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God Answered My Prayer For Christmas – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

God Answered My Prayer For Christmas – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

Evelyn and Tony had been married for 25 years. Their love burnt stronger than ever thanks to the fact that they had been on mental diets years before they got married and they weren’t ever planning to go off their mental diet.

Incidentally, they loved the same TV evangelist when they were teenagers even though they didn’t know each other at the time, they both ordered a sermon from the preacher called “Mental Diet.” It talked about guarding your heart and closely monitoring what gets into your heart through your eyes or ears.

A man or woman that is on a Mental Diet is someone that carefully selects what books, magazines, Newspapers, etc they read and they also carefully select the movies, videos, music videos, etc they watch. They don’t let anything that would be harmful to them to get into their system.

Since Evelyn and Tony filtered the information that got into their heart. They didn’t read magazines or watch movies and soap operas that claim that when two people fall in love it is the most awesome thing in the world but when they get married, that love automatically starts to wane until the love between the couple becomes dry and stale.

Therefore, like couples who lived before the Television was invented, Evelyn and Tony’s love for each other had no chance of ever running dry.

It was Christmas day and Evelyn had just gotten back from church with her husband. She was reading a Christian book while her husband went into the kitchen to prepare a meal for her. He had insisted and he wouldn’t let her into the kitchen. He said that he was going to surprise her. She could only wonder what he was cooking.

After the meal they would go out to the special surprise place that he told her that he would take her to.

They had 3 kids and their kids where all grown up and in college. Even though they came back home for the holidays, Dad had given them money to spend Christmas any way they want that isn’t stupid. That this Christmas it’s going to be just him and Mum.

As Evelyn sat reading a Christian book while her husband cooked, she got to a portion of the book where the author of the book challenged the reader to ask anything from God that God can provide anything.

The book was on faith and the power of prayer. It was emphasizing that there is no prayer that is too big for God to answer. It inspired the reader to have the mindset that you should live your life knowing that anything is possible and anything that you want in life no matter what it is, is just one prayer away. As far as what you want is in line with God’s word and since God wants the best for you, that means that you can enjoy the best of all there is in this world when you pray for it.

Evelyn was already rich but what she was reading now really got to her. It was a huge revelation. It was proven to be line with what the bible says within the book but Evelyn still had some problem wrapping her mind around the revelation.

She decided to put it to the test. She eliminated all doubt that that revelation might not quite be true so that her test would be made with her heart full of faith.

Evelyn then asked God that she wants God to use her to feed 50,000 poor children who have no food to eat this Christmas and something special would also happen that would ensure they never go hungry again.

Just then her husband showed up carrying a tray of the most interesting food she had ever seen. He had a wide sweet smile on his face and she couldn’t help but coo as he set the food before her. They ate together from the same plate while listening to some lovely Christmas songs under the automatic remote control lighting that her husband had set up. The meal in itself was nice but everything else from the fact that her husband cooked it to the love and admiration they felt for each other tangibly floating around the room; made her heart bubble.

After they finished eating he took her to a series of the most romantic places in the city. They talked about all the good times they’d had together. They had a lot of laughs. Took pictures and rolled through the city like a couple who had been married for years. Who the years had made them know great levels of love that a newly wed is not even aware of its existence.

As Evelyn and Tony walked through another romantic spot, Evelyn ran into an old friend of hers named Mary. Evelyn hadn’t seen her in a while. After exchanging pleasantries, Mary told Evelyn that she was heading for a top business Christmas party where a lot of big business C.E.Os and investors would be at. She told Evelyn that the big time motivational speaker she had scheduled had cancelled on that very day. He said that he couldn’t make it because he was feeling under the weather and he had to pay a Christmas day visit to his doctor.

Mary begged Evelyn to follow her so she could speak at the party. She said she didn’t know what to do and the party was bound to be a disaster until she saw Evelyn and her husband.

Evelyn agreed to follow Mary while Tony tagged along.

Evelyn enjoyed the party and when the time for the motivational speech came. She ended up giving a speech that turned into a sermon. She spoke to all the business people about the true meaning of Christmas and about who Jesus is and why he came.

She spoke about the cross, salvation, the Holy Spirit and even went as far as explaining a few things the Holy Spirit would do when he comes into their lives.

The anointing of God was present in the place and the atmosphere totally changed. It was charged.

They allowed Evelyn to speak a lot longer than she was designated to. Many of them had lost track of time and where sucked into her sermon.

The last thing that anyone would expect at a Christmas Business party is an altar call but Evelyn gave one and everybody at the party who wasn’t born again answered the altar call and got born again.

Evelyn even led them in the prayer to receive the Holy Ghost and some of them started speaking in tongues right there. The event had gone from a party to a super strong prayer meeting of C.E.Os and Investors.

Later, when Evelyn got down from the stage some people were still praying in tongues. They soon started praying for the poor and some even started weeping.

One of the most respected C.E.Os got on stage and thanked Evelyn. He said that now he knows the true meaning of Christmas he would celebrate his new savor in special way. He told everyone there that he had an idea. He told them that he wants to pledge a part of his monthly income to Christian orphanages around the world and to also start a network of new businesses that require skills from employees that are easy to learn so that he would use the businesses to only employ homeless people.

The respected C.E.O asked people to donate towards it and he personally donated 12 million dollars apart from the part of his monthly income that he had pledged to give to Christian orphanages around the world.

Everyone there donated something including Evelyn and her husband.

Some donated in thousands and some donated in wisdom.

After all the donations where calculated, it came up to more than enough money to feed 50,000 people. Even though they would not be feed during that particular Christmas, they would feed and keep feeding for more than just many Christmases to come. God had answered Evelyn’s daring prayer, but in his own unique way.

The End.

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