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Mum’s Secret Life – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time, somewhere in America, there lived a little boy named Ron. He was fun, smart, energetic and loved to play.

One day he took his playing into his mother’s bedroom when she was not around. He accidentally kicked his soccer ball in there when he was playing soccer with himself inside the house, which his mother had warned him never to do.

Ron had been in his Mum’s bedroom before but maybe it was because she wasn’t in it this time or because he was feeling especially curious and playful and nosy today, that Ron decided to just snoop around.

While snooping, he accidentally hit his Mum’s comb and it fell behind a cupboard. Ron knew he had to retrieve it so that he can put everything back the way they were after he finishes his snooping. So Ron shifted the cupboard. But not only did he find the comb, he also found an un-matching tile. The colour of the tile didn’t fit the colour of the other tiles in the room. For some uncontrollable urge to feed his curiosity, Ron touched the tile with the tip of his finger and he discovered it wasn’t fixed tightly to the ground. It moved. It could be moved.

Ron picked up the tile and was astonished to find that a small blue button was hidden under it.

Ron pressed the button.

Suddenly, the wall in front of him started to shake. Ron got scared but he was too shocked to run. He taught the whole building was collapsing but soon noticed the wall was moving sideways like a sliding door. It was revealing a secret compartment.

Ron stepped into the secret compartment, and after a few minutes of poking around, it was clear that his Mum was a secret agent.

Ron put everything back the way he saw it and left his mother’s room.

What he had seen had shaken everything about what he believed about himself, and especially everything his mother had told him.

He remembered when his mother told him that his Dad died in a plane crash. Was that even true? Or about how she doesn’t contact family members because they all disowned her. Was that even true? Or about how Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and that he loves them. Was that even true?

Ron didn’t know what to believe anymore. If his mum has been lying about who she is, what else has she been lying about?

Ron could have even asked himself if she was even her real Mum, but for some reason, he just knew that without question she was his real Mum.

Ron acted like if nothing had happened when his Mum came back. He listened as usual as his Mum told him how her day at the bank she claimed she worked at went. But inside, Ron was boiling with anger because he knew every word that came out of his mother’s lips was a lie.

Everything went as it always did that day, but the next day, Ron decided to stealthily follow his Mum and see where she would go.

He ended up following her into an abandoned type warehouse and after he came close enough to hear the conversation between his Mum and a strange looking man in a trench coat, Ron discovered that his Mum was actually a secret agent gone rogue and the man she was talking to was her former supervisor. He had intercepted her on the way to wherever she was going and was trying to persuade her to come back to the CIA.

Ron’s Mum refused the offer to return to the CIA and she pulled out a pistol and was about to shoot her former supervisor, but Ron ran out from where he was hiding, screaming “NO!” at the top of his lungs.

Ron’s Mum was shocked to see Ron there.

She was ashamed that her son could have seen his Mum commit murder.

Ron had tears in his eyes. The sight of it made his Mum cry as she put down her pistol.

Ron told her that he had found out that she was a secret agent. That he was mad that it meant all he had known about her was a lie, but the only thing that kept him going was he knew it was all for a good reason – she was making the world a safer place. But now that he’s found out that she’s actually a rogue agent, it only means she has been lying to him all his life just so she can hurt people and make the world a worse place.

Ron asked her if everything she had told him about Jesus was real or if it was just one of the lies.

Is Jesus really real? Is Jesus the son of God? Did Jesus really die for the sins of all the world? And if Jesus is really real, what does he think of what she’s doing now?

Ron’s Mum was pouring tears. She knelt down and put her hands in her son’s hands. She told him that Jesus was real and truly he would be ashamed of her becoming a rogue agent. She told him that lots of things that she’s told him about Jesus was true. Jesus is the son of God. Jesus died for the sins of the world. And Yes, Jesus loves us.

Ron’s Mum begged her son for forgiveness. He forgave her.

The CIA later accepted Ron’s Mum back, and Ron and his Mum lived without lies and unfaithfulness to each other forever after with all happiness in Jesus Christ.


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