A Cop Like Sherlock Holmes – a poem by Pastor Alfred

{*Dedication: This Poem Is Dedicated To All Police Men Around The World. Thank You So Much For Risking Your Lives Everyday To Keep Us Safe.}
He is the Waterloo to every Napoleon of crime/
He is the PEARL OF DEATH where there is TERROR BY NIGHT/
Cause Terror fears THE SCARLET CLAW of the arm of the Law/…


{This poem proves that every Cop is like Sherlock Holmes where it matters the most. They are willing to lay their lives down to solve our problems. In fact,  they are even better than Sherlock Holmes there because they never reject a case.}

Note: All Capitalized Words In This Poem Are Names & Titles Of Actual Sherlock Holmes Books, Movies, Sitcoms, Video Games & Shows Through The Years.
How big are you on Sherlock Holmes, can you identify all the titles mentioned in this poem?
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