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Above the Romantic Arabian Sky – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

Above the Romantic Arabian Sky – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

Deep within the heart of the exotic Arabian lands many years ago, there was trouble. Trouble that made the Prince’s heart race both in fear and to take action as he tried to maintain both his balance and his composure as he just received word that his wife; the Princess, had been kidnapped.

What he had feared the most had come upon him. His wife was his everything. His wife was his one true jewel. He loved her more than any other thing except power.

He had know her since she was a little girl and even though they were betrothed before they were even born. Their love burnt and shinned brightly like the scorching Arabian sun.

The Prince loved the Princess so much that he was the only male with royal blood since the last 100 years to choose only one wife in a land were polygamy was embraced.

The Prince admired his wife more than any woman he had ever seen. She was not like other women. Even though she was beautiful, full of grace and was gentle as was every other Princess before her; she had a quality that they lacked: an independent attitude that drove him all the more crazy about her.

She did what she felt was right as long as it was beneficial for her people. She had a mind of her own but yet never stepped on the toes of any men.

What stunned everybody about her the most was that she was a warrior. She was raised in the palace but she trained with the most skilled warriors in secret for years undergoing the same training for a future Prince until she was caught by her father in her teen years and it was too late then for him to stop her so he let her continue. She said that she was only doing it to challenge herself and that in-spite of the fact that she was a woman she felt that as royalty she had to be prepared to protect her people.

Now there were few female warriors at that time but there has never been one in history, all through all the kingdoms in the region; that had royal blood.

In-spite of how strong and skilled the Princess was, she was not stronger than her husband. And her husband admired her for her strength.

But now, the Prince was faced with the threat of losing her forever. He didnt even wait for his father’s instructions, he just gave others for his men to get together and start heading in the direction of the enemy for war; he himself didn’t wait. He just grabbed his sword, wore his bow & arrows, jumped upon his royal horse, and rode off alone into the enemy kingdom.

Aaaghh! That stubborn woman, he thought to himself as he rode, She set up a secret meeting in a secret location with the special advisors of our enemy kingdom to discuss peace, now they had betrayed her and kidnapped her as soon as she arrived. Sometimes that woman’s stubbornness makes me crazy about her but other times I think it’s going to kill me. No matter, I’d rather die than see her die.

Meanwhile, the Princess lay wounded behind some bushes at the side of the road. She had surprised her kidnappers and fought them just as bravery as any man would have as soon as there was an opportunity to do so.

Now, all her kidnappers had either fled wounded or had fallen conscious. Either way, she was now far away from them and was now hiding behind the bushes waiting for anybody to ride by so that if it was safe she would get a ride back home on the dusty Arabian road.

Many people passed that road but since she could not let any and any stranger know she was royalty she pretended to be a simple servant from her kingdom, in order to avoid a second kidnapping. Unfortunately, many of the people who passed that road who she taught was safe for her to ask them for help happened to be merchants from the enemy kingdom, only few were from her own kingdom. And not even those from her own kingdom offered to give her help.

The Princess was beginning to lose hope. She was not bleeding seriously but at the rate at which everyone was ignoring her she might as well end up dead.

The Princess decided to crawl back home. It was an impossible feat but at least it was better than sitting there and expecting somebody to help her which looked like it was never going to happen.

As the Princess crawled on her hands, tummy and knees across the road; a trader who was from the enemy kingdom stopped and looked down at his feet at her. Clearly, he knew what kingdom she was from but he didn’t know that she was the Princess.

The Princess wondered what the man was going to do.

To her surprise he offered to help her. He took her to a secure corner, quickly set up a tent and then he treated her; giving her herbal medicine to drink and bandaging her wounds.

She asked him why he was helping her and then he told her that he was a Christian. He explained what it means to be a Christian to her. He even told her that what was happening right now between them reminded him of the story of Good Samaritan. He told her the whole story of the Good Samaritan and she chuckled at the similarity. She really liked the story.

