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The Story Of The Dog Hater – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time but in a time not too far back in time at all there lived a skinny young man named Frank Wayne, but everyone called him Frankie. He wasn’t a Christian. He hated animals, especially dogs and liked nothing more than to torture dogs or see them suffer.

Frankie had a very tough childhood. He didn’t feel loved. He was raised by a single Mum who didn’t really care about him, she felt her job as a mother was done if put some food on the table.

Thus she was a provider but not a mother. She didn’t even know what was going on in her own son’s life.

Frankie never knew his father. He had to teach himself how to be a man. Sadly and naturally, he didn’t do a very good job.
Frankie now lived on his own. He worked as a car mechanic. Whenever he wasn’t doing that he was making the lives of any dog he encountered miserable. He would chase dogs with large sticks. He would set up dogs to fight themselves just for personal pleasure. He would even go as far as setting bear traps for dogs in the woods by the river, which he knew was a place a few dogs especially stray ones loved to hide bones or look for bones.

One afternoon as he finished setting a bear trap he looked up and saw a little boy standing in front of him. Frankie leaped up in fear. He was always careful to make sure no one saw what he was doing. He never wanted anyone to know what he did concerning the bear traps for dogs so he always made sure no one was around first. How come he didn’t see this little boy coming? Where did this little boy come from? He was positive there was no one in sight before he had started to set the traps.

“What do you want?”, Frankie shouted at the little boy hoping to intimidate him and then scare him away.

“I know what you’re doing”, the little boy said, ignoring Frankie’s earlier question.

Frankie tried to pretend but the boy told him just what he was doing and also told him to stop it.

Frankie was dumbfounded at first but he later regained his wits and told him to mind his own business.

The little boy told Frankie that God doesn’t like what he is doing, and that cruelty to animals is a sin.

Frankie lost it and rained abuses on the boy, then he worked away leaving the set trap there.

Frankie felt a little bit worked up, at he went home he headed straight for bed. No sooner had he laid down and closed his eyes that he heard what sounded like a multitude of barking dogs around him.
Frankie looked around him and it was just that. He was surrounded by a pack of really mean looking dogs. How did they get in? But there was no time for asking questions, Frankie had to run away as fast as he can and run away he did. He dived through his open bedroom window and ran screaming for help. It was like there was no one to help him. It was like no one heard him.

The dogs cornered Frankie and the only place for him to run to was into the woods. Frankie ran and ran but in the back of his mind he knew it would only be a matter of time before the big scary ferocious dogs get him.

Frankie zigzagged through the woods. Now for the first time in his life he started regretting being cruel to animals. He ran and ran and ran then he tripped over a branch and fell. The dogs immediately surrounded him.

Frankie put his hands in front of him to futilely protect himself as he screamed and cried mammoth tears at the same time. He started screaming and saying that he would never hurt any animal again. For the first time in his life Frankie talked to God and started begging God that he would never hurt another animal again and that if God can help him walk away from this with his life that he would be extra nice to animals.

Suddenly one of the dogs turned into the little boy he had talked to earlier from the woods. Then the little boy started walking forward towards Frankie, as he walked in changed into a big strong handsome angel. Frankie peed in his pants.

The angel told Frankie that this would be his last chance. God is going to forgive him but if he ever is cruel to another creature of God he would regret it.

Frankie agreed and with tears in his eyes and a great amount of fear in his heart he promised to never hurt another animal again.

The angel told Frankie that when he reads the first few chapters of the book of Genesis he would see that before the fall of Man, God’s original plan for man was to take care of the animals.

It’s still one of the responsibilities God has given Man today.

Frankie nodded his head in agreement.
Suddenly, the angel and all the dogs disappeared, kinda like the just turned into wind.

That was when Frankie’s eyes opened. It had all been a dream. After his encounter with the little boy in the woods he had gone home and fallen asleep.

Dream or not, Frankie had learnt his lesson. He ran to the woods and removed the bear trap he set for dogs.
From that day on, Frankie was nice and kind to all of God’s creatures especially dogs.


Love & The Young – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a famous children’s story writer named, Danny Cole. He loved to write stories for children. Normally & sadly, children’s stories are often about young dashing knights who rescue princesses from dragons or bad men, and the stories always ends with the line “happily ever after”; which refers to a couple living happily ever after even if they are unmarried.

