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Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Well – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called Zimbabwe, there lived a man named Tenny. He wasn’t a Christian man and he hated even the very mention of Christianity. He had a wife and kid that he loved dearly but lately his local manufacturing business was going really slow and he could no more afford to take care of his beautiful wife and his sweet little boy.

Tenny and his wife started arguing regularly over financial issues.There was trouble in their home but both Tenny and his wife were Rooted – Africans, and Rooted – Africans don’t get divorced. Weeks pasted by and business was still bad.

Tenny, like many poor Africans, blamed rich people and the government for what they were going through.

The hatred and laments against rich people that Tenny made kept on growing every single day.

Tenny finally had to pull his kid out of school because business wasn’t moving and so he couldn’t pay the school fees.

In-spite of the fact that he hated Christians, Tenny knew his son had to be educated so like a man who had no choice, Tenny put his kid in a free Christian school sponsored by the generous donations of Christians in America.

The aspect of his sons schooling was taken care of thanks to the Christians he still hated. However, his mounting financial troubles didn’t go away. Tenny now began to think of cheating people in business even though it went against his conscience.

Tenny was still debating on whether he would or would not begin to cheat people in his business affairs, when his son walked up to him one day and confronted him about his hatred for Christians.

Tenny’s son told him that he was told in school that Jesus loves everybody and all Christians are encouraged to love everybody which means that the Christians that he is wasting his time hating actually love him, so he should change.

Tenny’s son also added that they told him in school that anything worth doing is worth doing well, and that he believes that that is the reason the business hasn’t being going well.

Tenny’s son told him that he is failing in business because he is not giving his best to even the minutest detail in every aspect of his business.

Tenny lost his temper. He could’t believe his son was teaching him. He couldn’t believe that his son had the guts to try to teach him.

Tenny beat up his son as though he was beating an African drum. Then he talked his son out of embracing Christianity. Tenny matched to the school the next day and shouts at the principal. He also pulled his son out of the school after making quite a scene no one would be forgetting anytime soon.

Some days later, while working, Tenny pondered over what his son said and laughed over the idea of his son trying to teach him. But after pondering about it some more he decides to give it a shot. He had tried everything else and it didn’t help his business get better, he might as well try what his son said.

Tenny gave his best to the production, marketing and distribution of the product he manufactured; and it turns out that for the first time in a very long time, his entire stock is sold out.

Tenny realizes that there is truth in what his son told him after all. But Wait! Oh No!.. Now he has to un-convince his son that Christianity is bad and also convince the school to take his son back.


Don’t Laugh At People Because They Are Fat – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a land far far away there lived an incredibly handsome Prince. He was good mannered and he acknowledged God in all his ways.

The Prince was single and it he had long past the age that custom demanded he pick a bride. The Prince wasn’t even seeing anyone at the time and even though he had proved himself a great many times to be a great leader who is full of nobility and great courage it was quite clear that the people needed a Princess who would one day become Queen. There were lots of present pressing diplomatic duties that was meant for a Princess alone that were left undone. So there was no putting off the matter for sometime in the future. The Prince had to get married soon.

The Prince decided that he would attend the greatest social party event of the year wearing a disguise and at this event which he was sure that all the single and eligible ladies would attend, he would study all of them and pick his bride.

At the party, everything was quite normal and as the Prince expected there were a lot of eligible ladies there. The Prince just simply stood by, alone at a strategic corner where he could get a good view of almost everything that was going on. Quite frankly, he was getting bored and began to think he was wasting his time until he noticed a young beautiful fat lady walk in. She walked in a bit shy and unsure of herself and for some reason she seemed to draw the attention of the other ladies.

The Prince couldn’t quite understand what was going on between the ladies but it sure did look like all the other ladies didn’t like the fat lady very much.

A while later into the party, the ladies were having a lot of fun and they got together to play a game. The fat lady wanted to join them but the other ladies started making cunning and rude remarks about her weight. It started getting a little heated but then one of the ladies who was blonde, pretty and also skinny; opposed all the women and told them that they weren’t being fair. She single handedly stopped all the women from picking on the fat lady and took the fat lady to a corner and consoled her.

When the beautiful blonde & skinny lady she finished talking to the fat lady and left her feeling happy and good about herself in-spite of what people think. The Prince approached the beautiful blonde in his disguise and told her that he was extremely impressed by what she did and that it’s rare to see a woman with a heart of gold like hers.

The beautiful blonde said thank you and politely started to walk away but the Prince caught her by her arm. Then with his other arm he took away his facial disguise and she gulped in fear and shock as she recognized him. People around started turning to them and sounds of shock and surprise started to feel the air. Nobody had known that the Prince was there.

The Prince got on one knee and said, “It would be an honor if you would go on at least one date with me but as it is I would like to got on dates with you anytime the moon shines in the sky.”

