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Operation Get Mum & Dad Back Together – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Both parents of the Christian twin girls; Tina and Sasha were given an Ultimatum. The twins wont eat until their soon to be divorced parents met three of their demands.

Firstly, they were to see a marriage counsellor.

Secondly, they were to go for a family picnic together, all four of them.

Third, both their parents where to spend a week alone in the hotel abroad they spent their honeymoon in.

The twins parents had no choice so they reluctantly agreed.

The visit to the marriage counsellor made the parents leave with more reasons why they should have never been together in the first place. So that wasnt any help.

The family picnic did nothing but give new meaning to the term awkward silence.

The last demand left was spending a week abroad in the hotel they spent their honeymoon in. What good would it do if the other demands didnt even trigger a two second spark?

The week was already coming to an end and still nothing was happening.

The twins practically gave up, there was no use. They should just learn to accept the fact that their parents would be separated and they would each have to live with a different parent.

Two nights before the week was over, they watched a TV preacher look into the camera and prophesy that there are two little twin girls watching his program right now and they are worried that their parents are going to have a divorce. He said that he brings them good news; that they should rejoice because their parents would not have a divorce in Jesus name.

The twins looked at each other. Could he be talking about them? They wanted to shrug it off but they decided to get down on their knees and pray instead. They prayed until faith shone within them and they knew they were in for a miracle.

Overseas where the parents spent their honeymoon there was a major problem and the hotel the twins parents were in caught fire but neither of them were in it. However, each one taught the other was in it and both rushed in minutes apart to save the other. They both ended up being saved by firemen who it look almost an hour to find the twins parents inside the burning building.

When both parents where in the hospital and realised how they had both risked their lives to save the other, new flames ignited. They realised beneath it all, they still loved each other. They had both almost sacrificed their lives for each other.

With a fresh commitment, a desire to work out their issues and a foundation built on Jesus Christ, the family was brought back together again.

The End.

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