Danny wrote even deeper stories but along those same lines. He wrote really reallydeep heartwarming stories about princesses finding their prince charming, but he wrote it for kids. They had nothing obscene in it. They sold like wild fire and his publishers couldn’t be merrier.

Danny had a younger sister who worked in a library in New York. She was a Christian. Occasionally, she would come to New Jersey to visit him and catch up as family but she would also tell him that she thought that his stories where a little bit intense and that little kids shouldn’t be mentality fed with stuff about finding their dream guy – their prince charming and living happily ever after. She said that little kids have a whole live in front of them and they shouldn’t be made to be concerned about this kinda stuff right now. She told him that although he may be making a lot of money and parents aren’t complaining about the effect his kind of stories is having on his audience, he is ruiningkids’lives insidiously.

Danny always brushed off what his sister said about his stories until one day during one of her visits she went on a particularly long tirade about how his stories is negatively affecting kids’ minds. That was the last straw. Danny couldn’t take it anymore and he and his sister got into this big fight that ended with Danny establishing that his sister wasn’t allowed to visit him anymore.

A few years later, Danny and his wife had a beautiful little baby girl. She grew up on her Dad’s stories and by the time she was only 9 years old she taught she fully understood the concept of LOVE.

More than anything else in the world Danny’s daughter wanted to have her own prince charming.

Her prince charming – her dream guy was a 13 yr old celebrity singer in Hollywood whom she had a poster of on her wall.

One day, Danny came back from a meeting with his agent, his wife was practicing some new slow dancing moves in front of the TV but she stopped to welcome her husband back from the meeting and to ask him how it went. Normally, Danny’s daughter was the first to rush to the door and welcome him anytime he came back home from anywhere he went. It was odd that she didn’t now.

Danny wondered where his daughter was. He called out her name a number of times lovingly but audibly so that it could be heard all around the house but still no one came or even answered. That was strange.

Danny and his wife marched into his daughter’s room. She wasn’t there but there on her bed was a note.

Danny picked it up and read it. It said, “Sorry Mummy and Daddy, but I’ve run away to Hollywood to find my prince charming”


Jerry’s Curiosity – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called Nigeria there lived a little boy named Jerry. He was a Christian boy but he was always curious about everything and loved to poke his nose into things that were just not any of his business.

One day his mother sent him to the supermarket to buy some things. On his way to the supermarket Jerry noticed a crowd of people gathered by the side of the road around a man. Jerry walked up close to find out what the man was doing – Jerry just had to know what had made the crowd to gather.

Jerry couldn’t quite figure out what the man was doing because it all looked too confusing but after about 20 minutes or so he figured out that the man was doing magic tricks. Jerry got angry and left. He had never fancied magic tricks.

Jerry continued his walk to the supermarket. When he got there he put all his Mum told him to buy in a trolley and as he headed to the checkout point and put his hand in his pocket to bring out the money to pay he realized that the money was not there.

Right then it hit him what the man he had stopped to see on the road was really doing. He was attracting curious people and creating a distraction while an expert pickpocket that worked for him was busying going around unnoticed picking the pockets of all those who stopped to watch.

Ouch! His curiosity had gotten the better of him. Now what was he going to tell his Mum?

I bet next time he won’t be so curious.


There Is A Gay Person In My Classroom – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called America there lived a wonderful little Christian girl named Lilly. She was raised in a good Christian home and was surrounded by good Christian friends.

One day something happened that turned Lilly’s world underside down; a gay female student was introduced into her classroom in the public kindergarten she attended.

Lilly’s best friend, Betty, warned Lilly to stay clear of the gay girl because of their Christian beliefs. Lilly agreed.
Over time Lilly observed the new gay girl whose name was Roselyn and she noticed that Roselyn was kind, polite and gentle. She couldn’t see anything wrong with her.

One day, Roselyn helped Lilly out with understanding a Maths problem just hours before a test and Lilly pretty much passed the test only because of Roselyn. Lilly became less on her guard about Roselyn and the two to them started becoming friends.

Betty (Lilly’s Christian friend) was opposed to the friendship between Lilly and Roselyn and tried to talk Lilly out of being friends with Roselyn that it isn’t wise or right or in accordance with God’s will.