Unsurprisingly, a few weeks later they were totally in love and crazy about it each other. In a matter of months they were happily married and lived happily ever after facing every new challenge together with love and acknowledging God every step of the way. You know this is how it would be at the rapture. No one knows when the rapture would happen but when it does, if you are here would you be doing something that a Christian should’t do or would you be doing something that is pleasing to God?

The beautiful blonde lady was chosen by the Prince because of what she did when she didn’t even know the Prince was watching. What kind of things do you do when nobody is watching? Do you do things that if people found out you did they would be disappointed in you? Just know this, who you are in secret is the real you.


Angels Watch Over Us While We Sleep – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a little boy named Kelvin. He was a good boy but he was afraid of the dark and he was scared that that was when the boggie man comes to get little kids.

He is afraid to tell his Mum of his fears too.

Kelvin’s elder sister used Kelvin’s fears to prey on him.

Kelvin’s Mum figured out what something was wrong but Kelvin doesn’t want to tell her what it is.

That night Kelvin’s Mum she refuses to leave his bedroom light on and he begs and begs and begs.

Kelvin’s Mum’s suspicions where right, her son was afraid of the dark.

There was no point in pretending anymore so Kelvin tells his Mum everything. He tells her that he is afraid of the dark and of the boggie man.

Kelvin’s Mum’s explains to him that God cares about us so much that not a strand of hair of ours falls to the ground without him knowing. He always watches and protects those who are his and give his Angels charge to watch over us when we are awake and when we are asleep too. She also told him that the boggie man wasn’t real that it was all in his mind.

Kelvin gained confidence. He trusting in God. If God had put Angels around him to protect him then surely nothing and no one could harm him.

Kelvin’s Mum kissed Kelvin on his forehead and stood up to leave. She intended to leave the light on for Kelvin but he requested that she put it off.

Kelvin’s Mum smiled. She put off the light and then she left.

As Kelvin closed his eyes to sleep, he heard a voice that said, “I hate the light but now that it’s dark there is nothing stopping me from coming to get you, now you should be very afraid, you better run and go crying to Mummy.”

Immediately Kelvin responded very audibly, I’m not afraid of you, why should I be? God’s Angels are keeping watch over me and believe me you do not want to make them mad.


Be Careful As You Read – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a young man named Tom. Life was tough for him and things just seemed to be one hustle after another. Making ends meet and trying to keep his head afloat just kept getting harder with each passing day.

One day when he was grumbling in his heart about all his many struggles but keeping a smile on his face as camouflage, a lady walked up to him and shared the gospel with him. They ended up talking a lot longer than he might have expected. He just opened up to her. He told her what was really going on inside him – he told her about the struggle of the man behind the mask. She listened attentively and with genuine concern. She spoke wisely and by the spirit of God so at the end of that afternoon she had lead him in a salvation prayer, invited him to her church and had also told him something that was more precious than anything gold can buy – she had told him what he didn’t know but wanted to hear – she had told him what he needed to hear – she had told him what would bring his suffering and hustling streak to an end – she had told him that all he needed was wisdom and knowledge.

Later that day when Tom sat alone at home and reflected on what the lady had told him he is mesmerized at the benefits of having wisdom and knowledge.

A few years later, Tom was a rich Christian man. He was reaping the benefits of continually seeking knowledge and he was smart enough to still keep seeking knowledge in-spite of the fact that it had already made him rich. His personal library in his really big mansion was really a marvel on its own. The great thing was that it wasn’t just a beautiful personal library that contained many books that the owner of the library never read and would never read but it was a library owned by a voracious reader who devoured and devoured and devoured more.

Tom became obsessed with reading (which is a good thing) and he would even tell anyone that would listen that they should form the good habit of reading.

Tom however started reading all kinds of books including books that were against his Christian beliefs. As time when on, the amount of time he spent reading Christian books decreased and the time spent on reading other books (that where sometimes secular) increased, thus balancing itself out. Tom didn’t notice this. All he knew was that he was gaining knowledge – lots of it.

What he couldn’t see was the difference that now he was gaining lots of knowledge that is against God’s word.

In metaphorically terms he may still be in a car that’s moving forward, but the thing was that now he was moving in the wrong direction.

Like a thief that sneaks up silently on their victim, strange beliefs and ideologies started creeping up on Tom. In a matter of months he was a totally different person with different beliefs and a different worldview. He now believed the wrong things, asked the wrong questions and thought the wrong thoughts.

Pretty soon the questions that where birth as a result of the wrong books took away reading from him.

He had lost what had inspired him to pick up books in the first place. The wrong kind of knowledge he had gained had quenched his thirst for knowledge all together.

He started making the wrong business decisions and soon lost all his wealth.

He died a wretched and poor man all because he didn’t watch how he read.

Don’t be like him. Love reading, but read only the right books.


But The 8.00 am Service Doesn’t Really Begin Until 8.30 am – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived two 13 year old brothers. One’s name was Danny and the other one’s name was Tommy. They were both Christians and were blessed with two lovely parents who loved them dearly and had taken them to church from day one so they won’t be lacking in the knowledge of the Truth is God’s word.