The man led her to Christ and gave her a handwritten transcribed copy of the bible all the while thinking he was talking to a servant from the enemy kingdom not knowing that he was talking to the Princess of the enemy kingdom.

He gave the Princess one of his horses for her to be able to ride back to her kingdom which was not advisable for him to enter himself as he was from the enemy kingdom. He told her not to tell anyone he helped her otherwise that may create trouble for him and his own people might ostracize him for helping the enemy. And just to be safe, he refused to tell her his name just as he didn’t ask for hers.

As the Princess rode along she came across the rest of the army but not the Prince. The Prince had taken a short cut and was already fighting alone in the enemy kingdom to rescue the Princess.

The Princess now had to ride with the army as fast as they could to tell the Prince that she was no longer a captive.

When they arrived, the Prince had already wounded 20 enemy soldiers on his own.

The Princess explained that she had escaped on her own but she said nothing about the man who had been a Good Samaritan.

The Prince still wanted revenge on the enemy kingdom for kidnapping the Princess in the first place but the Princess begged him to let it go. And so for her, he called off the attack and they returned back to their kingdom.

The King of the enemy kingdom heard about how the Princess had stopped the Prince from attacking his kingdom with his army, and the king respected the Princess for that.

When the Princess got home she was welcomed with a feast and there was great rejoicing.

The Prince’s father; the King was glad to see that his son’s wife had returned home safely.

However, the Princess now had a secret. Her kingdom was a Muslim one. She had never even touched a bible before. She was warned that Christianity was evil, and anyone who ever spoke for Christianity in their kingdom got stoned to death. If the people knew that their Princess was now a Christian what would they do?

Weeks past by and the Princess kept her secret, secret even from her husband. It burnt in her heart to tell someone about it as is the nature of Christianity but she struggled to keep it to herself until one day she tells her maid in waiting about her faith and interestingly the Princess ends up leading her to Christ.

The Princess soon found herself winning people to Christ around the castle but telling them to keep it quite and to try to keep people from noticing the transformation in their lives no matter how difficult it might be. She couldn’t let her husband or his father know.

The Princess wasnt really in much danger for what she was doing when you consider the fact that apart from the King, the Prince, and the Queen; she was next in command. So if anyone dared report what she was doing to the King, they feared that she would have that person thrown to the lions at the snap of her fingers. Besides what was their words against hers in the eyes of her husband or the King?

The Princess kept on reading the bible in secret and understanding its teachings.

One day, the Queen fell ill and the physician said that he could not cure her that the sickness was unto death. Sadness fell upon the house of the King and some people had already started mourning.

One late evening, the Princess paid the Queen a visit in her chambers, the King had travelled on official matters with the Prince so there was no one to violate the orders she gave for no one to disturb them. The Princess told the Queen about Jesus and about God’s healing power. The Queen couldn’t believe what the Princess was talking about. She warned her never to talk like that again. She told her that she may be the Princess but that doesn’t mean that she would not be put to death by the King and the people.

The Princess ignored her step mothers warning to abandon Christianity and she kept telling her step mother about Jesus. It got to a point that her step mother started to believe the gospel and soon she let the Princess lead her to Christ. Right after that, the Princess said a prayer of healing for the Queen and left her to sleep that night.

Miraculously, the next morning; the Queen was healed. She knew it had to be because of the prayer. She knew it had to be because of Jesus. There was no other explanation. There was no other way. The Queen started to jump and shout and praise Jesus, but the Princess reminded her to keep her voice down. She had to be a low key Christian.

When the physician came, he couldn’t understand it. He ran test upon test upon test, but he still couldnt come up with any reason why she got healed.

When the King and the Prince returned and heard the good news they rejoiced and threw a party. They wrote off the Queens recovery as a very fortunate unexplained event and just focused on being happy about the fact that the Queen wasn’t going to die.

As time went on, the Princess and the rest of the castle that shed converted kept living in secret and one day while the Prince was passing his wife on his way to chat with his father he stopped and looked at his wife severely. Then he told her that there is something different about her but he can’t quite put his finger on it.

