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Mission 36: Infiltrate Mafia – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time, there lived a 12yr old boy named Tommy.

Tommy’s father had just mysteriously disappeared and his mother had died a long time ago. Social security, some FBI and other Government folk showed up one day and drove him to a funeral service. They said it was his father’s funeral service. That they found him dead. However, the coffin remained closed and Tommy wasn’t allowed to see the body. Tommy also wondered why so many Government folk and FBI type guys were at his father’s funeral. For all he knew, his father was just a simple Christian business man who travelled a lot but always did his best to spend maybe too much time with him whenever he was around.

Tommy was later taken to live in the large beautiful house of a man he had never met but claimed to be his Dad’s best friend.

Everything creeped out Tommy.

Sure the house he would now be living in was cool much much cooler than the one he had been living in but why all the care and attention from Government guys. His father didn’t work for the Government, why are they now around?

Late one night, Tommy ran away from his new home and broke into the Government facility where they kept the stuff that belonged to his Dad. Tommy was caught and returned to the home of his Dad’s so called best friend. But not before Tommy found all he needed to know. He found out that his Dad was a Government spy and the last case his Dad worked on was a Mafian infiltration case.

One month later, Tommy ran away again and he pulled a James Bond that got him face to face with the head of the Mafian organization.

Tommy had a Gun pointed at the Godfather’s head but just as he was about to pull the trigger he heard his father’s voice he heard all the things about love and Jesus that his father taught him. He heard his father’s wise advise about how dangerous revenge is and how it incinerates the heart that harbors it.

The Spirit of God touched Tommy’s heart so Tommy put his Gun down. However, the Godfather just saw it as two things: firstly, as a sign of weakness. Secondly, as an opportunity to take advantage of.

So the Godfather commanded his men to apprehend Tommy.

As we all know, the mafia likes to be creative when they want to kill someone. So after torturing Tommy and finding out why he wanted to kill the Godfather which was because he wanted to avenge his father’s death. The Godfather decided they would kill him the same way they killed his Dad. But fortunately for Tommy, before he was about to experience the same fate. The FBI busted in and caught the Godfather and his Mafian organization just about to commit the crime.

I turned out that after the first time Tommy ran away, the wrist watch Tommy’s Dads so called best friend gave him as a gift had a tracking device in it just in case Tommy ran away again.

The Government had been trying to catch the Godfather in the act of committing a crime.

They couldnt prove that he had committed all the previous crimes that he had committed. That was why they sent Tommy’s Dad who was a top Government spy to infiltrate the Mafian organization and perhaps from the inside he can get concrete prove that would hold in court of how evil the Godfather is but he was caught before he had the chance. Now, that prove was available because the Godfather was caught red handed trying to kill Tommy.

Tommy was safe, thanks be to God. And the Godfather and his Mafians were put in jail where they belonged.

Things had turned out nicely but Tommy shouldn’t have taking matters into his own hands. He shouldn’t have gone after the Godfather in the first place. He might have not been alive today for doing so.

Tommy later grew up to become a secret agent like his Dad, and like his Dad he kept to his Christian principles all the way.

Glory be to Jesus.


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