Danny and Tommy each which wanted a new portable hand held touch screen device more than anything. With it they could use all sorts of important apps, listen to CBN Radio, chat with their friends on yookos.com, and also download and play a lot of sweet positive games that wouldn’t clog their minds with violence but is just 100% clean gaming fun.

The two brothers had tried to get their parents to buy the device for them but their Dad told them to ask their Mum and their Mum told them to go do their homework anytime they brought the topic up. Even after they finished their homework whenever they asked their Mum she would tell them to go read a book.
On some other occasions, asking her to buy them the device would make her give them some shores around the house to do. So I guess you can understand why the boys gave up on trying to get their Mum and Dad to buy them the device. Now all they could do is pray and pray and pray for it.

Normally, they all went to church together as a family but one Sunday the kids were to go alone. Their Dad was out of the country on a business trip and he was to come back on Monday (the next day), while their Mum left very early that morning after cooking breakfast making sure that the boys were on schedule to getting to church early. She was in a hurry, she had to travel to another city to visit her sick and hospitalized sister who had begged to see her.

After Mum left and the boys had prepared and eaten and it was time to step out the door and walk to the church which was a stone throw away from their house, Tommy sat down and put on the Television.

Danny was shocked. He asked Tommy what he taught he was doing.

Tommy told Danny to relax that it is not as if he doesn’t plan on going to church. It’s just that the 8.00 am service doesn’t really begin until 8.30 am. So he would kill time watching TV before he gets up to go to church. If he goes now all he would meet is the praise and worship time and the testimony time but what he plans to do to come right before the Pastor steps on stage to deliver the message.

Danny tried to convince his brother of the importance of punctuality but Tommy wouldn’t budge. Danny soon realized that if he stayed there trying to talk some sense into his brother he would be late himself so he leaves his brother there watching Sunday morning cartoons.

God had been listening to the prayers of the brothers. Their asking for the portable hand held touch screen device hadn’t gone un-noticed in heaven.

That Sunday, God sent angels to deliver blessings to them to where they were supposed to be and not where they were. The blessing was a spiritual blessing that would make it possible for them to get the device they wanted in the physical. Kinda like how Isaac in the bible blessed his son Jacob by speaking words of blessing over him without giving him any physical thing, yet that blessing is what was responsible for the many physical and material possessions that he later had in life.

The two angels that God sent to bless the two brothers arrive as the service starts in order to give them their blessings but only Danny is there. God had decided to give them their own blessings during the opening prayer but since only Danny was there during the opening prayer of the service, only Danny got his blessing.

Danny did not see or feel the angels blessing him. But he was blessed any how.

Tommy later showed up in church right before the Pastor mounted the pulpit to start preaching. By then the angels who came specifically for him and his brother had gone. None of the two brothers had known the angels had come but only one of them was going to reap the fruits of their coming.

Days later Danny had gotten the device he wanted as a gift from one of his Mum’s sisters who visited. She had gotten Danny the new portable hand held touch screen device and had gotten Tommy a pair of sneakers and a basketball. Tommy thanked his aunt just like Danny did but he wished he had gotten Danny’s gift instead.

After their aunt left, their Mum wanted to take the device away from the Danny but God gave Danny wisdom to know what his Mum was really afraid of, so Danny told his Mum that he was going to install an app that would block out all inappropriate websites and he promises to use his device to read a minimum of 15 pages of a book everyday.

On hearing his, Mum smiled and her fears went away. She now let him keep the device.

Tommy kept on praying and praying for his device but he soon got tired of waiting for his miracle as it where.

Tommy looked up to the heavens and said, “You love my brother more than me. It’s not fair.”Oh! What a pity. If only Tommy knew that he was only reaping what he sowed.


Annie Sits & Thinks – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Annie. She loved the Lord and she was blessed to have good Christian parents and good Christian friends.

One day, Annie found her Dad sitting down alone, quietly in a dark and quiet part of the house. It was weird.

Annie was too scared to interrupt her Dad. She had never been afraid of her Dad before but he just looked too different now that she didn’t know what he might do.

Annie hid and watched her father. She soon got bored and went to the living room to watch cartoons.

After 2 hours of cartoons, Annie decided to go to the ice box to get some orange juice. As Annie was on her way to the ice box she found out that her Dad was still sitting were she last saw him. He hadn’t moved. He wasn’t dead, but he wasn’t acting like if he was alive either.

Annie was still too scared to approach her Dad in that state. She wondered if something was wrong with him. She forgot all about the orange juice and she hid and watched him. He wasn’t moving. He was just sitting alone quietly. 5 minutes passed and she was still watching him. She didn’t notice that someone had come up behind her.


Annie jumped right out of her skin. She turned and saw her mother standing there with a wide smile on her face.

“You scared me”, said Annie.

“Never mind that sweetie. What are you doing spying on your Dad?”

“There is something wrong with Daddy” Annie said. “It’s like he is dead but he is not dead at the same time.”

