see if he would start sweating or feeling nervous again but that wasn’t the case. They all talked and played together like if he had never been afraid to talk to girls before.

Jacob was now 100% convinced and confident that the Holy Ghost had taken away his fears forever. He was not shy around girls anymore and he never ever would be again. Not only could he stand and look a female in the eye now, but he could also talk and play with them for hours with getting nervous or running away.

The next day in school, during recess which was the time he knew his so – called friends had planned to embarrass him, Jacob went to the playground and sat down in a corner where everybody in the playground would see him so his so – called friends would see it as a position that works perfectly for their evil plan.
Unfailingly, the girl in their class that his so – called friends had arranged to appear out of nowhere and talk to him while his so – called friend draw everyone’s attention to her and Jacob showed up.

Jacob saw his so – called friends watching from a distance and getting ready to laugh as they gathered everyone’s attention to him and the girl standing in front of him.

However, what Jacob really enjoyed next was watching their mouths drop wide open as he talked freely and fluently with the girl. They couldn’t believe their eyes. The people whose attention they had tried to gather returned back to what they where doing because they felt like Jacob’s so – called friends had only succeeded in wasting their time.

After Jacob had had enough fun watching his so – called friends watch in total shock, Jacob told the girl standing in front of him that she can go back to those who sent her and tell them that her mission had failed, and he is also no longer interested in being friends with them anymore. He has found true friends: friends that help you in your time of need and not friends that laugh at you and take advantage of you in your time of need and in your areas of weakness.


I Am Catholic, I Won’t Let My Kids Watch A Protestant’s Movie – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a very special country; everything was going wrong. The entertainment media was being infiltrated by junk. Movies and Music where being used to brainwash the public.

The entire entertainment industry of the country was overrun with business executives who believed in propagating stupidity and attacking Christianity.

However, in the mist of all the madness a collection of Pentecostal churches around the world that just so happened to have their headquarters located in Hollywood began a Christian movie ministry.

As the blessings of God was upon it, it grew and grew and kept growing. It still wasn’t able to compete with the number of movies that secular Hollywood put out there and it didn’t get as much publicity.

However, there were enough movies made for one person who watches movies for 10 hours a day to watch only their movies everyday for as long as a live without repeating a single movie twice.

This was a defensive measure by the Pentecostal churches to prevent Christians from being brain washed into the world’s way of thinking as they watched secular movies. They knew that they couldn’t stop people from watching movies, and they couldn’t tell people to stop watching movies either.

This was the only thing that was within their ability to do to protect Christian ideologies from being completely wiped out from the minds of Christians.

Even though their headquarters was in Hollywood, their distribution links spread through out every part of the country so that no Christian would be deprived of the opportunity to save their minds and those of their kids.

Within the heart of the country, there lived a Catholic woman named Martha. She knew about this Christian Pentecostal Movie movement. Some distribution agents had knocked on her door but she refused to be a part of it because they were protestants and she was Catholic.

She blatantly told them, “I am Catholic, I won’t let my kids watch a Protestant’s movie.”

She slammed the door in their faces. As far as she was concerned this was just a convert to protestant scheme.

She wasn’t going to be fooled.

Martha let her kids continue watching regular TV. She was glad that a protestant scheme to reach her kids had failed.

Later that evening, while Martha was having tea with a friend of hers she told Martha that the Protestant movie people had knocked on her door too.

Martha was expecting to hear her friend who was also a Catholic say that she sent them marching away, but was stunned when she said that she subscribed to them and now her kids can watch only movies that have Jesus in it and talk about God even though they don’t talk that much about Mary.

Martha was disappointed and tried to convince her friend that she was buying into protestant propaganda, but her friend wouldn’t agree with Martha.

After a brief argument, neither of them was getting anywhere so they decided to drop the topic; however, in Martha’s mind she was glad that she wasn’t fooled like her friend. She belonged to a long generation of Catholics and she was glad that a sleazy Protestant trick wasn’t going to change that.

3 years later, Martha was running late one Sunday morning because she had woken up later than usual. While getting ready she shouted out to her kids, “HURRY UP! OR WE WOULD BE LATE FOR MASS.”



I Received What I Always Wanted This Christmas – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a little Christian boy named Jonah. He loved the Lord dearly and he was the only child of very very wealthy and loving Christian parents.

Jonah was very happy today because it was the day before Christmas. That evening as was the custom in their home he’ill get to receive his Christmas gift. His parents didn’t bother telling him that gifts during Christmas are brought by Santa Claus because his parents were smart. And smart people know that if they tell their kids that Santa is real and he operates on Christmas day. And at the same time tells them that the reason for Christmas day is Jesus Christ, when that child grows older and finds out that Santa isn’t real, that child would also question everything else that you told them was connected to Christmas; and I’m talking about Jesus Christ.

Though some kids would find out that Jesus is still real even through Santa is not, why create a potential stumbling block for them to encounter in the future?

