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My 1st Drink – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Jamie was 12 years old. He lived in the city of Port Harcourt with his single parent Mum and his little sister, Vickie.

Jamie’s Mum always did her best to raise Jamie and Vickie with good moral and also Christian values. One of the things she often emphasized especially to Jamie, was for them to never drink or smoke.

She emphasized that point more than she emphasized anything else.

There happened to be quite a number of care free University students in Jamie’s neighbourhood. Jamie admired them; the way they talked, the way they moved, the clothes they wore. In fact, Jamie was crazy about everything they did. They were the big boys in the hood. Jamie wanted to be just like them someday.
Jamie did all he could just so he could hang out with them but they always pushed him away.

After a few months of Jamie’s persistence, the University students started warming up to Jamie and they settled for using him as an errand boy.
Jamie did not tell his Mum any of this, not because she was busy working two jobs but because he knew she would tell him to stay away from them.

With time, the University students started treating Jamie like he was one of them and not a 12 year old. Soon they pressured him into drinking. He didn’t want to drink but he didn’t want to not look cool more than he didn’t want to drink. He drank two bottles of beer in a beer parlour with them and he got very high.

Jamie’s sister Vickie, found out her brother was at a beer parlour via a popular online social network. She fought against believing it but after looking everywhere and calling some of her brother’s friends that were her brother’s age, she decided to match to the window of the beer parlour in question and peep inside from a safe distance to see if she would see her brother. She was appalled when she saw her brother. She immediately barged into the beer parlour and tried to get her brother out but he couldn’t even recognize her.

The guys in the beer parlour threw Vickie out as they laughed out loud at her. They too were drunk.

Vickie returned with some young family friends to get her drunk brother out of the beer parlour.

The guys who threw Vickie out previously, got violent. So the people Vickie brought got physical to restrain and calm them down.

In all the commotion, Jamie being drunk taught that his little sister was the leader of a gang that was looking for trouble. The alcohol was messing with his mind and in his blurred vision he saw his little sister as a strange short dude who was trying to kill him. So Jamie lunched out at Vickie with a knife and stabbed her to death. He killed his own sister. He was under the influence of alcohol. He didn’t know what he was doing but what’s done is done.
Jamie was sentenced to life imprisonment.

His 1st drink had cost him everything. A price he would spend the rest of his life paying.


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