Mum looked at Dad who was sitting in a distance and totally oblivious of what they were saying. And then she looked back at Annie and laughed.

She explained to Annie that Dad was only thinking. That anytime he had a problem he liked to go somewhere where he would be by himself and have absolute silence around him so that he can peacefully think of the solution of the problem.

“Wow! is that what daddy is doing?”

“Yes, that is what daddy is doing.”, Mum answered as she tugged Annie’s cheek as she made a funny Mummy face at Annie.

“Common, I would fix you a sandwich.”


Two days after that, Annie had a problem with another girl in school. She decided to do what she saw her father do so she would come up with a solution for her problem.

Annie sat still. She tried not to move a muscle. She stayed there for 20 minutes struggling not to move a muscle until she finally couldn’t feel any muscle in her body.

Annie felt strange. She felt like she was sinking into a spiral that was in a spiral that was in another spiral of dizziness.

Annie didn’t know if she could move. She screamed out help and her Mother came running. Her Mum didn’t know what Annie was doing but like every mother when they hear their child screaming, she came running.

Mum spent the rest of that evening nursing Annie back to health. When she found out what Annie was doing that got her in her present predicament, Mum shook her head and said, “It’s not about how STILL you sit when you think. It’s about thinking in the position that you are most comfortable and least distracted, in a quiet environment.”


Career Choice Pressures – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in the country of Nigeria there lived a young Christian boy named Philip. He was in High School and the time had come based on the Nigerian school system for him and his classmates to pick a profession so that they could now begin to be taught to specialize in that profession.

Philip was in a bit of a dilemma. He loved the business world and did really well in Economics and Commerce. On the other hand he loved drawing and he did really well in Fine Art. He was the best in the school in that subject.

Philip asks his parents for help. They say he can choose anything he wanted but they would prefer if he choose to become a doctor but it’s his life – his destiny; so he should choose whatever he wants to choose.

Philip goes to school the next day and when it’s time to choose he notices that another boy who went before him who chooses being an artist gets laughed at by the other students. Ok! that settles it then, he would choose Business Administration but interestingly somebody else who choose Business Administration gets laughed at by some of the students; they say he is choosing an easy course.

Philip noticed that the key people who weren’t laughed at but were actually respected where those who choose to become brain surgeons. They were respected by the other students because it made them look super smart for choosing a course that they classified as hard.

So, when it was Philip’s turn to be asked what he wanted to be when he grows up so it would be recorded in the principal’s file, he said he wanted to be a Brain Surgeon.

His classmates cheered him.

When Philip gets home and tells his parents what he choose they ask why he changed his mind and choose something that he wasn’t even considering before, he says that he just realized that it’s what he really wants to do.

Many years later, Philip meets an old classmate who had graduated and was now a successful member of the working class, while Philip is still in the University because he had been failing his classes every year because of how hard his course was to him. He just wasn’t cut out to become a Brain Surgeon.

The old classmate asks Philip what he is doing now, thinking that Philip too had graduated and had finished with his schooling a long time ago.

Out of shame, Philip lies and says he is a brain surgeon in America and than he is just on a visit home and he would soon be going back.

The old classmate cheers.

After they went their different ways, Philip goes back to his parent’s house and cries. Kneeling down he asked God what should he do. God says, “Go back to high school and choose the right course this time.”


Chased By A Monster – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a lovely little girl named Susan. She was a Christian girl who came from a good Christian home. Her parents where quite influential society and they loved their daughter dearly.

Susan loved the word of God and also loved school because like many children of rich or well to do parents she had been taught early about the value of knowledge. Hence, she didn’t loathe school like the kids of poor people many a time do.

One day, a new girl named Kate joined Susan’s class. Everything would have been cool except for the fact that she was into satanism & witchcraft. She was also very open and outspoken about it.

Based on the ‘freedom of religion’ act which lets anyone worship whatever they want, believe whatever they want and follow any religion that they want which would support people worshiping the ghost of Adolf Hitler if begin a Nazi became a religion; Kate was well within her rights to school where she wanted and the other students where encouraged to accept her, all because of a law of acceptance that would also protect the practicing of a religion that teaches it’s followers to hate the country itself.

Susan knew what the word of God says concerning witches so she stayed clear of Kate. She avoided her like she was chicken pox and didn’t want anything to do with Kate.

She knew that evil communication corrupts good manners.

Unfortunately for Susan, Kate liked her and wanted to be friends with her. Kate tried time and time again to become close friends with Susan but Susan kept keeping her distance. After a significant amount of tries, Kate took a hint.

Friction broke out subtly between Kate and the Susan.

One day, Kate brought a rap CD to school and dared anyone to read the mirror message that was written in the CD booklet. She cleverly shifted the spotlight to Susan who was minding her own business and reading in a corner of the classroom to take on the dare.

Susan didn’t want to take on the dare, besides something didn’t seem right about taking on the dare to her. It looked like a set up. But a set up for what?

