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I Visited The Wrong Website – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called India there lived a little boy named Frankie.

Frankie and his Mum lived alone. His Dad told him and his Mum that he was going to a Monastery to become a monk and serve a Deity for the rest of his life. He said that it was a divine call and he couldn’t refuse to answer. He said they shouldn’t bother trying to contact him because the Monastery didn’t allow its Monks have any contact with the outside world. That was what Frankie’s Dad said, until a friend of Frankie’s Mum found him happily married to another woman on the outskirts of Bombey.

Anyway that was years ago, that’s old news.

What really calls for attention was what little 10 years old Frankie was doing in his bedroom right now. He was browsing the web when he saw a picture ad on a free daily web-comic site. It was a picture of the most beautiful Indian girl he had ever seen. What made this picture really different was that the girl in the picture was nude.

Frankie’s eyes popped open. He found himself smiling and clicking the picture.

5 weeks later, Frankie was a registered user of that website. He visited it more than bats visit caves. He practically lived at the website and now had a personal favourite porn-star who he had sworn to remain a fan of for the rest of his life. Even late at night after pretending to fall asleep when his Mum tucked him in, he would return to his computer and feed his eyes with videos and images from the website.

Frankie’s bad habit began to influence every area of life. His grades started dropping slowly because he preferred to do what he did when he got home from school instead of read.

The teachers in school where worried about how a once very bright boy just started scoring poorly in every single subject, but teachers being what they are had their minds full of worries about tons of other students therefore having no time to narrow down their efforts to helping just one student.

Frankie’s closet friend in school, Paul noticed the changes and after weeks of probing Paul found out what Frankie’s problem was.

Paul happened to be a Christian so he talked to Frankie about Jesus, explaining to Frankie that the power of Jesus can help him break his addiction and there is more joy and satisfaction in a life in Christ than in anything porno or the world could offer him, but Frankie refused to listen. Frankie enjoyed porno just too much to let go. He actually tried to convince Paul that it was him that has a problem. He told Paul that they are males and this is what males do. Males desire females, and as far as Frankie was concerned, Paul was weird for turning down chasing girls and watching porno. He was the one who had a problem not him.

When Frankie turned 13 he got sick of only watching others do it. He wanted to do it. So he started having a relationship with a 16 year old girl who was hooked on the same addiction.

A few months later she got pregnant. When her father found out, he was too angry to control himself and he sent a sniper to kill Frankie.

Thus, Frankie died at the age of 13. How sad. He never knew what hit him, neither did his Mum. Although it was written that his cause of death had come from a gunshot, that was a lie. The truth was that his cause of death was porno. Porno alone had killed him, nothing else.


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