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Sarah’s Impossible Goal – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

Once upon a time in a land far away but actually very much like where you live right now, there lived a young girl named Sarah.

Sarah’s dream was to be the youngest writer ever. Being a writer was all she ever wanted to grow up to be and it’s all she ever wanted to spend all her time doing right now.

However Sarah had one big problem: she suffered from short term memory loss. This affected her life greatly but what was really sad was that when writing a novel or short story, by the time she’s on page 3 or page 4, she would have already forgotten what she’d written on page 1. So you could only imagine what her completed works were like.

Sarah’s Pastor’s motto was: NEVER GIVE UP.

Sunday after Sunday of listening to her pastor chip that line into ever sermon no matter the topic had made the very essence of that sentence engrave itself on Sarah’s heart and mind.

Sarah refused to stop believing she would be a world renowned writer anytime soon despite what logic and reason said.

Sarah had tried submitting manuscripts to publishers but you don’t have to be a prophet to know how that turned out.

Since not even a very – very – very small shimmer of hope existed for Sarah to get published through traditional means, Sarah decided to creative common some of the short stories she had written and post them on the web.

Sarah soon got a reputation online that is so cruel that no one would even want to give it to somebody they hate on the grounds of going too far.

Sarah’s web post viewership grew but it wasn’t gathering fans, it was gathering mockers. In fact, if animals could talk and type, a few skunks, pigs and parrots would drop by her site to drop a word or two.

Still Sarah refused to give up. Giving up just wasn’t in her nature thanks to her Pastor.

One day she decided to post a short article about her memory loss problem and how she would still press forward to become a bestselling Christian writer in spite of it. After that day, the criticism begun to die down. More people begun to take notice and her name soon became a synonym for perseverance.

A very wealthy Pastor in another country came across her website and he was touched. He also had a strong healing anointing.

The wealthy Pastor travelled to Sarah’s country and prayed for her, immediately she was healed.

After she wrote her 1st short story after being cured by the power of God along with making a short video which went spiral about how she got healed, Sarah had publishers on every corner tumbling over themselves trying to sign her.

Three weeks later, Sarah’s once impossible goal was a reality. She was the youngest best-selling author ever, thanks to her remarkable perseverance.


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