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Every Man’s Enemy & Friend : Pastor Alfred’s Poetry (Written & Read By Pastor Alfred)

Pastor Alfred's Poetry (Written & Read By Pastor Alfred)

Click Here To Download: Every Man’s Enemy & Friend : Pastor Alfred’s Poetry (Written & Read By Pastor Alfred) (File Size: 3 MB 😀 Length: 6:24 mins)

Read Sample:

She is the carpet of the footsteps of every working man/
Yet she walks on every man who ignores Her grand design/
Women respect men who have Her by their side/
The attention inspires some to expand Her presence by their side/
Men rank Men by the room required to accommodate Her size/…

About “Pastor Alfred’s Poetry”:

“Pastor Alfred’s Poetry” is a broadcast series that showcases poems written by Pastor Alfred in its entirety or in part.
A lot of poems that are read in this series are from poetry collections that have already been published as books by Pastor Alfred.
The rest are poems that have not yet been published in book collections by Pastor Alfred but would be published in the future.

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