Eventually, because of the pressure from her class mates Susan took on the dare and read the mirror message.

That night Susan had a nightmare that an ugly vicious and diabolic monster was chasing her and was bent on killing her, but in the dream she escaped from it before she woke up.

The nightmares continued every single night. It was the same nightmare; it was the same monster, except that in each dream the monster tried to get her in a different way. Somehow, she always managed to get away.

Susan being a smart girl tells her Mum about the nightmares that she has been having.

Her Mum tells her to pray, fill her heart with the word and also the next time she sees the monster in her dream she should stand her ground and rebuke it using the name of Jesus.

That night while Susan slept, sure enough in her dream the monster came again to chase her. She was just about to run when within her dream she could hear her Mum’s voice – she could remember her Mum telling her to rebuke the monster in the name of Jesus.

Susan stood her ground and rebuked the monster in the name of Jesus.

Immediately, the monster screamed and vanishes.

Somehow, Susan just knew it in her spirit that that’s the last she would be seeing of the ugly vicious and diabolic monster.

Susan told her Mum that morning about the victory she had within her dream. They did a little Mother – Daughter victory dance before Susan went to school.

That day, while Susan was in school, Kate approached her and said, “Your Jesus must be really powerful. I want to become a Christian just like you. I got you to place a spell on yourself when you read the mirror message in that CD booklet the other day but I know you broke the spell last night. Jesus is greater than Satan.”


Have Faith In Your Faith – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a land far far away there lived a little boy named Matt. He was a nice Christian boy, and he was blessed to have two wonderful Christian parents and a cute but huge dog as his trusty pet.

Matt had a deep and personal relationship with Jesus, and he enjoyed getting to know the Lord more every single day.

There had always been hostility against Christians from the King of the land but everyone was surprised when the King issued a degree that all Christians should register their names for the sake of book keeping. People didn’t like it especially since his out of the blue book keeping didn’t require non – Christian statistics. Why would it only contain Christian statistics.

The Christians in the Kingdom went along with it all the while skeptical of what the King was doing.

Soon the King ordered all Christians to start wearing red gloves and red vests written “Christian” anytime they are in public so that they could be identified from afar and so they won’t contaminate anything they touch with their Christianity.

At this point, people knew that something big was up and something seriously evil was coming.

The King did all he could to reassure the Christians that what he was doing was in the best interest of the Christians and that he wasn’t planning anything evil.

Some Christians followed his new law. Some others started leaving the kingdom at night to travel to other Kingdoms. While some didn’t obey the King’s new law but they stayed behind because they had already built too much of a life for themselves in his Kingdom and they couldn’t imagine walking away from all the fruits of their hard-work and labor they had built in the Kingdom ever since they were born.

Matt’s parents where one of such people.
They couldn’t imagine themselves leaving and leaving everything they had built behind.

A few days later, the King stopped Christians from leaving his Kingdom. He set people to stand at the gates at night and by day with copy of the list of names of Christians that had registered themselves. Only non – Christians were allowed passage out of the Kingdom for whatsoever reason they wanted. But Christians where not allowed to leave but where allowed to enter his Kingdom.

This new move made some Christians within the Kingdom who didn’t want to leave earlier know now that they have to leave by all means. They tried getting past the people at the gate with the list of names by all means necessary but they always got caught and as soon as they were caught they were thrown in prison for breaking the law. But the interesting thing was that none of their loved ones was ever allowed to contact them and they were never seen or heard from again.

Matt and his parents began to pray ceaselessly at this point. They and other believers started setting aside some hours during the night and during the day to pray.

As time went on, the theaters and the music festivals in the Kingdom started having things included in their art that started suggesting that Christians are out dated and that Christians are the source of all the problems in the Kingdom.

But Matt still stood strong in his faith and refused to buckle under the pressures of persecution.

As the anti – Christian message was preached in public, the preaching of the gospel became tagged as offensive to non – Christians and was therefore out – lawed in the Kingdom. So the King had succeeded in passing his own ideology that Christianity was evil to the people on a daily basis in public and he had taken away THE RIGHTS for Christians to defend their faith in public and tell people what their faith truly taught. So in time, only the King’s idea of what Christianity means was the only idea of Christianity that the non – Christians had.

Over the months, hostility towards Christians by the public began to grow. People started blaming Christians for all the problems in the Kingdom and Christians couldn’t defend themselves because if they did they would be thrown in prison for breaking the law.

But Matt still stood strong in his faith and refused to buckle under the pressures of persecution.

People started charging Christians more money for food, they started forbidden their kids from hanging out with Christians, and in their learning centers all kids where taught that every other god is real but the Christian God is just a big hoax.

It didn’t take long before Christians started being arrested for praying in their homes.

It started with Christianity not being allowed to be preached or practiced in public and was meant to be practiced at home alone. And it soon turned into Christianity was not allowed to be practiced at home too. Which was the obvious direction that everything was heading in the first place.

