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How Lilly Makes Her Husband Do Anything She Wants – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

How Lilly Makes Her Husband Do Anything She Wants - by Alfred (a romantic short story)

Irene was a very inquisitive person. She liked to find out just about anything about anybody. She went to church like many other people in her neighborhood and even though she cared about God she was neither hot nor cold. She just took a casual approach to God. She only did God’s word when it was convenient and only read his word when she was in church or in a crisis.

Irene had been marred to a nice Christian man named Matthew. He had his dream job and he took his relationship with God much more seriously than his wife.

One day, Irene was having coffee at her neighbor; Lilly’s house. They were just chatting when Lilly’s husband came in and asked her if she could please help him pick the kids up from school that he has some other stuff to do and if he picks the kids up from school himself his day would be too jam-packed.

Lilly simply turned to him, smiled and said, “Pleeeasee!!! I don’t feel like doing it myself.”

Lilly’s husband said, “Ok!”, kissed her on the cheek then turned and went away.

Irene didn’t say anything about it but she taught that was weird. If it was her own husband or any other normal husband she knew; things wouldn’t have worked out that way. Lilly’s response would have certainly triggered a quarrel.

A few days later, Irene was at Lilly’s house and after tea Lilly wanted them to both go inside the house and watch an educative Talk Show. As they entered the living room they saw Lilly’s husband watching the Super Bowl. Uh – Oh! that means they might as well forget about watching the Talk Show, Irene taught.

However, to Irene’s surprise Lilly actually had the audacity to take the TV remote and say, “Please there is a talk show that Ill like to watch” as she changed the channel.

What surprised Irene much more was that Lilly’s husband did not complain he just said, “No problem. Just have fun. They would show the game again later anyway. I will watch it then.”

Irene couldn’t believe what just happened. She felt like she had walked into an alternate reality or something. Did a woman just get her husband to walk away from the super bowl just because she wanted to watch a talk show?

Irene just had to ask. She looked at Lilly and asked, “Doesn’t your husband love the super bowl?”

“He’s crazy about it”, Lilly answered.

Irene let the matter slide but it was tops on her mind all through the rest of the day. It was like if Lilly controlled her husband. It was like of she had the remote control of his will. She had him wrapped round her little finger.

On another occasion, Irene was with Lilly one afternoon. And Lilly’s husband had just returned from work. He was obviously tired and clearly like any other man after a very long day he would want to rest. However, Lilly seemed to see that as the best time for her to ask her husband to take her out. What even surprised Irene more is that Lilly’s husband said, Yes.

That drove Irene almost half out of her mind. She kept her cool but she could barely stand on one spot. How could he say, Yes? If it was just speculation in her mind that Lilly had the remote control of her husband’s will, then it wasn’t speculation anymore it was a very, very obvious truth.

From that day, Irene made up her mind to find out Lilly’s secret. She was going to find out how Lilly makes her husband do anything she wants, even if it kills her.

Irene now started visiting her neighbor Lilly more than ever and staying over longer at her house. She wasn’t doing it for the purpose of hanging out with her friend, she was doing it for the purpose of studying her friend and her husband. She had to find out what Lilly’s secret was. She just had to.

Irene soon found herself sneaking around Lilly house and searching amongst her things to find anything : any clue that would show her how Lilly controls her husband. She wanted to be able to control her own husband too. This went on for days until Lilly caught Irene snooping around her things in her and her husband’s bedroom when Lilly was supposed to be in the bathroom that she excused herself to use or so she said she would before she left Lilly in the living room.

Of course, on the surface it looked like Irene had decided to become a thief. But thankfully, Lilly was not the kind of person who believed that things are always what they look like on the surface so she told Irene that she would give her a chance to explain herself before she can know whether she should end their friendship and call the cops or not.

Irene told Lilly the truth. She told her the whole truth and left nothing out.

Lilly laughed and laughed and laughed. She took Irene back to the living room and told her to take a seat.

Lilly then told her that she may think that she has her husband wrapped around her little finger and to be frank she’s not going to deny it; she actually has him wrapped around her little finger but it’s not blackmail or any other thing. But the reason why she has him wrapped around her little finger is because he has her wrapped around his little finger too. He does whatever she says because she does whatever he says too.

It is the simple bible principle of do unto others as you would like them to do unto you. In this case, do unto your husband as you would like him to do unto you.

If you want your husband to honor you, then honor him. If you want your husband to make sacrifices for you, then make sacrifices for him. If you want your husband to do anything you say, then do anything he says.

The secret to influencing a husband’s heart on a level that almost seems like mind control is obedience, encouragement and peacefulness.

Husbands are disabled by a wife who is obedient. But when that woman adds encouraging (him even when no one else in the world does), along with being peaceful (thereby making the home a place of peace and relaxation he would always want to come back to); to her arsenal of obedience that woman would have the key to making her husband do anything she wants.

Every man loves an obedient wife and every man is disabled and melts under words of encouragement. Even though they may not say it, they would express themselves by asking you if there is anything you want them to do for you.
Bend to your husband’s will and he would bend to yours. If he doesn’t then you need some serious prayers for your relationship because it means that you didn’t marry a man with a heart and a soul, because this formulae is sure to work on any man with a heart and a soul.

Lilly told Irene that her problem is that she didn’t see all the times that she bent to her husbands will. She didn’t see all the times that she made sacrifices for her husband even though it was right in front of her to see. The only thing she saw was her husband bending to her will and making sacrifices for her.

Irene went home that day with one thought on her mind, ‘Lilly makes her husband do anything she wants by treating him how she wants to be treated herself.’

That evening when Irene’s husband came back from work, she treated him how she would like to be treated. She kissed him welcome, took his suitcase from him, asked him how work was, told him what an awesome man he is and treated him to his favorite meal and desert all the while telling him about all the good things she loved about him.


The End.

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