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Someone Brought A Gun To School? – by Alfred (a short story for kids)

The news that someone brought a gun to “EVERYDAY CHILDREN HIGH SCHOOL” flooded its atmosphere. The tension and certainty of it was on the lips of both teachers and students but it was all hush – hush and nobody knew who the one with the gun was.

The principal soon got tired of all the quiet speculation and decided to act… just in case.

After the principal had a brief emergency meeting with the teachers, students were interviewed and all leads and fingers pointed to one person: the school bully.

Even before the school bully stepped into the principal’s office, everyone had already made up their minds that he was the guilty fellow. He was questioned and questioned and questioned and yet questioned some more. You would think he was interrogated by the FBI for trying to blow up a room full of world leaders.

The bully’s school bag was searched and among his books was a piece of paper written, “I HAD TO THROW THE GUN AWAY. PEOPLE WERE GETTING SUSPICIOUS.”

Aaaha! There was the proof.

The teachers were just about to condemn him but just then the principal stopped them. He told them there was something wrong with the picture. If the bully was indeed guilty and he had the good sense to get rid of the gun before he was searched, he certainly wouldn’t replace it with a note saying that he had done so. That would be just like replacing the gun with a smaller gun. That wouldn’t help matters.

If the bully was truly guilty they would have found either the gun in his bag or nothing incriminating at all. The only explanation was that either someone who wasn’t too bright or someone who was really desperate was trying to set up the bully.

The principal began a thorough unbiased investigation and was surprised to find that it was his own son – the bully’s classmate that had tried to set the bully up.

After the principal talked to his son he found out there was never a gun at all. His son was only trying to get back at the bully for picking on him a long time ago and since he knew that the rotten egg is always the first place to blame when anything goes wrong, he simply decided to start a rumour that something was wrong and naturally the bully was blamed.

The principal punished his son in the manner he saw best and explained to him that you cannot respond to the bad things people do to you by doing something equally bad to them.

In the bible it is written that we should not bear false witness against our neighbour.

We should also have the courage and love to turn the other cheek and not repay evil with evil. That way we would be being obedient followers of Jesus.

The experience taught everyone three important lessons.

Firstly, if you build yourself a reputation for doing bad things, whenever something bad happens even if you are innocent you would be the number one suspect.

Secondly, don’t be quick to judge people based on their past, clothing, or their style. Let your judgements of others be based on facts that are free from any sort of bias.

Thirdly, assumptions are just assumptions not facts, so don’t treat them as facts.


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