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Handkerchiefs & Aprons – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

Handkerchiefs & Aprons – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

Vincent and Amanda where a lovely couple. They were Pastors in their own ministry and Vincent had been blessed to see God work mighty miracles through him.

Vincent and Amandas church was growing more because of the miracles. And something happened one Sunday Morning that took things to a whole other level. On that faithful Sunday Morning, Vincent had to go to preach at another church as a special guest preacher and his wife was left to preach in their church. While Vincent preached at that church, accidentally his handkerchief fell out of his pocket when he went into the crowd to lay hands on the sick. Someone picked up the handkerchief and the person got healed.

Vincent was surprised. Everyone was surprised.

At that moment a thought was born in Vincents mind.

Later that day, Vincent told his wife what had happened. She too was surprised. They looked through the scriptures to see if anything of the sort had happened in the scripture. Perhaps the Bible would give them answers.

Amanda soon found the scripture (Acts 19: 12) that said that Handkerchiefs & Aprons where taken from the body of Paul and that they were used to heal the sick.

Amanda showed the scripture to Vincent and thus and idea was born in Vincents head. His earlier thought had metamorphosed into something else.

Vincent bought several handkerchiefs & aprons and then he brought them to church. He would pray over the handkerchiefs & aprons and then he would give it to the people to take home with them and lay it on the sick or on themselves whenever they got sick.

Many miracle reports came in. Soon the requests for the handkerchiefs & aprons where so many that Vincent could not afford them so he told people to buy them.

More people kept demanding and bringing money to pay for Vincents handkerchiefs. Soon Vincent increased the price but he soon realized that no matter how much he increased the price, the demand increased too. In time he was selling an average of 20,000 handkerchiefs a month at the price of 500, 000 per handkerchief. Now that’s a lot of money. The media didnt know what to make of it because people were getting healed. Vincent was responsible for getting a lot of people healed and the people looked upon him as a hero so the News media no matter how anti – Christ they were couldnt criticize him.

One day, a stranger walks up to Vincent and warns him about what he is doing. He said that he gives him one week to stop selling handkerchiefs & aprons, that Apostle Paul didn’t sell his own handkerchiefs & aprons.

Vincent told the stranger that many people are getting healed; more people are being reached than he could reach if he were to go one on one laying hands on people.

The stranger told Vincent that he knows in his heart that what he is doing is wrong, it is not a matter that’s up for argument. He already knows what the right thing to do is but he is ignoring it.

The stranger gave him three signs that would happen after the one week period if he doesn’t change, and the third sign would lead to death if he still doesnt change.

Vincent laughed and by the time he was through laughing and wanted to speak he didn’t see the stranger anymore. It was as if the stranger disappeared.

Vincent figured that it was probably some wacko playing some sick game.

Vincent tells his wife about it, but his wife thinks about it and says that who ever that stranger is, he has a point; that the idea of selling the handkerchiefs & aprons does feel wrong.

Vincent got mad at his wife for what she said and walked out of the room.

Amanda did some research and then God speaks to her. God shows her the scripture (Acts 8: 17 24) where Peter placed a curse on someone for trying to offer Peter and John money so that he can buy the anointing from him.

What Vincent was actually doing was selling the healing anointing. Amanda now knew for a fact that it was wrong and she had it on good authority. Her husband was abusing the anointing.

Amanda tries to tell her husband about it but he wouldn’t hear of it. He continues selling the handkerchiefs & aprons. Amanda begins to pray for him but Vincent persisted in his stubbornness.

After the one week period the signs begin to happen.

First, a secret from Vincent’s past resurfaces and a scandal is born. The scandal decreases his congregation by half but Vincent still didn’t change, he still sold the handkerchiefs & aprons.

Next, the second sign came to pass. Vincent is blamed for stealing money from the people and asking for donations for purposes he didn’t use them for. The law suit uses up all his money; but Vincent still didn’t change, he still sold the handkerchiefs & aprons.

Then, the third sign came. Vincent falls sick and is on his death bed.

At this point, he is now certain that the message from the stranger is for real. There was no denying it.

Vincent now finally gives his wife an opportunity to talk to him about it which she does and as she shows him the scriptures, he now knows the truth.

Vincent repents and he stops selling the Handkerchiefs & Aprons.

God then heals him and tells him to pack his bags and go with his wife to whatever country she chooses and he is to start his ministry afresh there.

The End.

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