Jonah wanted a special limited edition realistic action figure this Christmas. He had been hungry to receive it since his prep school closed for the Christmas season. The special limited edition realistic action figure was very expensive, otherwise he could have bought it himself.

Late that morning, Jonah’s Mum told Jonah that he should escort her to a friend’s house to drop off some gifts that she promised to give her for her charity organization, but the place was far from their house and they would have to drive through quite a few neighborhoods they are not used to.

After they were through and where on their way back, their car breaks down right in the middle of a poor neighborhood.

Jonah’s Mum pulled out her cell phone to call the tow truck but he realizes that the battery is empty. Her genius son had played mobile games on her cell phone all through the better half of the previous night and he had forgotten to charge it.
“Oops!”, Jonah said as he made a cute face and said he was sorry.

Jonah and his Mum had to walk up to the closest house in the neighborhood and ask for help. They were such nice people. They welcomed them into their home, the plump elderly man, Mr. Jacobs told Jonah’s Mum that she didn’t need to use their phone to call the tow truck that he could fix it himself for free.

Jonah’s Mum said that it’s really no big deal that he shouldn’t inconvenience himself, but Mr. Jacobs said that he insists; besides it is Christmas.
While Mr. Jacobs helps fix their car. Mr. Jacobs’ wife treated Jonah’s Mum to a cup of tea. While Jonah got to spend time with Mr. Jacobs’ son, Tommy.

Jonah looks around Mr. Jacobs’ house. He cannot believe that someone could live under such poor conditions. While clandestinely looking around the house and talking to Tommy, he sees a photo of Mr. Jacobs in a pilot’s uniform. He slyly asked Tommy about it and Tommy tells him that his Dad used to be a pilot but he got laid off because of the recession and now he has no job but they are happy because God is faithful and he provides for them.

The more Jonah looked at the picture the more he felt sad. His Dad owned his own airline, and Mr. Jacobs had just been fired from working for one.

After the car was fixed. Jonah and his Mum resumed their drive home. He couldn’t stop thinking about Mr. Jacob’s family and all the disgustingly poor conditions that they had to put up with. Thoughts from one of his Mum’s books by Daisy Osborn swarm to and fro through his mind. The book spoke about success and that being a success means helping people. It also had some beautiful pictures of Daisy doing a lot of charity work at different places all around the country.When Jonah and his Mum arrived home, Jonah still couldn’t stop thinking of it.

That evening when the time his Dad was to present him his Christmas present came. Jonah got the gift he had waited so long to receive this Christmas. He got the gift he’d always wanted since he saw its TV ad. He got the special limited edition realistic action figure.

Jonah plays with it but it doesn’t give him any happiness. He doesn’t feel any joy. Where was that satisfaction in his heart that he was supposed to feel for getting the gift that he’d always wanted? Jonah’s Mum later sees him playing with his Christmas gift in his room but she notices that he is not happy. She suspected she knew why, but she didn’t say anything about it.

She asked Jonah if anything is wrong but he says that everything is Ok! as he puts on his fake smile. He should have known by now that she knows his fake smile she sees it. But sadly, he didn’t know any better and his Mum pretended like his fake smile fooled her.

She then told him to come to the living room for their family prayer time before bedtime.

After the family prayers and Jonah returns to his room, he lyes down to sleep but he had trouble sleeping. He decided to go to his parents room and ask for permission to sleep on their bed with them. They agreed.

However, Jonah still had trouble sleeping but a long while later; he falls asleep.
That night, Jonah dreamt that he was in Tommy’s shoes and he had to spend Christmas just like Tommy.

When Jonah woke up the next morning he felt in his heart what he knew for sure that God wanted him to do.

Hence, Jonah told his Mum that he wanted to give Tommy the gift that he had received for Christmas. She smiled and said, “I knew you were going to say that.”

He then turned to his Dad who had just woken up and told him that please there is a guy that really needs to be given a job as a pilot and he’s got the qualification and everything.

40 minutes later, Jonah stood looking at the perfect picture of the perfect family having the perfect Christmas. Tommy was playing happily with his special limited edition realistic action figure. Mr. Jacobs’ wife was thanking Jonah’s Mum and trying very hard to control herself but she was obviously very unsuccessful in the controlling herself part. And Mr. Jacobs himself was thanking Jonah’s Dad and crying tears of joy because of the new job that he had just been offered.
Tears of joy started rolling down Jonah’s eyes. He felt the happiness that was previously missing in his heart. He felt the joy that was previously missing in his heart. He felt the satisfaction within his heart that he thought he was going to feel when he got the gift that he’d always wanted for Christmas. He felt the satisfaction he was looking for when he gave away the gift that he had always wanted and not when he had gotten it.



I Only Make Friends With Bookworms – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place much like where you live right now there lived two twin brothers. One’s name was Peter and the other one’s name was Paul. They were 12 years old and where blessed with lovely Christian parents.

