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Peril Of A Threat – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a place called Australia there lived a cute little Christian girl named Jennifer. She loved to read books and she had a strong relationship with God so she knew what was wise to do and not to do even more than those who were twice her age. She was the oldest sibling in her family. She had a boisterous little brother and a little baby sister.

Jennifer’s Mum had passed on and all she had was her Dad.

Jennifer noticed that her Dad not only had a bad temper but always took out time to rain verbal abuses on people he was mad at. Jennifer’s Dad never yelled at his kids but he always yelled at his co-workers way too much and always threatened them while he was yelling too. He tried to keep himself from yelling at people in front of his kids but still Jennifer knew.

Jennifer one day summoned the courage to confront her Dad about his attitude towards people. She told him about the dangers of having a bad temper and about threating people but her Dad wouldn’t listen. He told tell her to mind her own business. Each time Jennifer brought up the topic he would either say, “Mind our own business” or “They won’t do what I say until I yell, you wouldn’t understand.”

One day while Jennifer was having Dinner with her Dad, her brother and her baby sister; the police busted in an arrested Jennifer’s Dad. It was a shameful and disgraceful thing.

Apparently someone Jennifer’s Dad had threatened to kill in his usual causal manner had actually turned up dead and in the way he described in his threat. There were a lot of people who witnessed when the threat was made. Now Jennifer’s Dad was the only suspect.

Soon Lawyers and Cops where going through the usual hassle; the outcome of which would determine if Jennifer’s Dad would spend the rest of his life in jail.

Jennifer’s Dad now regretted not listening to his daughter earlier. If only he had listened things would have been so much different from what it is now. He wouldn’t be worrying and having more wrinkles every minute at the thought that the Government would put his kids in foster care, he would be going to jail and he would never ever ever see his kids again; that is unless they choose to visit him.

Jennifer’s Dad hoped that he would soon be free to go based on the fact that he was innocent but even he knew that it was unlikely because everyone knows he insulted and threated the deceased – everyone knows and saw how upset with the deceased he was prior to the murder.

All fingers pointed at Jennifer’s Dad and Jennifer could only feel like her life was torn apart.

Jennifer got on her knees and prayed in tongues for hours concerning the issue and miraculously someone who had witnessed the murder but was too scared to come forward received boldness and went to the police and talked exposing the real killer.

The real killer was caught and Jennifer’s Dad was set to go free. From that day on Jennifer’s Dad never yelled or threatened anyone ever again.


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