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Keep On Working – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

Keep On Working – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

Matt and Nichole had been married for 12 years. They were a Christian couple.

Nichole had been very tired lately and had been having trouble with her job. The trouble was that her tasks at work just seemed to increase and grow to the point where it was now eating into other areas of her life.

Nichole felt like giving up.

One day, as her and her husband lay in bed; Nichole her husband know how she was feeling about her job. She was expecting him to console her or tell her that he feels sorry for her that she has really be working a lot and deserves some time off.

Instead, her husband told her to keep on going. He told her that what she should do now was to work harder and push herself even further. He said that she shouldn’t work herself to burn out point but she should approach work with a new attitude. She should look at it from a different perspective. She should look at it as fun no matter how tasking it is. She should look at it as one womans little steps translating into giant steps to make the world a better place everyday. He told her to be more enthusiastic about her job.

Nichole didnt talk. As far as she was concerned he must be joking. He doesn’t know what he is talking about. She simply said, Good night and fell asleep on his chest.

The next day, while at work things where getting too hectic. Task upon task upon task ate away at her. Nichole felt like she has had it, she couldn’t take it anymore. She made up her mind to just write a letter of resignation and just hand it in to her departmental manager. As Nichole was about to reach for a pen and paper she heard the voice of God telling her to stop. God said, Why dont you just do what your husband said you should do?

Nichole wouldn’t have listened, but since she had the fear of God; she decided to obey. She worked hard on her ever increasing tasks with enthusiam.

6 months later, she had worked so hard that she had impressed the over all person in charge of the company and all its departments so much that he made her the new departmental manager of her department. She had now become Boss, only because she embraced work.

However, Nichole now had a new problem. Now that she was the Boss of her department she had many people who did all the work for her. What work would she do now?

Oh! Well, I guess its better to work yourself out of a job by becoming the Boss, than for you to buckle and fall under the pressure of work instead of standing up and pushing back against the pressure of work with even harder work; keeping productivity in mind.

The End.

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