I Am Now Hosting All My Podcasts From My Own Servers : Alfred’s Diary – 1st December 2019 – Entry #1

Dear Diary,
I am now hosting all my podcasts on my Servers. No more podcasting middlemen are used for any of my podcasts.
I will continue cutting out technology middlemen and continue starting companies to replace them.
As they do not want to support the gospel and as they have made up their minds to stand in between What People Say and What People Hear; I would replace them.
It is not just about me anymore, it is about Freedom for everyone in this world.
This is for Freedom.
No non – Christian is going to control the flow and the propagation of the Gospel.

All technology companies must be replaced.

Yours faithfully in Christ.

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  • “People Always Condemn Pastors For Taking Donations, So I Started My Own Group Of Companies & Fund My Ministry Myself. I Don’t Take Donations.” – Pastor Alfred.