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My Husbands Last Cocktail – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

My Husbands Last Cocktail – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

Leon and Daisy were a wonderful Christian couple. They had both met in church and even though they both loved God. Daisy was far more serious about her relationship with God than Leon was.

Leon and Daisy were both very wealthy business people and their heavy share of power and influence in the society brought with it its own share of enemies.

It was January, just the beginning of the year and there was an important and special business dinner or cocktail party for the elite in town. And Leon being elite was bent on going.

Daisy discouraged him and told him not to go because half the people there don’t like him, that she rather they both stayed at home and hang out.

Leon couldn’t believe that his wife would say a thing like that. He insisted that he has to make his presence known and let his enemies know that he is alive and well.

Daisy tells him that there is a difference between letting your enemy know that you are alive and well which is not even necessary in the first place, and making the silly mistake of partying with your enemies.

She also told him that another reason that she doesn’t want him to go is because it’s a cocktail party and she doesn’t want him to drink alcohol. It may be perfectly normal to drink alcohol in the business world but they are different: they are Christians: they are business people with a difference. As Christians they should not drink alcohol.

Leon tells her that he is only going to drink a little, besides Jesus turned water into wine; even though it wasn’t written that it was alcoholic wine, it wasn’t also written that it was non alcoholic wine either.

Leon told Daisy that if she likes she shouldn’t drink. But as for him he is going to drink and if it is going to make her feel better he would drink no more than one glass. But he has to be at the party. TV cameras would be there and every big shot in the city would also be there therefore he has to go and he has to walk in with her on his arm.30 minutes later, Leon and Daisy arrived at the party with their second limo. Everything goes fine. Leon even ends up stealing the party and soon becomes the life of the party. Sometimes he would catch the occasional looks of hate from certain business men and women at the party but he didn’t care. He was going to prove to his enemies that he was the man and there was nothing they could do about it.

After a while, Leon was excused by a world renowned reporter who was one of the top most respected news reporters in the country; to be interviewed about a building proposal for the city that he had had private talks with the mayor about at the end of the previous year.

As Leon followed the reporter to a convenient corner for the interview, unbeknownst to him somebody skillfully dropped a pill in his cocktail which quickly dissolved as he walked past Leon.

Before the interview started, Leon took a sip just to wet his tongue, but by the time the interview had started and the camera was live the pill started taking effect. Leon started acting strange as he felt his body react in ways he had never known before. Suddenly, Leon threw up on the world renowned reporter on live TV.

The pill was meant to only make him throw up but the person who drugged Leon’s cocktail didn’t know that Leon was also allergic to some of the little constituents of the pill.

Leon started having a wild allergic reaction live on TV. He was rolling on the floor, choking on a white foamy substance that was coming out of his mouth, and making all sorts of strange and uncontrollable sudden sounds & motions. Now Leon really got the attention of everyone at the party. The mountain of the persona of being the most impressive at the party that he had been building for the past 2 hours since he walked through the door with his wife had now crumbled like a house of cards in less than 5 minutes.

3 hours later, Leon sat on a hospital bed looking at his wife. The doctor had finished seeing him and he was now Ok! and free to go home.

Leon looked at his wife and said, Dont worry you don’t have to tell me, I told you so. I know so now. Anytime I disobey you again please smack me upside the head with your purse. A wise man listens to the wise advise of his wise wife otherwise he will suffer the fate of fools, and I speak from experience.

The End.

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