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Changing The Spouse – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

Changing The Spouse – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

Llyod and Jessica where a nice Christian couple. They had just newly given their hearts Christ a few days ago and so they still had a great deal to learn.

Llyod however, had a problem that greatly disturbed his wife. The problem was that Llyod was selfish and often times he didn’t consider how his wife felt before he did things. Jessica kept criticizing Llyod about it but Llyod kept saying it wasn’t true, that he wasn’t selfish.

The more Jessica spoke, the more Llyod got pissed off and therefore acted even more inconsiderate of his wife’s feelings.

This went on to the point where they began to look like that couple that is just a week away from getting a divorce.

Jessica didn’t know what to do. She got on her knees and prayed to God for help.

While praying she felt like if God was telling her to get more active in the church. She wondered how that would help but she decided to do it anyway.

Jessica joined one of the women’s groups in her church and she became really close to some of the women in the group. They started coming to her house and she started going to theirs. She became real friends with them and one day she told them about the problem that she was having with Llyod, her husband.

They told her that she is approaching the problem wrongly, that she should not just point out his flaw and leave at that but instead she should point out all the great stuff about him that she likes and then also tell him that he would be much better if he would change in these other areas; and then she can point out the areas in which she wants him to change.

Jessica didn’t quite know about the idea, but she decided to give it a go. From that day onwards she started pointing out the good things she loved about her husband and telling him the areas that if he improved in he would truly become more incredible.

Llyod started warming up to Jessica and a new life swept into their marriage. Soon, like a wife asks her husband if a dress looks good on her or if she should change it; Llyod started coming to his wife to ask for which attitude adjustments he should make and what she thinks about certain things he thinks or plans to do.

Jessica was very happy about what God had done in her marriage through her new church friends.

She now knew that the problem was not just her husband changing, but she too needed to change by getting to know and also use the right way to bring out the best in her spouse instead of criticizing her spouse.

Criticizing your spouse often gets you nowhere but to the divorce office. Aim to bring out the best in your spouse instead of reminding your spouse of their flaws and only talking about the worst in your spouse.

The End.

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