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My Soldier Comes Home – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

My Soldier Comes Home – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

Cindy’s heart drummed with anxiety. Her husband would be coming back home. He would be coming home from war after they had been apart for so long. Cindy couldn’t wait to see him. She’d written him so many letters that she was sure that no other wife had written that many letters to their husband’s in the army. Cindy loved her husband with a burning – flaming hot love and she was unapologetic for it.

When her husband returned. She ran and hugs him like she was holding on to her life source. He hugged her closely too. He missed her for every second of everyday and he was glad beyond words to hold her in his arms. To him this was the greatest reward. This was the reason he had laid his life on the line fighting for his country. He wasn’t just fighting for his country out there when he was on the battlefield. He was fighting for her. He was fighting to stop anyone who said that his wife won’t live in a free country.

When they get home, things go great and they never could be happier. But one night he had his first violent nightmare.

After that night he started having little spontaneous moments where he would loose his mind and act like he was on the Battlefield.

Cindy started praying for her husband and started teaching him more of the word of God in addition to what he already knew, seeing that they had been Christians even before they got married a long time ago.

Cindy believed in the healing power of the word of God, so she believed that God would heal her husband.

Cindy’s husband started getting better, but just when Cindy taught it was all over and everything was about to return to normal, he has a big relapse one night and he caused so much of an uproar that it woke up the all the neighbors and even those living blocks away.

The next morning, Cindy and her husband were the subject of gossip through out the neighborhood.

Cindy refused to lose faith though. She kept praying for her husband.

Two days from that painful night an official from the military shows up on Cindy’s door step and tells her that they received reports from various anonymous sources that tell them that her husband might be having post traumatic stress and so they would have to take him and run some tests on him just to ensure that he is not a danger to her and to the neighborhood.

Before the next four minutes was over she watched her husband being put in a van. He looked back and told her not to worry that everything would be alright.

Cindy could see the neighbors peeping through their windows from behind their curtains hoping not to be seen.

Cindy doesn’t hear from the military for days. She then contacts them and insists that she wants to see her husband. They tell her that she doesn’t want to see her husband right now, that the last thing she wants is to see her husband right now because her husband’s case has accelerated and is now beyond medical help.

Cindy tells the person over the phone that he’s lying, and that she serves a living God and God said that her husband would come out of this sane, sound and completely whole.

Cindy pushes and uses every resource and connection at her disposal until she gets access to visit her husband and see him for herself. When she sees him, he is totally lost. He had totally lost his mind and looked really bad. She holds back her tears and looks for the doctor that was put in charge of treating him.

After talking to the doctor and seeing all the proof he had to show it was clear that her husband had to be sent to an asylum and it was unwise and unsafe for her to even be in the same room with him ever again because of how unstable and unpredictable he was.

It was like losing your husband while he is still alive. It was everything that came with losing your husband except for him actually ceasing to breathe. Cindy maintained her composure and held back her tears as she leaves the military premises. She left knowing that, that was probably the last time she would ever see him again.

When Cindy got home and lay on her bed all the buckets of tears that had being building up within her burst forth. She cried and cried and cried. A few days later she fell sick. She knew that she was sick because of the pain and depression that consumed her heart and slowly sucked away any happiness and any hope of happiness at every thought of the state of the man her heart held so dear.

Cindy soon got so depressed that she felt like ending it all. She’d decided to overdose on drugs and just die but as she takes the glass of water, the TV was on and her favorite TV Evangelist came on and says, “There is somebody watching this right now and you are thinking of committing suicide. I don’t know what you are going through but I have a message from the Lord for you. If you kill yourself the enemy would win. But if you stand up and fight in prayer you will have the victory.”

As Cindy heard those words she felt strength stirred up in her spirit. She knew that the TV Evangelist was talking to her. She stood up and started blasting in tongues immediately. The more she prayed the better she felt in her own body. The more she prayed the more she felt that God was going to heal her husband. She spent the next 3 hours praying and praising God. She then went online to her Home Gardening blog which had 56 followers and told everyone that they should pray for her husband’s recovery and they shouldn’t stop praying until he recovers.

One week later, the military called Cindy and told her that they can’t explain it; that it’s abnormal her husband was not longer on any treatment but her husband had had a total recovery and he is now completely healed and completely whole and so they would be sending him back home immediately. They see no reason to keep him anymore.

Cindy immediately dropped the phone, she fell on her knees and started praising Jesus. It was a miracle. A miracle that only God could pull off. Her Soldier Was Coming Home.

The End.

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