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I Gotta Be Hip & Cool – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time, in a part of America dominated by Hip Hop lovers, their lived a dude everyone called Swifty. He was raised by Christian parents and was shown right from wrong.

However, he craved to be like everybody else who didn’t have a Christian background. He craved to be cool, so he reinvented himself or should I say, Hip-Hoppified himself so he can blend in with everybody else who loved and lived secular Hip Hop.

Sadly, that way of life incites building habits that flatten one’s pockets. It pressures one to spend more than they earn.

Swifty had already finished his pay cheque on extremely expensive clothes and platinum crested sneakers. He was glad how people looked at his leg anytime he passed by. His iced – out sneakers was sure pulling a lot of attention.

However, like all things in Hip Hop it was getting that look that a fads gets before it passes away. He needed something new. Something so cool that it would catch everyone’s attention and make them say “Whoa!”

Swifty slept on it, considering the fact that he had no more money. He later got the idea the following morning that what he needs is a super fly car. A customized car. A car crested with ice on the outside and flushed on the inside with all the latest gadgets. That is what he needed. But the money? – He had no money – He needed money.

Swifty slept on that one too and the next day he got the idea that he should kidnap some rich kid and ask for ransom. Besides if any of his Hip Hop friends found out, they would only say, “Whoa! That’s so Gangsta Hommie. You are so COOL!” Thus, more coolness points for him.

Swifty ended up kidnapping a kid from a prep school extremely rich people sent their kids to. It was more difficult that he taught it would be but he did it. He succeeded.

All the while he was hearing what he was sure was the voice of God telling him not to do it, but big deal he had heard that voice so many times before anytime he wanted to do something wrong. It was just God being God, that’s all.

However, it wasn’t all.

Unfortunately, for Swifty, he had kidnapped the President’s son.

The CIA, the FBI and the police, plus a few top secret agencies we don’t know about each had a tracking device attached to every item of clothing the President’s son wore.

They were tracked and Swifty was arrested. He had a lot of Jail time to think about how unwise it is to be obsessed with looking cool.

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