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One Body – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

One Body - by Alfred (a romantic short story)

Jennifer and Collins sat down in front of the fire in front of their two teenage daughters. They had been married of 17 years and had just returned from a wonderful missions trip they attended his Christmas.

“Tell us how your trip went, Daddy” said one of the teenage girls.

Collins put down his cup of tea and smiled at his wife.

She smiled back.

‘Men, we still looks even prettier now with wrinkles than they first time her saw her when she was in her youth’, Collins thought.

Jennifer knew what Collins was thinking but she just blow him a kiss and they began to tell the story together.

Jennifer began.

“After your father and I had gotten on the plane, after waving goodbye to you guys. We got to make new friends on the plane with some of the other folks going on the mission trip.

After we landed, settled in and the next day arrived for us to follow the rest of the missions crew to go out for evangelism. While walking with the crew in the middle of a war torn area, your father and I where behind the line. Your father noticed that his shoe lace was untied and so he bent down to tie them. I stopped with him and watched him tie his shoe lace. But by the time I back in front of me the entire crew was gone there was no one in sight.”

Then Collins continued.

“I was devastated. Here I was with your mother in middle of a land I knew nothing about and I was about to be officially lost if I couldn’t find the crew again.

I quickly ran forward, ran backwards,… to the left and to the right… I looked for the crew and I could see them. I ran back to your Mum who was running around too. I saw devastation in her eyes and my heart hurt. I blamed myself. I felt it is was my fault that we were in this predicament. If I hadn’t bent down to tie my shoes…”

“Honey, it is not your fault that what happened, happened. Your shoe was untied and you had to tie your shoe”, Jennifer said, trying to make her husband feel better about that detail in the story.

Collins smiled at his wife: a sweet smile. Oh! what a precious gift God had blessed him with called his wife.

Jennifer put her hands over Collins hand and they just stayed that way glazing into each other’s eyes.

“Ok! Ok! not to be rude but please what happened next”, the other one of their teenage daughter’s cried out. Obviously desperate to find out what happened next after the cliffhanger of them getting lost.

“Right!”, Jennifer said. Readjusting her position to pick up the telling of the rest of the story.

“You father got really worried. More about me than about himself. Since we couldn’t locate the rest of the missions crew your father thought that we should try and retrace our steps back to the hotel we had stayed the previous night.

Retracing our steps proved harder than we would have imagined. You see, a lot of the buildings in that wore torn area looked alike and there where no roads just dusty trails and there just seemed to be a dusty trail going in just about every direction. We never really realized how far from the hotel we’ve walked with the missions crew right until that point.

Your father being the wonderful man he is did his best to keep calm and not panic so that I won’t panic myself. ”

Then like poetry in motion, Collins politely interjected and was permitted to take over the telling of the story.

“We asked for directions but we got lost even further. We ended up getting tricked into entering a cave and when we did a couple of strangers attacked us from nowhere. They started hitting us over our bodies with sticks and they sprayed something on us to. Some of it entered my eyes and started affecting my vision. I feared for your Mother I couldn’t let anything happen to her so I fought as hard as I could I couldn’t see what I was doing properly but I knew I got some few punches through at them.

Your Mother started screaming that we are protected by the power of Jesus. She just kept screaming it over and over again; we are protected by the power of Jesus, we are protected by the power of Jesus, we are protected by the power of Jesus.

The next thing you know, for some reason that I couldn’t see but I knew that God was behind, the men ran away.

We needed to get of that cave and by that time I just couldn’t see at all. I needed water or something to at least watch out my eyes first. I don’t even know what they had sprayed on us.

I told your Mother that I couldn’t see that she should please help me out of the cave but she said that she couldn’t move. She said that he thinks her leg is broken or something so she could not walk.

I was confused. I didn’t know what to do. Here I was with your mother, in the middle of a cave in the middle of God knows where, very vulnerable to God knows what.

I got on my knees and prayed to God, asking him for help. I couldn’t let anything happen to your mother. All I could think about was getting your Mother our of the cave. Getting her our of harms way. Getting her to a doctor.

God told to me and your mother at the same time and told us to be one body. He told me to carry her and therefore be her legs. And that your mother should tell me what she sees and therefore me my eyes.

That way we were able to make it out of the cave, and as soon as we got to the exit of the cave we meet with our missions crew. They had been looking for us too.

The practical jokers who tricked us into entering the cave where caught and imprisoned by the local police. What had been sprayed into my eyes was washed out and I could see perfectly just as before.

It turned out that your mother only had a serious sprain. Thank God, her leg wasn’t broken.

Her leg was treated at a local hospital and by the next day her leg was completely healed.


The End.

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