Lilly got mad at Betty and after a heated argument Lilly ended up questioning the wisdom of the Christian way and also walked away without Betty as a friend much less a best friend. Roselyn became Lilly’s new best friend. Lilly who her parents raised her to know the Lord was now best friends with a gay girl. After a long period of friendship, Lilly started to believe that she is gay too. This of cause caused trouble at home but even though Lilly was just a little girl she was stubborn and newly had become rebellious – this being the first thing has ever been rebellious about.

10 years later, Lilly was no longer just a little girl. She was now a teenager and Christians around the world had started embracing the concept that God doesn’t mind if you are gay. It became so Ok that passages that point out that homosexuality is wrong were deliberately omitted from reprints of the bible.
Lilly felt like an early pioneer of this new movement of God.

Many years later, Lilly died and Lilly stood before God. Lilly was smiling, Oh! God was going to congratulate her for being one of the pioneers of the new/interesting Christian revelation that God is Ok with homosexuality, there was no doubt about it.

To Lilly’s surprise, God pointed to a black hole beside him and said, “Go down that black hole; it leads to hell, that is where you belong for there are no homosexuals allowed in my Kingdom.”


The Night We Were Left Alone – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a beautiful African city there lived little Murphy and little Mary. Murphy was a Christian but his younger sister, Mary wasn’t a Christian. Murphy was 13 and Mary was 12. They had a little baby brother whose life revolved around crying, sleeping and eating; as is the normal life of every little baby. Their parents who weren’t Christians were somewhere in-between middle class and about to become rich; anyway they were quite sophisticated and where both lovely parents.

One evening, their parents had to attend an important social dinner. All the movers and shakers of the city were to be there. The parents rarely went out in the evening but whenever they did they made sure to hire a babysitter. This evening they hired a young girl to babysit based on a friend’s recommendation.

When the parents left, the babysitter was quite nice to the kids and let them have fun within the range of the instructions their parents gave. The babysitter was only doing it for the money but at least she wasn’t acting like a witch.

The time agreed upon that the parents would be back and the babysitter would be allowed to go back home gently passed by.

Then minutes went by. The baby sitter started to get worried. She had already been paid but she had to stay for the parents to return before she could leave – that was the responsible thing to do.
An hour later the parents were still not back. The babysitter got fed up and left in spite of the kids pleading with her to stay. She told them she had her own parents to answer to who she would get in trouble with if she comes back home late; after her curfew. She also added that what the kids parents were doing to her isn’t fair. They shouldn’t keep her waiting so long after the agreed time she was paid for.

Thus, Murphy and Mary where left alone with their little baby brother. They were scared for themselves – they had never been left alone at night. To make matters worse they had to look after their little baby brother. Feeling unprotected themselves they would have to protect.

They soon got scared of every little noise in the house. They got so scared that they were even too scared to watch TV.

Like if things weren’t going bad enough, the baby started crying. Murphy and Mary didn’t know what to do but when they tried to carry the baby it didn’t take a genius to know that the baby was sick because not only did the baby throw up on them, the baby’s temperature was off the charts. It literally felt like the baby was burning up.

Now was to the time to get scared. Whatever would they do? They can’t drive to the hospital – they are just little kids. They can’t call anyone because they had no phone at home and they couldn’t even begin to guess what medicine the baby needed. Everything was just a tragedy becoming more tragic by the second.

Suddenly, Murphy remembered that he had a God he can call on in times of trouble.

Murphy laid hands on the baby and started to pray.

Mary taught he was crazy and started asking him if he was crazy as she started getting really mad at him.
Murphy didn’t listen to Mary. He didn’t let her distract him. He continued praying for the baby until he started crying while praying. They weren’t tears of unbelief;they were tears of a burdened heart.

Minutes later, the baby’s temperature started to drop. Murphy smiled while he still continued to pray.

In no time the baby’s temperature was quite normal and the baby had stopped crying.

Mary couldn’t believe her eyes. She told Murphy who had obviously gotten born again while watching Christian TV to tell her about Jesus. Before the next 30 minutes was over she too was a born again believer in Jesus.

Their parents returned late into the night. They apologized a lot for being late and told them that the social evening dinner they attended was held up by the police who raided the event to catch a famous jewelry thief in disguise who they later caught.

Murphy and Mary told their parents all that had happened since they left.
The parents checked the baby and the baby was quite alright.

