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Have A Bite – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Steven’s next door neighbour Natasha was having her birthday party. He’s had a crush on her like forever (even though he was just 12 and a half and she was 13 today).

Steven begged his Mum to let him go to the birthday party but she just kept refusing. When she just couldn’t bear him bugging her anymore, she told him he could go but on one condition; that he would have to promise not to eat anything at the party.

Steven thought that that was a very weird request but he agreed.

A few minutes later, Steven was having much fun at the party you would have thought that it held because of him. He danced, got to tell his funny jokes, chatted with a lot of people but he still hadn’t fulfilled his primary objective which was to dance with the beautiful Natasha. He had his eye on her and after one crafty move after another he was dancing with her – It was totally a dream come true.

While Steven was still with Natasha, a caterer came up to them and offered them their own plate of food.

Steven was like, ‘No thanks.’ But the look Natasha gave him was like, “I know you didn’t just reject food at my birthday party.”

The last thing that Steven wanted was to do anything that would give Natasha the slightest reason to dislike him so Steven accepted the food.

When Steven returned home after the party, his Mum asked him if he ate anything at the party. He said that he didn’t, that he kept his promise.

That night Steven had to sit close to the toilet. He had an upset tummy. His Mum told him that it serves him right for breaking his promise.

She said the reason that she did not want him to eat anything at the party was because she saw how the caterer prepared the food and that the caterer added some ingredients that she herself doesn’t add when cooking for Steven because it gives him an upset stomach.

After those really long hours in the toilet, I guess Steven had to learn his lesson, that a Christian is a man or woman of his/her word and never breaks their word no matter what.

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