When a Christian was arrested he was never seen again. If he was ever seen again which almost never happened; he or she always said that they didn’t want to talk about what happened and that they don’t believe in Christ anymore.

Also for some strange and mysterious reason, their financial state seemed to improve when they returned.

The population of Christians in the Kingdom had soon gone for thousands to hundreds.

Matt still have faith in God. He would go about to the playgrounds with his dog and he would preach about Jesus to the other kids there that were around his age. He would play with them and gain their trust first and then trickish-ly start talking about the persecution of Christians and what Christians believe that they are willing to even lay their lives down for what they believe.
Matt believed that even though he was just a little boy, he could turn the Kingdom around. He believed that God could do anything. He believed that the same God who used Moses, Elijah and all the other great men in the Bible to change the course of nature can also use him to change the course of the kingdom he lived in. As a matter of fact, he believed that he was chooses for that purpose.

One morning, the King declared war on all Christians. He sent his soldiers all through the Land looking for Christians to kill them on sight. And the non – Christian community did nothing to stop the King. The were Ok! with his plan.
Matt’s parents got killed one day while they went out to get some food.

When the news of what had happened to his parents reached Matt, Matt was broken on the inside.

He felt as if the foundation of everything he had ever believed in chattered and crumbled from within him.
The weight of the loss was so heavy on Matt as a little boy that for the first time in his life he asked the question; “GOD WHY?”

Matt had a peaceful spirit and a calm heart but at this point he was mad at God.

He wept before God in prayer and he poured out his complaints, accusations and anger towards God.At the end of it, he told God that he no longer believes in God.

Of course, he couldn’t really sincerely say that he believed that there is no God but that was they only way he saw he could use communicate to God that he is mad at him and wants nothing more to do with him. He was going to turn his back on God and he wanted God to know it.

Now Matt could have easily gone to the King’s officials and told them that he denounced Christianity and then get paid and return to his normal way of life but Matt couldn’t do that even though he was mad at God now. He didn’t do it because he felt he would be betraying his parents by going to embrace the King and his followers who were responsible for killing his parents. No matter how much Matt was mad at God now, it was still nothing compared to even how more angry at the King and his followers he had become. Matt told himself that he refused to join the King’s followers because of these reasons and that it had nothing to do with the fact that he still felt the love of God comforting him in his heart.

The remaining Christians where living in hiding all through the kingdom at this time, and Matt had to look for his Aunty who was a Christian.

When he found her, they lived together in a cave with a few other fellow believers.

His Aunty found out that Matt had lost his faith and had given up on Christianity so she prayed for him and would always talk to him about trusting God in all things but he would always prove stubborn and refuse to rededicate his life to Christ. He was still mad about the loss of his parents. He would even ignore his Aunty of give her the silent treatment sometimes when she tried to talk to him about Christ.

However, she never gave up. She would always pray for him, talk to him and make sure that she always did her best to make him and his dog happy. Until one of the believers betrayed them and their cave was raided.

They all managed to get away make it into the nearby forest but his Aunty was shot in the back with a poisoned arrow when she made her escape.

When all the Christians that had escaped from the cave where now safe enough to stop running. They quickly prepared a place for Matt’s Aunty to sit down and rest. They knew that she didn’t have much time left.

Matt held his Aunty as they looked at each other both knowing that they are looking at each other for the last time.

Matt started to regret all the times that he had ignored his Aunty and given her the silence treatment. He knew know just how precious she was to him.

His Aunty could barely speak as the poison began to take full effect as it followed through to every part of her body. “Have faith in your faith”, she said. Then her eyes closed for the last time never to be opened again.

Tears began to bubble like hot water behind Matt’s eyes but as a fountain of tears was about to burst out of his eyes, Matt noticed the look on his Aunty’s face. The look on her face before she died, at the second she died, and right after she died registered in Matt’s brain. It was a look of peace. She was at peace.

That was when Matt remembered that even though many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him (us) out of them all (Psalm 34: 19). And even when we are persecuted and we end up getting killed, we still have hope because we know where we would go when we close our eyes.

It dawned on Matt the peace he was missing in his heart right then.

It also dawned on Matt that in his current state he was probably going to get killed sooner or later. And when he gets killed he would certainly go to hell if he doesn’t re-dedicate his life to Christ.

Matt re-dedicated his life to Christ right then and there as he held his dead Aunty in his arms.

When he was through, the Christians around him said that he was the one that betrayed them as he was the only one who was not a Christian among them. They said that he was faking mourning over his Aunty so they tied him up to a tree in forest and left him there. They tried to catch his dog too but his dog ran away. They decided to forget about the dog and go on their way.

The dog came back when they had gone and after a lot of attempts to cut the rope they used to tie Matt with his teeth, the dog succeeded.

Matt thanked God as he patted the dog on its head.

Unfortunately for the people who tied him there, the real person who was amongst them who betrayed them, betrayed them again and they were caught by the King’s followers. It was only right before they were about to be killed that they discovered who the true traitor was.

