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In The Name Of Being Macho – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time, in a place called New York there lived a little kid named Llyod. He loved Christian comic books much more than the average kid. He loved to read them and collect them. His private collection was becoming a bit of a legend all by itself.

Llyods big brother, Bernard who was 19 years old mocked Llyod that he was 14 and still reading comic books. He told him that he should have out grown them when he turned 13, and hes only being a sissy and freak to not let go of reading comics.

Comics are not for the Alpha male, Llyod, Bernard would always tell his brother.

Llyod wanted to be tough and live up to his big brother’s standards but he just didn’t know if he could let go of reading Christian comics. His love for Christian comic books ran deep: ocean deep.

Llyod found himself regularly arguing and asking questions to Bernard as to what makes a cool thing like Christian comics suddenly become uncool not because of the quality of the comics getting poorer but because you got a little older.

One day, their Mum walked in on their argument. After hearing both sides out, their Mum told Llyod that he shouldn’t listen to his brother. That everybody has the right to do or be whatever they wanted to be as far as it wasn’t hurting anyone else or themselves or was an act of disobedience against God. She told him that its best he’s true to himself and that things generally end badly for those who deny themselves the privilege of being themselves just to please others. She said that Jesus would want him to keep reading comics because Jesus wouldn’t want him to trade his happiness for what he taught an alpha male should be.

The days that followed were full of Bernard making fun of Llyod for reading comics and deciding to be a sissy forever, until it was just too much for Llyod to bear and so he decided to give up comic books despite how bad it hurt inside.

Bernard insisted he helped Llyod throw away the comics. He had never offered to help Llyod with anything before. Why this and Why now? Llyod wondered.

Bernard said he just wanted to make sure the comics got thrown away. Ok! That made perfect sense. But when Llyod wanted to follow Bernard to go throw away the comics, Bernard refused and said it was best he went alone. Llyod couldnt see a reason why but he just let it slide.

Years later when they had both grown up and they were both married with children, Llyod along with his wife and two kids paid a surprise visit to Bernards home for Bernards first sons high school graduation party, and he was shocked beyond words when he found Bernard re-reading his stack of old Christian comics that he said hed help Llyod throw away. Plus, he had a large stack of very new ones too. Regret filled Lloyd’s heart. If only he had known he would have listened to Mum. He could have been true to himself. His brother had only wanted the comics for himself.


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