The parents were amazed and glad. They decided they all would go to church on the upcoming Sunday. When Sunday came and they attended church, they liked it so much that they promised to come again.

Months later, the parents got born again in church and the whole family lived together; happily in victory in Christ for ever after.


Demons In Comic Books Are Just Entertainment? – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time there lived a little boy named Tony. He was raised in a good Christian home and was fortunate to have parents that deeply cared about him.
One day, Tony asked his parents for money to go to the book store and buy Comic books.

His Mum told him to buy Christian comic books and not just any and any secular comic book and then she gives him the money.

When Tony gets to the book store the secular comics catches his eyes. He could feel his conscience warning him to stop looking in that direction but even from afar Tony loved the art on the cover of the comic and he finds him self walking towards the regular comics bookshelf instead of the Christian comics bookshelf.

Tony glances through the pages of a secular comic book he picks up. He likes them. He buys them. He takes them home to read them but he hides them from his Mum.

Tony soon got pulled into the story line. He enjoyed the story so much that he started buying successive comics in the series and all other comics from the same publisher that had the same feel: that showcased artistic talent even though the art was mostly of demons and vampires and other sorts of monsters. Tony just had to make sure that his Mum never saw those comic because only God knew what his Mum would do if she saw him with such comic books. But he knew that what ever his Mum would do to him if she saw those comics won’t be pretty.
Tony had a few friends in church who told him that story lines like the ones in the comics he was reading that had twisted versions of bible based teachings were purposely written as an attack against the bible. But Tony loved the comics too much and he trusted the writer even though he never knew the writer. He told his friends that it was only entertainment that even though the stories look like twisted bible teachings that make Satan look more powerful than God it is just a coincidence. The writer doesn’t even believe in God.

As time went on, Tony started making friends with some other kids who also bought the kind of comics that he bought from the bookstore that he bought them from.

As he grew closer to his new friends over the months, he soon found out that they were Satanists. He wanted to run away from them when they told him that they were Satanists but they told him that he should not be afraid of them that Satanism is not what he thinks it is that Satanism is just about Empowerment and Freedom.

Tony listened to them and the more he listened the more he bought into the lie.

What they were telling him were like a more livable version of the comics he had come to love.

Tony got an invitation into their coven about a week later.

He went and he enjoyed his experience and all the things they did. It was not quite what he expected it to be but everything they did was certainly against the bible.

Tony’s new friends told him that if he dedicates his life to Lucifer, Lucifer would offer him wealth and riches untold.

They all called the names of some famous billionaires from around the world and they told him that they too belong to covens of their own and at one time had to make pacts of their own just as they as asking him to do today. Tony taught about it an then he agreed to make the pact.

They perform some rituals on him and tell him that he had been given a spirit guide otherwise known as a demon to guide him and protect him.

The next day marked the beginning of Tony’s new life as a Satanist. He now no longer looked as sin as sin but as fun. His motto now became the recipe for disaster: Do what thou wilt.

Trouble began to brew between Tony and his Mum. For the first time in his life he argued with her and because of the demons now in him he enjoyed it.

Tony and his Mum soon begin to fight and argue regularly, and Tony’s lifestyle became a moving picture of sin.

One day, while hanging out with his friends at the coven, they ask him to cast a spell on his baby sister.

Tony told them that they were crazy that there is no way that he would want any harm to come upon his baby sister and why do they even want to hurt a baby?

They told him that he must do it, that they want him to kill his baby sister to prove his loyalty to their coven.

The argument turns into a heated one and it soon becomes violent and physical. Tony punched one of them and ran away. He was not going to go back to that coven no matter what.

From that day, Tony started having nightmares and all sorts of strange things started happening to him.

Tony’s mother reached out to him but he didn’t want to tell his mum anything.His mum tells his Dad what is happening to him so his Dad went into Tony’s room to talk to Tony. A simple inquiry soon turns into a confrontation.

Tony beat up his Dad and his Dad went running out of Tony’s room. It was the demon working in Tony that made him stronger and strong enough to beat a grown man even though he was only 12 years old.

Tony’s Dad runs to church, but by the time he returns with a Pastor Tony had run away.