Matt however was alone with his dog. He didn’t know where to run to.

He decided to heard towards one of the gates in the Kingdom and hide in the safest place near it he can find and then he would try to make a run for it if he sees the slightest opportunity to do so. If he dies, he dies. If he makes it, he makes it.

As Matt was heading towards the gate through the cover of the forest, he meant some other group of Christians. They told him that some Christians had mounted a resistance and had decided to fight the King and his followers to their deaths. They told him that there was an all out war going on outside the forest but considering how out-numbered the Christians are, they are sure to lose.

They also told Matt that they were heading towards a different direction. That they were heading towards a whole in the wall. Someone had blown a human sized hole in a part of the wall surrounding the Kingdom. They believed it was unguarded and that the King didn’t know about it so that was their way of escape out of the Kingdom.
Matt decided to follow them with his dog.

On their way there as they got out of the forest they saw a girl in a well. They didn’t know who she was but they were certain she was not a Christian. If they left her there she would die.

Matt suggested that they help her but they asked him if he was crazy that doesn’t he know that since she’s a non-Christian that she could tell the King’s followers that she saw them and where she saw them.

Matt told them that leaving her in the well to die was not the Christian thing to do. They told Matt that he should come with them, that this is his last chance and that they are not going to give him the directions to where the hole in the wall is because if they do, after he rescues the girl and the girl turns him in. The King would torture the location out of him and if they themselves would have made it through the hole at that time, that hole could be the only way of escape for other Christians in the city.

All the while, the girl was listening to their conversation from within the well.
Matt taught about it. He had two choices. One was to escape with the other Christians. The second was to be a Christian and save the girl.

Matt told them to go on that he is going to save the girl.

They asked him if he was sure and he said that he was that that what he wanted to do because that is what Jesus would want him to do. That is the Christian way.

They other Christians shook their heads, wished him the best, and moved on on their way.

Matt helped the girl get out of the well.

He tried to ask her how she got trapped in a well in the first place but she refused to answer him. She was more interested in finding out why he would risk his life to save hers. She was also extremely curious that he said that doing that was the Christian way.

She asked him questions about Jesus and the more he spoke the more she wanted to hear more. The anointing of God filled the place and Matt spoke with power and with wisdom. By the time he was through the girl had asked Jesus Christ to come into her life and she was a tongue talking believer.

Matt lifted up his hands with the girl to thank God for his goodness but just then the King himself came out of nowhere with a multitude of soldiers with him.

Matt heard the girl’s hand and wanted to run but he was shocked beyond words to see that she didn’t want to move. Matt wondered what was wrong with her. Doesn’t she know that she is a Christian now and therefore the prey of the King?
Matt tried to pull her with him but she still wouldn’t run. She stood still.
At this point, it was even too late to run and all Matt could think about was that they were dead.

Matt noticed that for some reason all the angry eyes was on him alone and not on her.

The King came down from his horse himself, drew his sword and as he was about to strike Matt, the girl jumped in-between them and shouted, “DON’T YOU DARE FATHER!”

“FATHER?” Matt thought. That was when he realized that the girl he saved was the Princess. He should have known. There was something different and unusually authoritative about her. And Oh! – My, he had gone and lead the Princess to Christ. The King would probably make him die in the worst possible way ever.

However, to Matt’s surprise; he had never seen such authority and influence in anyone before. She was stubborn as stubborn can be and she tells her father that if he wants to kill Matt, then he must kill her too.

The Princess was mad at her Dad for lying about what Christianity is about to all the non-Christians. She argued with her father for hours and ended up making him break to her will. She called a meeting of all the people and told the people to forgive her Dad, and then she explained to them what true Christianity really was calling in Matt to help her clear out some points where she needed help. She ends up ending the war and stopping the killing of Christians.

There was now finally peace in the Kingdom and love could reign once more.
The King however still hated Christians and while he sat with the Princess, Matt, and some other members of the royal family at a private bouquet; the King said, “I still don’t see what I or the nation has to benefit from the presence of Christianity.”



Daddy, I Feel God Wants You To Put Your Trust In Him And Not In Man – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Amy. She was 12 years old and she was the only child of her Christian parents. Amy’s Mum was a school teacher while Amy’s Dad was a banker although a substantial amount of his income came from the stock market.

A recession hit their country and the entire financial structure of the nation was shaken to its core.

Amy’s Mum thankfully wasn’t laid off like the thousands of teachers in her country who got laid off but her salary was greatly decreased and the tasks she was given in school increased too as the responsibilities of the teachers that were laid off in their school was distributed amongst the remaining teachers.

Amy’s Dad’s case was worst. He got laid off at his job as a banker and since there was a recession it means that the stock market crashed. Which means that Amy’s Dad lost a lot of money in the stock market.

Working another job was out of the question for Amy’s Mum but her Dad was a different matter. He had no job so he was free to take any a job. The problem however was that there was no job to take.

Amy’s Dad kept doing all that he could to get a job but he just couldn’t find one.

