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But He Called Me A … – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

There was commotion in ABC’s kindergarten’s school hallway. A rough circle of kids surrounded two kids who were throwing punches at each other.

One kid was White while the other was Black.

The Principal rushed out of his office and broke up the fighting. He asked what was wrong. The black kid told the principal that the white kid called him a N…

The Principal thought of taking them to his office so they can talk but he taught it best that he spoke to them there. If there was any lesson he could teach them in private, he could also teach them in public for the benefit of the whole crowd of students. That way they entire crowd of students could learn something too.

The Principal told them that Racism is wrong and bad. That it is just plain evil to be racist. He told the white kid that he should love everybody and not judge people based on how they look, that Jesus loved us (the whole world) and died for us in spite of the fact that we looked so dirty because we were covered in sin. However, Jesus didn’t let how we looked stop him from loving is. He still loved us and died for us.

The Principal told the white kid to apologize to the black kid, but when the white kid sincerely apologized, the black kid refused to accept the apology.

The Principal then told the black kid that he has to accept the apology. He has to forgive the white kid, that we must forgive others just like Jesus always forgives us when we do something wrong and ask him for forgiveness.

The black kid saw truth in what the principal said. He accepted the white kid’s apology and apologized for not accepting his apology earlier. They shook hands. Then they hugged.

All the students walked away learning that it’s always best and happier for everybody if we act more like Jesus.


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