Tony finds himself in the middle of the woods. It was the demons that took over his body and made him run out of the house. As Tony walked about in the middle of the woods he started seeing visions of creepy things. It bugs him seriously and he tries to kill himself.
At the moment Tony tries to jump on a sharp pointy tree branch that was on the floor so that he could kill himself and escape all the torment of all the images that he is seeing, his Mum happened to be praying for him at that moment and he feels something travel though his body and then he falls to the ground feeling weak. Tony sees a series of demons leaving his body and then he sees an angel of God looking down at him with his sword drawn. The angel was probably the reason why the demons left. Tony then passes out.

When Tony wakes up he is on his bed at home. His parents had formed a search party to look for him and they had found him in the middle of the woods. Tony’s Mum told him that she, his Dad, the pastor and some members of their church who were texted to pray for him; had been praying for him for a long time now until God gave them a word of knowledge that everything is alright and they knew it in their spirits that everything is alright.

Tony then said, “Mummy please look under my bed you would see a carton there.”

Tony’s Mother did as she was told and she pulled out a carton. It was full of comic books. She was shocked and said, “What is this?”

Tony answered, “Stuff that we are going to burn together.”


Daddy, Is Mummy A Saint? – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time, a man and his two children where at the graveyard for the lowering of the coffin of his wife and their mother. She had been killed in a car accident by a drunk driver.

“Daddy, is Mummy a Saint?” the boy asks his father while his sister beside him is crying.

“Yes she is. And so are you as well as your sister”

“But I’m not dead”, his son said shocked at what his father just said.

“A saint is not someone who is dead. A saint is anyone who has all his sins paid for by Jesus and since you; like every other Christian has received Christ into your heart and had your sins washed away, then you are a Saint.
As a matter of fact, in the first century church they didn’t use the word Christian to refer to one another. The word Christian was formed in a place called Antioch by unbelievers. However, the believers called themselves Saints no matter how many good works the person they were calling had done or not.
When you read the Bible you would see that Apostle Paul or any other person after the resurrection of Jesus ever began a letter with, ‘To the Christians that are at so and so place.’ Apostle Paul especially, would always begin his letters with ‘To the Saints that are in so and so’, He was talking to people that are on earth and not people that are in heaven. Every Christian is a Saint.”

“Wow so that means that Mum is certainly in heaven.”

“Yes”, the father answered.

His son then says that he no more has a reason to cry and so he starts smiling very happily.

An old lady looks at him weird and he knows what she is thinking. He leans over and tells her that he has no reason to cry anymore that his Mummy, Abraham and Jesus are probably drinking tea and chatting right now in heaven.
The old lady’s look turns into a confused one.

The boy turns to his father and asks that why is it that Grown Ups always cry at funerals, that don’t they know that if the person being buried is a Christian the person is only going to heaven?

The father responds that the problem is that Grown Ups only know it in their heads but the don’t know it in their hearts. They have forgotten that Jesus said that we should come to him as little children.

The father told his son and daughter that the way they have easily believed him and has given what he has said 100% faith which is child-like because when children believe in something they believe in it 100% not because of the facts but because they trust the person speaking.In this case, the only way to get the facts is for someone to die themselves. The only other opinion is to approach it as a child and trust the person speaking.

If God says that we would go to heaven when we die if we are Christians, then like a child we should trust the person speaking. We should trust God. And adults at funerals whether they admit it or not have a problem with doing that. They have a problem with trusting God. The only reason why anyone should cry at a funeral is because they believe that they would miss that person until the day they die themselves or the rapture takes place.

The Man’s daughter then asks him, “Why are you not crying Daddy? Don’t you miss Mummy.”

“Do you want to know the truth?”


“The truth is I don’t miss your Mother”

“You don’t?”

“I don’t. Not one bit. I don’t miss your Mother because your mother lives in my heart. I love your mother very much. She is in my heart and she is in my soul. Your mother will always be in my heart. The only way I can miss your mother is if my heart and soul is separated from me. Obviously, I still have both. And technically, my soul cannot be separated from me because I am my soul. All human beings are really just spirits with souls that live in physical bodies in other for them to operate in the physical world. Since we are born with all three parts (spirit, soul and body) and we live in a physical world, people tend to be more conscious of their body and tend to be less conscious or even overlook the fact that they have a spirit and soul.

Well, I am not one of those people. I am also however aware that your mother and I are soul mates. Our souls are intertwined. Our souls would always be intertwined. We are one soul. And only God can separate our oneness, which he has not done. At least not on my end because I am not dead yet.

