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Promotion from Upstairs or Downstairs – by Alfred (a romantic short story)

Promotion from Upstairs or Downstairs - by Alfred (a romantic short story)


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Melvin and Lynda where a lovely Christian couple. They loved God and were committed and faithful to God and to one another.

Melvin recently got promoted at work and he was moved to a different office in a different branch of the company which was in the same city.

Everything was fine, in fact things couldn’t have been better. The only thing bad was that in his new office his new friends where wild and ungodly. Even though it was a prestigious job and one would think that it would require sophistication and therefore sophisticated people, Melvin had never heard so much cursing in his life.

All the men cursed like it wasn’t a big deal. They gave all sorts of wrong advise and even though he had only been there a day, he saw all he needed to see to know that his female co-workers didn’t mind doing anything to anybody they taught was cute.

Melvin began to wonder if this was a promotion or something else. Sure, his pay had increased and his working hours had decreased but the privilege of working in a morally sane environment had been taken away from him.

After his first day at his new office all he could say when his wife asked him about it was, It was fine and he quickly changed the topic.

The next day, as Melvin went back to work he found out the hard way that one of his female co-workers badly wanted to sleep with him. She not only wore a short skirt and unbuttoned her blouse way too much, but she also wore and did other things that made Melvin spend most of his morning praying to God.

The lady knew he was married but still she didn’t care. He was not going to be his first and he was not going to be his last if he says Yes.

She believed that a modern woman should feel free to express herself intimately with everybody and anybody that she feels attracted to, and that she’s only embracing her femininity by doing so and any woman who doesn’t do so is simply old fashioned.

Melvin didn’t see things that way. He believed that no matter how much someone tries to sugar coat it there would only be one name for a woman who feels it’s alright to jump from one man’s bed to the other mans bed like a decimal point which jumps over numbers at the multiplication or division of any fraction of factors.

That day, Melvin also received a bunch of invitations for parties by his male colleagues who were married but clearly didn’t seem to mind that the rings they are wearing on their fingers mean that they took certain vows.

Melvin stayed strong and faithful to his Christian principles but he didn’t tell his wife what is going on at work. However, after a few months; Melvin began to comprise little by little. He would flirt back when flirted with. He would use dirty sarcasm in place of cursing. He would look at what certain things female co-workers wanted him to look at instead of looking away.

He was well on the track of change: he was CHANGING into his co-workers.

Melvin used to look forward to taking his wife out for something romantic every last Friday of the month. He would clear his schedule for it and make sure that he made it happen no matter what. He called it their Romantic Night Out. It was a time that he made her remember why she made the right choice by marrying him. It was a time for him to surprise her with a new outstanding romantic antic of his, but recently he had cancelled twice in a row. Melvin’s wife, Lynda wondered what was going on. She started to pray about it. She started to pray about him.

Melvin had not cheated on his wife yet but he had started to go for those parties he was invited to. He even started to enjoy them. He would only sit in the corner and watch the girls dance but he didn’t touch.

One late evening, while at one of such parties Melvin’s wife calls him. He looked at her name on the caller ID and he ignores the call.

She dropped her phone from her ears and wondered what was going on.

Meanwhile, Melvin while at the party feels dirty and as guilty as ever. He thinks about his wife and all the things that they’ve been through together. A drop of tear falls from his eyes unto the cell phone he was still looking at.

Melvin stood up and left the party. He headed straight home.

While he was driving, his wife called him again. It was dark. His car was one of the few still running that road that night.

Melvin looked at the phone as it rang on the dashboard. He didn’t have to lean over to look at the caller ID, he knew it was his wife. He let it ring. He ignored it as he drove back home.

When Melvin got home and his wife asked him what happened, where he was, and why he didnt pick up his phone he simply said that he was at work.

His wife asked him that if he was at work how did he get here so quickly, and Melvin says well that he meant to say that he was driving and he doesnt believe in answering phone calls when driving.

His wife wanted to ask another question but he interrupted her and said that he was tired and badly needed to sleep.

Lynda prayed to God throughout most of the night. She stormed heaven with her prayers.

The next day, everything seemed to be the same. Melvin still acted the way hed been acting lately before he went to work. Even forgetting to tell his wife, I love you like he used to tell her every morning.

As soon as Melvin walked into his office that day, Melvin got ambushed by the female co-worker who had been trying to seduce him for months. Apparently, she couldn’t hold herself anymore. She had grown tired of waiting.

She pushed Melvin to the corner and had his back pressed against the wall. As she moved in to kiss him, he lightly pushed her away and said; Stop, I have a wife.

So? the carnal woman replied. You know I care about you more than she does.

Just then, the loose screw in Melvins brain tightened up.

LIAR !!!, Melvin shouted as he pushed her away swiftly but gently enough so as not to hurt her.

What’s wrong? she asked.


What are you saying? the carnal woman asked him.

Im saying, I QUIT !!! Melvin shouted for everyone on his office floor to hear.

Melvin wrote his resignation letter, marched to the boss’s office, gave it to the boss, walked out the building and waved good bye to the office building. He was going to look for a new job later. Even though he knew he was not likely to find an entry level position job for such a high level post in his field as the one he was leaving, he knew that he was going higher and not lower.

Melvin went back home to his wife and tells her everything. He begs for her forgiveness on one knee, with his heart not having a single drop of insincerity in it.
Lynda forgives him and makes him promise that he would never lie to her or keep what he is going through secret from her ever again.

Melvin promises her and then he said, Are you free now for a double Romantic Night Out to make up for the ones I missed my Queen.

Lynda smiles and kisses him. Then she says, You would also have to take me shopping if you want to make up for everything.

Melvin smiled. Gladly my Love, Gladly!

The End.

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