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Daddy Don’t Go – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

It was a sad day in the Johnson household. It was the day the Johnson household would officially fall apart. Three boys and one girl begged their Daddy not to go, while their mother stood silent and heartbroken behind them.

Hours after Daddy had gone the girl convinced her brothers that they should go to the Pastor of their church for help.

When they arrived, the Pastor welcomed them. He already knew why they’d come. The problem of the Johnson household was no secret to the church.

The Pastor offered for them to have seats. He brought some cream crackers and orange juice for them. Then he allowed them speak.

After they finished he explained to them that sometimes what we want quite badly that we think we can’t live without is the very thing that will kill us if we get it.

When God takes such things away from our lives sometimes we ask God why or blame him or we spend hours on our knees praying for that thing to come back not knowing that God took it away to protect us – To bless us.

The Pastor told the kids that he’s going to be blunt with them. He said that considering the type of man their father was, considering how he treated them, especially how he treated their Mum; that they should look at his leaving as a blessing from God.

He told them that it’s natural for kids to want their Dad in spite of how badly he treated them but that one day they would see that it’s all for the best.

He said what they have to do is to be there for their Mum. Be good for their Mum, and speak to God the father when they need to speak to a Dad, for he is their true father – the father of every believer in Jesus on this earth.

All they have to do is to forget the past. Don’t look back. Look forward to the future and then life, peace and joy would get brighter for them each day.


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