Don’t Learn Through Failure, Never Fail (Book Excerpt from: “New Beginnings” – written by Pastor Alfred)

Nowadays there are people teaching that you shouldn’t be afraid to fail, that failure is a good thing and that you can learn from your failures.
Some have even gone to the point of saying that you cannot learn without failing.
They use the analogy that you can’t learn how to ride a bicycle without failing a few times.
This is the problem of the wisdom of the world. The wisdom of the world always has holes in it and it always looks wise to the simple.
However, when you shine the light of God’s word upon it you begin to see how silly it really is. It is then exposed for what it really is.
I heard a celebrity say once that you should go out there and not be afraid to fail. He was saying that you should actively seek failure and don’t be afraid when you fail. He said that you should get rid of that stigma and that notion that there is something wrong with failure and go out there and fail.
He said all this while promoting his new movie.
I said to myself, “If that is so why doesn’t he actively seek the failure of his new movie by not promoting it and doing all that he can to see to it that the movie is a failure. Since he preaches we should seek failure.”
A lot of times people say a lot of things that upon closer scrutiny they don’t believe or follow.
You can’t tell people to go out and seek failure. You are not supposed to seek failure. You’re supposed to go for success but if you fail; you get back up and seek to win not to fail.
It is true that people should not fear failure and the fear of failure is a huge problem, but thankfully, in Christ we have received the spirit of boldness not of fear.

2 Timothy 1:7 KJV
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

We have been saved from fear.
Fear of failure… fear of death… fear of the unknown… all the different kinds of fear and anything anyone could be afraid of is all taken care of when you are in Christ and has embraced his love; for perfect love casteth out fear.

1 John 4:18 KJV
There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

Failure will always be a bad thing and something you do not want happening.
If you put the same reward behind failure that you put behind winning; then what is winning?
Failing is failing and Losing is losing.
Everyone can’t be a winner at the end of a basketball game. Everyone can’t be the winner at the end of a boxing tournament. Everyone who participates in the olympics can’t be a gold medalist.
We cannot give the same reward we gave to the person who took the first position to the person who took the last position in a race.
Failure will always be a bad thing and something we should not celebrate.
Only a fool celebrates failure and places it on the same pedestal with success.
I know you cannot learn how to ride a bicycle without falling off a few times but you see that is not failing. That is learning.
You misunderstand the meaning of the word failure.
In the case of riding a bicycle, failure would be coming to the conclusion that you are not able to ride the bike and giving up.
Until you do that you have not failed.
If you have an exam coming up and you’re studying for the exam while you are studying there are things you do not know about the subject you will be taking the exam on.
Does that make you a failure? No! you are still studying in spite of the fact that they are things you do not know.
You are learning. You are finding out the answers of those things you do not know. You are not failing.
The learning process in which you are getting yourself ready for the exam day is not failure. It is simply called learning.
If the exam day comes and you take the exam and fail; that is when you failed. You didn’t fail all that time you where in your room preparing; reading and taking mock or practice exams before the actual exam day came.
Let us not confuse Learning with Failure.
Failure is also not compulsory. It is not a necessity. You don’t have to fail.
Learn & Grow, but don’t Fail.
As Christians, failure is inconsistent with our nature.
Failure is against our nature.
It is unnatural for us to fail.
We have the mind of Christ and Christ is not a failure. He is a winner, therefore we too must be winners. His life and nature flows through us for he is the vine and we are the branches.
Therefore, set out to win. do not set out to fail.
Plan and prepare before you set out.
Learn all that is necessary for you to be equipped to achieve that goal you want to achieve; then launch forth and win.
It is foolish to plan to learn from your failures.
As wonderful as it is to get back up if you fall down and then try again, you must understand that a lot of times there are no second chances.
If you fall sometimes you would not get back up. Some mistakes will cost you your life so you can’t learn from that mistake.
You can not see why it is foolish to have the strategy of learning from your mistakes.
Have a strategy of winning. Don’t be open to falling a million times and rising a million times.
All it takes to never be able to ever rise up again is just one fall.

Note: This is an Excerpt from the book “New Beginnings by Pastor Alfred”

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