Joint Heirs With Christ (Book Excerpt from: “New Beginnings” – written by Pastor Alfred)

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Christianity is a wonderful thing.
A Christian is not ordinary. There is more to Christianity than meets the eye.
As a Christian you are joint heirs with Christ that means that whatever Christ owns you own also.
It means that whatever Christ has you have also.
Think about it for a minute. This is difficult for so many people to wrap their minds around.
If you truly believe that Jesus is who he says he is then imagine having joint ownership over everything that Jesus has.
This Revelation is too big for religious Christianity.
Can you now see why it’s ridiculous for you to see yourself as poor.
Can you begin to see that is actually an insult for you to see yourself as inadequate.
Can you begin to see that you actually are quite rich and prosperous.
It doesn’t matter how much money you have in your bank accounts.
It doesn’t matter how much debt your balance sheet shows.
It doesn’t matter if you’re living in a one bedroom apartment.
You are the richest man or woman in the world.
Nobody in the world can be richer than you because you are just as rich as God is.
Everything God owns, you own.
You need to walk in this reality by believing it and saying the same thing that God says about what you have
When you do so your life will be an exhibition of the fruits of being joint heirs with Christ.

Note: This is an Excerpt from the book “New Beginnings by Pastor Alfred”

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