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Silicon Valley Cafe is a broadcast series by Pastor Alfred that briefly highlights certain portions of books written by Pastor Alfred that would be beneficial to the Tech industry and people interested in investing in Tech companies.

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Latest Episode:

16) Cutting Corners

Previous Episodes:

15) Mental Diet

14) Half A Loaf Of Bread Is Better Than None

13) Does Christmas Season Make Your Richer Or Does It Make You Poorer?

12) Fictional Money

11) Starting Today Is Always Better Than Starting Tomorrow

10) Silicon Valley Censorship Of Conservative Views

9) Never Be Discouraged

8) The Serial Investor

7) Value Beyond The Balance Sheet

6) When A Company Fails

5) Creating An Environment In Your Company That People Would Never Want To Leave

4) Should You Leave Your Comfy Tech Job To Launch Your Own Start Up?

3) Moving To Silicon Valley

2) Getting Funding

1) Ethical Inventions


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