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A Wedding Ring For The Woman Behind The Mask – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

A Wedding Ring For The Woman Behind The Mask – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

Melinda had just been proposed to by the most famous and wealthiest face in Hollywood. The problem was; she was already married. She had been married long before she started her own legendary Hollywood career. Her husband had been a dear to her but lets face it, he wasn’t even a VIP by any standards. She was the one who had all the money and fame. She was the bread winner and the one whose life mattered in her eyes or so everything and everyone around her said to her mind.

Now this secret affair that she had been having with Hollywood’s number one actor; Andy has turned into a marriage proposal that would have to go public.

Melinda felt that what was in her heart to do was the wrong thing to do but she blurted out, YES!

When Melinda’s husband, William heard about it, his heart totally shattered. He loved Melinda with all his heart. He couldn’t imagine life without her.

She packed out of their home which was in his name and told him that he can take it that she would soon be living with Andy.

The Newspapers, Celebrity TV shows, blogs and Hollywood obsessed tweets all said that it was the right move for Melinda.

The public wanted to see two of their favorite celebrity actors living together.

Everyday of Melindas life was now filled with one futile attempt after another by William (her husband) to get her back.

Nothing William did seemed to even make Melinda bat an eyelid.

William refused to sign the divorce papers. He couldn’t bear to sign them until Andy secretly had some men beat him up badly and make him sign it. After which they beat him up some more and threw him on the side of the road outside the city, with him covered in blood. He was warned never to return to Hollywood or else he would be killed.

William didn’t know what to do. He didn’t consider himself a Christian now, and he couldn’t consider himself a Christian for the last 25 years of his life too. But he had been raised in a Christian home so he knew who to call on when all hope was lost.

William prayed to God and begged God for forgiveness. He rededicated his life to Christ and begged God to save his marriage.

Andy showed Melinda the divorce papers that it had been signed and so they can now go ahead and marry.

Melinda asked how come he signed it. She had secretly loved how he fought against signing it and a part of her was disappointed that he did.

Andy lied to Melinda that he offered Andy money and he took it. Andy told her that William was only interested in her money. For some reason that didn’t sound right to Melinda but she quickly brushed it aside as Andy pressed a kiss against her lips.

On the wedding day, as the Priest asked Andy if he would love to take Melinda Campbell as his lovely wedded wife, Andy corrected the Priest as he answered he said; Yes! I would love to take the LEGENDARY Melinda Campbell to by my lawfully wedded wife.

At that moment it hit Melinda. Andy was only marrying her because she was a Hollywood legend too.

Andy was just marrying the star she has become. But her William married her and loves her because of the individual that she is without all the facade of Hollywood put over her. He loves the woman behind the mask of fortune and fame but Andy only loves the woman because of the mask.

The wedding ring that she was giving up was offered to the woman behind the mask. The woman that she was before she even came to Hollywood when everybody else taught she was a nobody. William saw her as a somebody. In fact he saw her as someone so special so much that he offered her a wedding ring, but as Andy.

Melinda began to even wonder if Andy has ever seen the woman behind the mask before.

Melinda took off her wedding vail. Just then the Priest asked her if she would take Andy to be her lawfully wedded husband. Melinda shouted, NO I WON’T.

Then she turned around to get the man who offered a ring to the woman behind the mask before the mask even existed many years ago.

The End.

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