So, do I miss your mother you ask? No I don’t.”

Then his daughter smiles satisfied that her question has been answered. She writes “SEE YOU AGAIN LATER” on a piece of paper, then she gets up and starts walking towards the coffin that has been lowered into the grave.

Everyone’s attention goes to her. Even those crying stop crying and wonder what she is doing.

As she gets to the coffin, she drops the note inside the coffin and waves goodbye to the coffin, all the while wearing a very large smile on her face. She knew better. She knew she would see her Mummy again.


Don’t Be Afraid Of Books – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a beautiful Christian home in Ohio a little girl named Jennifer stood in front of her Mum waiting for the bomb to land. She had just given her Mum her report card and I can tell you the grades on the report card where lower than an underground cabin.

Interestingly, Jennifer’s Mum didn’t shout at her or beat her up. She talked to her and gave her that most beautiful advise a mother can give a daughter in such a situation.

The unfortunate thing however was that Jennifer wasn’t listening. She felt getting good grades was just too hard.

Jennifer’s Mum got Jennifer an after school home teacher to teach her on some select days after school.

The next day at school Jennifer talks to her best friend Evelyn about what’s going on.

Evelyn tells Jennifer that school is just too hard and that she herself is frightened of books.

A few days later the school teacher tells everyone in Jennifer and Evelyn’s class to study for a test. Word around school was that it was going to be the hardest test they would face in that grade.

While Jennifer and Evelyn meet after school to chat, they also talked about the test and Evelyn tells Jennifer that she knows it’s going to be really really hard so she’s not even going to bother to read. She reminded Jennifer that she is afraid of books.

“Books are just too hard”, Evelyn said.

Jennifer and Evelyn both agreed that neither one of them is going to read when they get home.

When Jennifer got home she doesn’t tell her Mum about the test because if her Mum knew that she had a test her Mum would force her to study.

Later that day the Holy Spirit urged Jennifer to read but she said, “No.” the Holy Spirit kept urging her to read but she said that books are just too hard.

The Holy Spirit told her that no matter how difficult it may seem at first it would only get easier with time, all she had to do was to take the first step and pick up her book and read for the upcoming test. But still Jennifer refused. Nothing the Holy Spirit said got to her and this continued for most of the evening until she fell asleep.

The next day Jennifer went to school like it was no different from any other day. She took the test along with Evelyn and everyone else in the class. A surprising thing happened though; when the test results came out it turned out that Evelyn was among one of the few students in the classroom who passed the test.

Jennifer was surprised and annoyed at the same time, “I taught we agreed we were not going to read. And I taught you said you were afraid of books?”, Jennifer asked Evelyn.

“I said the same thing to my mother yesterday”, Evelyn answered, “…but she told me there was nothing to be afraid of, and what do you know after I read a few pages I actually started enjoying myself. My fear of books was long gone. Come to think of it I think it was silly to be afraid of reading in the first place. I’m sorry I didn’t call last night and tell you in time that I now love reading books. I hope you don’t blame me for your failing the school test.”


Come & Eat – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a Christian home in the beautiful country called Nigeria, Obinna’s Mum sat at the dinning table with him teaching him good table manners.

One of the things she taught him was that it was polite to say COME & EAT when you are eating and a visitor happens to meet.

Obinna’s Mum told him that it is not as if you really want the person to come and eat with you but it just something you have to say to be polite, nice, and in-line with proper etiquette.

She told him that when you tell them to come and eat, they should smile and politely reply; “No, Thank You I’m Ok!.” Even if they are really hungry.

One day while eating with his Mum, Obinna’s best friend showed up. Obinna told him to come and eat and his friend replied, “Thank You, that’s very kind of you.”

Then he actually begins to approach the dinning table to eat Obinna’s food with Obinna.

Obinna’s friend picked up a spare cutlery and just started digging in.

To make matters worse he was a very fast eater.

Obinna could only open his mouth and watch in shock. When he regained his wits, he slapped his friend as hard as he could upside his head and said, “You are not actually supposed to come and eat. Didn’t your mother teach you good table manners yet?”

Obinna’s friend replied, “No, I haven’t been told that yet. But I do know that slapping somebody upside their head when they are eating can’t be good table manners either.”


