Alabama Banning Abortion : Laws Of The Land (hosted by Pastor Alfred)



CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: Pastor Alfred On Alabama Banning Abortion : Laws Of The Land – hosted by Pastor Alfred (File Size: 4 MB πŸ˜€ Length: 16:54 mins)
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Audio Broadcast Description:

In this broadcast, Pastor Alfred praises Alabama for their decision and tells Christians what to do next.

About “Laws Of The Land”:

This is a series that explores International Law as well as several Local Laws of different places all around the world.
Special focus will be given to Laws that affect Civil Rights, Human Rights, Religious Rights, Reproductive Rights & Climate Change.
The whole goal of this broadcast series is to have a place that ensures people are aware of several laws that are being passed all around the world that affects each of these topics that affects us all, as well as topics that are specific to them.

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