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It Comes Anytime You Sneeze – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a lovely Christian family there lived three kids. James was the oldest, he was 12 years old. Then right after him was Eve, she was 10 years old. Then came the last child everyone nicknamed the baby of the house. His name was John, he wasn’t a baby but he was really young.

There was only one video game console in the house and since all the game disks they had at home were one player games, the boys had to take turns playing it. When one of them plays to the point that his character dies, he would pass the pad to the other brother. It was really painful to each one each time he had to pass the pad to his brother beside him. You can’t imagine how it took the fun out of it.

Eve didn’t care for games. She loved to play with dolls with her friend from next door or talk to her about the new things she had learnt. So Eve normally wasn’t even at home that much whenever she had some free time to play. She was always next door at the neighbors.

One day, James brought home a new one player game video game disk that he had been saving up to buy for weeks. James was angry when his little brother suddenly rushed out from no where and sat down on the sofa in front of the TV. Of course that meant we would both be playing.

James remained calm but he wished something would just happen that would make his brother leave.

While James sat down to play first, he saw his opportunity when he heard his brother sneeze. He told him it meant that he was about to be sick and that if he doesn’t want to be sick he had better go and lie down and sleep. Whenever he wakes up he would have averted becoming sick.

James made up scary stories on the spot about people who didn’t go to sleep right after they sneezed.

In fear John rushed to his bed and slept while James happily played the video game alone.

Since that day, anytime John sneezed he went to sleep no matter how much he wanted to do something else.

John suffered like this for months until his sister noticed he always went to bed to sleep right after anytime he sneezed.

Eve asked him about it and he told her what James told him. Eve was mad and right after convincing John that James was lying, she decided that she would teach James a lesson. She hid a recording device they had lying around the house in her pocket. Then she confronted James about what he did. After that, she took what she recorded to Mum.

Now guess who Mum banned from playing any video games for two weeks, and guess who now has the luxury of playing the video games alone for two whole weeks.


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