Don’t Be Afraid To Learn How To Use New Technology – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Grandma Stacie was excited. She had just won a special gift at her Church’s Christmas Season celebration picnic.
Her 12 year old Grand-son, Jimmy was also excited and wondered what it could be within the beautiful package that the assistant Pastor had just given her.

When they got home Grandma Stacie unwrapped the gift and there staring back at her was the latest version of the most advanced commercial mobile phone in the world. Grandma Stacie had seen the advertisement of the phone before so she knew what it was. However, she also knew that the last thing she wanted to do was to start learning how to use that kind of phone. Ever since the ancient turn and dial table phone; she hadn’t been able to learn how to use any other phone after that generation of phones.

Jimmy was happy and excited about the gift Grandma had received but he soon notices that she was sad.

With a surprised look on his face Jimmy asked Grandma Stacie why she wasn’t happy.Grandma Stacie told him that she would never be able to learn how to use the new phone.

Jimmy told her No, that it’s easy. He told her that he would teach her how to use it. It is so easy to use and so user friendly that the device’s manual is just a two page pamphlet, she would certainly know all there is to know about it in no time.

Grandma Stacie doubted that it could ever be that easy. She offered Jimmy her reasons why she taught she would never be able to learn how to use the new technology. She taught that what she gave were really solid reasons until Jimmy countered them eloquently one by one.Grandma still did want to agree with Jimmy by she had nothing to say to support disagreeing with him so she decided to let him teach her.

Jimmy showed her how to use the phone for days. Grandma Stacie would just watch what Jimmy was doing as he would explain the features and sometimes he would tell her to do some things he just did with the phone herself as she learnt.

As far as Grandma Stacie was concerned, all the learning wasn’t going anywhere so she told Jimmy to stop all the lessons, that she’s had enough. She said there is no point in having the phone because she would never know how to use it so she told Jimmy that he can have it.

It is now his.Jimmy was very happy. He thanked his Grandma over and over again and then he ran to his room and started downloading games to play on his new phone.

That night, as Jimmy got on his knees to pray before he went to bed like he did every night. He heard the voice of God telling him to give the phone back to his Grandma.

Jimmy was disappointed to hear this. He tried to talk God into changing his mind but it didn’t work.

Jimmy couldn’t sleep that night.

The next day, Jimmy deleted all the games that he had downloaded and gave the phone back to his Grandma.

His Grandma didn’t understand why he returned the phone but Jimmy said that he just didn’t feel right about it. Grandma Stacie tried to convince him to keep the phone but he told her that the phone was a gift to her – it was meant for her. It won’t be right for him to have it. He told her that it’s better that it just remains on a table with no one using it than for him to use it. He has made up his mind. Nothing was going to make him take the phone.

Grandma Stacie knew she had no choice but to oblige.

As time went on, Grandma would often need to use one of the apps that Jimmy said the phone came with. She had seen Jimmy use apps on the phone that she knew she could really use in her daily life. Like the “Daily Tasks Organizer” app. If only she knew how to use it, she would have had her day more organized and she would be more productive everyday.

Grandma Stacie would only look at the phone as it sat on a table and think about the things she is missing by not being able to use it.

This went on for a long time until one day Grandma Stacie was reading a very exciting Novel and she came across a word that she did not know its meaning.
Grandma Stacie looked for a dictionary everywhere but she couldn’t find one. She remembered that one of the apps that Jimmy had shown her in the phone was a dictionary app.

Grandma Stacie looked at the phone as it sat on a table in the distance.

She looked away. What was the point? She can’t use that phone. But then Grandma Stacie taught about the Novel she was reading. Would she not be able to get past this point in the story and find out what happens to the characters in the story all because she won’t at least try using a cell phone?

Grandma Stacie took a deep breath in. Then she walked to the phone, picked it up and put it on. She was a bit nervous that she would spoil something. But she soon sees the app labeled dictionary and uses it. She did it. Victory.

As she wanted to switch off the phone, another app would catch her interest and she would open it and use it. This went on and on and on. Anytime she would want to off the phone she would see another app and open it. 30 mins later she was still using the phone. She had forgotten all about the story in the Novel. She couldn’t put the phone down. She was enjoying herself. Uh – Oh! that’s when it hit her. There wasn’t anything at all on the phone that she couldn’t do.


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