The Princess got nervous that her husband may find out that she was a Christian. Even though she knew that he would find out someday she just didn’t know if she was quite ready right now.

He kept sizing her up and started walking around her in circles.

Now, she began to really get nervous.

After some strenuous seconds that seemed like forever, the Prince said that what’s different about her is that now; she is wiser, more compassionate, more humble and she is shining brighter than she had ever shone before.

The Princess heart stopped pounding at zero percent volume and the Princess smiled.

The Prince kisses her on her lips and then he walked away.

The Princess marched straight to the royal garden. She gets on her knees and prays. She didn’t know if she could keep living like this. She had to tell him sometime. She wanted to be out in the open.

God told the Princess to be brave. All she has to do was to trust in him and everything would turn out Ok!

As time went on, plans for Peace talks between their kingdom and two enemy kingdoms started being made. The idea came from the Queen who was now a Christian. She troubled her husband to move for Peace talks rather than letting all the cold blood between the kingdoms live.

Soon, the Two kings of the enemy kingdoms and their Queens where guests in the castle because of the Peace talk. The Royal couples were to stay for weeks and they each had a baby that they brought along.

That night, something terrible happened. One of the Royal couples baby died in the middle of the night. When the mother found out, she exchanged her dead baby with the sleeping baby of the other couple.

In the morning, there was trouble. The Queen who’s baby didn’t die recognized that the dead baby in her hands were not hers.

There were a lot of accusations made and any more being made would only lead to war.

As this unfortunate tragedy happened in the Princess’ step – father’s kingdom, he was the one to judge. He and everyone else knew that if he judges the matter wrongly then he is in soup but either way; which ever way he judges it he would still be in soup, unless he manages to do something that convinces everyone beyond a shadow of a doubt that one of the Queens is a liar. And he has to do it so well that the guilty Queen would see no point in denying it because of how obvious he would have to make it. Anything short of that, would result in war. All his people knew this and at this point they wished for a miracle because they really couldn’t see any chance that there was something to say or do to prevent the matter from ending in a war.

The Princess immediately went to her step father and began to whisper in his ears.

Everyone wondered what the Princess could be possibly whispering.

A few minutes later the King smiled and the Princess walked away from him and sat beside the Prince.

The King then told one of his men to kill the baby that was alive so that way the two babies would be dead and they can consider it fair and even so there would be peace.

Immediately, one of the Queens started crying while the other smiled and said that she taught that the King’s idea was a fair plan and was truly the only road to peace.

At that instant, the King stood up. He ordered his men to stop. Then he turned to the two Queens and said that the one who said his plan was fair and was the only road to peace is truly not the mother of the baby. While the one who is weeping is weeping because of the pain of a true mother about to loose her baby forever.

Suddenly, all the people saw the wisdom of the King’s judgement. They see that beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is right and the guilty Queen couldnt deny it.

The husband of the innocent Queen was very grateful and as he had noticed that it was the Princess of the kingdom that he was presently a guest in; that whispered the idea into her step – father’s ears, he invited her to take center stage with him and thanked her. All the three kingdoms where indebted to her because she had just saved them from war.

After thanking her, out of curiosity he asked her how did she come upon such wisdom.

The Princess smiled and used that opportunity to tell everyone from the three kingdoms about Jesus. The Spirit of boldness and wisdom was at work in her and she spoke in such a manner that no man, woman or child present had never heard before.

She told them the whole story of King Solomon and the women with the babies and then they smiled at how similar that situation was with this one and how she had simply done what King Solomon once did.

The more she spoke, the more the people warmed up to her; and the more she spoke, the more the presence of God filled the place.

By the end of that day, the Princess had succeeded in leading three Muslim kingdoms including her husband, to Christ. She had introduced them to the one who is above the Romantic Arabian Sky, and now he lives in their hearts too. Glory be to God.

The End.

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