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Don’t Let Anyone Ride Your Bicycle – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in the city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria (Africa); there lived a little boy named Obinna. Both of his parents where Christians so he was fortunate to be exposed to the life giving teachings of the bible from birth.Obinna was a typically nice kid who loved to play a lot. Playing was certainly one of Obinnas principal highlights for any given day.
Obinna loved bicycles.

Sadly, Obinna did not have a bicycle.
He disturbed his parents night and day for them to get him a bicycle but they didnt. Although they avoided telling Obinna directly, the truth was that Obinnas parents could not afford to get him a bicycle. They had a lot of bills to pay and other responsibilities which took top most priority thereby making it difficult for them to squeeze out enough money to buy Obinna a bicycle.

One Thursday morning, Obinnas Dad heard about a free finance seminar that was going to be held in the afternoon at the Citys Convention Center.

Obinnas Dad told his Mum about it and she agreed to follow him there. At the seminar they learnt a lot of things that would really help them with their finances. But they also learnt something that could help them make Obinnas dream of having a bicycle come true. They learnt that the extra money they have for snacks and other little things when saved over a period of time would be enough to get them whatever low priority item they want but never have enough money to buy; which in this case was a brand new bicycle for their son, Obinna.
So after a few months of saving Obinna got his brand new bicycle.

Obinnas parents gave him only one instruction, DONT LET ANYONE RIDE YOUR BICYCLE.

Obinna promised his Mum and Dad that he wouldnt let anyone ride his bicycle. He rode his bicycle any time he had even a little opportunity to do so. You could hear him pedalling down the street with a large grin on his face almost every single day.

All the other kids soon noticed that Obinna had a bicycle and since they themselves didnt have bicycles it didnt take long before someone walked up to Obinna and begged him to let him ride his bicycle.

Obinna said. No!

However, it wasnt 2 weeks long before almost every single kid in his neighborhood had asked Obinna for an opportunity to ride his bicycle and he had had to say a big fat NO to.

The kids in the neighborhood now began to feel animosity towards Obinna. They were all very mad at him. None of the kids would even play, talk to or even took at Obinna. It was as if any kid who dared talk to Obinna had committed an unforgiveable crime. This made Obinna very lonely indeed. It was like they stamped Obinna as the most wicked and evil kid in the world. And all because he refused to let anyone ride his bicycle.

One day, Obinna got fed up of the all the animosity. When his parents were not around, he rode his bicycle to a bunch of kids in his neighborhood who used to be his friends before he got that bicycle and told them that he would like them to ride it.

Soon it became a trend that whenever Obinnas parents were not around anyone could come around and ride Obinnas bicycle. Obinna went from having no friends at all to having more friends than he could count.

People would take turns riding Obinnas bicycle down the street and back while Obinna would be chilling – feeling like a super celebrity.

One day, everything was going smoothly as usual until the kid who was riding the bicycle didnt turn to start coming back when he reached the end of the street. Rather he just rode into another street and he and the bicycle went out of sight.

Everyone waited a second longer. Maybe, the boy decided to turn around in the next street. Then a minute past by but the boy didnt come back. Then 3 minutes passed. At this point everyone started considering the possibility that the boy was stealing the bicycle.

Normally, Obinna wasnt allowed to leave his street without his parents but now Obinna had to run and save his bicycle. Obinna and his friends ran down the street and looked round the corner into the street the boy rode into but neither the boy nor the bicycle could be found. Obinna and his friends looked everywhere they could in-between streets and what have you but they still couldnt find the boy or the bicycle.

It turned out that news that there was a boy who let anyone ride his bicycle whenever his parents were not around had spread through a lot of different neighborhoods even ones that were very far away from Obinnas neighborhood.
The boy who had stolen the bicycle had seen this as an opportunity to steal a bicycle. He was from another neighborhood and no one knew which so it was a waste of time trying to find him.
Now Obinna had no bicycle. His celebrity status soon vanished as he now had nothing the other kids wanted.

Obinna was going to have to tell his parents the truth and he alone was going to face the music.

Obinna shouldnt have disobeyed his parents. Since he was having animosity problems with other kids in his neighborhood because he choose to follow his parents instructions, he should have talked the matter out with his parents and listened to what solution they would have proposed. But rather than do that( which was right), he took matters into his own hands and choose to solve the problem his own way even if it meant disobeying his parents.

Poor, poor Obinna. Now who knows what kind of punishment his parents would now dish out for him.


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