Amy didn’t fully understand what was going on. As far as she was concerned, her Dad was fired and is now looking for a new job so that he can be paid money to take care of her and Mum without which they would be poor. To her, everybody in the country was suddenly worried about being poor and her Mum and Dad’s worries where soon becoming her worries.

Amy decided to get on her knees and pray every night before she goes to bed that her parent’s worries to go away.

Amy’s Dad would walk around town all day with a suitcase containing his resume. And instead of coming home with a job, he would come home with feet that has seen better days and were in dire need of rest.

Amy’s Mum got tired of it all and would often complain to God and tell him to do something but unsurprisingly nothing happened because complaining to God and praying to God are not the same thing.
Amy’s Dad decides to stop aiming for the level of his former position in a company and try a small time job like plumbing. He had a little idea about plumbing. However, after Amy’s Dad’s first day on the job it was a miracle that he didn’t get sued because he turned his clients plumbing problems from bad to worse.

Amy’s Dad decided that he would try being a door to door sale man but after being told No! so many times in one day, having doors slammed in his face and being chased down the street back into his house by a ferocious dog Amy’s Dad decided that being a sales man just wasn’t for him.

Amy’s Dad decided that he would start his own business that whether there is a depression or not, he is the office type and cannot take anything other than an office job.

Amy’s Dad tried to raise money from friends and family but all his efforts failed until he heard that there was an old millionaire friend of his late Dad who was very fond of him that was coming to town for a special tea party.

Amy’s Dad viewed him as his only hope. If he could only ask him for help he would get the money.

Amy’s Dad was so excited about it that it seemed to be the only thing that Amy and her Mum ever heard him talk about these days. It was the only thing that gave him hope in these trying economic times.

Amy got excited about it but as she prayed about it one night she heard the words, “When someone puts their trust in man they often end up getting disappointed, but when they put their trust in God and then God sends a man to help them they cannot be disappointed.”

Those words disturbed Amy, she knew what it meant. God uses people to help you but he wants you to look up to him.
On the day of the tea party, Amy’s Dad went to the party with his best suit on. He was sure that his late Dad’s friend would be excited to see him. As he walked up to him and introduced himself. The man said, “I’m sorry I don’t remember you.”

Then his wife who was standing beside him explained to Amy’s Dad that he had an old age related sickness and often did not recognize even his old friends.
On hearing this, Amy’s Dad was crushed. There was no way that he could now try to explain who his father was and then ask for money. It would look like trying to take advantage of a man who has lost his memory and if his wife hears him trying to do that he would get into a lot of trouble and also end up looking like a heartless crook.

Amy’s Dad left the party early. When he got home, he fell into a chair and started crying.Amy’s Mum was not around but Amy was. She heard her Dad crying in the living room and remembered the words that she had heard when she prayed. Trusting in God had failed her Dad.

Amy went out from where she was hiding and watching her Dad and hugged him.
He didn’t know where she came from. He didn’t know she was watching otherwise he wouldn’t have cried in front of his daughter. He couldn’t do anything about that now. He just simply cried some more and wrapped his arms around his daughter too. After the hug, Amy told her Dad, “Daddy, I feel God wants you to put your trust in him and not in man.”

After she said that she said, “I love you, Daddy”, then she walked away.
Amy’s Dad stopped crying immediately. All he could think of was what his daughter said about trust. He was a Christian so he knew what it meant. It was then that he realized that he had been putting his trust in men and in his own efforts and not in God. He hadn’t even prayed about his situation once from the moment he got laid off from work.

Amy’s Dad got on his knees immediately and he started praying to God about his financial situation.

He ended up praying and worshiping God for over 30 minutes and when his wife came back home from work she immediately joined him. As he opened his eyes and saw her he hugged her and welcomed her back home while still on his knees then they returned back to lifting up their eyes and worshiping God.

At this point Amy decided to join them.
They were having a wonderful time in worship just when God spoke to Amy’s Mum and Amy’s Mum told Amy’s Dad that she knows that they are hard pressed for cash but she believes that God is leading her to give to those who needed money more than they do in-spite of their own lack.

It sounded crazy. Amy’s Dad knew how crazy it sounded but he also knew that it sounded like something God would want them to do. Amy’s Dad agreed and Amy’s Mum wrote out a check for an orphanage that operated in their city.

Frankly, after writing that check, Amy’s parents didn’t know whether they would make it to the end of the month because the money they had left would only last for one more week.

The next day, very early in the morning the phone rang. It was the C.E.O of the bank that Amy’s Dad got laid off from on the line. As Amy’s Dad picked up the phone and said Hello along with who he was, Amy’s Dad heard; “It’s me Mr. Smith, I would like to offer you your job back and I would pay you for all the time you were laid off too. We just found out that you are one of our most productive employees. Your absence here has shown us how vital you are to the bank. Even customers are complaining and asking after you. I would like to have you back and in case you’ve gotten an offer from another bank. I’ve talked to the board of directors to double your salary.”


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