They were not really doing well with their school work and their parents had instilled compulsory daily reading time on them however it only moved their grades up from D’s to C’s. They rarely ever got B’s and they never got A’s.
Most parents are satisfied with their kids getting C’s but when a parent knows that C means average and A means great, then that parents would not settle for their kids being average when they know their kids can be great.

Their Mum prayed for God to reveal to her what the problem was, and one day she had the opportunity to see the kind of friends her twins keep in school when she came earlier than usual to pick them up. It was clear that the kind of friends they kept loved to play more than they loved to read. As a matter of fact they didn’t like to read at all. They were just all play kids who must have only read when their parents forced them to.
When they got home. She told her two sons to only hang out with those who read and love to read which means that they should stop being friends with the people she saw them playing with.

The twins never argued with their Mum. They both nodded in agreement.

The next day in school, Peter was surprised when he saw his twin brother still going to hang out with their old friends. He cautioned Paul, but Paul told his friends what his brother was warning him about and they all made fun of him; saying that he thinks he’s better than them all of a sudden.

Peter left them alone and went to make friends with the most brilliant kids in the class.

At the end of the term, when their Mum received their results from the school through her e-mail she saw that Peter was getting a lot of A’s but Paul was still getting C’s.

She called Peter and told him to tell her the truth. She then asked him if Paul still remained friends with the people she told them to stop being friends with and Peter said Yes.

Mum then called Paul and told him why he is about to receive a good spanking, and then she took him upstairs and gave him a real good spanking.

Being friends with people who do not read makes their attitude towards reading rob off on us. If we have a good foundation with people who love reading but also keep friends with people who don’t love to read; the negative influence of those who don’t love to read would impede your mental growth.

So it’s wise to only make friends with bookworms: those who love to read.


How To Make Satan Buy You A Car – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time, Satan was working around town as always looking for whom to destroy. Apparently, ever since he was cast out of heaven he doesn’t have anything better to do with his free time. Satan noticed a young man talking to a girl. He smiled as the girl gave him her number.

Well, planning to commit sin is almost as good enough as committing sin. Satan commanded two of his little demons to follow the young man, and they happily ran and jumped into him.

In the physical realm it didn’t look like anything had happened but in the spiritual realm the young man just got two additional problem – generators.

Satan was feeling a bit bored so he decided he would cause a car accident to kill the human standing right next to him.

Satan’s plan was adverted by a Christian teenage boy who acted quickly and pulled the person that Satan planned to kill out of the way of an oncoming vehicle. The Christian teenage boy had saved someone’s life and he had cost Satan some fun.

Satan got mad and decided he would punish the Christian teenage boy. He declared to his demons that the Christian teenage boy is never to have a car but is to suffer having to walk for the rest of his life. They would stop any plan in motion that would result in the Christian teenage boy getting a car. The Christian teenage boy was cursed. He was cursed by Satan himself. That was his punishment for costing Satan a life he would have killed.

Later that day, while the Christian teenage boy was having one of his normal conversations with the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit told the Christian teenage boy what Satan had decided to do.

You see, when you spend a lot of time with God, his mindset and his power begins to rub off on you.

The Christian teenage boy laughed with the Holy Spirit at what Satan was planning. True, he knew Satan must be serious but he also knew that Satan is just a small little ant when you know your rights in Christ.

The Christian teenage boy told the Holy Spirit whom he had come to know as his friend that, this is not even a praying matter. Satan is not serious. He told the Holy Spirit that he would disturb Satan and make even Satan himself be the one to buy him a car. The Holy Spirit was pleased that the Christian teenage was thinking with divine authority. He had grown in the faith such that even the loudest threat from Satan couldn’t make him shake.

The Christian teenage boy came up with a plan. He started preaching to people anytime he met them while he worked on the street. He also won so many souls whenever he used public transportation to the point that his plan worked, Satan had to get him a private car himself so that the Christian teenage boy won’t see anybody to win to Christ when he is riding in a private car before he ends up winning everyone in the city who ever sits beside him in bus or in a public vehicle.

Satan told one of his disciples in the church of Satan to buy it for the Christian teenage boy.

Satan’s disciple was shocked and asked Satan, “Since when did we start helping the enemy.”

Satan told his disciple to SHUT UP and just buy the car.

The disciple said, Ok! but maybe they should put a curse on the car first before giving it to the Christian.

So, by the end of that day, the teenage Christian boy was driving around town in his brand new expensive car. Satan couldn’t take the risk of buying a cheap car just in case the Christian teenage boy wouldn’t like it.

Unfortunately for Satan, the Christian teenage boy used his car to drive to much distant places to reach more people with the gospel of Jesus than he could have ever reached before. He would also use it to drive new coverts to church every Sunday morning until they didn’t need him showing up before they would get up and go to church. Then he would replace them with even newer converts and drive them to church every Sunday.

So obviously, Satan lost.


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