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Butter Her With Gifts – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

Butter Her With Gifts – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

James and Rita were a wonderful Christian couple. They both loved each other and also both loved the Lord very dearly.

However, today was a bit of a different day for the couple, Rita had taken a lot of money from their joint account and bought some really expensive clothes.

James was very mad at his wife. He and Rita had a fight. He angrily left her in the middle of the fight and got into his car.

James drove away to clear his head. His last words to her was, I don’t even know why I love you. You don’t deserve my love.

As James drove he heard the Holy Spirit speak to him. The Holy Spirit asked him if he was worthy of God’s love.

James couldn’t answer the question because he knew the answer to the question.

The Holy Spirit then started to play back in James mind all the times that his wife had done something sacrificial or incredible for him. Prior to that, James didn’t know just how numerous the occasions had been when his wife did something sacrificial for him.

The thoughts that the Holy Spirit was playing in his head had been going on for 15 minutes and they still weren’t over. James quickly revised his car and started driving back home. He drove back home as fast as he could drive but at a responsible speed.

As he parked the car in the drive way his wife came outside.

James rushed out of his car, he fell on his knees his before his wife and said, Ok! this is going to sound kinda funny but I was driving and thinking about how selfish you are and how you take my love for granted and how you are unworthy of my love, but now I see that if there was anyone who is taken the others love for granted in this relationship it is me. I am the one not worthy of your love.

Is it Ok! with you if you follow me to the Mall now so I can buy you as many clothes as you want? I’m begging you. I’m on my knees. I want to buy you clothes. You deserve to be bought the whole Mall and much more not just the clothes alone. If I could buy you the whole Mall I would. My eyes are open now. I make a pledge to you to butter you with gifts from this day forward.

The End.

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